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Roller Derby Basics

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On October 2nd, 2009, Fox Searchlight released the major motion picture Whip It, directed by Drew Barrymore and starring Ellen Page as a teen who escapes her mother's small town pageant dreams by secretly joining a roller derby league in Austin, Texas. The film shines an unprecedented spotlight on the unique culture of modern roller derby, a reinvented, women-dominated, grassroots sport which has quietly spread from Austin to the far reaches of the globe in a few short years.

Whether you've never heard of roller derby, you have some vague memories of watching old reruns on ESPN in the 80s, or you yourself attended games at Madison Square Garden in the heyday of classic derby, this section of the website will help you become familiar with the basics of modern roller derby.

Q: Is the action real? I thought roller derby was fake, kinda like pro wrestling.

Q: I thought roller derby was played on a banked track. Where'd it go?

Q: What are the rules of modern roller derby?

Q: How well did Whip It capture the sport of modern roller derby?

Q: Other FAQ's

Q: Okay, I'm completely crazy about roller derby. How can I learn more?