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Weekly Rollup

Weekly Rollup, April 2, 2014: Flat Track Around the World

Article - Wed Apr 2 2014
Flat track derby sure did get around this past weekend – in this week’s roll up we have news from WFTDA’s first division, WFTDA-sanctioned play in Europe, and MRDA’s first ever all-Canada sanctioned bout.

Weekly Rollup, March 27, 2014: And So It Begins

Article - Wed Mar 26 2014
When DNN’s bout and scores page both start to swell with game information, it can only mean one thing – the 2014 season is well underway. There were more than 100 games played this weekend – ten of those were shown live here on DNN, and 50 of them were WFTDA-sanctioned.

Weekend in Review: March 15-16

Article - Tue Mar 18 2014
There was a men’s thing on this weekend – it was huge!

Weekly Roll-up March 7: Punctuality is the Virtue of the Bored

Article - Fri Mar 7 2014
Last weekend saw little action that is likely to have significant impact on the playoffs picture.

Weekly Roll-up February 27: 711-3 And All That

Article - Thu Feb 27 2014
The most talked about story of the weekend was certainly Jacksonville's 711-3 thrashing of fellow Floridians Tallahassee. Some transfers into Jacksonville have strengthened them since last year, while Tallahassee have suffered a spate of retirements, leading to an even bigger mismatch than had been expected.

Now We Are Ten: Weekly Rollup, April 25, 2013

Article - Thu Apr 25 2013
Last Weekend's Action Maths Note

The Storm Before The Calm: Weekly Roll-up April 19, 2013

Article - Fri Apr 19 2013
Last Weekend's Action Maths Note

Fools Rush In: Weekly Rollup, April 4, 2013

Article - Thu Apr 4 2013
Last Weekend After a few hectic weekends of WFTDA action, the last weekend in March provided some respite. Montreal’s visit to--and near upset of--Windy City was the weekend’s biggest bout, but it looks unlikely to have a major impact on the rankings.

A Math-Free Week: Weekly Rollup, March 27, 2013

Article - Wed Mar 27 2013
Last Weekend’s Bouts

Powering into Rankings: Weekly Rollup, March 21, 2013

Article - Thu Mar 21 2013
Last Weekend's Bouts Last weekend saw two long-running local rivalries return for 2013: Sacred City (27 WFTDA) travelled to Angel City (DNN #19, 18 WFTDA), and Montreal (DNN #17, 17 WFTDA) travelled to Boston (DNN #21, 20 WFTDA). Both games went as the rankings expected, but may well provide some early season indications of teams’ fortunes in 2013.
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