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RollerCon Junior Scheduled for 2014

RollerCon is expanding its franchise in 2014 to include the ever-growing junior market, and from May 30-June 1 2014, RollerCon Junior will take over the Riviera Royale Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.

RollerCon Junior will have many of the same features as its adult counterpart – all-day training, bouts challenges and open scrimmages, social skates, a prom and a whole lot more. Seminars will be held for both juniors and the adults who help advance the sport.

Organizers are working hard to ensure the event is both fun and safe – the convention will be held at the east end of the Riviera complex, away from the casino, bars and nightlife. RollerCon Junior’s organizers say that many junior sports have convened at the Riv before (dance, basketball, volleyball and karate to name a few).

For more information on RollerCon Junior, visit the new website here.

2014 WFTDA Insurance for Juniors Available

In other news that will be pleasing to juniors, the WFTDA Insurance program was expanded this year and began accepting junior roller derby leagues. Now, the program is accepting renewals and new enrollees for 2014. Coverage options include liability insurance for leagues as well as personal accident coverage for skaters.

WFTDA has worked with its insurance partner to adjust age bracket restrictions for junior leagues – now, skaters ages 6 to 11 may compete together and those ages 12 to 17 may compete together.

The cost of general liability coverage is $250 per junior league and the per-skater cost for the personal accident insurance is $40; there are no other insurance fees.

For more details on WFTDA Insurance for junior roller derby leagues and enrollment information, see WFTDA's website or you can email WFTDA directly.



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Great idea but...

While I think this is an idea whose time has come there already is a younger skater's version of RollerCon. It's called JuniorCon. Not only does it have a great list of coaches but it is also hosting the JRDA Championships this year. Obviously there is room for both events. For juniors that can't make the trip to Florida from the west coast this is a great thing. But for parents and teams who might be qualifiying to play in the JDRA Champs making two events like this could be a bit of a strain. Perhaps in the future both RollerCon & JuniorCon could work together to have one big event for our under-18 skaters (and get the Riv to allow boutcasting of the event without charging extra to do so. Darn you Vegas unions & other silly reasons!)

So you're saying...

That just because one version of something already exists, we shouldn't have another?

Juniors aren't all JRDA members

We have several great skaters in our junior league, but we aren't affiliated with JRDA and, as far as I know, we won't be. There's no need for Juniors to feel like they need to attend every event created for Junior skaters. If what you are saying that this may pull attendance from your existing tournament, that's what you need to say, rather than speak under the guise that somehow this is doing a disservice to junior skaters. For those of us not involved with JRDA, I have to say it's nice to see a viable, non-JRDA option (nothing against the organization, it's just not one with which we are affiliated).


SPAM a rollercon thread on DNN??


Dealt with

Y. I. Otter wrote:

SPAM a rollercon thread on DNN??


Account blocked, all comments removed.

More spammers

Allow me to recommend to your attention:



The ones that remained unblocked and were searchable, I've blocked them and deleted their posts. The others seem to have been gotten already by other admins?

Fossil traces

I'm still seeing a lot of the offending posts on the "most recent comments" page, for what it's worth. And, ironically, I seem to be unable to find a way to phrase this reply that doesn't trigger the filter itself.