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Weekly Rollup

Bumper Roll-up, 24 July, 2014: Everything's Bigger in Vegas

Article - Thu Jul 24 2014
Welcome, slightly belatedly, to the 2014/15 regular season! Weekend 11/12 July Gotham 294 London 46 The weekend before last, before we even knew the 2014 playoff seedings, teams played some of the first games that will count towards 2015 playoffs. Most notable of these was London's annihaltion at the hands of the visiting Gotham Girls.

The B-Roll: July 24, 2014, Introducing Big Easy Rollergirls

Article - Thu Jul 24 2014
We are just over three weeks out from the first D2 playoff and things are still a bit quiet, with one exception-- an upset by Suburbia over DC. Sacred City also made a public announcement on Facebook as to why they declined their playoff invite citing high costs, but they will be the hosts for the first D1 playoff, September 5-7.

The B-Roll, July 10th: Introducing St. Chux

Article - Thu Jul 10 2014
The official WFTDA June rankings and bracket announcements won’t be out until July 15th, and unless any teams decline invites to playoffs, we posted what the likely brackets will be for Division 2 last week.

Weekly Roll-up July 4, 2014: Calculatedly Independent

Article - Fri Jul 4 2014
Last weekend we saw a whole lot of action that set the final few pieces of the playoff picture. This weekend--and for the next few weeks--things settle into a little bit of a pre-Rollercon lull as teams start to amp up their playoff preparations. Let's take a look at what we've got. Last Weekend Pac Destruction

B Roll, July 4, 2014: The Tiniest B-Roll

Article - Fri Jul 4 2014
Tiny Weekend Recap

The B-Roll, June 26, 2014: Are We There Yet?

Article - Thu Jun 26 2014
Painting the Playoff Picture East Coast Derby Extravaganza provided many games last weekend and showcased the true talents of more of the top European teams.

Weekend Preview 27-29 June, 2014: So Very Nearly Done

Article - Wed Jun 25 2014
There have been around 800 WFTDA sanctioned bouts this season, and it all comes down to this weekend with the final few percent of ranking points for the year to be awarded.

The B-Roll: D2 Highlights, June 19, 2014

Article - Thu Jun 19 2014
We’re now two weekends out from final playoff determinations, and while a few D2 teams look to be set in stone, there is still plenty of room for movement. Last weekend’s results will certainly create some waves in D2 ranks on July 1, and upcoming games are becoming even more important for many D2 teams hoping to make it into playoffs. Last Weekend

Weekend Preview: 14-15 June, 2014

Article - Fri Jun 13 2014
There are a little over two weeks left this season and the WFTDA league table is taking shape.

The B-Roll: D2 Highlights, June 12, 2014

Article - Thu Jun 12 2014
May Rankings and Pending Playoffs This month sees teams, hungry for tournament action, and looking to add the final points to their ranking in order to cement placement for playoffs in the fall. The Division 2 cutoff is #60--but, as the playoff appearance last year of #65 Suburbia makes clear, there's likely a little wiggle room at the bottom for surprise inclusions.
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