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DNN Live Coverage: Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup

Live Bout Coverage

Thursday Dec 1st

5:00pm EST Canada v France
5:30pm EST Germany v Australia
6:15pm EST Argentina v Ireland
6:45pm EST USA v New Zealand
7:45pm EST Brasil v Sweden
8:00pm EST Australia v Finland
9:00pm EST "Stars" v "Stripes"

Friday Dec 2nd

9:30am EST Ireland v England
10:00am EST Scotland v New Zealand
10:45am EST Canada v Sweden
11:15am EST Germany v Finland
12:00pm EST Brasil v France
12:30pm EST USA v Scotland
1:30pm EST Argentina v England
2:00pm EST Sweden v France
2:45pm EST Canada v Brasil
5:30pm EST Australia v Scotland
6:00pm EST Sweden v Argentina
7:30pm EST France v Brasil
8:00pm EST Ireland v Finland

Saturday Dec 3rd

9:30am EST Germany v New Zealand
10:00am EST Scotland v Argentina
11:30am EST Australia v Sweden
11:30am EST Brasil v Ireland
1:00pm EST Germany v Scotland
1:30pm EST USA v New Zealand
2:30pm EST England v France
3:30pm EST Canada v Finland
4:30pm EST Scotland v Brasil
5:30pm EST Germany v Ireland
6:00pm EST Sweden v New Zealand
7:00pm EST Finland v France

Sunday Dec 4th

10:30am EST Canada v England
11:00am EST USA v Australia
12:30pm EST Sweden v Finland
1:00pm EST New Zealand v France
2:30pm EST England v Australia
4:30pm EST USA v Canada


DNN, in conjunction with Hinckley Productions, will provide live video coverage throughout the Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup.