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you forgot it?!?

2011 World Cup FINAL - USA vs Canada

Sun Dec 4 2011 - 04:30pm EST

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  • 00 Urrk'n Jerk'n as Booty Blockya
  • 2 Suzy ("Donna Matrix") Kolhberg
  • 3 Atomatrix
  • 21 Psycho Babble
  • 23 Fisti Cuffs
  • 27 DeRanged
  • 29 Sassy
  • 55 Suzy Hotrod
  • 85 Teflon Donna
  • 92 Tannibal Lector
  • 99 Tracy "Disco" Akers
  • 202 Frida Beater
  • 340 Nicole ("Bonnie Thunders") Williams
  • 747 Joy Collision
  • 1/2 Lil Mama
  • 8 Jess Bandit
  • 10 Semi Precious
  • 1111 Bone Machine
  • 1491 Windigo
  • 18 8 Mean Wheeler
  • 218 Brim Stone
  • 3X Smack Daddy
  • 44 Luludemon
  • 45 Beretta Lynch
  • 50 TeeKnee
  • 89 Hell 'on Keller
  • 516 Iron Wench

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Georgia W Tush

Wishing Georgia W Tush healing thoughts! So proud of all the Canadian girls!

iOS stream not working

"not mobile compatible" :(

(this is both on the website and in the livestream app)

Android not working either

I'm getting the not mobile compatible message in both the native browser and Opera. Ack! I have to run a quick errand! :-(

Yeah, I had to go to the

Yeah, I had to go to the website on a desktop. At the livestream.com site, it says that the stream has to be set up to work with mobile. If it's not, you get the error "no mobile compatible stream"

You've got the team rosters switched!

The derbyverse knows which team is which, but for the sake of getting the historical moment right, you might want to fix that. :)

Fixed. Thanks!

Fixed. Thanks!



Ditto on the Rosters

Didn't recognize the other names (sorry) but No Way Brim Stone defected to the US!

World Cup Archive?

What's happening with all the games that were meant to be archived from the world cup, every game I try to view seems to be offline or France vs. Sweden??