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WFTDA Releases Rankings; Gotham shock #1

Today WFTDA released the first results of their mathematical ranking calculator, for games up to the end of February. While DNN #1 Gotham’s position at #1 surprises no-one, there are a few surprising entries further down.

DNN #2 Oly, previously 1W and second-placed finishers at Championships in 2012 and 2011 find themselves below DNN #3 Denver at 2 WFTDA. Another ranking surprise from the West is provided by DNN #8 Rat City -- the previous 5W team find themselves ranked 7 WFTDA, three places higher than 4W and DNN #13 Rose City.

The old North Central teams provide the next surprises. While the previous 1 and 2 ranked teams in the region--DNN #6 Windy City (6 WFTDA) and DNN #10 Minnesota (8 WFTDA)--take the highest spots from the region, the next two go to 5NC, DNN #16 Detroit (11 WFTDA) and 8NC, DNN #24 Arch Rival (13 WFTDA).

Two four-ranked teams also take a bit of a tumble and find themselves oddly tied for 23 WFTDA (4E, DNN #12 London and 4NC, DNN #21 Ohio). The top 40 as it currently stands features 37 of the teams to play in regionals last year; DC, Dutchland and Tallahassee all miss out, while Jet City, Victorian and Terminal City make it to 35, 37 and 39. This means that the top 40 comprises 13 teams from the West region, 10 from the North Central, 9 from the South Central and 8 from the East. Also, the top 25 features 24 of DNN's Power Ranked Top 25 -- DNN #25 Carolina don't make WFTDA's top 25, but Wasatch do. You can see the full list of rankings as published on WFTDA’s website.

The highest entry by a previously unranked team is Gainesville who debut at 51 WFTDA; no other team debuts inside the top 100. One final thing to note is the omission of the Choice City Rebels, who were 30W under the old system. Now describing themselves as “Northern Colorado's only co-ed roller derby league and soon to be the home of Colorado's only banked track", and no longer listed on WFTDA’s member leagues page, it seems they have left the organisation in the interim.


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London rank

Not a surprise really, but don't expect us to stay around there.

The reality is that London ranked lower than perhaps expected due to participating in the European tournament back in November and playing two sanctioned games against Division 3 teams which resulted in low mathematical results for the rankings calc. That's how the maths they tumble....

Haven't followed Ohio's latest games, so not sure if the same fate befell them.

Flaw in ranking system.

I fear a team's WFTDA ranking is more influenced by who you choose to play than by the actual results. Literally, you can lose more points by playing an opponent that is not close enough in the ranking (and winning), than by losing big from an opponent with the same rank as yours.

London is discouraged to play other European leagues, if they take this ranking seriously. Doesn't seem fair to me.

Solutions: an ELO type ranking where at every game you go up or down based on the strength of both teams and the actual results (like FlatTrackStats), as opposed to calculating the average results over a year. Or if you absolutely chose an averaging system, count only the best results in the period, that way you encourage teams to play more games instead of less.

LRG in Europe

Regardless of thoughts on how ranking should work, London's charter team is absolutely still happy to play Euro teams - we will just do so unsanctioned until the time that our WFTDA Division placements are more aligned...hopefully soon!

Challenge accepted

Well my criticism is definitly about how ranking should work, in no way about what London is doing.

We all appreciate very much how you are helping roller derby in Europe forward. By giving those great bootcamps, by playing at a world top class level and showin us that it can be done, by playing European teams and showing them the way to the top.

First priority of the other European teams is to grow in skills level to get more aligned with yours, not easy but definitely not impossible. When that happens, rankings should automaticly be more aligned, if not, there is a problem with the rankings. And that brings us back to my original point, rankings should reflect the quality of the way you play the game, and should be less about choosing the opponent that will give you the most points.

My team (Antwerp) still has a long way to go, but i do dream of a bout against you one day, sanctioned or not. CU then. ;)

That's the way it should be

"I fear a team's WFTDA ranking is more influenced by who you choose to play than by the actual results. Literally, you can lose more points by playing an opponent that is not close enough in the ranking (and winning), than by losing big from an opponent with the same rank as yours."

A win against a much lesser opponent just isn't really a win. The WFTDA system highly penalizes "cherry picking for a win". Even a few rankings difference can also be the difference between a team being able to put on a respectable defense, and being swamped entirely in a battle that's no different from The US Marines vs a neolithic tribe armed with bows and atlatles.

The WFTDA didn't create real divisions, because the top division wouldn't have many teams. They came up with a system that does through ranking, what divisions would have accomplished: encouraging teams to play other teams of similar or better standing.

This does create a problem for a team like Gotham's, because there aren't really any current teams of similar or greater capability.


to cite an example

at the start of the season DC played Connecticut (CTRG) and won, but not by a very big margin, and it gave CT some upward movement and DC took a dip because it also had a close win over another unranked team in Jacksonville (IIRC), while I don't think it's a huge slide....it is still going to affect DC if they don't start widening those margins against lower ranked teams

I believe CTRG is 19 or 16 in the East currently

From my delving into our

From my delving into our (Ohio's) numbers, it looks like we have an extreme outlier game from last summer, when we played a team that was fairly lowly ranked (at the time) and the score was quite close. By my envelope calculations, without that game, I think we'd be ranked neck and neck with ARRG, which the close score of our game at playoffs last year would support.

Ultimately though, it's barely the start of the season -- I am excited to see how all this fleshes out!

Links on this page are broken

Not a big deal but should probably be fixed.

A fine point

...well made.