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Justice Feelgood Marshall

aka: Tracy Williams

fun derby title: Triple Threat

boring corporate title: Editor in Chief


Derby News Network was the brainchild of Justice Feelgood Marshall, who was captivated by the sport when he saw the first Gotham Girls Roller Derby bout in November 2004. Justice’s derby career began the next summer when he became a original member of Charm City Roller Girls of Baltimore, Maryland in 2005.

Serving as the Charm City’s Head Referee from 2006 to 2009, Justice refereed 120 derby bouts, including stints at Dust Devil 2007 (WFTDA’s first West Regionals), East Coast Extravaganza 2007 and 2008, Heartland Havoc (WFTDA’s first East Regionals) and the Texas Shootout (WFTDA’s first National Championship). He was Head Referee of RollerCon in 2007. From 2007 to 2008, he served on the WFTDA's Rules Committee, helping to draw up the 3.0 version of the WFTDA ruleset.

120 bouts with a whistle was just about enough, and Justice has mostly moved on to competing rather than reffing. He founded and skates for one of the first men’s teams, the Harm City Homicide, and also formed the international all-star men's flat-track team Team SeXY, which debuted at Rollercon 2009. Justice was instrumental in the founding of the first governing body for men’s roller derby, the Men’s Derby Coalition (now known as the Men's Roller Derby Association), in 2009.

Justice Feelgood Marshall is the Iron Man of modern roller derby journalism, with over 750,000 words written and published on the subject through 2012. Justice’s first efforts were recaps of stats and scores and an attempt at configuring something resembling a box score back in 2006 for Charm City to deliver to local radio and newspapers that regularly covered the league in sports segments/sections. Also that year, he became one of the first producers of a roller derby podcast, "Charm City Roller Radio." He began writing bout recaps on his personal blog in 2007.

Inspired by Hurt ReynoldsHave Derby Will Travel blog, and Gnosis’ Leadjammer.com website, Justice went out on a limb and took the risk of launching a site for reporting on roller derby bouts and events from the Texas Shootout in a motel room in Austin and the hallways of the Austin Convention Center in 2007. Justice Feelgood Marshall’s work has helped drive the growth of modern roller derby by creating the world’s first media and broadcast outlet for the sport.

Currently Justice is DNN’s Editor in Chief, captain of the Chicago Bruise Brothers, captain of international all-star men's team Team SeXY, and bench coach for the 2012 Windy City Rollers local champions, the Manic Attackers. Under the alias Tracy Williams, Justice moonlights for pay as an online content editor for several prominent websites. He resides as near to sushi delivery as possible in Chicago, IL with his constant companion, a white, circa 2007 MacBook.

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