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DNN Best of 2012 Reader Poll: Place Your Votes

It's been hotly contested, but with our two ties now broken we can reveal the full list of nominees for the Derby News Network 2012 Reader Poll Awards.

Thanks to the hundreds of you who have taken part so far in getting this list together, and congratulations to all the nominees.

While there was some grumbling about categories, there was notably less than in previous years--success!

Without further ado -- let voting commence!

Polls will remain open for one week -- they will close on January 3 at 4pm PT, 7pm ET, Midnight GMT. That's 11am on January 4 in Sydney, for those of you down under. It's also 7.30pm on Thursday 3 in Caracas, 1am on Friday 4 in Paris, 5.45am on Friday in Kathmandu... you get the idea.

Also, if you happen to be looking for the best photo contest, nominations for that are open over at our sister site, DerbyLife.

Finally: players are listed with the team they played for at the end of the season -- this is not necessarily where they are playing now, but it seemed fair and right to list them with the teams they were playing with during the time the nominations were earned.

You must be logged into DNN to see the voting form in this post (and obviously, to vote). Don't have an account? You can register one here in a matter of moments..


Best Jammer (Male)

Having seen Jonathan R jam against Mr Furieux, I honestly can't decide! Coin flipping time!

Vote vote vote

Vote vote vote


She' will always be a winner in my book. She also has some great photo shots ...I love the look of determination on her face and some of her moves are out of this world .I love watching her jam .

Snot is the BEST

Snot is the BEST

I got the chance to see her

I got the chance to see her play in person at Easterns. WOW!!


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The only mistake you can make...

...is not to vote!

Any chance ...

... of showing a running tally of how the vote is going?

Running tally

Looks like that's not an available feature of the webform, but we could be persuaded to post a running tally from time to time. Upvote this comment if you'd like us to do that; downvote it if you'd rather that we keep the progress secret until the voting is complete.

EDIT: Looks like our feedback feature isn't active on webforms. Let's just figure we're gonna do this about once a day, unless someone makes a persuasive case against it.

cant downvote

I'm logged in but the vote arrows don't show, consider my reply a downvote.

I'd prefer not.

I'd like to see how the vote plays out without people being influenced by who is ahead and who is behind.

I agree with the above

I agree with the above responses - in any true election (such as the ones held recently), even though exit polls may give an indication of how the turnout is leaning in any given district or state, the official tally is not released until final count. I believe any pre-release or ongoing release of official tallies has the potential to skew the voting - either through 'vote wars' or through complacency, in a much more definite way than any sort of campaigning or polling could do.

I vote no running tallies.


Consider us persuaded (or perhaps more accurately, our default position reinforced). We'll keep the running tallies under wraps until the voting period is complete.

Vote update before poll close

So what un-persuaded you to release the fact that one category was within two votes?

That's certainly different.

They didn't mention which two of ten people were tied.


And a bit of internal crossed wires about the plan. No harm intended. It's for fun!


Consider yourself upvoted.

next year....

It would be so much more fun if we could vote AGAINST, rather than FOR. Seriously, some of those nominees couldn't even make any of the top five team's 'B' squads. Too bad I (and obviously a lot of others) missed the nomination poll window.

Doesn't matter anyway, the winners will likely be decided on team/regional loyalty, name recognition, and the strength of their derby names, instead of athletic ability, skill, and heart.

It is a readers poll, after all. Not a poll of derby lovers who know what they are talking about.

Good luck nominees!


...and a very happy holiday season to you.

Hey know-nothing

A skater's team/regional loyalty, name recognition, and the strength of their derby names is determined by their athletic ability, skill, and heart.

so, dnn readers aren't derby

so, dnn readers aren't derby lovers who know what they are talking about? is that sarcasm?

i honestly can't tell and i'm not trying to sound rude.

A poll of readers who don't know what they are talking about...

...are generally referred to as ANNOUNCERS! There, I jumped on the grenade. In retrospect, I guess I forced a few hundred of us to jump the grenade. Sorry.

Please don't reply to this with pro-announcer sentiment. This was pure, free of preservatives, saved from insecticidal spray, free range, and as organic as the government can actually define...SARCASM. Just didn't want any confusion.

And now for something completely different …

Bob, I love you and almost every announcer I've ever met, but your remark provokes a question.

When will roller derby not require an announcer to explain roller derby to the audience? And are we getting close?

I prefer watching roller derby without the aid of an announcer.


If baseball still has announcers after 150+ years, I think it's safe to say that the roller derby announcer is going to be a part of the game for a nice long time. :)

Baseball venue announcers

Baseball venue announcers generally only say who is up to bat and clarify scoring decisions such as errors. You will never hear an announcer scream out the action as it's happening. They won't even announce a home run. It's blissfully quiet and I cannot wait until derby moves to the same kind of venue announcing model.

I'm a summer-league baseball

I'm a summer-league baseball PA announcer, and, to be honest, we don't even clarify scoring decisions such as errors, that's handled on the scoreboard. I do, however, say "SAFE AT HOME!!! THAT'S ANOTHER BULLFROGS RUN BROUGHT TO YOU BY ADVANCED ROOFING SPECIALISTS, KEEPING *YOU* SAFE AT HOME!!! ADVANCED ROOFING SPECIALISTS, YOUR ROOFING SPECIALISTS!!!" every time the team scores, which is something other than blissful.

To be honest, when i first applied for the announcer job for my league, i told them straight up that i didn't really understand why roller derby needed announcers gabbin' through the whole bout ((but, by golly, if someone was gonna do the gabbin', it was gonna be me)), so i kind of see your point. However, i think the key phrase here is "blissfully quiet." I don't really see roller derby as a sport that does, will or should provide the same type of fan experience as a golf or baseball game ((interspersed, as they are, with periods of blissful quiet)); "blissful quiet" at a roller derby bout seems about as inappropriate as a moment of silence for a dead punk musician. I can see the validity of suggesting a move towards an announcing model more in-line with other sports -- where we'd probably just mention jammer names & numbers at the start of each jam, penalties as they occurred, and how many points each side scored at the conclusion of a jam -- but knowing what i now know about the average composition of audiences and what type of fan experience they're looking for, i am skeptical as to how well this would be received by the general public. I'm not offended by the idea, however.

I would love to see the booth style change

To something that other sports seem to use, and it works, where there's an announcer who is play by play and opinion, and a color commentator who has more of a hands on (or skates on) experience with the sport, can talk about it from an inside perspective. I know some announcers have experience playing derby, but it would be neat to have one per booth. I am not trying to slight anyone specific or disrespect anyone with this comment, btw.

That's what a lot of venues do.

Especially the ones who broadcast bouts.

Or hockey, for that matter

Hockey announcers for broadcast are a good comparison in terms of style - while no, they don't provide play by play in the arena, they certainly do on the broadcast on a very detailed level, even though when you're watching a game on TV you can clearly see what's happening. The level of detail derby announcers provide isn't that different in my view. When you consider the average local derby fan may not be used to watching boutcasts, it brings that experience to them.

I'd also add that with many teams and leagues wearing numbers but not names, keeping up on who's in the pack and who is doing what - not just the jammers - is pretty important in my view.

As for explaining the game - on the one hand, sure many of us have been around for 6 or 7 years, if not longer, but that doesn't mean the all the fans have been. Turnover of skaters brings new fans every season, out to see their friends and relatives skate, and a primer doesn't hurt. I'd rather err on the side of caution and keep giving out the information for those new fans, than stop just to please the handful who aren't into it.

And Bob can jump on my grenade any time.

New fans

Agreed. Even in Minnesota, where we have a large and loyal fanbase at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium, a 3500-4500 attendance means there are still 500-750 new folks at each home bout who have never seen derby before. It's always* going to be that way.

* "Always" = "the foreseeable future"

Announcer Explanation Importance Waning

I think the new rules make it a lot more user friendly. Much like American Football, I suspect the need for announcers to explain aspects of the game will never go away completely, but the single whistle start will undoubtedly make any demo (if there is one) much more compatible with what's actually going on on the track, and announcers will be tasked far less with answering the question: "What the hell just happened??"

And actually, I haven't heard much of that lately.

I mean, outside of "Derby 101" before the bout, it's very rare that we have to explain precisely what the rules are. We'll explain something if there's an OTO or something actually confusing happens, but for the most part we just do play-by-play and color.

Interestingly enough, our NLL (pro lacrosse) team, the Minnesota Swarm, has a live play-by-play/crowd hype announcer on a raised platform, and another announcer on the field (called "The Professor", natch) who explains certain rules. So derby's not the only sport with it right now.


I'm surly and all, but... jeez. Downvoting everything you find unworthy is for reddit, not for a cheeky 'Best Of' poll on DNN. Lighten up, baby - it's all in good spirits :)

What a great list!

I am so excited by all these names I see on here! SO many great skaters, Team A, B or X, these are ALL very talented skaters and (the ones that I know personally) great people! Why downvote anyone? Don't like 'em? Vote for someone else!

Have fun, enjoy and congratulate those that did make it. Regardless of what you think of the DNN readers, we voted alot of them in and that, is an honor that people think so highly of them.

Congrats and best of luck to EVERY nominee!

You Are A Hater

Your comment is pretty shitty. I sure hope you are good at roller derby after a comment like that. That is all.

Apparently ...

There is no way to upvote comments on this thread. But if I could upvote this, I would.

I'd love to see you play

Lacey Underalls, captain of Big Easy All Stars: http://www.bigeasyrollergirls.com/teams/
I see that your team finished a whopping 22nd in their region. I sure can't wait to see your team in action next year against any of the nominees on this list. Perhaps Wasatch or Arch Rival would like to see your athletic ability and skill on display.

PS: way to show leadership for your team by smearing their name with this kind of behavior. If you're going to troll, try not to bring others down with you.
Stay classy, captain.

I am NOT that Lacey Underalls


Apologies to the skater mentioned above.

Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Now who are you? Who do you skate for? Did they never teach you derby rule #1?

+1 Maddening

Yeah, what Maddening said. And if you insist on breaking rule #1, show us the street cred to justify your skater-to-skater snottiness.


I know this doesn't really matter since it wasn't her, but I watched Big Easy play this year. Awesome group of ladies, super great atmosphere. My favorite part...At the beginning of every bout the whole crowd stands up, places their hands on their hearts, and sings Louisiana's state song You are My Sunshine. It was awesome. The team is pretty decent too. They are just now starting to fully recover after being decimated by hurricane Katrina 7 years ago.


thanks for the kind words. if you're ever in new orleans again, let us know.

Will the real Lacy Underalls please stand up?

My sincere apologies to the real Lacy Underalls and Big Easy. I'm sure you're all a rad bunch of ladies. South Centrals love.

This is the type of person Lacey Underalls is...

bonnie and suzy hotrod
by lacey underalls on 09 Nov 2012 00:31.
they are good skaters for sure, but they get away with so many back blocks, low blocks, and forearms because they are "bonnie" and "suzy" while skaters like no name jammer from north central get sent to the box at every possible opportunity

they are not amazing, they are rock stars, what ref would send steven tyler to the box?

reply|quote|-14 votes

She posted this during a talk on the article talking about BAD beating Philly. She is a troll and should be banned. Just go through all her posts. More than half of them are her being a negative nancy and trying to ruffle feathers with her "opinions".


no worries. give berg a shout if you're ever in new orleans!


Tell me more about how DNN is used by anyone but derby lovers.

EDIT: image embedded. - Ed.

Negative Votes

It's bad enough that DNN allowed votes against people in the nomination process, by counting downvotes as negative votes. How about we try to stay positive, instead of hating on certain teams and skaters?

Keep it Positive

I agree. No reason to not keep it positive. I mean, of course it's a popularity contest, but who cares? Skaters popular because of their personalities, or something obscure are few and far between. It's the best skaters that get noticed...

Man! I thought I was a shoe-in!

Maybe next year! Noah for best last OWB!

"Its supposed to be fun"

When things get really shitty in derby or things get too real at times isn't that always what we always try to reason with? Albeit even if that's what it started out as we all know it's the furthest thing from the truth most of the time. Obviously there are top contenders and the derby universe is what it is, but I don't think it's necessary to take the excitement out of it for any of the nominees who are already aware they probably won't win or ever be on a top 5's B team. Can we try to at least keep this fun? So on that note, Whamsday Adams for rookie of the year 2012! w00t! And Dumptrukkkkkk

Nice work! The best representation yet!

Awesome! This is fun! The best one yet.

It's this kind of thing that generates water cooler discussions about the NFL on Monday mornings. Hell, Monday morning even fits into our typical schedule, we'd need one hell of a water cooler to gather 'round, however.

I enjoyed the questions that will put some of the old-school up against the new-school. Rivalry and break-out seasons don't have time limitations!

Great job!

So many choices

Wish I could vote for more than one....congrats everyone on your nominations! Good luck <3

Congrats to all the nominees!

I'm very pleased to see that my two nominees made the final ballot!! Good luck Whamsday and Rosie!!

Why no Rangeon??

I nominated Sandrine Rangeon (Francy Pants) for Rookie of the Year in the previous thread. The post received 57 votes, and she meets the requirements of being a "rookie" by both DNN standards and most pro sports standards.
What gives??

Why no Rangeon

And, she is absolutely amazing! Not only is she amazing at derby (how many points did she score during that one jam... 40?) she is one hell of an inspiration. I don't think being a speed skater prior to beginning derby means you're not a rookie at this sport.

Because she's nominated in Most Valuable Jammer...

...and that initial nomination precluded her from being nominated elsewhere.

One category per skater?

Lex, I fail to see why a skater can't be nominated for 2 categories? If a rookie had been nominated for best rookie and best blocker, would she be excluded from a category?
Would being "best blocker" exclude someone from being nominated as "breakout player" etc?

It was 44, and she competed

It was 44, and she competed in hockey.



DC v. Steel City?

I really would have liked to see DCRG v. Steel City as a best bout nominee. It's great though to see Lenore Gore in the Breakout Player category and DC in Most Improved.

best rivalry

almost voted Oly vs Everyone (that gave me a laugh) but windy vs mnrg all the way. How can you deny the only TIE ever????

Bout of the Year (womens)

There was no "Vagine Regime Grey v. Orange @ RollerCon" option, so I had to settle with Denver v. Texas at WFTDA Champs :P


BustHer, your idea intrigues me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.


There's actually an Everyone/Oly button for best rivalry??? That makes me giggle! :)


I must have skimmed right over that one, that makes me laugh too!

The Best Blocker Nominee Shaolynn Scarlett

Shaolynn Scarlett is amazing!!! Love watching her play!

This is tough

Why couldn't I vote for demanda belle riot hooks?


I wished for the same thing.

As a politician

I did color commentary and play-by-play as I voted in the 2012 DNN poll. And as was the case in November, as goes Ohio, so goes the nation.


Voting in this poll is MUCH harder than I thought it would be. Still can't confidently vote in any of the men's categories (again). I swear I'll start watching manderby sometime....

Debaucherous Prime

After seeing how many votes he got in the nomination poll I'm very surprised the gatekeepers top scoring jammer didn't get the nom. Kind of weird the second best team in mrda doesn't have a horse in the running for best jammer.


I nominated him and he got votes. It is weird that he was overlooked.


I went back just to make sure I wasn't crazy. He got just as many votes as Stitches. I'm guessing it has to do with name recognition on that team. If you don't watch them like we do, Prime isn't going to be one of the guys who you'll know just by name or word of mouth. Yeah everyone in derby, well a lot of people, know magnum and Percy, but Prime is the shit too.


It's an outrage?

I wouldn't go that far

As to say him being left off was an outrage, but I was definitely disappointed he didn't get nominated.

ima dork

ima dork

go V-Diva

go V-Diva

Don't kid yourselves

Jurasskick is way too good of a jammer to not be in that category too...

Also, let's get real, Gotham's Hive Mind is definitely better than any blocker on the list, even Slaydie. She's but a part of this mysterious force...

Is it next season yet?

YMMD vs. Gatekeepers (MRDA Championships)

Best bout I've ever seen. It had everything: 2 amazing teams, lead changes, drama, great power jams, and it all came down to the final jam. Oh, and it was for the MRDA Championship trophy, to boot. How can it not be the men's bout of the year??


Best and most exciting bout I watched all year, WFTDA included.

Excited for 2013! Roll ON!

Excited for 2013! Roll ON!

MVP Jammer

V Diva!!!

soo hard!!

How do you pick on some of these...

That's what she said


Serelson! 2012 Rookie of the Year!

Serelson earned her way to the top in her very first WFTDA year.


In this poll is kind of a pain. Why not have a little check box like any other poll? Lol. I can't even find the original vote thread for Fifi Nomenon so I can upvote it...

The Results

When will the results be posted?

It's in the works

We're pulling together the announcement and analysis as we speak, but it'll take a little while -- not least because it's 1am where the dude in charge of writing it is. Look for the full article in the next day or so.


Always gotta be different.

how many outrages?

While we await the results, lets guess how many Outrages there will be. I'm guessing 8 (more than half).