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Spring Roll: MRDA Round-up

In it's first official international tournament the MRDA Spring Roll continued to make history in 2014. Your Mom Men's Roller Derby out of Des Moines, Iowa proved once again why they are the top ranked team in the nation with two big wins.

Your Mom v Mass Maelstrom

The Big O: What We Learned

The Big O provided bouts up and down the WFTDA and MRDA ladders. We'll be addressing the MRDA results separately, so watch this space. But on to WFTDA...

The Division 1 Bunfight

The Big O Saturday Roundup

Saturday's action at The Big O featured bouts from up and down the WFTDA ranks.

Beach Brawl Saturday Roundup

Saturday in Fort Lauderdale had more than its share of ridiculously close games courtesy of a two-point win for Suburbia over Berlin, a three-point win for Houston over Stockholm and a six-point win for Gold Coast over DC.

Big O Friday Roundup

In Eugene, OR, this weekend the Emerald City Rollergirls are hosting a multi-bout (or should that be multi-game?) event featuring teams from across the USA, as well as international interlopers in the form of Canada's Terminal City, Scotland's Auld Reekie and Japan's Kokeshi.

Skate to Thrill: How It Happened

St. Chux has their eyes on the prize this season and in an effort to get three quick games under their belt, they hosted their first Skate to Thrill invitational. A total of 15 games happened among 10 teams over two days. With teams ranked between #45 and #77 by WFTDA, the weekend was always going to have close games and a serious impact on the 2014 playoff picture.

Tinseltown Showdown '14: Angel Avenges Denver, 186-152

This game was, at least for Angel City, the most anticipated of the tournament. Since Denver took away Angel City’s climb through the WFTDA Championships in Milwaukee last year, when Denver took the game 200-125, Angel City was always going to see this game as the opportunity to set that record right, and test their new relative rankings standing for 2014.

Tinseltown Showdown '14: Bay Area Relieves Terminal, 357-96

LOS ANGELES, CA--On the final day of the tournament, and the first publicly ticketed day, we saw yet another new meeting for Terminal City.

Tinseltown Showdown '14: Bay Area Fells Angel, 300-81

LOS ANGELES, CA--Having last met at Western regionals back in 2011 (Bay Area triumphing 227 to Angel City’s 70), but each having experienced a huge rise through the WFTDA rankings in the interim, this game was always going to be an interesting test of current rankings, especially given the score that Bay Area had pulled against Denver the day before.