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Derby News Network Power Rankings - November 2012

WFTDA rankings reflect final placement at playoff tournaments, not voted ranking from Q2.

DNN WFTDA W/L Next Notes
1 Gotham
1 E 2012 12-0
2011 14-0
11/3 @ [TBA] Gotham keeps piling up the records -- in addition to increasing their winning streak to 26 in a row, they've also become the first team to sit at the top of the Power Rankings for a full year. They go into this weekend's tournament trying to claim another first by winning back-to-back WFTDA championships.
2 Oly
1 W 2012 10-0
2011 14-1
11/3 @ [TBA] The controversial team from the Pacific Northwest remained undefeated on the year through the West playoffs, but their 7 digit escape from Denver in the final was their narrowest win since 2009. Notably, the only games Oly has ever lost have been tournament finals (once in the West, and twice at Championships) -- their all-time record in sanctioned action is a whopping 48-3.
3 Denver
2 W 2012 10-3
2011 13-3
11/2 @ Charm City Couldn't quite knock off Oly, but did successfully exorcise the ghosts of disappointing playoff runs in 2010 and 2011 by playing three very strong games in a row. A post-playoffs injury to Caitlin Krause means they'll be showing a slightly different jammer rotation in Atlanta, though.
4 Bay Area
3 W 2012 8-3
2011 14-5
11/2 @ Philly Moves up one by evicting former #4 Rose City in the third-place game at the West Playoffs. If they survive Philly and Texas in early rounds at the Championships, they'll likely face Oly for the first time ever with a trip to the championship bout on the line.
5 Windy City
1 NC 2012 9-6
2011 16-3
11/3 @ [TBA] The Chicagoans benefit from drops by Rose City and Rat City to inch up two spots, but they've got a particularly tough path ahead of them at Championships -- to win, they'd almost certainly have to knock off three of the four teams ranked above them.
6 Philly
2 E 2012 11-5
2011 12-9
11/2 @ Bay Area Philly's holding pattern at #2 in the East continued for a third straight year as they again held off a semifinal challenge only to get routed by Gotham in the final. They stay a notch below Windy City based on WCR's much closer game with shared opponent Denver this year.
7 Rat City
5 W 2012 12-4
2011 11-9
TBD For the fourth year in a row, Rat City is top-ten after the playoffs but misses the Championships due to their tough region. Late season and playoff wins against Minnesota (23 points) and Rocky Mountain (25 points) were just a little smaller than Philly's July results against those same teams (40 points and 56 points, respectively), leaving Rat City to drop two spaces.
6 W 2012 9-5
2011 9-3
TBD For a while it looked like RMRG might be able to stop the new-look Oly in their first game at West playoffs, but it was not to be; Rocky misses Championships for the first time since 2008. A close loss to Rat City in the tournament's 5th place game slots RMRG right below Rat, but they do pick up a space on the Rose City drop.
9 Minnesota
2 NC 2012 8-10
2011 11-4
11/2 @ Kansas City Minnesota played yet another last-jam thriller against Windy City in the final of the North Central playoffs, and yet again fell just barely short of the win. However, MNRG's head to head losses against Philly, Rat City and Rocky Mountain in July and August keep a bit of separation between Minnesota and their regional nemeses.
10 Charm City
3 E 2012 8-4
2011 9-8
11/2 @ Denver Kept their composure in two tough advancement games at the East Playoffs, holding off Steel City and then London to reclaim the #3 spot in the region and a third-straight trip to Championships. They move up two slots, past Rose City and Texas.
11 London
4 E 2012 4-3
2011 4-6
11/16 @ [TBA] A impressive playoff weekend saw London come closer than many expected against both Philly and Charm City, but they finished just one monster jam short of advancing to Championships; they do take a three-spot leap in the Power Rankings.
12 Rose City
4 W 2012 9-5
2011 9-6
TBD In many ways Rose City's fortunes this year were tied to the availability and healthiness of their foundational jammer rotation of Scald Eagle, White Flight and Soulfearic Acid. Though all three played in the playoffs, Rose couldn't quite knock off Bay Area for 3rd place -- but Rose City's drop from #4 to #12 here is more based on the post-playoffs retirement news of White Flight and Acid, who will be hard to replace.
13 Texas
1 SC 2012 10-6
2011 14-9
11/3 @ [TBA] Just barely avoided what would have been one of the biggest upsets in WFTDA playoff history when Atlanta took them to the last jam in the final of the South Central tournament; they drop two spaces.
14 Atlanta
2 SC 2012 15-4
2011 8-8
11/2 @ Naptown It's a huge jump for the Championships hosts, who are the biggest movers since last ranking with a 7-slot leap following a very impressive performance in their SC playoffs.
15 Steel City
9 E 2012 10-8
2011 11-7
TBD The Pittsburgh crew had schizophrenic results at the East playoffs, playing a tenacious game against eventual 3rd place finishers Charm City and losing by a respectable 49 points -- but then giving DC seemingly unlimited opportunities to eventually claim a huge upset in the consolation rounds. Taking the totality of Steel City's season into account, it looks like the DC game is the anomaly; the result of the Charm game leaves Steel City right where they were last time at #15.
16 Naptown
3 NC 2012 11-7
2011 14-4
11/2 @ Atlanta Denied a hopeful Ohio team a first-ever Championships berth with a highly dominating performance in the third-place game at the North Central playoffs, but their 197-point loss to Minnesota in the semifinals is cause for concern --particularly following the 35 point game they played earlier this year. They do move up one slot as Arch Rival tumbles.
17 Detroit
5 NC 2012 9-4
2011 8-13
3/23 vs [TBA] Detroit's resolute march back up the NC ladder continued with a close loss to Naptown in the playoffs and a close win over Ohio after the playoffs; they also go up one slot past Arch Rival.
18 Montreal
5 E 2012 14-6
2011 17-7
TBD The Canadians slip a bit on a complex combination of factors. Montreal's June upset win over Charm City is now looking like an outlier based on the subsequent results of London defeating Montreal and Charm City then defeating London. Similarly, Naptown's surprise loss to Arch Rival in August also looks like an outlier based on the subsequent results of Ohio defeating Arch Rival and Naptown then routing Ohio. All of that added to the fact that Naptown holds a early-season head-to-head win over Montreal drops the New Skids back below the Indy crew.
19 Kansas City
3 SC 2012 8-6
2011 12-4
11/2 @ Minnesota Following a surprising loss to Atlanta in the semifinals of the South Central tournament, Kansas City almost found themselves missing Championships altogether when Tampa gave them a first-half scare in the third-place game. Though KCRW got it together in time to claim a 209-168 win, this year's edition of Kansas City is looking a lot more vulnerable than the one that came within 20 points of beating Oly almost exactly a year ago.
20 Boston
7 E 2012 8-5
2011 7-10
TBD With the exception of a shockingly strong first half against Philly, Boston played pretty much to expectations at the East playoffs and hold steady at #20; next year, though, they'll need to find a replacement for dependable jammer Ivanna Shankabitch, who retired at the end of the tournament.
6 E 2012 12-8
2011 7-14
TBD DC had possibly their best-ever weekend as a team during the East playoffs, taking full advantage of a poor performance from Steel City to edge them by 16 and finally beating Carolina for the first time in 6 tries. Surrounding results make it seem unlikely DC could repeat the Steel City win tomorrow, but the Carolina differential helps slot DC in between Boston and Ohio.
22 Ohio
4 NC 2012 21-4
2011 13-8
TBD Though Ohio had an impressive 20-1 regular season record going into the playoffs and claimed a quarterfinal victory over Arch Rival in their opening game, their season came to a crash landing with three straight losses (including a post-playoffs loss to Detroit). However, the lessons of a very busy 2012 are likely to make Ohio a considerably more dangerous crew in 2013.
23 Madison
7 NC 2012 6-9
2011 1-10
TBD The late-season return of some experienced veterans proved to be a shot in the arm for Madison, who badly bashed both Cincinnati and Arch Rival in the playoffs; last year, Madison had gone winless through the tournament. Although Brewcity technically finished ahead of Madison in the playoff consolation bracket, it seemed mostly a quirk of the matchups -- Madison defeated Brewcity head to head in both July and August.
24 Arch Rival
8 NC 2012 11-5
2011 10-6
TBD Much like Steel City's, Arch Rival's performance in the consolation rounds of their playoff tournament basically made no logical sense next to their close loss in the advancement rounds. After a 10 point loss to Ohio, they narrowly lost to a Brewcity team who had gone to the last jam with the tournament's winless Chicago Outfit, and then lost by a somewhat stunning 98 points to Madison. 2013's Arch Rival can fairly be expected to perform better than September's version, but for now they take a 6 slot dive.
25 Carolina
8 E 2012 9-6
2011 17-3
11/17 vs River City Raleigh's team hangs on at the edge of the chart on the strength of approximately 30 point losses to both Boston and a notably improved DC at the East playoffs -- also, considering the arc of Atlanta's big late-season push, Carolina's 152-121 loss to ATL in August is looking a lot better post-playoffs.
E WFTDA East region
W WFTDA West region
NC WFTDA North Central region
SC WFTDA South Central region


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Preemptive incalm strike

I'm tired of it being an outrage every month. I declare these power rankings to be the polar opposite of an outrage: an incalm.

It's an incalm, I tell you.



Heh, Oly beat Denver by seven

Heh, Oly beat Denver by seven DIGITS? I better go fix my bracket...

Seven digits...

revnorb wrote:

Heh, Oly beat Denver by seven DIGITS? I better go fix my bracket...

Denver's jammer refs held up seven fewer fingers must be what Justice meant by that.

Have Power Rankings been abandoned?

Or am I just not looking in the right place? When do new ones come out?

I assume

I would assume that we'll see something in either March or April.

In time...

ivanna_s_pankin wrote:

Or am I just not looking in the right place? When do new ones come out?

Generally the answer to this one is "when there's enough data to be bothered." While they probably COULD do power rankings for February, I won't be stunned if it's a month out. This was a busier January than most, but when you look at the top 25 alone, fairly few of them have skated a sanctioned bout since November.

On top of that there's that traditional tendency to set up the easiest game at the top of the schedule. I'm not pointing at any power ranked teams when I mention that, but I'm sure it happens up there as well.

Probably March

We haven't done a February ranking since 2009 (the first year of the feature), for the reasons the guys listed above.

Just so you know...

I'm going to mercilessly make fun of your ranking Rose City at #12 all season. Enjoy!

Live to serve

No, YOU enjoy!

The question is ...

The question is:
Will there be a Power Ranking BEFORE Wild West Showdown?

Inquiring (and critical) minds want to know.