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DNN Live Coverage: USARS Nationals 2013


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does anyone know why i can't

does anyone know why i can't see the live feed? what kind of player do I need?

Can't seem to get the live feed

How do I see the live feed for the usars 2013 nationals can't get it to work

Where can we get todays sores

Where can we get todays sores since the feed isnt working?

Scores are on the scores page

Which you can find here.

Is anything expected to be

Is anything expected to be done about the feed problems? I, like many, have no stream regardless of which browser I run. I get 1 commercial and then the picture of the toe of a skate.

Just saw it come up now, but

Just saw it come up now, but stuttery.

We're as in the dark as you are...

...we're just carrying the feed links we've been given.

Sorry to not be of more help.


I had to go to justin.tv and get the app, but the feed keeps dropping out

Feed issues

This feed isn't DNN-produced -- so any questions, concerns, complaints, etc, should be directed to USARS / the producers (Exploding Corpse). We just link to things we are told about, so the only advice anyone from DNN can give you is "try refreshing" and "you need the justin.tv app to access on iDevices" ... but we give you that advice freely and happily!

We'll publish scores on the scores page and at @DNNscores as we get 'em.


Thank you, Beck Wise. I didn't even realize someone had been feeding you scores, so I'm really happy that you're getting them.

chat window help?

it wont let me log into chat.. is it the same username and password as our dnn login?


You'll need to use/make a justin.tv login.

First shutout ever?

More to come?

WFTDA shutout?

I'm not sure if this was a sanctioned game, but on August 25th of this year NW Arkansas beat Roughneck 583-0.

NWA vs Roughneck

It was a sanctioned bout.

Shutout list here


It has 20 shutouts listed but given the fact 12 of them have scores of either 100 to 0 or 200 to 0, I am thinking those are forfeits since WFTDA awards 100 points for a forfeit (and that is what Gotham got vs Dutchland) and the 200 point ones are from Australia. So that leave 8 played bouts with more normal scores for the winner. The earliest one listed by FTS is in Jan 2010 by Green Country with a 77-0 over ICT.

watch on iphone

How do I watch this on my iphone? I have the jtv app but don't know how to get it to stream...

if you can figure it out, tell me

I feel for you. I spent five bucks on the lousy JTV app, too, and 80% of the time I can never find the channel I'm looking for in their lame Search feature. If you can make it work, let us know. Otherwise, I'd recommend just watching on your computer.

the broadcast

Hi everyone. I'm Todd Bradley, the producer of this weekend's USARS 2013 Nationals broadcast, and one of the humans behind Exploding Corpse Productions. First, thank you all for your interest in our broadcast and in the tournament. I've been so busy working 15 hour days to broadcast the tournament that I didn't realize anyone was even posting questions and problems here. Let me try to address some of them:

On Friday we had 2 or 3 glitches where the broadcast dropped. We fixed the cause of those and on Saturday had none. If you tune in during the hours of the tournament and there's no broadcast, it probably means we're on a break between bouts; check in the chatroom to see what's going on.

If your feed starts but then stops, or is stuttering, these are almost certainly problems with your internet connection or your computer. I've been monitoring the broadcast non-stop, using the same feed as everyone is watching and it's been fine. Also, we'd had 100 to 300 people watching the bouts without difficulty. Here's a web page with solutions to common Justin.tv problems: https://help.justin.tv/categories/20098961-Knowledge-Base

Lastly, if none of the suggestions in the knowledge base help, you're welcome to join the chat and ask other users who are enjoying the show. They might have helpful hints.

And if you have any other feedback, come join us in the chatroom. I'm watching it most of the time, and we have a volunteer textcaster there most of the time, too. Speaking of which, thank you to everyone who has given us useful feedback during the broadcast. Our announcers do really appreciate corrections to people's names; they're not all as obvious to pronounce as you might think.

Todd, are you guys doing a

Todd, are you guys doing a dedicated microwave feed, or venue ISP?


The Cox Business Center (the tournament venue) is providing the network. It's an amazingly good quality network feed - the best I've ever worked with for something like this. Whatever else you might say about downtown Tulsa, their convention center has top notch networking.

Men's USARS Championship Game Archive

I highlighted Todd's broadcast archive around the Men's 2013 USARS Championship bout:

I think this should preserve it after the main file is deleted automatically tomorrow by JTV.

Here's hoping, it was an amazing bout!

USARS on YouTube?

Will USARS be posting these bouts on YouTube?