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WFTDA Releases November Rankings – Top 3 stable, big gain for London

  • London celebrates after taking out 3rd place at WFTDA Divisionals in Fort Wayne. Photo: Dave Wood.

UPDATE (11 Dec, 2pm): WFTDA has re-released the rankings after a data entry error saw a game between Gold Coast and Fort Myers recorded as Gold Coast vs Fort Wayne. The Gold Coast game made Fort Myers eligible to be ranked; they debut at 42, just behind Sac City. Gold Coast rises from 54 to 50; all teams under 42 drop at least one place. That means that the previously 100th placed team Assassination City drops out of Division 2 into Division 3.

The Nov. 30 Rankings and the 2014 Divisions were updated Dec. 10. A data entry error for one game was discovered after our normal review period was completed. The error was corrected, and that has caused a slight adjustment in rankings, as well as the Division assignment for two teams.

WFTDA’s November 2013 rankings have been released, and while the top three places are no surprise to anyone, London Rollergirls can rejoice as they claim a spot in the top ten for the first time.

Despite a strong showing in the WFTDA championship final, Texas remains in third place behind Bay Area. WFTDA 2 Bay Area also put up a valiant fight during their championship semi-final, but was unable to defeat the might of Gotham, who once again claim the top of the table.

London, the team that set the murmur mill mumbling for even being invited to compete at Eastern Playoffs in 2011, has risen steadily over the last two years, finally breaking the top ten and taking out the 7 spot.

Three top ten teams climbed one spot. Windy City and Rocky Mountain shift up the table together, climbing to 8 and 9 from 9 and 10 respectively. Meanwhile, Rose City takes out fourth, giving them the dubious honor of being the only top ten team not to make it to championships this year.

Another team from outside North America that will be rejoicing is Victoria, who climb four spots from 25 to 21, just shy of the top 20. Victoria’s buddy league Rat City also climbed, rising five places from 18 to 13.

As for Division 1 teams that took a rankings hit, both Minnesota and Nashville drop six places – Minnesota from 11 to 16 and Nashville from 33 to 39, putting them dangerously close to the Division 1-2 cut off.

Eight teams fell from Division 1 to 2 and eight teams climbed from Division 2 to 1.

Tallahassee Rollergirls, who started out the 2013 season in Division 1, finish at 81--the lowest-placed of 2013/14's Division 1 teams. They are joined in relegation by Carolina (76), Dutchland (72), Arizona (70), Omaha (64), Brewcity (60), DC (55) and The Chicago Outfit (48). No team suffers the ignominy of a slide from Division 1 to Division 3, however.

Both teams that were involved in the one-point Division 2 final nailbiter were ranked in the first division by the time championships came around, and in this round, both Jet City and Santa Cruz climb again; Santa Cruz moves up from 35 to 33, while Jet climbs from 39 to 36.

Division 2 third placed team Blue Ridge is stable at 51, while fourth placed team Sac City climbs from 42 to 41--the 2012/13 division 3 team missed out on being the only team to skip division two entirely.

A total of 11 teams climbed from Division 3 to Division 2; Brandywine Roller Girls debut in the second division at 50. Gainesville, Rideau Valley, St Chux, Hammer City, Lowcountry HighRollers, Garden State, Oklahoma City, Charlotte, Glasgow and Auld Reekie make the jump up to join them.

These rankings set division placements for 2014 – each team’s current ranking determines their game play requirements that they need to meet in order to be able to play in one of WFTDA’s 2014 tournaments.

See the full rankings list on the WFTDA website.


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Jumping over Division 2 entirely.

I believe that New Hampshire Roller Derby started the season in Division 3 and climbed into Division 1, moving up 47 spots over the course of a calendar year (July 2012 to July 2013). I'm sure the gurus at DNN can find the actual numbers, but I think it was a jump from #84 to #37, moving up another two spots with the release of the post-playoffs numbers.

Huge congratulations to all the other teams that managed to climb into the top 40. I'm glad to see one of my personal favorites London is now playing in the deep end. Looking forward to 2014 already!

New Hampshire

It's pretty easy to find out. Goto WFTDA's Ranking page and find WFTDA's first ranking, February 28th. New Hampshire is 69th.

Or goto WFTDA's Competitive Divisions Whitepaper; New Hampshire is 15th in the old East region. And that puts them fairly close to Division 1.

Not exactly...

Johnny Cash Machine wrote:

I believe that New Hampshire Roller Derby started the season in Division 3 and climbed into Division 1, moving up 47 spots over the course of a calendar year (July 2012 to July 2013). I'm sure the gurus at DNN can find the actual numbers, but I think it was a jump from #84 to #37, moving up another two spots with the release of the post-playoffs numbers.

84th IS Div 2, Div 3 is 101+. 69th, where they were back in February, is also Div 2. Moving from there to 37th is no mean feat of course. They've done very well.

Here's the thing though, 12th East didn't necessarily mean 84th in WFTDA overall. There was a fair bit of variance in how competitive the four regions were, and WHERE they were "thickest." North Central was VERY thick around the middle. All this stuff was a big part of why the regions were done away with, right?

Reading the fine print now.

Fair enough. :)

Fort Myers

WFTDA appears to have updated their November rankings already. Fort Myers debuts at 42.

Great job.

These girls worked very hard for me for the past 5 years. Over the past two years a lot has happened.WFTDA and now #42 out of the gate. So proud of all you.

Gains and Losses

When comparing February 28th ranking to the newly released November 30th ranking, we can note the changes that happened this year.

The biggest gainers
43 Treasure Valley +49
84 Hammer City +49
63 Green Mountain +47

We've all seen Treasure Valley's impressive performance at D2 playoffs, but Hammer City's rise is equally impressive. Hammer City seems to have put it together this year, and is closely followed by Green Mountain. But when thinking about the biggest gainers one, at least this one, wonders about the other end of the scale.

The unfortunates
132 Bear City (Berlin) -49
141 Cape Fear -57
152 Black-n-Bluegrass -65

Also notable are the number of teams that have added themselves to the ranking this year; twenty-nine new teams. By any measure that I'm familiar with that's massive growth. One wonders when this growth will plateau, the world is finite.

Congratulations GSR!

Congratulations to the Garden State Rollergirls' Ironbound Maidens for making the jump from Division 3 to Division 2!