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(19) Angel City Defrocks Sacred, 243-139

LOS ANGELES, CA--Sacred City’s Sacrificers played Angel City’s Hollywood Scarlets on Angel City’s home track for the first time since 2010 this past Saturday. Angel managed to shrug off both their heart-rending last jam loss at regionals and a 1-6 record against their local rivals to go 4-0 in sanctioned play so far in 2013 with a 243-139 win.

Angel City welcomed back veteran Ghetto Fabu-lez for her first bout following the injury that kept her out of regionals, but they were missing Krissy Krash who was ruled out with a minor injury.

While ACDG pushed into a 23-9 over the first few jams, 4Closer outscored the Scarlets in one fell swoop with a 24-0 point powerjam in jam eight, courtesy in part of a broken truck for ACDG’s Tyra Shanks. Three jams later, ACDG had fought back into a lead they never relinquished. After 14 points from Chica Go-Lightning a 9 point jam from Cris Dobbins sealed the lead change with a big hit from ACDG’s DC transfer Chinese Cheker on Sacred’s Daddy’s Girl crucial in making the score 46-42.

SCDG stuck to a short jamming rotation of Daddy’s Girl, Colt 45 and the indomitable 4Closer for the remainder of the half, with Annie Ankle Biter, Axel Breaker, Miss Behaved and Slapjack the most effective of their blockers. Despite their best efforts Angel City dictated proceedings from the back of the back from the jam line for the rest of the period,finishing it leading 103-60.

Sacred has some success getting the jam line at the start of the second half, but were undone in a seven-jam stretch. Skirt Vonna-Gut took the line and the star in the fourth jam of the second half, but it was jam 11 before she took it off again with a star pass to 4Closer. Shrugging off pack penalty problems, ACDG sailed past the 200-mark, with Duchess von Damn often doing the work of two or three skaters by herself defensively and offensively. And while SCDG battled on to take a further 53 points, they could not make up the huge score gap--Angel City finished 243-139 winners.

Next, the Hollywood Scarlets play Brewcity, Houston and Tampa in a series of closed Los Angeles-based bouts on the weekend of April 5, and Sacred City’s Sacrificers will head to Tucson to play the Dust Devil tournament the weekend of April 12.


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I liked Angel City's old

I liked Angel City's old uniforms better, the ones with the gold top that just said "SCARLETS" across the front. That was a cool look. I will stop short of calling for outrage, however.

We liked them too, but with

We liked them too, but with WFTDA Big 5 tournaments requiring that teams have a white option, it didn't make sense for us to have to purchase 3 different colored tops. We sell team shirts with that logo though!


"With Duchess von Damn often doing the work of 2 or 3 skaters by herself, defensively and offensively". I DIE. LOVE IT. Way to go Duch!!! Love you!

She's a machine.

A machine, I tell you!


I submitted this correction once before, but it was taken down. (What happened?) But, "Neither of the jammers who played out the final act of the dramatic regionals game played any part; neither Jammin Jewlz or Fifi Nomenon are on the rosters for their respective teams this year." should be corrected to note that Daddy's Girl was the Sacred City Jammer who played that final jam of that bout, not Jammin Jewlz.

You're right...

I think that your comment (and the correction itself) got lost as they were applied mid-switchover when we changed hosting set-up/provider.

Sorry about that.