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Dallas to Host 2014 Roller Derby World Cup

During four days in December of 2011, thirteen countries competed for the first ever Roller Derby World Cup trophy, co-hosted by Blood & Thunder magazine and Toronto Roller Derby. The sold-out Toronto tournament raised interest in the fastest growing sport on earth to a new global high.

Blood and Thunder Magazine is now proud to announce the second Roller Derby World Cup Tournament, scheduled for December 4 through December 7 of 2014, to be showcased in Dallas, Texas. In an attempt to meet fan demand, the tournament will be played at the 6,000+ seat Coliseum, on Dallas' famous State Fair of Texas grounds.

All of the 2011 participating countries are expected to return, and more countries are expected to join the competition for the title of Roller Derby Champions of The World.

Tickets will go on sale by July 1, 2013 at the Official Roller Derby World Cup website and on Derby News Network for $127.50, which will include four days of admission to all bouts, plus all service fees. The tournament will also be live streamed right here on DNN.

To keep up on the latest information then bookmark rollerderbyworldcup.com, bloodandthundermag.com, and keep your eyes on DNN.

General enquires should be directed at info@rollerderbyworldcup.com, sponsorship queries should go to sponsorship@rollerderbyworldcup.com, and media questions should go to press@rollerderbyworldcup.com.


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Awesome! And the men?

Glad to hear that it's being streamed, that the location and dates are set, everything. I assume that DNN will be covering the Men's Roller Derby World Cup as well?

still sorting that out

We've only just learned about the Men's World Cup, and we're waiting for more information to develop on participation, etc. As far as live broadcast, because it's taking place in the UK it's really a natural for the RDUK folks to tackle, so I hope they'll be in touch.

We've embraced the Women's World Cup as early and full-throatedly as we have because it's a known quantity, so we're very confident that we want to throw everything we've got at it. World Cup 2011 was an unparalleled experience, and we can't wait for the next installment!


Yeah, I remember, it was really well done! Where should the Men's World Cup people submit their information so that y'all can get it as soon as it's available?

Volunteers & Ticket Sales

Tickets go on sale three weeks after the event date(s) and location are announced, but what about the officials and announcers, and what about the players?

It's pleasing to see that a good-sized venue has been chosen to host the event, meaning that tickets should not run dry - unless the event can attract KeyArena-sized audiences - but shouldn't ticket sales come after confirmation of available players/teams, sufficient (qualified) officials, and the necessary bout production staff we all expect from such a marquee event?

A lot can happen in eighteen months, and I would hate to see people who put their blood, sweat, and tears into this sport come up on the short end of a deal simply because they weren't chosen to be a part of this event.

Beyond that: Bravo! I'm off to curry favour with everyone I know in and around Dallas!

volunteers can be a moving target

There's a hazard in starting the volunteer-recruiting process too early, which is that a year goes by and some volunteers you've built plans around have life changes that result in unavailability for the event. Sometimes it's more efficient to let the time get a little bit closer, so you don't end up going in circles. I haven't yet asked B&T what their plans are here, so this is just speculation. Rest assured, when the time comes for volunteer applications, we will spread the word.

I personally suspect that this event will sell out, despite the sizeable venue. The response to the 2011 event was like nothing we've ever seen before or since. While it'll be a while before participating nations are set in stone, I would be stunned if there are fewer than 20 nations this time. If you think it's a big deal within the US, try talking to skaters from other continents -- it's a hell of a thing.

I'm gonna need a new cowboy hat

Just sayin'.


Steep price to pay to watch USA kill everyone at roller derby. For that price I'd rather pay less money to see WFTDA nationals.

Rest of the world also playing each other...

Doesn't mean to say there won't be killer bouts between the rest of the world just like there were last time.


Pay less money to see Gotham kill everyone at roller derby, you mean?

Is it that different?

Last year's Gotham had seven Team USA members, plus both(?) Team USA coaches.

You mean

5 and the 2 coaches?

I'm curious what other country will participate this year.

Also Bay Area is looking really good, even Gotham never beat Charm by that much. Should be an interesting year. It always is IMHO.


6, not 7. 6 + 2 coaches, so 8 humans total.

There were four coaches

Don't forget there were two additional coaches for Team USA who were not from Gotham. So Gotham didn't have QUITE the monopoly that you make it sound like.

free to watch

bigboybeard wrote:

Steep price to pay to watch USA kill everyone at roller derby. For that price I'd rather pay less money to see WFTDA nationals.

Fortunately, for those who can't afford or prefer not to pay the price of admission, you'll still be able to watch the live stream on DNN at no cost.


Exactly what we will be doing.

If you see what progress

If you see what progress London Montreal and Victoria are making, one can doubt if the bouts from team USA against England, Canada and Australia will be simple kills ...

Don't think the rest of the world is just sleeping out there.

The invisible tagline for the official World Cup reads:

"And to spread the international love of women's flat track roller derby by competing against and learning from each other in mutual admiration." <-- true story

From what I heard

Despite the language barrier, Quadfather has already been asked to coach at least 7 of the teams participating in the tournament.


Maybe it was a little harsh. I just think that tickets are a little expensive is all. Compare it to probably just as many great bouts and an almost 50 dollar cheaper price tag, nationals are the better deal. I was looking forward to going to this, saw this article and got really excited, then was bummed when i saw the price. It was disappointing to say the least.


You can't say that bouts between Sweden, Finland, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, France, Wales, Belgium, Norway and New Zealand won't be fun bouts to watch. Plus who know what Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and some of the other countries who will be like. Sure Team USA, Canada, England & Australia may be the top of the pile right now but give those other countries 18 more months and we could see a shakeup in the top 4. Sure the price might be $50 cheaper but you can go to WFTDA Champs every year. Can't say that about the Derby World Cup, can you?

I guess...

When prices of tickets to see something I pay 10 dollars to see every week start to cost me as much as watching professional sports, that's too much for me. I know it's multiple days, but add in food, travel, lodging, and whatever you're going to do with your off time to the 260 it costs for tickets for two, and stuff gets out of hand fast.

just as many?

bigboybeard wrote:

Compare it to probably just as many great bouts and an almost 50 dollar cheaper price tag, nationals are the better deal.

For starters, it's a two-track event. World Cup 2011 was 38 bouts, more than three times the 12 bouts of a WFTDA Championship Tournament. I don't know what counts as a "great" bout, but last year's Champs only had four games with margins inside 75 points, and only two games closer than 50. World Cup had 11 games within 50.

But ultimately, this is apples and oranges. For you, and probably for many, WFTDA Champs is a far better value. For others, World Cup will be more compelling. Take your pick!

If I was going to bitch

It'd be about the early-December timeframe -- last week of school means no travel in my grad-student world (hence my absence from the last World Cup) and I never had a job that'd let me take leave in the month leading up to Christmas pre grad-school.

But hey, it's just up the road this time around. I can make that work. And I could care less about scores and margins and whatever else. There's derby on how many continents now?

All, but one.

All, but one.

Penguin Derby!

Penguin Derby!

I do wish it wasn't RIGHT after WFTDA Championships.

But then when could it be? Spring? Summer?