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DNN Live Coverage: WFTDA 2010 Championship Tournament - "Uproar on the Lakeshore"

Live Bout Coverage

Friday Nov 5th

2:00pm CDT Bay Area v Texas
3:45pm CDT Charm City v Minnesota
5:30pm CDT Madison v Philly
7:15pm CDT Nashville v Oly

Saturday Nov 6th

9:30am CDT Texas v Gotham
11:15am CDT Charm City v Rocky Mountain
1:00pm CDT Philly v Kansas City
2:45pm CDT Oly v Windy City
5:30pm CDT Gotham v Rocky Mountain
7:15pm CDT Philly v Oly

Sunday Nov 7th

2:00pm CST Philly v Gotham
4:00pm CST Oly v Rocky Mountain
2010 WFTDA Championship Tournament - Live on DNN November 5-7

The 2010 WFTDA Championship Tournament, "Uproar on the Lakeshore," takes place November 5-7 at Chicago's UIC Pavilion, hosted by the Windy City Rollers. Tickets are on sale now.

Can't be there? You can watch live whistle-to-whistle coverage right here on DNN, presented by Atom Wheels, the official wheel of the WFTDA.

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