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Derby News Network Power Rankings - December 2010

DNN WFTDA W/L Next Notes
1 W 2010 15-1
2009 8-7
3/25 @ LA After two years in which Gotham and Oly waltzed to victory in their respective championship games, Rocky needed all 60 minutes and more to claim the 2010 championship over Oly. They'll have a winter to savor it, but 2011 is certain to see redoubled competition in their very tough division and beyond.
2 Oly
2 W 2010 15-2
2009 12-0
2/6 vs Detroit The 2009 champions fell just one point short of becoming the first WFTDA team to win back to back championships. They pick up one slot and are still undefeated by everybody but Rocky Mountain, but their 2011 roster may be looking at serious turnover, potentially making them a less dominant force next year.
3 Gotham
1 E 2010 12-1
2009 7-2
2/26 @ LA Gotham found themselves seriously stymied for the first time in ages against Rocky Mountain – their 34 point loss to RMRG in the championship semifinals was their largest loss since February 2006, and here Gotham drops out of the DNN top two for the first time ever.
4 Philly
2 E 2010 15-6
2009 9-2
2/12 vs Steel City Championship results pull Philly in a couple of different directions, as they had a tougher time than expected with Kansas City (winning by 21) but also came closer than expected to Oly (losing by 25). They hold at #4.
5 Rose City
4 W 2010 9-6
2009 5-3
2/4 vs Detroit Though they missed Championships, they did solidly defeat the North Central's top seed Windy City by 45 points between the West regional and Championships. With Bay Area stumbling out of the gate with a loss to Texas at Champs, Rose City moves up one to take their place.
6 Rat City
5 W 2010 9-6
2009 5-7
2/5 vs Detroit No action since the West regional, but moves up as Bay Area drops down.
7 Denver
3 W 2010 9-3
2009 12-3
4/30 vs [TBA] No action since the West regional, but moves up as Bay Area drops down.
8 Charm City
4 E 2010 10-8
2009 13-5
2/19 vs Tampa Baltimore's crew turned in a very impressive performance against eventual champions Rocky Mountain, but it's tough to justify a rise over Denver, who beat them by 107 points in the summer.
9 Windy City
1 NC 2010 7-6
2009 10-2
12/11 vs LA Windy City finished a tough year with two +100 point losses to Oly, but they stick around in the top 10 on the strength of an 88-62 win over Texas in late September.
10 Kansas City
1 SC 2010 8-5
2009 9-4
4/23 @ Nashville Kansas City's last two games of their 2010 season were huge improvements on a fair-to-middling year, as they upset Texas for the South Central title and then gave Philly a strong run for their money at Championships. If that sudden upward trend continues in 2011, the 2007 champions might be serious contenders for the Hydra again.
11 Texas
2 SC 2010 7-8
2009 11-2
2/12 @ [TBA] Bounced back from their tough loss to Kansas City in the SC championship to win the lowest-scoring game ever in a WFTDA championship tournament over Bay Area, 72-59 – that gets TX a one-spot bump since the post-regionals Power Rankings.
12 Bay Area
6 W 2010 12-7
2009 5-5
4/16 @ Rat City Bay Area's a particularly tough crew to figure right now, as they were a jam's worth of points from reaching the quarterfinals of the Championship tournament. We're taking the most recent result here and dropping them under Texas for the head-to-head loss, but their run at Westerns showed they're very capable of taking out teams all the way up to the current #5 spot.
13 Boston
3 E 2010 5-9
2009 10-9
2/26 vs Montreal No action or movement since a 4th place finish at the East regional in September.
14 Minnesota
7 NC 2010 9-3
2009 7-3
1/29 vs Madison Though they received a tough 249-119 defeat against Charm City at Championships, they hold steady at #14 with the help of their head-to-head win over Madison in the North Central regional.
15 Madison
3 NC 2010 3-9
2009 7-4
1/29 @ Minnesota Whomped by Philly by 160 points at Championships, but holds their ground against Cincinnati based on Madison's head-to-head win in the 3rd place bout in the NC regional.
16 Cincinnati
5 NC 2010 10-5
2009 10-5
3/26 vs Nashville No movement or action since a 4th place finish at the North Central regional in September.
17 Detroit
4 NC 2010 11-3
2009 8-6
2/4 @ Rose City No movement or action since a 5th place finish at the North Central regional in September.
18 Nashville
3 SC 2010 11-5
2009 8-5
3/26 @ Cincinnati As expected, upstart Nashville couldn't do too much against Oly at Championships and lost by 161, but that experience will certainly make them more dangerous in 2011 as they try to solidify their #3 spot in the South Central region.
19 Steel City
5 E 2010 12-4
2009 11-3
2/12 @ Philly No movement or official action since their 5th place finish at East regionals, though they did play an unsanctioned game with guest skaters against Rocky Mountain in late October, losing 210-90.
20 San Diego
- 2010 12-2
2009 8-3
3/27 vs Rocky Mountain No movement or action since September for the only non-WFTDA league on the charts.
21 London
- 2010 3-2
2009 5-0
8/12 vs Rocky Mountain No movement or action since October for the London all-stars, who have become the most unknown quantity on the charts without a game against a WFTDA team since April.
22 Atlanta
4 SC 2010 12-5
2009 8-8
3/12 @ Dutchland No movement or action since a 4th place finish at October's South Central regional.
23 Carolina
6 E 2010 8-10
2009 5-8
2/19 vs DC Holding steady against a loss to Philly and a win over non-WFTDA Cape Fear since a 6th place finish at Eastern Regionals in September.
24 Montreal
7 E 2010 13-5
2009 5-6
2/11 @ Rat City No action or movement since a 7th place finish at Eastern Regionals in September.
25 Naptown
6 NC 2010 13-5
2009 7-5
1/15 vs Fort Wayne Naptown has defended their #25 spot twice since getting it following their North Central regional performance and has been successful twice, squeaking by Maine 103-99 and getting past the Chicago Outfit 127-72.
E WFTDA East region
W WFTDA West region
NC WFTDA North Central region
SC WFTDA South Central region


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We'll just start the climb again!

Boo also

I had hoped that Bay Area would stay in the top ten, at worst 11th. But, wow 12th? And no bump for Texas? Hmmmm Texas played a great game against Bay Area, a better game than they played against Kansas City and no recognition of that.

After all is said though, Bay Area will be rebuilding, as always (damn turnover), for 2011. Should be a long and painful process consummating in late August, just like 2009 and 2010. As this young sport just keeps getting more and more athletic, the good old days are still ahead of us.




I second your "Booooooooo!"



I third THAT BOO


4th it.

Seriously. A 7 spot drop??? I don't have massive love for the BADG but that seems a tad crazy to me. And the reasoning provided for it made my brain itch.

I love you, DNN, but.... Boo.



Boooooo, indeed.

We beat Rat, Rose, and Denver. Boo, DNN. Boo.

boo again...

I feel this deserves another boo.
C'mon, DNN, that's messed up...





Honestly, if "but Texas beat

Honestly, if "but Texas beat them head-to-head" is a good reason for putting us one spot under Texas, then beating Rose, Rat, and Denver head-to-head is a good reason for putting BAD one step above them...perhaps with Texas one step yet further up, perhaps not.

It's subjective

The way scores have been, there's no way to sort this out. BAD beat DRD by 4 points... and then beat Rose by a lot more than that. So Denver goes above Rose? Evidently not.

Remember the ultimate definition of the power rankings: "If these two teams played tomorrow, who do we think would win?" Key words being "we think."

Inescapable logical error

Danger Muffin wrote:

Honestly, if "but Texas beat them head-to-head" is a good reason for putting us one spot under Texas, then beating Rose, Rat, and Denver head-to-head is a good reason for putting BAD one step above them...perhaps with Texas one step yet further up, perhaps not.

That just creates a different ordering problem, though. If Texas had gone to #5, bumping BAD one slot down to #6, that would leave Texas far ahead of multiple teams they had lost to fairly recently (Windy City and Kansas City), not to mention Charm City, Denver and Rat City, to whom they had lost mid-year.

So the issue really is: does Bay Area's loss to Texas mean that BAD's recent wins over Denver and Rose City are no longer relevant? Or does it mean that Texas' equally recent losses to Windy City and Kansas City are no longer relevant? To rank them, you have to go one way or the other. The only other options would be to move Bay Area down and Texas up but NOT have Texas pass Bay Area, or to ignore the result of Texas/Bay Area completely, both of which seem even less satisfactory.

The other possibility is just that Texas matches up particularly well against Bay Area, and the result of a Texas/Bay Area game is not particularly relevant to how those two teams would do against the aforementioned 4 teams. But that's impossible to quantify in a linear system like Power Rankings.

Bottom line, either way, somebody's pissed off :)

And sometimes you just have to throw one out

You can't give equal weight to each and every bout, some bouts you just shrug and ignore. I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often in Derby. Last year the Mariners, one of the worst teams in baseball, shut out the Yankees, one of the best teams in baseball, twice. These weren't close games, 7-0 and 6-0.

Does that mean that after those particular games the Mariners should have been placed above the Yankees on anyone's rankings? Flat Field Stats would have given the Mariners a bump, but any predictive rankings list would have to keep the Yankees on top because of all the other games that each team has played over the season.

Agree with you ... halfway

Sometimes you do have to throw results out. I don't think this one is a good example of that though. If you look at shared opponents in 2010 for Bay Area and Texas, their results have actually been quite similar:

Rocky Mountain: beat Bay by 98, beat Texas by 99
Gotham: beat Bay by 90, beat Texas by 99
Rat City: lost to Bay by 1, beat Texas by 8
Denver: lost to Bay by 4, beat Texas by 18

That's a single jam's worth of point differential in every case. With that backing up Texas' head-to-head win, I think it's tough to argue the Texas result is an outlier.

Re the baseball comparison: baseball teams play at least 162 games a year. Texas and Bay Area played 15 each, with a few of those games being complete mismatches ... so that's a waaaaay smaller data set to extrapolate from.

Was trying to support you Justice

I was trying to keep my entry short and left you with the wrong impression: I agree with your rankings of Bay and Texas. I think you have to consider Bay over Rat an outlier because Rat rested key players in anticipation of the bout against Gotham. Ditto Bay over Rose at the playoffs; Rose was worn out from the previous bout with Oly. Less than five minutes into the Bay/Rose bout those of us in balcony above the Jammer line saw Rose jammers gasping for breath as they lined up.

Bay fans note, I am not saying Bay didn't earn those victories, they are an amazing team. Especially at Westerns, they were damn near unstoppable and earned their trip to the Championships. What I am saying is that if you are trying to predict who would win a hypothetical bout today DNN has to think beyond individual scores.

Regarding the difference in number of games played between Baseball and Derby, that was the point I was (poorly) trying to make. When you only have 10 or 15 bouts in an entire season to look at, determining which ones are the outliers is that much more difficult.

::Ditto Bay over Rose at the

::Ditto Bay over Rose at the playoffs; Rose was worn out from the previous bout with Oly. Less than five minutes into the Bay/Rose bout those of us in balcony above the Jammer line saw Rose jammers gasping for breath as they lined up.::

B.A.D played Rocky Mountain before facing Rose, just as Rose faced Oly. Are you implying that Rocky Mountain is a far easier opponent than Oly? That's no way to talk about the reigning champions.

I don't really give a rat's ass if you think Rose should be ranked above B.A.D. but your "logic" of why B.A.D. beat Rose - that Rose was winded by Oly - doesn't factor in how well B.A.D. played, or how equally difficult of an opponent Rocky Mountain is. Rose came into Westerns prepared for several difficult teams, so did B.A.D., so did Rat, so did Denver. On that date, B.A.D. was the better team than Rose, not because Rose was winded by Oly, or B.A.D. wasn't winded by Rocky, but because B.A.D. played a better game. Hence, B.A.D. earned and deserved their ticket to Champs.

No Logic

Baseball games can be dominated by one player. The Mariners have Felix Hernandez (who threw those shut outs).

B.A.D deserves to be ranked higher. Everyone knows it.


You know alot about baseball, haha. I agree though, just because one team outperforms another doesn't shoot them up the rankings. If Naptown beat number one they wouldn't be number one, that would only improve their ranking.


Increasingly, at the higher levels of play, it appears to be non-linear as different playing styles match up. It's like a game of rock-paper-scissors.

Or like this.

That's what the next version of Power Rankings will look like. Get ready.

Ooooh. That's pretty.

Ooooh. That's pretty.

Wow, that's complex.

Why not just a nice game of rock paper scissors lizard spock?



:D You've been sitting on

:D You've been sitting on that for a month, haven't you Norb? Ha.


DNouncer Duane Cunningham wrote:

:D You've been sitting on that for a month, haven't you Norb? Ha.

Yeah he has.

I've been sitting on "the

I've been sitting on "the time of my life" for 4-5 years now, if you know what I mean! I'll be back in town on Monday. I'm looking forward to seeing the City again. Thank God it's all over!

Gotham's Next Game

I don't know if LADD has sent you their 2011 schedule yet, but one of their season ticket packages states that Gotham will play the L.A. Derby Dolls—on the banked track!—on Feburary 26. (Conveniently, this is the weekend before LADD's March Radness training camp and LA/SD game.) Holy crap, is that going to be awesome. Already got my season ticket to see that one.

We're getting spoiled a bit more here in LA all of a sudden. Gotham and (hopefully) Rocky on the banked track? Team Legit next month, too. Power rankings, here we come!

Derby Dolls

WindyMan wrote:

Power rankings, here we come!

Oh, HELL yes!

Power Rankings?

Banked track versus Flat track. It's that like comparing apples and oranges? Yeah, both are fruit and come from a tree. And Banked versus Flat, both are derby, but really? Wasn't there a couple of games earlier this year when Cincinnati played San Diego on the flat and banked? San Diego won the banked game and Cincinnati won the flat one. What do you gather from those games?

apples and oranges, indeed.

We tackled this topic at the start of the year, when we recapped lessons learned from the 2009 rankings process. We need to update the Power Rankings FAQ, but for now please consider this to be an addendum.

Season Schedule is posted at

Season Schedule is posted at www.derbydolls.com/seasonschedule

Rocky will be in town on there way to play to SDDD, but not for a public bout. We do have Gotham and Rat City on the schedule though. Next year is going to be awesome for us.

But will it be broadcast?

Rat City broadcast at least two bouts that were played in the Rat's Nest this past season, so will this one get shown even though it is a "closed" bout?

Banked needs its own ranking system

With such a small number of interleague games happening in banked, largely because there's just such a small number of banked leagues, it shouldn't be that difficult to rank primary teams and teams that regularly skate banked.

LADD could be Power Ranked, but they have to play serious games on the level playing field.

Level playing field, Haha!

Yes. There could be Armovs' Power Rankings. If that didn't cause a marital explosion that flatten part of LA.

Banked and Flat. Viva Le Difference!

BT does have a ranking...

it's called Battle On The Bank. Pretty much any banked team that's serious is there, and a natural ranking comes from its results, in my opinion.

BT ranking...

Well, it is a great idea but not really needed because of the low amount of BT leagues/teams and the fact the issue gets settled every year quite nicely at BOTB. The teams within the LADD, AZDD, TXRD, etc are just that... teams within a league. Only the traveling/all-star teams can be considered (as there is bleed over between league teams and all-star team rosters). There just isn't enough games played between leagues during the year to call for a ranking system as there isn't much room for ranking changes during the year/season (which I would imagine would be July to June). How many are there now? SDDD, LADD, AZDD, TTRB, OORD, Team Legit and TXRD, right? SSRD, GCRG and OCRG will be ready to go in the near future but not there yet. Am I missing any? That's 7 functioning leagues/teams and the levels of competition vary widely due to the newness and limited experience of many of these teams.

If I may suggest...

1. SDDD (no question, been unbeatable for over two years)
2. TEAM LEGIT (took 2nd at BOTB3 and beat LADD in the semis)
3. LADD (squeaked out a 3rd place finish at BOTB3 over TXRD)
4. TXRD (4th at BOTB3)

The only real potential near-future shake up here might occur if LADD beats Team Legit in January which logistically moves them into the current 2 spot. March Radness has SDDD playing LADD but that will be an exhibition with each team skating several guests, can't really count that (though it will be fun).

Oooo, I like it.

Oooo, I like it. The BareMaximum's Power Rankings. Can't wait for January.

Pretty much. But how do you

Pretty much.

But how do you factor LADD/WCR, LADD/GGRD, SDDD/RMRG? Some of the most competitive games or upsets are going to come from outside the circle.

a valid point, but...

... it makes my point. A ranking system is unneeded as BOTB settles it. The rest is just for fun. Tell ya what, if Windy or Gotham or Rocky get the fever after the BT bouts and wanna play at BOTB in Phoenix next summer I think the organizers at the AZDD would break their backs bending backwards to accommodate them. BT fans would love to see it and WFTDA would cringe but girls just wanna have fun, bring it on. I am curious to see how these teams do against the likes of LADD and SDDD in these upcoming bouts. Curious indeed. Even more curious why Gotham is coming all the way to SoCal to play LADD and doesn't swing by the SDDD (a nationally ranked league) for a Sunday morning closed-house BT bout. I am aware of the thousand factors involved with scheduling bouts, but, c'mon, GGRD/SDDD on the BT is just such an awesome concept. The SDDD girls have so much love for FT and respect for Gotham, I think I can safely say they would be honored to show Gotham some BT San Diego hospitality if they had the opportunity. I'd bring the pizza and beer!!!
Skating on the BT is very different then FT. The rules are different. No FT team or team of FT skaters should beat the LADD or SDDD their first time playing them on the BT. But give them some time and experience (ie: Team Legit)... well, just ask the Ri-ettes about that 3rd place finish last BOTB.
If Gotham or Rocky pulls off a BT win in these upcoming bouts, regardless of how good they are on the FT, I will poop my pants. But I wont be surprised if they gain momentum as the game transpires and clearly start to get the hang of it and make the bouts interesting.
The LADD and SDDD are taking high-profile risks here as are GGRD and RMRG (WCR to a slightly lesser extent though the bout is at home). If either the LADD or SDDD loses to these FT powerhouses, the distinction of the leagues and the BT is tarnished. If GGRD or RMRG lose, regardless of them being BT bouts, it just looks bad as losses occur for them almost never and eyebrows get raised around the derby world.
The next few months are going to be awesome...

You don't.

That is why they are billed as exhibition bouts. The best analogy of this would be MLB teams taking on teams from the Japanese League. Both play baseball but Japan uses a different size ballpark, baseball & strike zone. If the Yankees lost to the Yomiuri Giants would you say the Giants would be a contender in the AL East? Or more likely, that they happen to have a good game and that's all. I love teams going from flat to banked (and banked to flat) as it makes for an exciting bout. But I don't think one or two off bouts should affect things. SDDD played enough bouts on both to show how they would fair in both worlds. However, until another BT league does the same I don't think they should be considered for the DNN Power Rankings.

BotB is not enough


A ranking system is unneeded as BOTB settles it.

Not really. BOTB is, at this time, an invitational tournament. If WCR/GGRD/RMRG don't play in the tournament, the results from those games do have a valid reason to be ranked, Power Rankings style.


That is why they are billed as exhibition bouts.

Not exactly. They are billed as exhibition bouts because to the current banked track leagues, all non-intraleague games are billed as exhibition bouts.

Also, WORD has not come up with a sanctioning system of any sort to change that.


SDDD played enough bouts on both to show how they would fair in both worlds. However, until another BT league does the same I don't think they should be considered for the DNN Power Rankings.

Since you're bringing up SDDD, all of their flat track games are obviously unsanctioned, exhibition bouts. DNN still ranks them.

The LA Derby Dolls and the other leagues who have asked me, have all been given the same message: if you want to appear in the DNN Power Rankings, you have to win flat track games against ranked teams. That's what the system is set up for.

Banked track needs a separate ranking system, whether it's done by DNN, WORD or anyone else. There aren't that many teams, so it shouldn't be as hard. There aren't that many banked track interleague games, so it doesn't have to be done as often. They could use triangulation the same way DNN does.


the BOTB is open invitational, isn't it? What's to stop WCR or GGRD or RMRG from paying their fees and playing? All a rankings system would do is seed the teams that play at BOTB and that shouldn't truly effect the outcome as the best always rises to the occasion. If there was a BT rankings system to be agreed upon, it would have to take many things into consideration. I am all for anything that keeps BT relevant and a topic on the table. I would assume a team would have to play at least one interleague bout against another BT team, asking more is pushing it if you want to try and include teams like GGRD who are only going to venture off the 'level playing field (heh!)' for one a year more than likely.

You know what I am seeing most of all from this thread? It's that even though this is the final rankings for the year the majority of the discussion has been about BT!!! This shows the interest that is out there for it quite clearly. It is just a matter of time until BT is not considered the mixed-race step child of FT. I am enjoying this...

This makes it an official ranking, right?



You made me spit coffee out on to my desk and keyboard, ha! Am I gonna have to go all Justice Feelgood and explain my rankings system??? Gonna stick with this credo... like my pop always said, "Because I said so." That should cover it.

Here's another official 'boo' for the whole BADG thing, btw, DNN done screwed em...


How did DNN "screw" them?

One sports news organization ranks a team differently than you would like. Does that change the quality of the team, or where they end up in a regional tournament? Of course not. DNN has an opinion -- if you disagree with their opinion, the best way to show that is to play better than they think you will.

As Minnesota learned this year, it's fun to make them admit they were wrong.

can't hear the logic...

... through the chorus of "boooooo"s... DNN is the authority as far as most people are concerned, when they get a ranking wrong like they did in the case of BADG it bums a lot of people out. I know it doesn't really matter and that it is just a number but it is apparent that many people feel that they were given a raw deal and these numbers matter a lot to many hard-working folks. Only one team wins the Hydra, these ranking numbers are something for others to hang their helmets on.
I do agree with you that the best way to resolve this is to play even better then expected, in that case, everyone wins.

Opinion over fact

TheBareMaximum wrote:

...DNN is the authority as far as most people are concerned, when they get a ranking wrong like they did in the case of BADG...

That is your opinion. It is not necessarily the opinion of anyone else or the majority.
Please do not state that they got the ranking wrong like it is fact. It is not.

didn't mean to offend...

... I'll be more selective in my word choices in the future in consideration of the one or two derby people reading this that can't figure out the gist of a semantic implication.

Yes Sir.

SWEET!! Special posts just for me!!
Really, I tend to agree with DNN that Bay Area wasn't stable up in those upper ranks. They need to work just a tad bit harder this January through March and solidify what we all know that they are capable of.

"Did we just become best friends?"

Let's stack the twin beds into bunk beds so we have more room for activities! Just don't touch my drum kit or I will attempt to rape you with a bicycle...

But, seriously, they were 5th a month ago and made it to the Uproar, 12th seems like a bit of knee to the groin, 8th maybe? 9th? Even 10th at least keeps them in the Top 10 but dropping them to 12th seems a skoosh harsh. I am not even a BADG supporter (though I like Ho as she is the Asian Beyonce and very funny), I am a supporter of JUSTICE!!!! Or something like that.
I can't believe I have been allowed to comment this much on this thread without getting cut off! God bless America and God bless the DNN!


Raped with a bicycle? Easy. Doesn't even hurt anymore.
I have to shut up now. Sheeza Brickhouse gets really mad when I spend all of my good show content at the DNN Mart.


...love what you guys do on Derby Deeds, you guys are awesome, keep doing what you do, it is appreciated...



What's the point?

Why bother doing a banked track power-ranking for teams that maybe play three interleague bouts a year on a banked track, and all of them on the same weekend?

I'm kinda stunned that LADD and SDDD's travel teams don't bother to drive an hour or two and face off once or twice a year outside of the tournament. Aside from being more interesting than the intraleague stuff, both teams would likely improve as a result.

Whatever you're all teaching the newer banked track leagues, please don't let "interleague is like the sprinkles on the icing on the cake" be part of the lesson plan, hmm? None of my business, but that's not how your version of the sport is going to advance and evolve at any kind of reasonable pace.

Hopefully with OC Rollergirls close by to both of ya'll and AZDD, that could change some.


With veteran BT leagues,the intraleague stuff should take a backseat to interleague. I would rather see the SDDD BT All-Stars (my God, will they please name the team something other than that in the near future...) play AZDD, LADD, Legit, TXRD, etc than see LADD intraleague bouts (though The Swarm is much beloved). Intraleague is where the girls get their chops and I love the contempt bred through familiarity but interleague is a different level. Most BT leagues, once they gain experience, are scheduling more interleague interaction these days and I would imagine as the leagues continue to pop up the expectation of interleague play becomes the norm. I would have to predict at least 10 solid BT leagues in action by 2015 with at least 5 interleague bouts per league per season leading up to BOTB. That sounds about reasonable to me, maybe even a little understated.

Banked Interleague growth

One of the reasons I'm super-stoked about the LADD season is because they're playing more interleague games than they ever have before. In one capacity or another they'll be playing Gotham, Rocky Mountain, Rat City, Team Legit, OCRG, TXRD, AZDD, and TTRB. SDDD too, of course. That's as almost as many interleague games as regular season intraleague games, and if you throw in BotB IV there will actually be more interleague games.

Thing is, since there's still quite a gap between the top banked teams (LADD/SDDD, TXRD) and the newer teams (AZDD, TTRB) it's not going to do either side any good for a blowout. So those guys will be playing some of LA's local teams instead of the full all-star complement. This makes a lot more sense to help the up and comers gain better experience and also makes sure the crowds see their favorite team and/or a more competitive game.

I also feel that in a couple of years there will be more regular banked interleague games with everyone bringing their best teams against each other. In fact, there's a new banked league starting up not too far away here in SoCal in Oxnard, CA, the Sugartown Rollergirls. (My bestest friend just started skating with them this week, in fact.) But in the meantime it's good that LADD is reaching out to more teams (and vice versa, I'm sure) be they flat or banked to see where they match up.

But really, as Team Legit proves, it doesn't matter if a team has much experience on a banked track. Good skaters are good skaters on any surface, and recent history between LADD and Team Legit puts them about on equal footing. I'm pumped to see Gotham and Rocky come to play because I want to see what happens when you put that much teamwork and discipline on the banked track. Seriously, I'm besides myself with anticipation and giddiness about it.

I also just want to see DeRanged skate on the banked track again. Because...DAMN.


oh God, please don't do that, Windy... as a huge SDDD supporter, seeing that "/" between the SDDD and the LADD seriously puts me out of sorts...
GO SDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Force of habit. I make the drive down to SD for pretty much all of SD's banked track games if I can help it and they're all part of the same Derby Dolls family when it's all said and done. Just think of it being a math problem. LADD / SDDD - WFTDA = 42.

fractions are hard.

You coming down for the Sirens/Hard Corps bout? Sirens better watch it, half the Swarm are on the Hard Corps! Should be a good one...
See ya there, hopefully, I'll be the dope with the camouflage cowbell sitting by the jammer line.

Derby Dolls are Derby Dolls

TheBareMaximum wrote:

oh God, please don't do that, Windy... as a huge SDDD supporter, seeing that "/" between the SDDD and the LADD seriously puts me out of sorts...
GO SDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whether it's LA or SD, Derby Dolls are Derby Dolls are Derby Dolls. We'd prefer our fans to support all of us, since we're ALL pretty damn cool.


In the spirit of the holidays...

... I will extend my love of the SDDD to include the LADD... but they have to sit at the small table with the kids and the table has an uneven leg and it will make your glass spill cider all over your mashed potatoes every time someone barely touches the table and the chairs are those hard-ass folding ones that will make their butt's numb as the dog is aggressively sniffing at your nether regions and by the time the food makes it over to the kids table there is only dark meat and skin and that green bean casserole none of the adults touched and don't bother saving room for pie because you didn't finish your dinner and if you kids keep crying I'll give you something to cry about and, dammit, stop feeding the dog and take off that star panty at the table, Stephcon, and, no Krissy, we do not have a healthier option for you to eat and please stop skating laps around the living room and, Tara, stop driving your elbows into everyone, there's plenty of room for all of you and someone please wake up Skatum, she keeps passing out into her food and she smells of spiked egg nog and someone please help Maiven up as it appears she has mysteriously forgotten how to skate again and, oh, forget it!!! This is why I drink!!!!!

Merry Christmas =)

one point about Team Legit

We are never the same roster, so it is not really fair to compare us to a team that practice together.

I like playing banked track, or flat track, I just like to play derby, the rules don't differ that much, if you know the WFTDA rules, you fare quite well on the banked track, even if the whole concept of stopping on the track is not allowed.

And I am looking forward to play LADD again this year, it will be KICKASS!

win or lose on the bt

Bare max wrote. That if a BT team loses 2 a FT power house than BT is is tarnished? The whole point is 2 c amazing talent in a differnt setting. This imaginary war is odd 2 me. 7 of BT and 1 million FT. Really? it is just super exciting 2 c Derangedand other amazing FT talent ripping up the track. No one loses in these bouts evryone learns a lot. And the BT don't tarnish. Love Bitchy Kitten

BT would be tarnished????

No, the elite status of the few teams that have been playing BT for years would be somewhat smooshed, not BT... "See??? I told you a good flat track team could beat those banked track girls..." and so on... does anyone deny this conversation would occur between fans and skaters alike if LADD or SDDD takes a loss to a FT team? It doesn't hurt BT itself if an awesome FT team beats an established BT team, only helps it as it widens fanbase and encourages more leagues to get involved in BT.
I don't think there is a war. I could be wrong. I am just happy to see some of the best that FT has to offer hitting the BT this year. That looks like a peaceful accord to me and has me excited about the future of FT and BT...

The Imaginary War

The Imaginary War between banked and flat track will always exist.

the horror...

I was there... I saw it... the Fall of the Doll Factory... as the Gotham skaters left the scene of their victory with their bounty of Demo-liscious cookies, selected chained and enslaved breeding stock and a huge, mirrored skate, the remaining surviving LADD skaters huddled around the infield, burning pieces of rail and raffle tickets for warmth... the Garage Pizza stand was flipped and looted, empty cans of Tecate and that crazy energy drink that made me stay up for two days scattered everywhere, the Hot Dog on a Stick oddly untouched... the Doll Mall was turned into a half-ass triage to treat the injured, bloody wounds wrapped in unsold Krissy Krash t-shirts... a nude and dirty Bong Jovi ran crying through the wreckage looking for a hug... Blaine Kapatch and Evil E played Russian roulette for a secret stash of Stila make-up and confiscated vuvuzelas... V. Lee skating through the carnage with Skatum on her shoulders repeating, "Who own Filipinotown? Master Blaster..." over and over... this was the first salvo in the War Between the Surfaces... but not the last... far from it...

Read more on this dark time in derby history in my new book, "The War Between the Surfaces... Are You Shittin' Me?" available, I dunno, when I get around to it.

Please no cow bells,

but ship all confiscated vuvuzelas to Bay Area. We love 'em.

Even more horror

TheBareMaximum wrote:

I was there... I saw it... the Fall of the Doll Factory... as the Gotham skaters left the scene of their victory with their bounty of Demo-liscious cookies, selected chained and enslaved breeding stock and a huge, mirrored skate, the remaining surviving LADD skaters huddled around the infield, burning pieces of rail and raffle tickets for warmth... the Garage Pizza stand was flipped and looted, empty cans of Tecate and that crazy energy drink that made me stay up for two days scattered everywhere, the Hot Dog on a Stick oddly untouched...

When/if Gotham wins, they will saddle LADD with the "cream" of their superfan crop. Terms of the surrender are that the two of them get living quarters inside the Doll Factory.

ah, the Historic Filipinotown Accord of 2011...

I remember the meetings well... feigned diplomacy through gritted LADD teeth, tensions high, nerves frayed, Iron Doll boutfits, of course, flawless ... the provisions of living quarters for the top-ranking derbydorks of the GGRD were the least of the humiliating sanctions against the LADD (as these individuals found out to their chagrin, there is no heat or AC at the Doll Factory, the shower facilities consist of a fetid bathroom sink at the AA meeting place a mere 12 steps away from the Doll Factory and likely must be shared with any number of enormous transgender and hostile prostitutes that roam free-range in the immediate area and every morning you awake to actually find your car where you parked it the night before and sans a snoozing crackhead and/or a used prophylactic is a Dear Diary moment)... the LADD were also made to pay reparations to the makers of Skate Court for damages and had to officially adopt the language of the GGRD (a complicated dialect of the English language that transmutes singular words in to guttural compounds that are phrased as questions, such as, "whudamianassholeovahheah?" and "yobuddywhydonchagofuckyuhself?")... in addition, the LADD had to convert over to Gothamism (a complicated religion that promises entrance into flat track roller derby heaven if you bout every Saturday like a good Gothamite, say your WFTDA Appendix B nightly, worship the Gothamism multi-headed deity, Hydra The Recently Elusive and die with a positive differential)... as the talks went on into the night and an undetected gas leak poured into the Doll Factory, the LADD agreed to take responsibility for the 89-90 season of RollerGames, Busta Armov was ordered to dance seductively wearing absolutely nothing but a two-sizes-too-small Tara Armov red t-shirt tied in a Daisy Duke/Dumptruck knot to "Don't Stop Believin'" for the amusement and titillation of the Gotham blockers and the LADD was forced to install a penalty wheel with such punishments as "Makin' Bacon with the Sirens Mascot", "Bitchy Kitty Tongue Bath", "Take Razorslut Home to Meet Your Parents" and "No, Honey... the Other Panty"... this was a dark time for the LADD but it merely served to fuel the fire of these banked track Valkyries and make them stronger as their resentment of the unfair treatment by the GGRD became deep-seated anger and the groundwork for ultimate vengeance began to take shape... to take down this GGRD juggernaut, the LADD was going to have to work from the inside... join us again next time for, "Stockholm Syndrome... the Betrayal of Swede Hurt"...


Dude!? What have you been smokin'?

It must be good.

Whatever it is I want some as it seems to be better than the homegrown here in Florida.

believe it or not...

I am damn near straightedge. My only vices are the occasional quality beer (living in San Diego, the beer capital of the world, has aided and abetted that) and gym/derby/hockey obsession. I couldn't even imagine myself under the influence of a narcotic, I am impossible to be around already! Btw, my ex is from Tampa and she never seemed to have any problem with the homegrown there ever, heh!

maximum laughing

Did u ever see the paintings done in the 90s about and imaginary war between north and south california? Google it. U made me laugh so hard I was spitting up. Thanks 4 that. The war between the surfaces. I love it. Well I know what side I'm on. Www.kittentraxx.com love Bitchy Kitten

That was done by the same

That was done by the same guy, Paul Zaloom, who did Beakman's World, if anyone ever watched that. He also did Dante's Inferno in the same style.

love it!

http://www.insmogandthunder.com/ check it out, peeps, very funny!

I guess the Maximums are on the Mason-Dixon Line, like having a daughter fighting for the BT and a daughter fighting for the FT, love em both, would hate to have to make Sophie's choice! I can see me hiding my star jammer FT daughter in the cellar while the BT blocker troops skate through my living room clumsily as they are not used to the flat surface, trashing the place, shooting promo videos and drinking all my beer and then suddenly, all Anne Frank style, my FT daughter sneezes and the chase is on until she gets away from the pack and calls it but, lo, there are no four whistles in the War of the Surfaces or some silly shit like that, ha! I could seriously do this all day...

I don't know how to play

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Roller Derby in Wales

Wales is hosting their first bout tomorrow. Pretty historic stuff.

Cymru am byth!

Congratulations on your first bout! I'd love to get back to Cardiff someday for a bout (and some Brains, yum).

Skate hard!

London vs Rocky Mountain

London may still be the most unknown quantity on the list, but you should get a chance to see them in serious WFTDA action shortly.

There's an event in London involving "some pretty damn awesome WFTDA teams" on April 9-10, though other details are sparse I'm sure we'll all be enlightened soon enough.

One confirmed bout for London Brawling, however, is a bout in August against Rocky Mountain... so over the course of 2010 things should become very much clearer.

Full details over at their site, here.

Mark your calendar

We're working with London right now to provide live coverage that weekend. They've got a great mix of teams coming in, and we're really looking forward to seeing how they stack up currently! Stay tuned for details.

"It's called blunt... force... trauma."


Ok, the bouting was totally unauthentic and the South Beach treatment to the Doll Factory was sacrilegious, but, heh heh, it was still kinda cool. Seriously, though... I wonder how many people out there think BT derby is really like that (five minute jams, crazy gazebo-looking penalty boxes, teams coming to blows). Did this CSI:Miami episode promote or hurt derby? Hmmmm... Hmmmmm, I say...