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WFTDA Brackets 2013 Playoffs

WFTDA today announced the sixty teams that will be competing at playoffs in 2013. Those sixty are actually from WFTDA's top 65 ranked teams: Oly, Mid Iowa and Gainesville did not meet eligibility requirements, while Tucson and Silicon Valley declined invitations to division two playoffs.

WFTDA Rankings (July 1)
  1. Gotham
  2. Denver
  3. Oly
  4. Bay Area
  5. Angel City
  6. Texas
  7. Atlanta
  8. Montreal
  9. Rocky Mountain
  10. Windy City
  11. Arch Rival
  12. Rat City
  13. Naptown
  14. Philly
  15. Detroit
  16. London
  17. Minnesota
  18. Steel City
  19. Rose City
  20. Charm City
  21. Kansas City
  22. No Coast
  23. Boston
  24. Ohio
  25. Madison
  26. Houston
  27. Wasatch
  28. Sacred City
  29. Tampa Bay
  30. Jacksonville
  31. Victorian
  32. Cincinnati
  33. Nashville
  34. Oklahoma Victory Dolls
  35. Bleeding Heartland
  36. Chicago Outfit
  37. New Hampshire
  38. Terminal City
  39. Toronto
  40. Grand Raggidy
  41. Columbia
  42. Santa Cruz
  43. Sin City
  44. Brew City
  45. Sac City
  46. Killamazoo
  47. Mid Iowa
  48. Blue Ridge
  49. DC
  50. Carolina
  51. NEO
  52. Jet City
  53. Duke City
  54. Queen City
  55. Paper Valley
  56. Silicon Valley
  57. Omaha
  58. Tallahassee
  59. Gainesville
  60. Tri-City
  61. Burning River
  62. Dallas
  63. Tucson
  64. Treasure Valley
  65. Suburbia

† Teams not participating in 2013 WFTDA Playoffs.

Division One Playoffs

The first playoff to be contested will be in Fort Wayne, IN, hosted by the Fort Wayne Derby Girls on September 6, 7 and 8. The top three seeds here will be Denver, Montreal, and Arch Rival. London, Rose City and Ohio round out the top six, while the bottom seeds are Wasatch, Cincinnati, Bleeding Heartland and Grand Raggidy.

This means the new non-regional structure hasn't quite put paid to regional playoff rivalries. London and Montreal have played each other at the final two Eastern regional tournaments (and picked up DNN's Bout of the Year award for their trouble in 2011). Rose City and Denver might also rejoin battle in Fort Wayne--but the draw ensures that they won't meet until the semifinal stage, if they meet at all. For Rose to meet Denver there, though, they need to beat London in the opening round and despite the Portland team beating London by 49 in June, that result that would be a Power Ranking, WFTDA Ranking and Flat Track Stats ranking upset. While Montreal, Arch Rival and Ohio are the highest seeds in the bottom half of the draw, Wasatch could well make trouble.

The second set of Championship contenders will be decided in Richmond, VA, on September 13, 14 and 15, in the tournament hosted by River City Rollergirls. The top seeds are Angel City, Texas and Naptown. Philly, Kansas City and No Coast round off the top six, with Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, New Hampshire and Terminal City completing the set.

Angel City is the highest-ranked team looking to make its first appearance at Championships; the top seeds in this pool also include perennial contenders Texas and Naptown, who only secured qualification after a last-minute dash across state lines to play a midweek game against Ohio just before the deadline.

More old regional rivalries crop up in Asheville, NC, during week three. That tournament, hosted by Blue Ridge Rollergirls, will happen September 20, 21 and 22, with top seeds Gotham, Rocky Mountain and Windy City. Minnesota, Steel City and Madison makes up the rest of the top six, while Houston, Nashville, Oklahoma and Columbia face the play-in round.

If results follow seedings, the third place game will be the traditional North Central region championship game: Windy City taking on Minnesota ... only this time, only one of those teams would get to go to championships. Windy could avoid that headache with a semifinal upset of Rocky Mountain; if Minnesota want to stay out of the third-place game, they'll need to upset Gotham.

The final playoff is hosted in Salem, OR, by the Cherry City Derby Girls, on September 27, 28 and 29. Bay Area, Atlanta and Rat City occupy the top three spots; Detroit, Charm City and Boston the next three. The final four are Sacred City, Victoria, Chicago Outfit and Toronto.

Bay Area and Rat City could contest the final there, but that would require at least one upset of Atlanta, who are the tournament's second seed. Charm City's opener against Detroit looks like one of the spicier first-round encounters of the playoff cycle. Australia's Victorian Roller Derby League and Canada's Toronto will make their playoff debuts in Salem as well, but as eighth and tenth seeds respectively, they'll find progress hard.


Asheville Fort Wayne Salem Richmond
1 Gotham Girls Denver Roller Dolls Bay Area Angel City
2 Rocky Mountain Montreal Atlanta Texas
3 Windy City Arch Rival Rat City Naptown
4 Minnesota London Detroit Philly
5 Steel City Rose City Charm City Kansas City
6 Mad Rollin' Dolls Ohio Boston No Coast
7 Houston Wasatch Sacred City Tampa Bay
8 Nashville Cincinnati Victorian Jacksonville
9 Oklahoma Bleeding Heartland Chicago Outfit New Hampshire
10 Columbia Grand Raggidy Toronto Terminal City


Asheville September 20-22   Fort Wayne September 6-8
Nashville     Cincinnati  
Oklahoma     Bleeding Heartland  
  Gotham Girls     Denver Roller Dolls
  Minnesota     London
  Steel City     Rose City
  Windy City     Arch Rival
  Mad Rollin' Dolls     Ohio
  Rocky Mountain     Montreal
Houston     Wasatch  
Columbia     Grand Raggidy  
Salem September 27-29   Richmond September 13-15
Victorian     Jacksonville  
Chicago Outfit     New Hampshire  
  Bay Area     Angel City
  Detroit     Philly
  Charm City     Kansas City
  Rat City     Naptown
  Boston     No Coast
  Atlanta     Texas
Sacred City     Tampa Bay  
Toronto     Terminal City

WFTDA Brackets (PDF Links): Fort Wayne | Richmond | Asheville | Salem

Division Two Playoffs

Details of the teams qualifying for Division Two tournaments were also released today. A host of teams make playoff tournament debuts, including tournament hosts Kalamazoo; they'll be joined by teams with plenty of tournament experience such as Duke City, Carolina, DC, Jet City.

The first tournament is being held on August 16, 17 and 18 in Des Moines, IA, and is to be hosted by the Des Moines Derby Dames. The second is being held in Kalamazoo, MI on August 23, 24 and 25, hosted by the Killamazoo Derby Darlins.


Kalamazoo Des Moines
1 Santa Cruz Sin City
2 Sac City Brewcity
3 Killamazoo Blue Ridge
4 Carolina DC
5 NEO Jet City
6 Queen City Duke City
7 Paper Valley Omaha
8 Tri-City Tallahassee
9 Burning River Dallas
10 Suburbia Treasure Valley


Kalamazoo Aug. 23-25   Des Moines Aug. 16-18
Tri-City     Tallahassee  
Burning River     Dallas  
  Santa Cruz     Sin City
  Carolina     DC
  NEO     Jet City
  Killamazoo     Blue Ridge
  Queen City     Duke City
  Sac City     Brewcity
Paper Valley     Omaha  
Suburbia     Treasure Valley

WFTDA Brackets (PDF Links): Des Moines | Kalamazoo

For full details and up to date information on all the tournaments, see the the tournaments page on the WFTDA website.

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Texas vs Kansas City in the

Texas vs Kansas City in the playoffs... the tradition continues!

EDIT: Oh wait, just saw the bracket... if so, the only way would be in the final game. Well, maybe.

That's going to be an amazing tournament no matter what. Philly+Naptown+TXRG+KC+ a No Coast who has really been giving themselves a workout with big opponents this year. And Tampa, who looked fantastic last year. It's gonna be a hot time in Richmond.

No opinions?

Why aren't there more comments on here? No outrage? No cheers or jeers? Derbyverse you disappoint me!


Maybe they are too busy making their travel plans and can't properly express joy or outrage?


Or perhaps too busy getting ready for this weekend's games (as in my case). Can someone explain to me what requirements Gainesville, a division 3 team, failed to meet as I'm too busy to look this up myself?

I don' think it is a matter of...

them not having enough games in as they seem to have done that. It might just be that they plain couldn't afford to go. I haven't talked to anyone down there but it is possible. Going to these events is very expensive especially for a small league. Even for bigger ones I am sure are going to have bake sales, car washes, bar crawls, GoFundMe's, etc to pay help defray the cost of going to the playoffs this year.

They are a Class C league

Gainesville were specified as not being eligible, rather than having declined an invitation.

As a new member, they're a class C league; only class A & B leagues are eligible for playoff participation.

There are procedural things you need to do as part of WFTDA to get upgraded, as everyone graduates into class C. It seems that Gainesville did not do these things in time, as they only became full members in December 2012.

It's crazy town, and I love

It's crazy town, and I love it.

I can probably only make one playoff, maybe two, and now I have an idea which ones it'll be. It's going to be fun filling out the brackets this year.

I concur

We will see many more upsets this year, certainly.

Going to do a little number-crunching this weekend...

Don't sleep on Victorian!

VRDL is the one team I was hoping we would avoid having to play. Ever time I see them they just get stronger and stronger. Heck, they get stronger as each bout goes on. How about them being down to Wasatch by 70 at one point at the Big O & coming back to win? That's pretty amazing. So is the fact they only lost to Rose & Rat during their trip to the States earlier this year. 8 bouts in either 9 or 10 days? Insane!!!!

Now I don't think anyone expects them to upset Bay Area, but that might just be a closer bout than people think. I could really see them coming out with a 5th place finish when it is all over. Hey, we have had a #7 beat a #2 before so why not secretly pull for a #8 to beat a #1?

VRDL are definitely on our radar too

I'd be inclined to agree with you. Bay Area look likely to be too much for them, but I certainly wouldn't bet against them taking fifth.

VRDL. My loves.

They've become INSANE competitors recently. Rat City is my hometown, but the bout against them was closed to the public. Before VRDL played the All Stars, they went up against the B-team just a few days earlier. Now, the Rat City travel teams are very, very close together in skill. The teams actually intermingle most skaters and they only have about 30 total that are shared between the A and B-teams. Though VRDL did lose to the All-Stars, they wrangled the B-team pretty damn good.
I think it took everyone a bit by surprise that they put up such a great fight against both of these teams. The bout against Rose City was amazing also.

No international play for Asheville

I'm kind of sad that the other three D1 tourneys have at least one team outside of the United States participating, but Asheville does not.

Minnesota is practically Canada, right?

You'll just have to get MNRG to wear a little more denim than normal, and it'll be fine.

We've got a ringer.

L'exi-cuter is a Canadian citizen. POUTINE POWER!

Windy City also has a ringer.

KonichiWow is also a Canadian citizen. And, Sargentina played for Team Argentina in the last World Cup. We're international and bi-continental.

The tournaments should be played here!

Watch this video, then try to tell me that this wouldn't be the awesome-est roller derby venue in the history of awesome.


Paris in 2014!!!

2013 venues?

On that note, anyone from any of the hosting leagues' areas want to share pictures of the hosting venues? I would love to get a little preview of what's to come!

Spring Roll

If you look at pictures from Spring Rolls past, you'll get a view inside Fort Wayne's venue in tournament mode.

EDIT: Like these!

Not sure about the others...


N8, info is on the WFTDA site: http://wftda.com/tournaments/2013

under each tournament and then venue info

Queens of the Stone Age

Hmmm, according to the link there, Queens of the Stone Age will be performing during Day 1 of the Asheville tournament: http://www.uscellularcenterasheville.com/

That's quite a big deal for a half time show ;)


Half time indeed...or After Party.


...they are due to start at the same time as Gotham vs (Nashville | Oklahoma Victory Dolls).

Wonder if anyone will slip off for the gig in place of that bout...

I look forward to seeing PRG's bid...

...for something in 2014 tournament season.

PRG = Philly Roller Girls

...and I had no idea we were bidding! =)

That it does

We need another register, for league acronyms. Let PRG lay claim to PRG, ARRG to ARG, NRG to NRG, etc.

These things need to be settled!

(and my comment would have made much more sense as a reply to the comment about Paris. Oh well.)


Lex Talionis wrote:

We need another register, for league acronyms. Let PRG lay claim to PRG, ARRG to ARG, NRG to NRG, etc.

No, we need to chuck them out the window entirely. League acronyms started to break down in usefulness around 2007, 2008 at the latest. Once there's more than 50 noteworthy leagues in a place, they get horribly confusing.

Folks in the UK and Australia keep on using the damned things when even a derby savant like myself can't keep them straight. Plop a three or four letter acronym atop a name that only barely suggests (to locals) where the team hails from. I swear they are TRYING to make derby harder for casual fans to follow. If you're advertising to your members rather than your fans, you're doing it wrong. Tell them who the teams are, and where they are from. SCRD is even worse than Sausage City, both are worse than something that actually informs fans.

In terms of marketing derby to the masses, like Pogo said back in the 70s, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

Total combinations

Poobah wrote:

Plop a three or four letter acronym

It's not even a full three or four letters. The last one or two are almost always R, RG, RD, DD, or DG. We're looking at a maximum of 702 unique combinations of the first letters (3510 combinations with different endings) and there aren't a whole lot of QX__ leagues out there. That means the useable space is a lot smaller.

Concentration: the Derby Flashcard Game

I like it. If I can look at the combination of letters and correctly guess the team those letters represent I feel like I'm 5 and winning at concentration https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concentration_(game) again. If I don't guess correctly this time there's no chance I'll improve my odds of guessing correctly next time :)

Love to see this two team in

Love to see this two team in the final. That would be an exciting game. - Dave Contarino