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Rocky Overpowers Toronto, 357-100

GUILDFORD, UK--The final game at Anarchy might have been expected to be close just going by WFTDA rankings that had Rocky Moutain pegged at #9 and Toronto at #13--but the pattern of scores in the tournament to date meant that the odds were very heavily in Rocky Mountain's favour.

London Repeats Detroit, 407-36

GUILDFORD, UK--At the first Anarchy in the UK tournament , London went 0-3 on their way to the wooden spoon--but ultimately proved the point they deserved an invitation to their first regional tournament. This time they came into their last game with the tournament and potential top seeding at playoffs on the line.

Detroit Upsets Toronto, 199-159

GUILDFORD, UK--Toronto and Detroit both came into day two of Anarchy with two games ahead of them, and yet to register their first win. This was a WFTDA rankings mis-match on paper thanks to Toronto's huge rise this month--but the 34-ranked Detroit claimed an early lead and then held off the 13-ranked Toronto to claim the upset win 199-159.

London Bruises Rocky Mountain, 205-132

GUILDFORD, UK--When these teams last met Rocky Mountain were WFTDA champions and their 228-49 win flattered the hosts courtest of a huge final jam. It was unthinkable then that London might be considered favourites in their next meeting--but slight favourites they were.

London Pulverizes Toronto, 477-41

GUILDFORD, UK--It was a festival of pink as London's London Brawling (current WFTDA #7) took on Toronto's CN Power (WFTDA #13); even both teams' coaches got in on the act with both Ballistic Whistle and Wade Wheelson sporting bright pink ties.

Rocky Breaks Down Detroit, 312-57

GUILDFORD, UK--When these teams last met it was August 2011, and Rocky came away with a 212-41 win. While much has changed in the interim a similar margin would have been expected for Rocky Mountain this time out, at least under normal circumstances, especially given the 311-22 hammering Detroit got at the hands of London the night before.

USA Wins Men's World Cup, 260-71 over England

While England's stalwart defence was enough to hold the USA to their lowest points total of the weekend, the outcome of this bout was never really in doubt as the Yanks racked up a 120-point halftime lead en route to a 260-71 victory.

MRDWC 3rd: Canada Fends Off France, 196-111

The third-place game was contested by France and Canada, who found themselves both comfortably beaten in their semi-finals by England and the USA respectively. While the lead changed twice in the first few minutes, the Canadians led for the final 50 and took the win in a highly entertaining and competitive bout 196-111.

MRDWC Plate: Australia Escapes Wales, 201-200

In a definite contender for game of the tournament, Australia clawed out a one-point victory over Wales to take the Men's Roller Derby World Cup Plate, 201-200. The game swung back and forth with the margin rarely more than ten points for either side, though a massive 45-0 power jam for Skate Pilgrim late in the second period looked set to secure the game for Australia.

MRDWC Jug: Belgium Mashes Sweden, 240-126

The first of the tournament's trophy games was contested by the winless Swedes--in this game as late tournament pull-out had given them a bye in the preceding knock-out round--and the Belgians whose only win this weekend had come over Japan on day two. The Belgians took the Jug with a comfortable 240-126 win.