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DNN Best of 2012 Poll: Results

  • Denver vs Texas: Your women's bout of the year. Photo: Donalee Eiri.
  • Your Mom vs St Louis: Your men's bout of the year. Photo: Bob Dunnell.

Bout of the Year (Women’s)

Winner: WFTDA Championships 3rd Place Bout: Denver 210, Texas 199 (435 votes, 18%)

2. Windy City 155, Minnesota 155 (385 votes, 16%)
3. WFTDA East Regionals 3rd Place Bout: Charm City 183, London 159 (369 votes, 15%)

For the second year in a row, a WFTDA tournament season consolation bout takes the prize for best women’s bout of the year.

The Texecutioners came into Championships unfancied after a lukewarm season but, over the course of three games, showed they are still a force to be reckoned with. Their quarterfinal win over Bay Area was sweet revenge for their 159-88 home-turf loss back in July at the hands of the Golden Girls, and it looked for all the world like they were going to take third place at championships until a 44-point jam from Sandrine Rangeon turned the bout on its head.

Was it the improbability of a Texas team that had looked so frail dominating a Denver team that had looked so strong that made this game so compelling? Was it the physicality of the packs, led by some of the hardest hitters around, that kept derby fans around the world glued to their screens and everyone in the arena on the edge of their seats? Maybe it was the spectacle of one of derby’s most established stars, Olivia Shootin’ John, going point-for-point with rising breakout star Sandrine Rangeon, or perhaps it was waiting for the big jam that never came from the misfiring Juska.

Whatever it was, it was enough to just edge past the only tie in WFTDA history--a momentous game that looked, for much of the year, like it would be a shoo-in for this award.

Bout of the Year (Men’s)

Winner: MRDA Championship Bout: Your Mom 136, St Louis 135 (433 votes, 28%)

2. Men’s European Roller Derby Championship Bout: Southern Discomfort 256, Toulouse Quad Guards 254 (263 votes, 17%)
3. MRDA Championships 3rd Place Bout: NYSE 199, Magic City 157 (235 votes, 15%)

For anyone who watched it, this result should come as no shocker. For the second year in a row, the MRDA Championship bout is the Bout of the Year. It looked like tournament-host St. Louis GateKeepers had the game in the bag with five minutes left and a 20-point lead--and when Your Mom jammer Peter Pan burned two minutes off the clock in a 2-0 penalty-time-killing jam, the GateKeepers’ win looked even more imminent.

But, the heroics of Your Mom’s Frank Notsohotra and penalty trouble for St. Louis’s jammers contributed to the unlikely outcome. On the penultimate jam, Notsohotra tallied a 14-0 power jam. Down by four and with time at a premium, Notsohotra kept the star for the final jam as well and added five points with GateKeepers’ jammer Magnum P.I.M.P. in the box to give Your Mom the highest honor in men’s roller derby, 136-135.

The runner-up wasn’t quite as close--but nearly! This was a championship bout from the other side of the Atlantic decided by a whole two points. London’s Southern Discomfort Roller Derby beat Toulouse Quad Guards with a sky-high score of 256-254, taking the inaugural Men’s European Roller Derby Championship in a bout that really showed off European men’s derby at its very best.

Best Rivalry

Winner: Everyone / Oly (811 votes, 34%)

2. Windy City / Minnesota (516 votes, 22%)
3 Bay Area / Rose City (281 votes, 12%)

Once you nominated this rivalry, there was only ever going to be one winner. For the third straight year the Oly Rollers found themselves as one half of this category--but rather than splitting it with one other team, this time they have to share it with the world.

In a year where the talk about Oly was dominated as much by controversies off the track as by their skaters’ indubitable skill on it, their victory in this category was inevitable. Oly were roundly booed during tournament season and took on the haters by skating out in their now-famous ‘Sold Out’ shirts.

Will Oly vs The World still be such a thing next year, or will personnel changes, fading memories and action on the track mean the hard feelings will fade in 2013? Only time will tell.

Best Announcer

Winner: Dumptruck (659 votes, 28%)

2. Val Capone (405 votes, 17%)
3. Plastik Patrik (320 votes, 14%)

Oh, Dumpie. The gravel-throated master of ceremonies might have been absent from WFTDA tournaments this year, but that didn’t stop his winning this category with ease.

He takes the Best Announcer category for a third straight year with Val Capone--the only other announcer to have taken home this award--in second place.

Best Venue

Winner: Arena Berlin - Berlin, Germany (427 votes, 22%)

2. Roy Wilkins Auditorium - St Paul, MN (402 votes, 21%)
3. Craneway Pavillion - Richmond, CA (394 votes, 20%)

The first European winner of the night is the Arena Berlin, the graffiti-covered warehouse where Bear City’s Berlin Bombshells occasionally ply their trade. This year it was most notable for hosting Track Queens: Battle Royal, which gave everyone a pretty good look at what European Regionals might have looked like if they had ever come to pass.

The atmosphere inside the dark, noisy and industrial venue was phenomenal--the passion and sound of the raucous crowds ricocheting off the brickwork combined with the atmospheric location to make for a truly memorable derby-watching experience.

Best Regular Season Event

Winner: East Coast Derby Extravaganza - Feasterville, PA (816 votes, 35%)

2. Rollercon - Las Vegas, NV (442 votes, 19%)
3. Midwest Brewhaha - Milwaukee, WI (266 votes, 11%)

Despite competition from all corners of the globe, ECDX once again stormed to victory in this category that celebrates the best of derby outside of playoffs and championship events.

Given the second-place finish of RollerCon, we reckon anyone looking to organise an event to challenge in this category next year had better include a swimming pool in their plans.


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You came so close in so many categories! Awesome. I would have liked to see Maddening in the top 3 announcers but I guess you can't win em all!!

Hey, thanks, Moni!

I know it's an Oscars cliche, but it's really an honor just to be nominated. Being on the ballot in any of these categories meant that DNN readers who nominated and voted thought you were one of the top ten in the world. That's pretty mindblowing right there.

And those top three are some of the most awesome folks I know. Well deserved!

Huzzah! No further outrage!

Huzzah! No further outrage!

Link to Mr. Furieux vid is borked

it's all there, but behind some dnn address junk



Thanks for the heads-up -- fixed in the article text now.

As usual...

Just like anything else in derby, this is just a popularity contest. Dump Truck didn't announce much this year, but Val and him have tons of "friends". And please, Demanda is the top blocker?? There are so many better blockers but again, she is popular. Nothing to say about Suzy, perfect example of this. Anyway, I hope you all feel better. When are we going to have an objective way to really select these "awards"?

Have you seen...

Demanda play? She is a one person wall sometimes. She's ferocious and fights the jammer till the last second. She definitely deserves top honors. Now for Suzy, I slightly agree as I think Juke Box deserved it over her, but she's still not bad at roller derby.


DNN focuses primarily on flat track derby, sure. But it should be noted that Dumpy did his job and then some announcing at Battle on the Bank last year, and holds it down for LADD. Perhaps the folks who worked with him when he did announce in 2012 stuffed the ballot box, so to speak, and rightfully showed him some respect for the work he did this year and the groundwork he laid in years past.

Maybe. I really don't know.

As for Val: gee, she sure handles her business announcing at Rollercon.

I could argue that Demanda's teammate, belle RIGHT hooks, easily deserved to be in the top three as well. She certainly deserved her Westerns MVP status. Thing is: how the fuck did Demanda get "popular"? Maybe, I don't know, because she's fucking good at what she does? And maybe this year everyone decided to recognize that? Weird, huh?

Bing Bang Boom

Agreed with everything you said.

I agree with ALMOST all you said...

Thumbs up on that post, but just for accuracy's sake, Dumptruck didn't even do half of LADD's bouts in 2012. Evil E does and has always been the one to "hold it down" for LADD - having missed exactly zero of their games since, I believe 2006. Whether that is or isn't beside the point based on anything (including my own personal fondness for both Dumptruck and Evil E), I just gotta give Evil her propers when it comes to that statement.

rule #1: Bomber is always right

I certainly meant no slight of the amazingness that is Evil E. I hope you (and she) know that. I simply wanted to show that Dumptruck was, in fact, announcing in 2012, since it seems some folks didn't think he was.

Perhaps I should amend the statement: "...and holds it down with a big fuzzy beard for LADD." Unless you're gonna tell me Evil E grew a better beard.

Last I checked...

Evil E is still without a beard, although I'm sure she'd look pretty rad with one.

And my comment was not meant to slight Dumptruck either, fyi.

Obvious Troll is Obvious

Psst...don't feed the trolls.


How did y'all define "rookie" for this go-round? 'cause while I would not want to slight Onda (hyuk hyuk) and her skills, I do recall watching her skate for Slaughter Country at Wild West Showdown in 2011, and I do believe they were a WFTDA member league back then.

Mayhaps a category for breakout skater next year? Because, y'know, y'all ain't got enough to do.


I think they said that they had to play in a Big 5 Tourney for the first time to be considered a rookie if I remember correctly from their nomination article.


That's the crux of it.

From next year it'll be a skater's first season skating with a division one team that makes them eligibile.

And Molly -- we already have breakout. It's a rather crowded category as it is... but we're always open to suggestions as to how to improve things for next year. In fact, we'll be conducting some research in a little while to see what everyone thinks about things.


I'm sorry, but both Percy Control and Seahorses Forever are better at the sport of roller derby than Abe. Not that I'm slighting the NYSE blocker skills at all, but I've seen them all play quite a but, and there's not really any comparison IMO. He's very good, but they are both even better.

Summer's Eve in Winter

bigboybeard wrote:

I'm sorry, but both Percy Control and Seahorses Forever are better at the sport of roller derby than Abe. Not that I'm slighting the NYSE blocker skills at all, but I've seen them all play quite a but, and there's not really any comparison IMO. He's very good, but they are both even better.

You and the commenter above should know the voting is over, so you shouldn't be competing for DNN's "Douchiest Fan" award.

Everyone who won or was nominated is really great. Congratulations to everyone, especially to the popularity of roller derby, considering how the page was impossible to reach for a long time after the results were announced.


Sorry my opinion was that two other blockers were better than your teammate. Dude's good. Dude's really good. I didn't say he was bad. Sorry I didn't congradulate him on his win, but I just wanted to state that I thought those two guys were better this year and deserved recognition. Not everyone gets to be from the largest city in America...


bigboybeard wrote:

my opinion

bigboybeard wrote:

I thought

Yes, we get it. And more people had a different opinion. If you feel that strongly about it, perhaps you should campaign more strongly for your favorite candidates next year.

My apologies

You are right. Sorry for being such a bummer.


Congratulations to everyone that won! You couldn't deserve it more!

Best Derby Name

Award goes to Seahorses Forever!

This Is How I Roll

Thanks for the name drop, DNN! If you're the slighest bit curious about the film (featuring Jonathan R, Abe Drinkin, Bonnie Thunders, Suzy Hotrod, Val Capone, Quadzilla, and many others), check out:


A few more film festivals this spring, then DVD and digital release is the plan!

Joe Mihalchick (Maulin Brando)
Producer, This Is How I Roll


Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!
Congrats to Oly.. and I mean this.. for making it a very interesting season. You are all amazing skaters and also pretty amazing people. I hope that's what the world will be talking about in 2013.
Special Congrats to all the Gotham and NYSE winners and nominees and of course to Bonnie, for one final superlative.. Largest margin of victory (by far) in the reader poll in any category.

And the first skater / nominee ever...

...to get over 1,000 votes. Which is a nice milestone too.

Grats & Gracias!!!

Grats to Roller Derby champions, heroes & heroines! Thanks DNN for all you do for our sport! Much admiration and derbs love!


I know DNN might be a bit biased in this, but how about a best boutcast catagory, there are so many now...
Love u guys <3