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Powering into Rankings: Weekly Rollup, March 21, 2013

Last Weekend's Bouts

Last weekend saw two long-running local rivalries return for 2013: Sacred City (27 WFTDA) travelled to Angel City (DNN #19, 18 WFTDA), and Montreal (DNN #17, 17 WFTDA) travelled to Boston (DNN #21, 20 WFTDA).

Both games went as the rankings expected, but may well provide some early season indications of teams’ fortunes in 2013.

Angel City’s big win might have been expected by the rankings, but it did go against history--the Scarlet’s all-time record against the Sacrificers now stands at 2-6. It looks likely to have done Angel City some rankings good; it was a significant outperformance of their ranking according to the calculator, and should help them move up in the next ranking release. Sacred didn’t fare so well. Their performance was under par from a rankings calculator point of view, and the magnitude of this will be increased by the loss of their bout against Emerald City from last March from the calculator at the same time. If Sacred want to avoid a ratings slip for this period, they will almost certainly have to pull off a very unlikely defeat of Bay Area this coming weekend. Want to know more about that bout? Check out our full recap.

Boston’s home loss to Montreal was also as expected, and the margin of victory was in between their two games against the Canadians last year. It made up part of a very good two-part weekend for the the New Skids in relation to WFTDA rankings--they will probably have bettered their March average for 2012 by about 50 percent courtesy of that bout and gained an even bigger rankings boost courtesy of their 333-38 stuffing of Maine (60 WFTDA).

Montreal do have a trip to Chicago planned that could spoil their rankings party, with games against Windy City (DNN #6, 6 WFTDA) and the Chicago Outfit (34 WFTDA). If they want to keep up their rating average for the month, then the Canadians would have to beat Windy City by roughly 30 points in an average-total game by our approximate maths, and outscore The Outfit more than 2:1.

Boston don’t have a chance to correct their rankings misstep until April, when two tough games against Charm City and Philly await.

Elsewhere, the 206-92 demolition of Dutchland (44 WFTDA) by River City (76 WFTDA) will give Poe’s Punishers a nice ranking boost. Looking at it the other way, Dutchland’s performance is roughly what might be expected of a team ranked 100 in the WFTDA system. Dutchland’s 197-176 win over Dominion the following day will ameliorate their ranking slide somewhat, but not a huge amount--especially as they have a 262-96 win over the same team last April that will drop off their average before the next rankings are published.

At the borders of Division 1 tournament qualification, Omaha’s 149-77 over Old Capitol City looks unlikely to have had a major impact on their rating as it is in line with expectation. The bigger factor for Omaha will be all their games from March and April 2012 dropping off--they had nine WFTDA sanctioned games in the period last year, but we don’t have enough data to accurately predict how those dropping off will affect their current ranking or rating.

At the borders of Division 2 tournament qualification, Santa Cruz’ 153-124 win over Sin City will help their bid for a spot. Again, though, the more important and less predictable factor for rankings will be their five March 2012 games dropping off.

Outside of WFTDA action, congratulations are due to The Mindfox of Saskatoon, who won the RDAC National championship last weekend. In a related note, if anyone knows of a good immigration lawyer, RDAC are looking for one after some border-related trouble for Brewcity’s Bob Noxious.

For details on all those bouts and many more, remember to keep an eye on our scores page, always updated with the latest scores as they come in.

This Weekend

We’ve got the busiest weekend of the year for Power Rankings coming up. Philly (DNN #9) head down I-95 to take on Charm City (DNN #11), Texas (DNN #4) head up north to take on Minnesota (DNN #10), Steel City (DNN #23) head west to take on Detroit (DNN #16), Bay Area (DNN #5) entertain Sacred City while Ohio (DNN #21) headline Quad City Chaos (which is live on DNN) with bouts against Toronto, Rideau Valley and Queen City, and Atlanta (DNN #15) entertain Blue Ridge.

That's not nearly it, though--there's also 11 sanctioned games at the Clover Cup and a whole host of other action. You can find details for all of it over on the bouts page.

Philly and Charm have had a regional rivalry to stand up to almost any other. This will be the sixth year of their interleague rivalry, with Charm City looking for their first win since 2009--and their first against a full-strength Philly team.

Charm City won’t have the services of Crowella De Vil (now with MNRG, though not featuring this weekend), Holden Grudges, Rosie the Rioter or Trixy Von Doom, who all featured during tournament season last year.Coming in on the jam line to are recent Australian import and former Newcastle Roller Derby skater Susy Pow, and Nuckin’ Futz--sister of Charm veteran CC Bang Bang.

Philly’s only likely major omissions are Shenita Stretcher and Heavy Flo. The only new face on the Philly roster for 2013 is ex-Jersey Shore skater Emma Knockuout.

Texas’ visit to Minnesota won’t feature as many new faces to either team--the biggest unknown is Texas’ acquisition of Angel City’s Fifi Nomenon, MVP of last year’s Western regional tournament. Curious to see how the Texecutioners fare when they visit the frozen north? You can watch the feed direct from the Minnesota Rollergirls right here on DNN.

Fancy more live derby? We're also bringing you feeds from Quad City Chaos, Blue Ridge at Atlanta and Fort Wayne’s visit to Grand Raggidy. Keep an eye on the Live page for details.

The Rest

At the Roc City season opener this weekend, five skaters from Roc City, two from New Hampshire's Queen City Cherry Bombs, one from Hellions of Troy and an NSO are all having their heads shaved between bouts to raise money for a children’s cancer charity St Baldrick’s, presumably to help fund some sort of cunning plan. Last we heard they had raised $3,000 and hope to raise at least $5,000 before the weekend is out.

CORRECTION: This section originally stated that two skaters from Queen City were participating, which is not a helpful thing to say. These skaters are from the Queen City Cherry Bombs, New Hampshire Roller Derby's B-team, rather than from Buffalo's Queen City Roller Girls, or Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby.

Further Ahead

Some tournament announcements this week: ECDX match-ups have been announced and can all be found over on their Facebook page. Highlights include the hosts taking on Windy City and Texas, a rematch for Charm City and Montreal after last year’s barn-burner between the two, as well as stateside debuts for Glasgow Roller Derby’s Irn Bruisers and Auld Reekie Rollergirls’ Twisted Thistles.

The MRDA has released details of the match-ups at Spring Roll and The Big O (PDF schedule link).

Finally, the Go-Go Gent Rollergirls announced a European WFTDA sanctioned tournament. The follow-up to last December’s Track Queens: Battle Royale features a slightly different collection of teams competing for the prize: London, Auld Reekie and Glasgow all have their attentions turned stateside for the the first half of 2013 and so won’t be attending. Central City--who finished last at Track Queens--were also invited, but declined the invitation. Taking their places will be four UK teams: Royal Windsor Rollergirls, Tiger Bay Brawlers, Rainy City Rollergirls and the Linconshire Bombers. 2013: A Skate Odyssey will be taking place on May 10, 11 and 12 in Belgium. You can find more information about the tournament here.

And finally...

Your Moment of Zen, courtesy of the Rose City Rollers (who are taking on Portland Men's Derby tonight): Scratcher in the Eye getting a lift from Heidi Go Seek, despite being on the opposing team.

Editor's Note

The Weekly Rollup is very much a work in progress. We haven't been able to use all your submissions, but we're really keen for you to send them in. We're also keen to hear what you want from this weekly roundup--for now it'll be focussing on power-ranked teams, WFTDA Division one bouts, and anything else that we're sent that either has good accompanying images or video or that is particularly significant in some way or another. But if you want something else from it, let us know!

We're also aware that lots more goes into great derby than just the occasional epic bout. So if you're a skater, official, coach or anything else to do with the sport share in the comments what you've done this week that you've been putting off, will be good for your team, or you're just proud of having done off skates. We don't care if that's cleaning your bearings, washing your pads or squatting B-train -- if it's made you feel proud this week, let us know.

Want to be featured in next week's roll-up? Email your submissions to me, (Lex Talionis), and I'll see what I can do. If you're sending in photos and you're not the photographer, please copy the photographer on your email to us. Thanks!


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St. Baldrick's at Roc City

Really proud of the two Queen City Cherry Bombs skaters who are stepping up to support the cause this weekend. Huge shout out to our two skaters Su McKenzie and Chuck NU Around for being damn fine people. New Hampshire Roller Derby is proud of you both.

Sacred lost to Emerald City?

"Their performance was under par from a rankings calculator point of view, and the magnitude of this will be increased by the loss of their bout against Emerald City from last March from the calculator at the same time."

The score from the Sacred vs ECRG bout on March 24, 2012 was 90-227 for Sacred, that's a differential of 137 points. Clarification please?

The loss of 'the bout'

... rather than losing the bout.

They won the game, but losing that bout from their average rating looks likely to hurt them, by my sketchy maths. As in they did well in that game (which is currently boosting their rating), but it'll cease to be a factor in their average when the next rankings rolls around.

Moment of Zen

That is the best thing I've seen all week. :)

Your links...

...they are broken.

Some of your hrefs have these funny quotes around them: ”

...instead of these normal quotes: "

...and those funny quotes make my browser sad and confused.

Fine point, well made

The errant quote marks have been excised, and replaced with something decidedly more civilised. Thanks!

Not to mention...

Although Angel City's win against the Sacrificers should do them some ranking's good, I don't think it's as significant as their 210-193 win over Charm City (WFTDA #12, DNN #11). They also had a 253-179 win over the Mad Rollin Dolls (WFTDA #25, DNN #22) and a 216-109 win over Steel City (WFTDA #22, DNN #23).

So far, they're 4-0 for the season in sanctioned games.

Blue Ridge

Is going to need Mean Latifa out there for this weekends game. Can we not get live coverage of Charm vs. Philly?

Alas no

There's no live video out of Charm this year. From what we hear, there will be archived video posted after the fact; we'll share that if/when we get it.

anyone see this?


I feel bad for all the teams except one...you guess.


What rule set are they using?


Derbyink is a USARS tournament.


(reposting this comment)

The Derby Ink Invitational is a MADE tournament played under MADE rules. Not USARS. They're different.

I'll be doing a MADE rules explanation on my blog and a Derby Ink preview here on DNN in the next few weeks so everyone know's what up with them.

Sorry for the lost comments

...the migration had something of a hiccup, which meant people were seeing the 'old' version. Comments on the old instance made after the new instance went live aren't here. Sorry about that.