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Derby News Network Power Rankings - August 2012

For more background on the methodology and reasoning behind our Power Rankings, please see this month's intro article and the original DNN Power Rankings FAQ.

DNN WFTDA W/L Next Notes
1 Gotham
1 E 2012 9-0
2011 14-0
TBD The New Yorkers completed a very tough summer schedule with nary a stumble over June and July, knocking off five top-ten teams (Denver, Rose City, Windy City, Texas and Bay Area) along with Steel City; with the exception of the one against Rose City, they won each game by over 100 points. Gotham now has the longest winning streak ever in WFTDA play with 23 in a row, a streak that will assuredly increase when they play their next games at the East playoffs in September.
2 Denver
4 W 2012 7-2
2011 13-3
8/25 @ Windy City With a dominating 229-point win at Rollercon, last month's #3 Denver kicked a severely weakened Rose City team out of the #2 spot and throttled Minnesota (269-84) for good measure. Though the West remains the toughest region in the WFTDA, Denver appears to be solidly in pole position for the playoffs and has one more challenge before then -- an out-of-region game against Windy City on August 25.
3 Bay Area
6 W 2012 5-2
2011 14-5
8/26 vs Houston B.A.D. rises to #3 with a strong showing at Star of Texas, giving Gotham a relatively good fight with a 103 point loss, solidly beating historical rival Texas by 71 and showing tenacity in coming back late on Windy City to win by 15. Bay Area will take August off on the way to hosting the West playoffs in late September.
4 Philly
2 E 2012 6-4
2011 12-9
TBD Philly busted up a mostly West-Coast party at Rollercon with a 3-0 record over Rocky Mountain, Rose City and the North Central's Minnesota; that weekend lifts them past a Texas team that beat them at late June's ECDX but had a much rougher July. Their schedule eases a bit in the runup to the East playoffs as they play DC on August 11 and Columbia on September 9.
5 Oly
1 W 2012 5-0
2011 14-1
8/25 vs Minnesota Almost ten months after losing to Gotham in the final of the 2011 WFTDA Championships, a revamped Oly finally gets their first top-ten competition this month as they host Minnesota and Texas on August 25 and 26. With Gotham having bludgeoned Texas by 205 points in July, that weekend's results will go a long way towards showing whether Oly is again a real threat to go deep in the Championships this year.
6 Rat City
5 W 2012 4-2
2011 11-9
8/11 @ Charm City The Seattle crew picks up a spot against Rose City after an odd set of circumstances in July -- Rose City beat Rat City head to head 173-140 on the 14th, but a couple of weeks later, a combination of injuries and absences doomed Rose City to a set of blowout losses at Rollercon. It's very tough to say which Rose City team Rat will face if they should meet again in the West playoffs, but for now they move up one.
7 Charm City
3 E 2012 6-2
2011 9-8
8/11 vs Rat City After Charm City's 28 point loss to Philly in July -- a considerably closer result than Philly's other tough opponents could muster later in the same month -- Charm's shocker of an upset loss to Montreal at ECDX is currently looking like an outlier. On August 11, Charm City hosts the team currently just one step ahead of them in the Power Rankings, Rat City.
2 W 2012 7-3
2011 9-3
TBD Last month, RMRG nearly pulled out two wins at Rollercon but had to settle for a split as they took both Minnesota and Philly into the very late game before edging Minnesota and losing to Philly. They hold steady at their July ranking of #8 and will be idle until the West playoffs in September.
9 Windy City
1 NC 2012 5-5
2011 16-3
8/25 vs Denver Chicago's premier flat-track crew plummeted from #4 to #14 after a harsh 1-1-1 June, but a defeat of Texas and a near-win over Bay Area have their star on the rise again. WCR picks up five spaces to quickly re-enter the top 10 at #9, and gets a shot at the current #2 when they play host to Denver on August 25.
10 Minnesota
2 NC 2012 6-5
2011 11-4
8/25 @ Oly The St. Paul crew is essentially pinned to Windy City right now by virtue of a 155-155 tie in mid-June and was a slot above them going into July, but Windy City had the slightly stronger month, as Minnesota dropped three in a row at Rollercon to tough competition Rocky Mountain, Philly and Denver. Minnesota has a chance to flip the dynamic again with what looks like an equally tough three-game weekend late in August, battling Rose City, Oly and Rat City in the Pacific Northwest.
11 Texas
1 SC 2012 7-4
2011 14-9
8/26 @ Oly For the third year in a row, Texas appears to be in the middle of a summer slump -- this time losing three in a row to Bay Area, Windy City and Gotham at home -- and emulates last month's WCR drop by going from #4 to just out of the top ten at #11. If history is any guide, this one could be quite temporary, as Texas has been known to consistently turn it up a notch when the postseason starts. This year, though, they've got two more tough battles before the war for the South Central begins; they'll take on Rat City on August 25 and Oly on August 26, the same weekend Minnesota rolls through the region.
12 Rose City
3 W 2012 7-3
2011 9-6
TBD The Portland crew, sitting at #2 last month, was missing their entire first string jamming rotation at Rollercon, and while they got some experience in for new and less-experienced jammers like Untamed Shrew, JK Rolling, Mel Mangles and The Blast Unicorn, the tremendously lopsided scoreboard results strongly suggested that the first-string is key to Rose City's fortunes. RCR hasn't tipped their hand as to who will be available for their August 25 game against visiting Minnesota, but that game is also irrelevant to Rose City's rankings going into the post-season, leaving it an open question as to whether Rose will be willing -- or able -- to play with all hands on deck. For now we're guessing we'll see a stronger team than Rollercon's, but not the strongest that Rose is capable of fielding later in the year, and place them at a very tentative #12.
13 Kansas City
2 SC 2012 5-3
2011 12-4
8/18 vs Naptown Though still stacked with considerable talent since their run to the third-place game of last year's WFTDA Championships, KCRW has thus far proven unable to give Championships-level teams a close game this year; most recently, they lost on the road against Bay Area 181-93. They will get a chance to knock off last year's Championships entrant Naptown this month, as KCRW hosts on August 18.
14 Montreal
6 E 2012 10-5
2011 17-7
TBD While the neon Canadian army stunned the derby world with a shining performance in an 22-point upset win against regional rivals Charm City in late June at ECDX, the totality of both teams' results surrounding that game strongly suggest it was an outlier for both teams. In July, Montreal beat Boston by 57 while Charm had beaten the same team by 98 on ECDX weekend; more tellingly, though, Charm City also gave Philly a very tough run for their money last month with a 28 point loss, while Philly had whomped Montreal by 145 in May. The return of last year's ace jammer Iron Wench will almost certainly give Montreal a boost going into the mid-September playoffs, but for now they are unaffected by Charm's rise to #7 this month and lose a few spots to #14.
15 Naptown
3 NC 2012 8-4
2011 14-4
8/4 @ Arch Rival Indianapolis' Naptown took July off and stays at their previous rank of #15, but they get two road games in August that could either pull them significantly down or give them a leg up -- increasingly dangerous Arch Rival hosts on August 4, while Kansas City opens the doors on August 18.
16 London
5 E 2012 3-0
2011 4-6
TBD No action and no movement for London, whose travel schedule continues to be hampered by approximately 4,000 miles of water. Their next game, and their first stateside game in over a year, will take place in Burlington, Vermont at the East playoffs on September 28.
17 Boston
7 E 2012 5-3
2011 7-10
8/11 vs Cincinnati Like the two teams above and the two teams below them, there's no movement for Boston this month as they played more or less to expectations with a 147-90 loss to Montreal at home. Next up for Boston is another home game, this time against Cincinnati, on August 11.
18 Arizona
10 W 2012 5-2
2011 4-7
8/11 @ So Cal No action and no movement for Arizona after a decent 1-1 run at ECDX in June; they will not be in action again until the West playoffs in late September.
19 Steel City
4 E 2012 8-5
2011 11-7
8/12 @ Rat City Steel City, who lost by 16 points to Arizona at ECDX in June, finally claimed a long-awaited win in a high-scoring game against rival Detroit, 271-191, but also became yet another Gotham victim by a final of 294-95. Neither one of those results is enough to wrench them from their previous ranking of #19, though, and they'll await the East playoffs for more action.
20 Arch Rival
8 NC 2012 9-2
2011 10-6
8/4 @ Naptown The St. Louis crew continues to work their way up, returning to the top 25 on the bottom rung after a lengthy absence last month and popping up to #20 this month after handily defeating the Chicago Outfit by 91; #21 Carolina was only able to put up a 40 point win in June. ARRG has a golden opportunity to keep increasing their rank as they face #15 Naptown in St. Louis this weekend; Arch is 4-0 at home this year, while Naptown is 8-4 overall but has a 2-3 losing record on the road.
21 Carolina
8 E 2012 7-2
2011 17-3
8/5 vs Atlanta No action for Carolina during July, but they get into it quickly this weekend as they take on a potentially dangerous Atlanta squad on August 5. Carolina loses one spot to rising Arch Rival.
22 Jet City
9W 2012 5-3
2011 8-11
8/18 @ Rat City A strong set of results in June against Tampa (35 point win) and Naptown (40 point loss) gave Jet City entry into last month's top 25, but with no games since, no games scheduled and a very tough top 10 to crack pending the release of the tournament invitations, Jet City may not get a chance to prove their mettle again this year. For now, they stand pat at last month's #22.
23 Tampa
6 SC 2012 5-6
2011 6-9
TBD Tampa has been quiet since the early-June weekend during which they lost to Jet City, and will not see action again until hosting Tallahassee, Cape Fear and Gold Coast during Franky Panky 2012 on the first weekend of September. Like Jet City, they hold steady as Dutchland passes them on the way off the charts and Arch Rival passes them on the way up.
24 Ohio
7 NC 2012 18-1
2011 13-8
8/11 @ Hard Knox Following last month's 226-59 rout of NEO, Ohio now has a sparkling 18-1 record on the year -- but the one loss is to #21 Carolina, keeping Ohio pinned in the lower reaches of the chart. After playing Hard Knox on August 11, though, Ohio will have a potentially illuminating matchup against the Chicago Outfit -- the Outfit played Carolina recently and lost by 40.
25 Houston
4 SC 2012 7-4
2011 14-9
8/24 @ Santa Cruz After a quick one-month hiatus from the top 25, Houston is right back as Dutchland slides off the chart following a big loss to Detroit. Houston did not play in July, but their 21 point loss in June to current #21 Arch Rival suggests they could still be a serious threat to the lower rungs of the top 25. This month Houston goes out of region with a late-August California trip, facing Santa Cruz and Sacred.
E WFTDA East region
W WFTDA West region
NC WFTDA North Central region
SC WFTDA South Central region


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London Again?

First - why are you saying that London will be included at Regionals this year? I dont recall any official WFTDA announcements about the playoff teams yet - so anything prior to that official press release is premature - but - just in case you are right:

Look - I love me some London Rollergirls - I really do - but seriously, I realize that getting in their bouts poses a serious challenge - and yes, I was very impressed with how they performed last year at Regionals - but it is starting to border on not fair IF they are once again given a slot at regionals without having actually done anything to get there? What about the other East teams who have been skating their asses off too and actually getting in all of their required bouts etc?

If I were the team at 11E who met all my requirements and got bumped, I would be raising some heck - serious heck - but that's just me

London Again

To be fair, London DID "get in all of their required bouts" -- the fact that so little is required to qualify is another topic, but they did meet the requirements. How the rest of the region chooses to vote is entirely up to the teams in the region.

Dont Even Get me Started...

...on how I feel about rankings being decided on by a VOTE - ugh....lol

Voting is the only option...

...right now. Without a structured season, how else could you possibly do it?

(So yeah, a structured season would rock.)

Structured Season ...

would rock, but sadly, no one can afford it.


Understood. That said, I think there's room for a little "out of the box" thinking here (god I hate that expression).

Little mini-gatherings (like the Golden/Texas Bowls, Dust Devil, RollerCon, etc.) could be re-structured such that the top ranked teams played 3-4 games against regional rivals. Don't get me wrong, I know it's not a trivial change, I'm just saying you don't have to have 4 home games and 4 away games against regional teams to have a more structured season. Of course, there would need to be some sort of skill-based divisions first. Ahh...so much fun stuff that the WFTDA people get to spend time thinking about. :)

A structured season of some kind, perhaps

WFTDA, right now, has around 100 travel teams and the skill difference between the best and the worst of them is vast. This doesn't resemble the major US professional sports, which have much smaller leagues and enough parity that strength-of-schedule differences don't completely illegitimize W-L record as a qualifier for postseason play.

WFTDA, with its size, talent disparities, and some teams' travel difficulties, looks a lot more like US college sports, except without conferences. Typically NCAA postseason assignments, like WFTDA's, are determined largely by voting. The conferences provide regular season structure but they aren't necessary; Notre Dame football famously has no conference. Conferences could certainly spring up organically within WFTDA. It seems the path of least resistance might lead to WFTDA structure looking somewhat like NCAA basketball.

Another plausible model is that of Association Football, where an association typically has many divisions separated by skill level, with yearly opportunities for promotion and relegation. I know that in England the lower divisions are also separated by region, so lower-level teams don't have to do so much traveling. To limit travel demands (America is big, and some teams aren't even in it!), divisions could be assigned underneath geographic regions. Even so, a structured schedule within such a division would be a huge burden on a team like London or Victoria.

I agree …

with most of this post. First WFTDA has over 150 travel teams and yes the skill difference is vast and in no way resembles any professional sport. The skill level between number 1 and number 10 in each region is also vast. Gotham versus DC ...

And that America is big, really big and that makes travel prohibitively expensive. Also, one might compare England to California or Texas, but I wouldn't compare England to the United States. What works in England is surely doomed in the U.S.


Not really, for two reasons:

1) Even without a press release, let's just say it would be trivial for a well-connected journalist to source the information from multiple off-the-record sources... in fact, information like this is virtually impossible to *avoid* receiving. An NDA only binds its signatories; if someone subject to it chooses violate it, the person receiving the information isn't similarly bound (at least not legally, though personal trust relationships can be even more effective, so long as they're two-way).

2) Even without inside information, we're perfectly capable of speculating, and this particular speculation is no great leap. London performed far above expectations a year ago, they've demonstrated utter, record-breaking dominance over the very best of several hundred teams in Europe, and there's plenty of reason for experienced observers to think they've got a nonzero chance of making it all the way to the WFTDA Championship Tournament this year.

Bottom line, even if we don't "know" they're going to the East Region playoffs... we're entirely happy to stake our predictive reputation on it.

To your main point: I personally agree with you that it's a shame there's no compelling postseason experience for teams that don't make their region's top ten. I'd further argue that the bottom few slots in each regional aren't getting a very compelling postseason experience either; I think there's another 30 teams below the top 25 we've selected here that occupy a broad, exciting zone of any-given-Saturday goodness. Let's have *that* tournament.

In any case, see y'all tomorrow :)

(I'll totally send a mustache keychain to anyone who successfully parses all that subtext. Enjoy!)


Since upvotes are disabled on Power Rankings, I seriously agree. I didn't even realize there were people still arguing against London making it to playoffs. Arguing exactly WHERE to put them within the region, certainly, but we're talking about a team who was (were, for the Brits) throwing upsets left and right last year, and this year set the record for all time biggest blowout ever.

yet another upvote

Hurt Reynolds wrote:

I personally agree ... that it's a shame there's no compelling postseason experience for teams that don't make their region's top ten.

Fix that WFTDA!


40 WFTDA teams get to attend the postseason. Currently I count 156 WFTDA leagues. This is a little over 25% of the field that gets to go to the postseason.

MLB (baseball), they just added a second wild card, so there are currently 10 teams that get to go to the postseason out of 30, which is 33%.

The NBA (basketball), 16 out of 30 go to the postseason, so >50%.

The NFL (American Football) has 8 out of 32, which is 25%.

So, it appears there's no solid consensus here. Granted, WFTDA's 40/156 used to be 40/90-something... but they've been adding tons of leagues very rapidly and have not proportionately grown the size of the the playoffs.

I'd be totally okay with letting more leagues participate in a post-season, but at some point we have to keep the post-season as something that's special for the teams that make it. I don't want to see where every team gets to go to the post season.

NFL (nit pick)

12/32 in the NFL (38%). 8 division winners and 4 wildcards.

I see the proposal for more teams as more of an NIT thing (college hoops).

Put the top 8 from each region into the Big 5 and send the next 8 from each region to a secondary set of tournaments (the "Little 4"?). It'd be great experience. And let's be honest -- no #9/#10 regional seed is going to finish in the Top 3 at Championships anytime soon.




Math is hard. I blame the fever I've been fighting for two days. Thanks for the correction!

la la la I can't hear you!

"In fact, information like this is virtually impossible to *avoid* receiving." - Yeah, no shit. It was all I could do at RollerCon last week to get people to shut up about it already. I walked out of two conversations with my fingers in my ears. I know it's strange, but I'm naturally repulsed by gossip. I guess I want that WFTDA press release to be a surprise.

I would agree if...

...London had lost all their games at Regionals, coming in at #10. But they didn't, they came in fifth, well ahead of any team on the bubble.

I don't know

who your league is, but last year London was more than happy to give a few teams some warm up games/ scrimmages while they were here for Regionals. Maybe you should invite them to play your all-stars so you can see firsthand why they earned their spot.

European Region

So, everytime I open my mouth, I get 50 texts from London calling me an ass..Whatever. I Love that team & definitely believe they should be a part of the Championships ladder, however, they should not be a part of the Eastern region.

Increasing the playoff numbers is easy, add another region. Welcome aboard Europe! If we are not yet prepared to host an event with 15 teams instead of 12teams, Go with the top 2 in each division & let the stats pick 2 more. We'd have 10 teams from regions & 2 teams that would be chosen based on overall rankings.

Rev Al Mighty

Eruopean region

With all the new teams from Europe that they are becoming part of WFTDA...I think we are getting close to having a European Division. They can have their own regional championship games then and make it to nationals here in the US. Someday maybe WFTDA will see that the 4 divisions are getting to be too big and will go beyond the 4 divisions. You could have a European Division, a Canadian Division, a Pacific division with teams from Hawaii, and countries like Japan, Australia, New Zealand and such in addition to the 4 divisions they have now. Then they can take what is now called Nationals and they could do what most major American sports can't do...have an actual world championship tournament with the winner being the world champion.

No Canadian Division!

It doesn't make sense to have a Canadian division. If I'm not mistaken, one of the reasons for having divisions is to make it easier for teams to play intra-region games. Making Canada one big division would take away close, inexpensive intra-division games for current WFTDA teams such as Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. That would be like breaking the US into divisions based on latitude, putting Boston and Seattle in the same division because they are both in the northern part of the continental US. Europe makes more sense because most of the countries (and therefore leagues within those countries) are geographically close to one another.


how would you split up the North American Division so that there are more than 4 divisions? Its going to have to happen sooner or later or you could have 4 divisions with well over 100 teams each. Could have a Northeastern Eastern, South Eastersn, North Central, South Central, South Eastern, South Central. I'm not sure how else you could split them.

by skill

West Tier 1
West Tier 2
West Tier 3
East Tier 1
East Tier 2
East Tier 3



Of course, you'd need to populate the map with each WFTDA league so you have similar numbers, but this seems about right. Better than now with two Iowa leagues in the South Central and one in the North Central. :)

WFTDA Championships != "Nationals"

moun10dew wrote:

Then they can take what is now called Nationals and they could do what most major American sports can't do...have an actual world championship tournament with the winner being the world champion.

WFTDA hasn't held "Nationals" since 2009. Main reason being that WFTDA is an international governing body. There's members in Australia, Canada, Deutschland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Still more Apprentice leagues in several of those countries and Belgium, Colombia, Finland, Japan, New Zealand WFTDA Championships is an international WFTDA championship. "Nationals" is for local national orgs like USARS, RDAC or UKRDA. London placed 5th, and Montreal placed 6th at last years East Region Playoffs. Montreal's seeded 3rd this year, so there's a reasonable chance they may advance to Championships.

Calling the tournament "Nationals" doesn't just damn the event with faint praise, it maybe implies that WFTDA's MANY international leagues don't belong there or that they don't matter much.



That's a lie

I don't have your mobile number. ;)

August 18th correction

Rat City All-Stars take on Puget Sound Outcast.
Rat City Rain of Terror take on Jet City, (where you may see former RCRG ReAnimator in Jet City Blue)


With Greatest Courtesy:

With Greatest Courtesy: WHAT??? IT'S AN OUTRAGE I TELL YOU!!!



Power Rankings!?

Would you guys quit writing about yourselves and produce a ranking? Things happen in August. Where's Naptown, Kansas, Detroit, Arch Rival, Rose, Oly, Windy, Texas, Houston, Rat, Steel City, Charm, Atlanta, Tampa, Arizona, Jet, San Diego and Denver in relation to each other? How am I going to reasonably fill out a regional bracket without your input? Get on it!


Well, we've historically moved around the exact release of the Power Rankings when we hit the playoff season (instead of monthly, they become pre-playoffs, post-playoffs and post-Championships). We're focusing on telling what we think is an interesting story this week, but rest assured Power Rankings will be out on Monday or Tuesday of next week as we pivot from ancient past to immediate future!

The brackets lie in the regionals

Or maybe once they start bouting, they'll give us the truth insofar as who the real deals will be for the WFTDA finals. I tend to take the last month or so before the start of the regionals with a grain of salt since many all star teams are utilizing much more of the back end of their 20 along with B teamers, or they could be experimenting with strategy that they may or may not use in the Big 5, or have injured or transfered skaters that haven't bouted that may or are expected to bout in the regionals.