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ECDX 2013: Philly Traps Windy, 190-189

FEASTERVILLE, PA--Philly were still reeling from a ruthless demolition by the Texecutioners when they took to the track against a Windy City team that had warmed up with a comfortable win over Tampa.

In what was the most fiercely contested and closely fought bout of the year to date, Philly took the win 190-189. For the second time in three games between the teams, it was Teflon Donna who put the winning point on the board--this time, in the final second of an overtime jam.

The opening jam made it look like Philly might be heading to a defeat as demoralising as the previous day when Devoida Mercy struggled with Yvette Yourmaker as Ginger Vitis and Tarantula headed to the box in the opening seconds. KonichiWOW then repeatedly recycled Mercy as Ying O'Fire took Windy into an early 19-0 lead.

A 3-0 for Sites followed as Windy filled their half of the box before Ginger Vitis cleared the way for Antidote to make it 19-7. Clam Jammer exploited Windy's continuing penalty issues, despite the attentions of Sargentina, and got another three. Mercy continued Philly's revival with their first multiple scoring pass jam of the bout as she tied it up with five minutes gone.

Sites gave Philly the lead as Varla Vendetta was boxed on a cut and Windy's blockers continued to enjoy the company of the penalty box officials--but a backblock call on Varla meant she couldn't erase that lead. Sites outmuscled the light Windy packs, showing some of the form that seemed to have evaded her against the Texecutioners, and made it 39-19.

Antidote picked up a back block on her first scoring pass just as Varla returned, letting her end Windy's five jam scoreless run. She managed 19 across the jam to Antidote's six, and saw her pack swell just as Philly's dwindled.

Sites took advantage of strong defence by Teflon Donna to make it 50-38--but she went down holding her jaw after a blow to the face from Sargentina. That hit was ruled to be a reckless high elbow by the officials and saw Sargentina ejected, though Sites skated back to her bench under her own power.

Thievin' Tyler pushed Windy back into the lead next time out though after Mercy backblocked her way to the box. Sharp hitting from Shenita Stretcher at the death denied Tyler a pass worth of points and forced the call with Mercy standing.

Jam 12 saw Clam Jammer boxed--but Tef and Heavy Flo dominated Killa Nois to almost entirely kill the penalty, which left Windy with a 75-58 lead and 12 minutes left in the half. But Sites returned and quickly saw Varla boxed on a cut.

The Windy pack was down to two with Yvette Yourmaker sitting in the box after Sargentina had to be removed from the crowd after returning trackside to join the Windy City cheering section.

Sites cut into the Windy lead but couldn't quite effect a lead change. Philly stayed within a pass until Bork Bork Bork forced a cut on Clam Jammer with some hard hitting to the inside before turn one. That let Nois make it 104-80.

Philly got the better of the final few jams of the period to go into halftime trailing 109-100 despite winning the first-half powerjam battle 5-3.

When play resumed, Sites busted through another light Windy pack for lead and a quick four in the first 20 seconds of the second period. Emma Knockuout recycling Thievin' Tyler let Mercy give Philly a four-point lead with a 9-0 next time out.

Sites extended that lead as Windy were held scoreless for the opening five minutes of the period despite finally restoring penalty discipline and starting to keep serious numbers of blockers on the track. But K-Wow and Ruthenasia teamed up to hold Antidote long enough for Tyler to restore the Windy lead, 119-117.

The game was tied up at 122 apiece after the teams traded points and box trips. Windy then led for three jams before Antidote put up the sixth lead change of the bout--but couldn't push Philly more than a pass in front. They held the narrowest of leads until a 5-0 for Ying O'Fire made it 139-135 in Windy's favour with 13 minutes to go.

Shenita then let Mercy tie it up with some masterful one-one-one work against Killa. A chaotic jam left Windy with a 154-139 lead with 8:48 left--and an official time out saw Sites returned to the box as jammer for a low block call that was not reported during the chaos of the previous jam.

That let Windy bring out powerjam specialist Athena DaCrime--and she made their lead 25 before Sites returned. The lead had been cut to 18 before a forearm major on Sites let Ying in to make it 174-146 before she got called off for blocking with the head after attacking the Philly wall. 10 Sites points made the deficit 18 at the two-minute warning. Tef cut that to 13 with a quickfire 5-0 jam with seconds out.

Windy looked to have the bout won when Ying got lead as the period clock expired--but when Tyler was boxed on her scoring pass for a backblock that let Sites in to seemingly take the win, 176-174.

Philly's celebrations were cut short when two points went up for Windy after the period clock expired to leave the scoreboard reading 176-176 to force an overtime jam to deafening roars inside the arena.

Ying O'Fire and Teflon Donna lined up with Philly holding a 3-2 pack advantage. Ying put ip 9 before Tef finally fought her way out of the pack--but Tef tied it up with 30 seconds left. It looked to be heading for double overtime before Tef raced the final pass to just get her hips in front of one Windy skater as the clock hit zero, and Philly took the bout 190-189.

Bout stats via Rinxter.


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Jackie Daniels

... was not rostered for this bout. Not sure what you're trying to say in paragraph 5.

To be fair....

...Jackie and her furious hop should have made an appearance in this recap.

*that* was dedication to the cause of the type one rarely sees and deserves to be applauded.

Ying O' Fire

Ying was called for blocking with the head (not Thievin').

And when Ying got lead (in the 3rd to last 'graph), Ying was boxed (not Thievin')


Those were both transcription from note errors that had been corrected but not updated. My bad!

Angry Wobble

My league called it the "angry wobble" when I was in a cast. Center track is pretty far when you only have 30 seconds!

*edit: this was supposed to be in response to Lex above.:(*

Last point

Maybe I am confused because the cheering at the Sports Plex was deafening in that overtime jam, but didn't Tef get the last point by passing Ying, the jammer, not a blocker.

Yup, has to be the jammer

If it was a blocker pass, there would be (2?) additional NOTT points. What video is available seems to clearly show there was no blocker pass at the end of the jam, but there was a JLP just before the final 1/2 lap of the jam, which was a new (4th) scoring pass. What I can't figure out is where that JLP came from on her second scoring pass.

Archived video is now up


I recommend people make sure they know the full scoring rules before making any judgements. I predict a lot of wrong comments in the future ;)

A few questions . . .

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a Windy City fan. Nevertheless, after having had a chance to watch the archived bout (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bqPIX4dqdps; also at http://wftda.tv/archives/ecdx-2013/philly-vs-windy-city/) -- sometimes rewinding certain plays over and over -- I have some questions regarding calls/non-calls that hopefully someone can explain.

Sarge – Sites hit

It appears from Rinxter that Sarge was given a high-block penalty and then ejected for gross misconduct for a hit on Sites in the 8th jam. The entire hit appears to take place at 14:13 of the archived bout footage. Admittedly the angle is not the greatest and the hit happens quickly, but it seems clear that Sarge’s right hand stays at her side throughout the hit and that Sites’ ducks her head just prior to contact. It also seems clear that if any contact was made with Sites’ head by Sarge, it would have to be with Sarge’s shoulder (as opposed to her elbow, which is what the ref (Singer) appears to be indicating at 16:12 – 16:13). It would be great to see a still photo from a different angle to clarify whether (and, if so, with what part of her body), Sarge hit Sites in the head.

Assuming that Sarge did make contact with Sites’ head, the question arises what about the foul was expulsion worthy. Under the rules, with respect to high blocking, expulsions will be issued for the following: “Intentional, negligent, or reckless contact above the shoulders.” (6.2.4). What is it about this play that makes it either intentional, negligent, or reckless? From my (admittedly biased) viewpoint, it appears that any contact with Sites’ head is incidental to an attempt to block Sites’ in a legal blocking zone, i.e., her chest (5.3, figure 2).

Last jam

At 1:27:12, Sites is forced out by Bork and K-Wow, who run back. Sites can clearly be seen straddling the line, with her left foot in and her right foot out. At 1:27:13, Sites picks up her right skate, thus returning her to inbounds status -- and a cutting penalty -- under Just a blown call, or am I missing something else?

Overtime jam

Philly won the game, in the overtime jam, by one point. Under the rules, a jammer lap point is awarded “[i]f one Jammer completely laps the opposing Jammer, the Jammer will score one point each time the Jammer fully laps the opposing Jammer.” (8.5.7). Perhaps significantly, the rules do not define “lapping.”
The overtime jam starts at 1:30:55. At 1:31:13, Ying completes her first pass of all Philly skaters. According to Rinxter, she was given 4 points for this pass. If Rinxter is accurate, is this error? Should Ying have received a point for Teflon Donna on this pass? – I could not see any ref indicate a no pass, no penalty; and, unfortunately, the jam ref’s points signal is out of the frame.

At 1:31:30, Ying completes her second scoring pass with Teflon Donna still yet to pass the foremost WCR blocker (Rinxter has this scored as 5 points for WCR). At 1:31:43, Teflon Donna gets out of the pack while Ying is approaching the pack for a third scoring pass. At 1:32:00, Teflon Donna completes a scoring pass, which includes passing Ying (which, Rinxter scored as 5 points for Philly).

I have a question at this point: why was Teflon Donna awarded a lap point for passing Ying on this pass? By my reckoning, this is the first time that Teflon Donna passed Ying. Under the jammer lap point rule (8.5.7), a jammer will score a jammer lap point each time the jammer fully laps the opposing jammer. If this is the first time Teflon Donna passed Ying, she could not have lapped Ying and thus should not have been awarded a jammer lap point. Is it the case that the overtime rule (“Jammers will begin accruing points on their initial pass.” (2.5.1).) somehow modifies the jammer lap point rule? If so, why isn’t there any cross-reference between the two rules? Also, if the overtime rule modifies the jammer lap point rule, how does it affect the initial pass with respect to a jammer stuck in the pack?

Anyways, back to the jam. At 1:32:13, Teflon Donna appears to complete a second pass of all WCR skaters, including Ying (Rinxter scores this as 4 points for Philly, presumably because Ying was out of bounds, and thus out of play). Somewhere around 1:32:36, Ying completes a pass of the foremost Philly blocker (out of frame) as Teflon Donna again approaches the pack (Rinxter scores this as 4 points for WCR). Both Ying and Teflon Donna then head around for what I think is both of their fourth approaches to the pack. At 1:32:49, Teflon Donna passes Ying and is presumably awarded a jammer lap point. At 1:32:53, the jam clock hits 0:00, which occurs prior to either Ying or Teflon Donna hitting the pack.

Fundamentally, I just don’t fully understand what happened in the overtime jam. Help?

The first point...

I'm not going to get into the scoring issues, as that requires more detail than I have.

One thing I can confirm -- it was confirmed by the officials to us and others that Sarge's ejection was specifically for a a "reckless high elbow". Should have put that in quotes in the recap, really.