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DNN Best of 2012 Reader Poll: Make Your Nominations!

  • Photo (c) Axle Adams
  • Photo (c) Dave Wood
  • Photo (c) Check Mate

The 2012 season is finally over and, as it seems like the world is not going to end today after all, we've decided it's time to post the nomination thread for our fourth annual DNN Reader's Choice Poll. (If you're just joining us this year, check out the winners from 2009, 2010 and 2011.)

Note that this post is not the poll itself--that will be posted next week. This is the nomination thread. Please read this post carefully to help us with a smooth nomination process and to ensure the people you want to see nominated have the best possible chance of making it onto the list.

As ever, we here at DNN are nominating 5 nominees per category and throwing open the comment thread for You The Readers to nominate up to 5 more per category.

To officially make a nomination, please comment with the subject title "[CATEGORY]: [NOMINEE]." (Yes, smartasses, you'll replace the words in brackets with a category and a nominee. So, for example, a nomination subject would look like "Rookie of the Year: Suzy Hotrod, Gotham" or "Best Rivalry: Oly vs Arizona.")

These next two parts are really important to help us work through the data:
1) You can use the body of your comment to go into detail about why your nominee is awesome, but PLEASE only one nomination per comment. This is important because…

2) If somebody has already made a nomination that you agree with, please don't duplicate the nomination further down the thread! Instead, click on the little up arrow (in the upper right hand corner of the comment) to upvote that comment. If you want to add some weight to what they've said, you can reply to their comment too--but don't forget to upvote the original! (You will only see this arrow if you are logged into DNN. Don't be shy, it takes like 20 seconds to create an account if you don't already have one.)

To be clear: feel free to jibber jabber to your heart's content about nominees in the thread, but please make sure you register your support for a given nominee by upvoting the first comment that officially nominates them. It will make our lives much easier when compiling the final list.

This week, we'll look over the reader nominees and add up to 5 of them to each category. Voting will open on the poll on Thursday, December 27 and run to Thursday, January 3.

The categories this year are Most Valuable Jammer, Most Valuable Blocker, Best Double Threat, Rookie of the Year, Breakout Player, Bout of the Year, Best Announcer, Best Rivalry, Most Improved Team, Best Venue and Best Regular-Season Event.

As happened last year, Best Photo has been spun off into a separate contest on our sister site DerbyLife--check over here for details!

Breakout Player replaces the troublesome 'Most Underrated' category. This is for the skaters who are not rookies and have not been nominated elsewhere, but have stepped up their game significantly in 2012 to make a serious impact for a top-level team.

From the "Yes, we know" department: "Rookie of the Year" is a tricky concept, since almost all players on all-star teams have been playing for more than a year. For the purposes of this poll, a "rookie" is a skater who played her first sanctioned all-star game for a tournament-level team at some point after playoffs in 2011. We are quite aware that most of the players nominated were playing derby before 2012.

Finally, keep it positive, please. There are easily far more than 10 players / venues / bouts / events per category that could reasonably qualify for a nomination. We're much more interested in hearing about why somebody deserves a nomination than why somebody else doesn't.

Without further ado, the DNN nominations:

Most Valuable Jammer (Women's)

Atomatrix (Oly)
Bonnie Thunders (Gotham)
Sandrine Rangeon (Denver)
V-Diva (Philly)
'Snot Rocket Science (Steel City)

Most Valuable Blocker (Women's)

belle RIGHT hooks (Bay Area)
Gotham's Hive Mind (Gotham)
Hockey Honey (Oly)
Polly Gone (Texas)
Wild Cherri (Atlanta)

Best Double-Threat (Women's)

Carmen Getsome (Rat City)
I.M. Pain (Charm City)
Jackie Daniels (Windy City)
Killbox (Texas)
Nock Nock (Bay Area)

Rookie of the Year (Women's)

Fifi Nomenon (Angel City)
Flamin' Aggro (London)
KonichiWOW (Windy City)
On Da Sligh (Oly)
Shaina Serelson (Denver)

Breakout Player of the Year (Women's)

Lenore Gore (DC)
Merchant of Menace (Atlanta)
Sargentina (Windy City)
Shaolynn Scarlett (London)
Smarty Pants (Texas)

Bout of the Year (Women's)

Berlin vs Stockholm (Track Queens: Battle Royal)
Denver v Bay Area (West Regionals Semifinal)
Denver v Oly (Western Regionals Final)
London vs Charm City (East Regionals 3rd Place)
Windy City v Minnesota (June)

Best Announcer

D'nouncer Duane
Rev Norb
Sweet Willy T-Bag
Val Capone

Best Rivalry

Angel / Wasatch
Arch Rival / Ohio
Bay Area / Rose City
Boston / Carolina
Windy City / Minnesota

Most Improved Team (Women's)


Best Venue

Arena Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
Craneway Pavilion (Richmond, CA)
Pershing Center (Lincoln, NE)
Roy Wilkins Auditorium (St. Paul, MN)
1st Bank Arena (Broomfield, CO)

Best Regular-Season Event

Battle on the Bank
East Coast Extravaganza
Spring Roll
Track Queens: Battle Royal

Most Valuable Jammer (Men's)

Frank Notsohotra (Your Mom)
Jeremy Strecker (Magic City)
Jonathan R (New York Shock Exchange)
No Big Deal (Mass Malestrom)
Speed Dealer (Puget Sound Outcast Derby)

Most Valuable Blocker (Men's)

Abe Drinkin (New York)
Derek Calkins (Magic City Misfits)
Seahorses Forever (Your Mom)
Sugar Boots (Your Mom Men’s Derby)
Percy Controll (St. Louis GateKeepers)

Best Double-Threat (Men's)

Bleed 'Em & Reap (Portland Men’s Roller Derby)
Chuck Best (Magic City)
Jack Hamm'rd (Mass Malestrom)
Magnum P.I.M.P. (St. Louis)
Quadzilla (Puget Sound Outcast Derby)

Bout of the Year (Men's)

Your Mom v St. Louis GateKeepers (MRDA Championship Bout)
Your Mom v New York Shock Exchange (Spring Roll)
New York Shock Exchange v Magic City (MRDA Championships 3rd place)
New York Shock Exchange v St. Louis GateKeepers (Spring Roll)
Southern Discomfort Roller Derby v Toulouse Quad Guards (Men’s European Roller Derby Championships)

[James Brains and Girl Fawkes also contributed content for this article, for which DNN is eternally grateful.]


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Most Valuable Jammer (Women's): Grim D. Mise [Maine]

I've been on the Grim D. Mise bandwagon since 2010. She is easily one of the best jammers I've seen. I was proud to nominate her last year, and proud to do so again this year.

Most Valuable Blocker (W): Ms. Anthrope the Mordant [Carolina]

I don't think I can gush enough about how much I love watching Mordant block. She rarely gets flustered (I think she has ice water running through her veins), and she is the biggest thorn in the side of any opposing jammer that faces Carolina.

Re: Ms. Anthrope the Mordant

I've noticed that while she may not be the biggest or strongest skater, she's as sound as it gets in her blocking techniques, positioning and balance. Eventhough I'm just a fan, I would be tempted to advise new skaters who want to be good blockers to watch her play.

Breakout Player of the Year: Uvetta Work [Charm City]

Curse you, DNN, for posting who my pick was going to be had she not been listed (Lenore Gore). Failing that, holy wow has Uvetta Work won my heart this year by blocking like crazy for Charm City.


It's also her rookie year.

By Way of Explanation....

...there are fewer categories in the Men's because we felt that Rookie and Breakout didn't really work in an MRDA context this year due to the amount of new skaters and their impact.

Next year, once things have settled down a little, perhaps...

Most Improved Team (Women's): DC Rollergirls

2011 was a tumultuous year for DC, losing a significant amount of their veteran players and just missing the cut for a tournament that they co-hosted. In 2012 though, they regrouped, brought in new blood, and worked extremely hard to pull off two huge upsets during the East Region Playoffs.

I see your D.C. and raise you an Atlanta.

I see your D.C. and raise you an Atlanta.

We see your Atlanta...

...and point out that they're already on the list.

OK, well how about Toronto?

Yeah I missed Atlanta on the actual list. Maybe I should learn to read. :/

Still, there's a bunch of teams that just keep getting better and better. Hence the need for a Div 2 tournament in 2013.

Rookie of the Year: Frightmare [DC Rollergirls]

Frightmare went from having her first game ever to becoming a member of the DC All-Stars, working her way into the regular rotation with her skill as a jammer. Her growth has been tremendous, and I feel that we'll be seeing a lot more of her to come in 2013.

A true rookie!

The disclaimer in the explanation for Rookie of the Year doesn't even apply here, which is what I think makes Frightmare stand out even more. She didn't just have an amazing rookie season with the All-Stars. She had an amazing first season *ever*!

Best Announcer: Plastik Patrik [Montreal]

Excellence in two languages, and one of my favorites to work with.

Not above mention

Try running an image search for him on the Googles.

Fuck yes!

Not only do I support this nomination wholeheartedly, but I'm pissed I didn't think of it first. ;-) La premier jammer! Super jam!

Ms. Spyder

Ms. Spyder has to be acknowledged in this poll as Best Announcer.
Her knowledge of the game and players makes her one of, if not the top contender for this award.

Plastik Patrik

Oui Oui "mon petit derby chou"

Bout of the Year: Texas v. Denver (Champs)

Denver's comeback in the 2nd half, Rangeon's 44 point jam, a nailbiter down to the last jam. That shit was exciting!


This game kept me on my feet for sure!

Best Double-Threat (Women's): Switchblade Siouxsie [Atlanta]

Sometimes, I feel like the only thing Switchblade Siouxsie can't do is levitate. And even then, I'm pretty sure she could pull it off if she thought about it.

Bout of the Year (Women's): Texas/Atlanta, South Central Final

Very rarely do I find myself screaming at my monitor while watching a game, but Texas vs. Atlanta was one of those games where my pulse was racing and my heart was thudding through my chest just by watching. I am, quite frankly, shocked it wasn't nominated.

Best Announcer: Sashion Victim

Sashion's dedication and CRAZY knowledge about derby makes SASHION VICTIM a no brainer as best announcer.

~Styx N Stones
DC Rollergirls

Sashion Victim

The Wikipedia of Derby

Most Valuable Blocker (Women's): V. Lee (LA Derby Dolls)

Ask anyone on banked track :)

Best Double-Threat (Women's): Psycho Babble (Oly)

After not doing a whole lot of jamming in recent years, it was a treat to see Psycho don the star on a somewhat more regular basis this season.


What about best rollerderp.... I mean best roller derby tumblr?

Most Valuable Blocker (Women's): Sassy (Oly)

There are few people out there who can single-handedly hold back an opposing jammer as long as Sassy can. It's frustrating as hell to watch. ;-)


She is flat-out one of the best players in the game. Probably the most effective "last line of defense" skater a team can have.

third for Sassy

Not only is she one of the most FEARED blockers on the international circuit, but she plays with class and leadership and has the respect of anyone who has ever met her, seen her skate or been hit by her. Just an all-around fantastic athlete.

Rookie of the Year & Best Double-Threat (woman) V-Diva

Rookie of the Year (Women's) V-Diva
She's new to the big game she makes a very big impact with the Philly Roller Girls this year she score over 1,000 + points for city of love.

Best Double-Threat (Women's) V-Diva
Have you seen her blocking and jamming she's definitely a double treat just watch some video of her video on WFTDA TV

Rookie eligibility

It wouldn't be a DNN nomination thread without an argument about who qualifies for Rookie of the Year! But 1) players are only nominated in one category and 2) although this was V-Diva's first year on Philly, she isn't eligible for "rookie" status under the standard we settled on a couple of years ago, as she played for Dutchland in the 2011 playoffs.

"Rookie of the Year" is a tricky concept, since almost all players on all-star teams have been playing for more than a year. For the purposes of this poll, a "rookie" is a skater who played her first sanctioned all-star game for a tournament-level team at some point after playoffs in 2011."

Most Valuable Blocker (Women's): Amanda Jamitinya (Rocky Mtn)

As a photographer, I sometimes hear people wondering what it takes for a blocker to get photographed. The short answer is simple - the jammer is the most likely person to be photographed. So if you're not the jammer, HIT the jammer. AJ does this. A lot.


I thought for sure that she was going to get MVP blocker at Westerns.

Most Valuable Jammer (Men's): Mr Furieux (Toulouse Quad Guards)

If you saw him play at the Men's European Championships, you'll know why. If not, there are a few highlights at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXMJvA8VhC0.


You're absolutely right ! Mr Furieux it's magic ! Do not forget !

Of course he has to be it.

Of course he has to be it. He's the most awesome jammer. Would love to see him win. He is so agile and one of my merby heroes

Most Valuable Jammer (Men's): Mr Furieux (Toulouse Quad Guards)

For sure he should (this is not chauvinism... :)) )
As a jammer, Mr Furieux jumps like cat, sneak around blockers, very clean, stylish and efficient.
Thus, learned by himself, began to skate 2 years ago, spent so much time training and coaching.
Must be one of the most valuable jammer, because this is just legendary!

Most Valuable Jammer (Men's): Mr Furieux (Toulouse Quad Guards)

Yes ! Definitely the greastest !

Most Valuable Jammer (Men's): Mr Furieux (Toulouse Quad Guards)

Hell yeah !

Most Improved Team (Women's): Denver

Went from early elimination from regionals two years in a row to 3rd place. Not bad.

Bout of the Year (Women's): Gotham v Oly

While it is perhaps a bit overstated to have the championship bout also be the bout of the year, I feel it is right to have this as one of the options.

Beyond just being a contest of amazing talent, it also seemed to pose the question if incredibly talented individual skaters could find cohesion enough to win against a very strong, smart, "hive mind" team.

And aside from the themes that might have been at work around the bout, I feel it was honestly the best derby this year.

Thank you, and happy holidays!

Hale Yeah

[Most Schizophrenic Team] [Texas]

They suck in July and rule in November.

Most Improved Team (Women's): Victorian Roller Derby League

They've come leaps and bounds since playing TXRG's Hotrod Honeys and Rat City's All Stars last year to taking convincing victories at Dust Devil this year. VRDL are on the up and up. Expect to see them at Playoffs if they continue at this rate.

VRDL for sure!

Amazing work ethic and this year's scores speak for themselves. Besting their closest national rivals by 81, then 121, then most recently 206. Monster performances at Dust Devil and a darn good showing against Gotham with a loss if 270.

.....now I am out of the country and no longer on the team, surely this is a legit nomination ;)


VRDL All Stars have improved out of sight this year... I was at both the Hotrod Honeys and Rat City bouts in Melbourne and loved watching Dust Devil online - as a fellow Aussie I am so proud of one of our own taking on US teams and doing so well.

Big surprise

From down under

Best Announcer: Koolaid


Best Announcer: Bryant Mumble


Best Announcer: John Maddening


Best Announcer: Bob Noxious


Luv bob!

Great announcer and one of the first true supporters of Canadian derby!

Best Announcer: Baam Baam


Best Announcer: AK 40 oz.

Yep. ((hic!))

Best Announcer: Dill Hero


Best Announcer: Muckity Muck


Muckity Muck Thumbsity Up. WARNING: side topics: award criteria

I was blown away listening to M.M. this tournament season on WFTDA.TV... It was like, Woah who let the professional in to the room??

Meanwhile as long as I have the floor I would like further clarification from the DNN boys about the definition of "double threat" and "breakout player". People have been nominated for breakout player who have been FANTASTIC players for YEARS (like shenita and smarty... "breakout"?? Who have you been watching for the last five years??)... ??

And others have been nominated for double threat who may only have blocked a handful of times, at most, at regionals/champs. It's hard not to view the "double threat" award as a reflection of specific roster lineup necessities, unless we get some more specific criteria.

Best Announcer: Late Night Lyle



Latenight Lyle. And after listening to him (and Mello Joe) all last weekend, I agree he's awesome.

Package deal?

Lyle is truly amazing, best voice in the business. Although I have to say that I don't think you can nominate him without also extending kudos to Mello Joe - maybe we need a category for Best Announcing Partnership.

agreed - Latenight Lyle and Mello Joe together

I've heard them both announce with other partners, but when Latenight Lyle and Mello Joe are together they are more than the sum of their parts.

Most Underrated Announcer: Raucous Ron Scott

OK, this isn't really a category...so what?

Best Regular-Season Event: The Big O

that was a lot of fun.


I agree. It turned out great and was a lot of fun. Big ups to the Big O Tournament!

Best Regular-Season Event: The Big O

Oh HELL YEAH! Big O for SURE! So much fun! Such a great event!

Best Regular-Season Event: The Big O

The Big O rocks my world!

Best Regular-Season Event: The Big O

LOVE me some ECRG!

Best Rivalry: NYSE / Gatekeepers

There wasn't a separate men's rivalry, but it's worth recognizing.

Best Double Threat (Men's): Jurasskick Park


Rookie of the Year (Women's) BRAZILIAN NUT

Rookie of the Year (Women's): BRAZILIAN NUT #16 - GGRD

She is cherished by every brazilian derby players;
She is comited to the sport;
She won MVP for Team Brazil at world cup;
She won Gotham Girls Roller Derby league’s 2011 Rookie of the Year;
She makes it looks easy;
I could go on and on....

if you ever saw her playing you will agree with me.

Beki Band-Aid

Most Valuable Jammer - V-Diva from Philly!!

I've always loved watching Diva skate!! She is an amazing skater!

Rookie of the year - Fifi Nomenom from Angel City

I had an awesome opportunity to skate with AND against Fifi.. She is hands down one of the best out there!


She's already nominated.

Rookie of the Year - The Smacktivist - Ohio Roller Girls

Girl is a bonafide rookie noob. A very gifted one. Rocked it out for OHRG in 2012. Earned MVP Jammer at North Central Region playoffs. Modest and hard working, phenomenal player to watch.

this x 10,000

Seriously. What a badass and one of the nicest people off the track too.

You beat me to this.

You beat me to this.

Seriously. Anyone that was at North Central Regionals knows. I will never forget the crowd going absolutely wild when she took out the amazing Jackie Daniels on turn 2 WHILE JAMMING.

not only is the smacktivist

not only is the smacktivist awesome, a rookie, and super nice, but she also likes puppies. if you don't vote for the smacktivist, you are actually voting against puppies (fyi).

She is Awesome

That is all.

she's a true rookie

Smacktivist isn't just new to OHRG or our charter team, she's new to roller derby as a whole. Her first competitive bout ever was November of last year. And of course she's got some mad derby skillz!


Absolutely second this.

Best Regular Season Event - Mohawk Valley Cup

Mens Tournament hosted by Quadfathers Men's Roller Derby.


Or something...

Remember to upvote...

..with the little up arrow to the right of the comment, as well as registering your approval through a reply.

mvc !!!!!!!!

Listen to slay west and vote for mvc!!!!

Bout of the Year (Women's) : Texas vs Atlanta

The SC final regional tournament game coming down to the last jam, score tied, #6 seed vs #1 seed....I'd say that makes for one hell of a bout!! :)

Apologies - I read thru

Apologies - I read thru previous noms and didn't see this one!!!

Best Announcer: Pelvis Costello

Fer realz

Breakout Player of the Year (Women's): Shenita Stretcher, Philly

Fabulous coach, fantastic skater, fancy moves

Most Valuable Double-Threat: Juke Boxx

She helped bring Minnesota back to WFTDA Championships in 2010 as an amazing jammer, then became an extremely fast, hard-hitting blocker who is seemingly everywhere on the track at once. She still is brought out to jam in tight situations, and she hasn't lost a step.

Not that it matters for these

Not that it matters for these purposes, but she's also a *lovely* person :D ended up sitting next to her on a 40 seat flight into Burlington (Easterns) - she said it was the first tournament she'd *ever* gone to to just *watch*, and not play, not sell things, not do stuff, just watch and cheer. Really lovely girl to the dead-tired, jet-lagged, worn-out Australian.

100% agree!

It's like there are 2 of her on the track when she's on. Always doing something.

Bout of the Year (Men's): Mass Maelstrom v Portland @ MRDA Champ

Maelstrom upsets #6 seed after starting the season unranked!

Bout of the Year (Women's): Gotham vs Rose City (June)

Despite losing a key jammer in the first minutes of the bout Rose City stepped up to play the toughest game against Gotham we saw all year, and became the only team with a less than 100 point loss vs Gotham in 2012.

Breakout Player of the Year (Women's): Bob Loblaw, RMRG

She doesn't need an explanation on why she should be nominated for this. I love watching her block!

Best Double-Threat (Women's): Juke Boxx, Minnesota

What can I say? She brings it.


This is a duplicate. See about 5 comments up.

Rookie of the Year (W): Ozzie Kamikaze (Atlanta)

Ozzie was a mid season addition to the Atlanta Rollergirls. She transferred from a virtually unknown WFTDA AP league in SC region having never played in a sanctioned game, let alone tournament level play amongst WFTDA's best. DEspite mid-season arrival and very little experience in WFTDA play she was selected for roster in each game, with significant play time at both SC and their game in Champs.

Best Announcer- Big Poppa Razzi (Detroit)

Big Poppa Razzi (Detroit)

Most Valuable Jammer (Women's): Jalapeno Business, Rat City

Took her game to a much higher level this year. Highly productive, a lotta grit, determination, great work ethic. Had a tremendous bout in a losing effort against Bay Area in the Westerns.


Total workhorse at Westerns. Definitely deserves a nomination.

Most Valuable Jammer (Woman's): 'snot rocket science

I mean COME ON - have you ever seen her skate!?

We agree she deserves a nomination...

Hence her nomination :)



Yeah, I've seen 'snot rocket

Yeah, I've seen 'snot rocket science skate and she is awsome!!

Best announcer: Miss Moxxxie

I'm actually really surprised no one has nominated her. She has such a smooth delivery, knows the game and has a sense of humor.



Best Last Minor Holder- Noah Tall

You see that profile pic? Yeah, that's me with the LAST minor in WFTDA Big 5 Tournament play. And that whiteboard was effin heavy! Who frames a whiteboard? I guess someone who is hoping that whiteboard will be world famous someday, that's who. So yay, me! Oh, and yeah, I guess that ref guy should get some props for calling it (Go Statsi!) and maybe the skater should get some for being awarded it (Scara Ta Death). How about some love for the whole Murder in Cleveland crew that officiated the LAST last minor tournament bout?

Go us!

Most Improved Team (Women's) : Helsinki

Tough bouts throughout the year, including three minibouts and one full length one in just a span of few hours in UK (losing just 1 minibout and with just 1 point), and finishing the year in the 1st European WFTDA-tournament in Berlin losing just to Berlin (jumping from the 9th seed to 5th).. yeah, that's pretty awesome allright.

We agree...

...which is why we nominated them too.

They did not loose to Berlin,

They did not loose to Berlin, as we did not play them.... But regarding the improvement as a team, I totally agree.

Best Announcer: Max the Axe

Max the Axe (and his 'sister', Gretchen) have been the announcer for Harrisburg Area Roller Derby for three seasons now. In 2011 he did a phenomenal job on the ECDX & Eastern Regional Stream announcing some of the biggest bouts of the year (including LONDON v MONTREAL which won DNN's Best Bout of 2011). In 2012, he expanded his reach to Rollercon and North Central Regionals as well. The man has a voice like butter, knows his derby and can banter with anyone who gets on the mic with him. MAX THE AXE FOR BEST ANNOUNCER!! :-D

Bout of the Year: Naptown v Atlanta (Championships)

How has no one said this yet?? I triple checked the list because someone HAD to have mentioned this bout. Naptown vs Atlanta, the first night at Champs, was EVERYTHING roller derby should be. It was nail-biting, hard-hitting, extremely fast when it had to be and extremely slow when it demanded. Every skater poured every ounce of their soul in each hit, hop, misdirection and push. Walls were broken. Apexes were leapt. If you were playing the Derby Drinking game, you would have gotten alcohol poisoning just from the number of lead changes throughout the bout.

The crowd was ELECTRIC. No one knew who to root for, because everyone could see the incredible footwork and finesse coming from both rosters. I get chills just thinking about the tension in the room with every new jam. Naptown versus Atlanta. Please make every Championship game just like this one. Please.

Down to the last jam

Yes! It came down to the last jam with an Official Review called since Atlanta had no time-outs left, and Atlanta got lead. Naptown ended up matching enough points and took the win. Heart attack central!

Most Valuable Jammer (Women's): Scald Eagle, Rose City

Let the up-voting begin...

Most Valuable Blocker (Women's): Demanda Riot

No one thought about her? :) Awesome blocker!!


Finally... trawling through to find the most hard-working and effective blocker over all others... pretty valuable as a jammer as well in my book from watching RC Down Under bouts ;)
Also an amazing coach - shares all the great moves with an infectious enthusiasm and awesome intensity.
Rip it up Demanda Riot!!

More from Europe

Best jammer (women): Kamikaze kitten - London
Best jammer (men): Mr. Furieux - Toulouse Quad guards

And from Belgium:

Most improved: Gent Go Go Roller Girls
Double Threat: Pussy Pit (Gent)
Bout of the year: One Love Roller Dolls - Gent Go Go Roller Girls (final of Skates of Glory)

Separate posts, please!

Each nomination needs to have its own post so that we can tally the upvotes on them.


Sorry my bad

Mr Furieux is already up here somewhere.

Breakout Player of the Year Shaolynn Scarlett (London)

She's a BADASS, Gangnam Style.x

Shaolynn Scarlett

Shaolynn Scarlett is already nominated in this category. (We don't mean to be dicks by repeatedly calling out duplicate nominations, but since we're determining the reader's nominations by comment upvotes, it's important to keep the thread focused on new suggestions.)

Maybe you can delete duplicates, then?

That would probably help.

Did that last year

...and got accused of attempting to fix the vote. Can't win for losin' on this here Internet.

This may make me lose some thumbs up there...

...but whoever said that is a big douchebag. Neener neener neener, as they say.

Most Valuable Jammer (Women's): Kamikaze Kitten - London

Europe's finest

Most Improved team (Women's): Gent Go Go Rollergirls

The revelation from Track Queens. Stealing the hearts of the crowd.

Surprise Team

Gent was the team that was the biggest surprise of the 1st European wftda tournament. So much improvement within this one year. Impressive!

Most Valuable Double Treath: Pussy Pit (Gent)

Proved at Track Queens how amazing she is as a blocker an as a jammer. Maybe someone should nominate her as Rookie of the year as well.

Bout of the year:One Love Roller Dolls - Gent Go Go Roller Girls

Final bout of the Skates of Glory tournament.
Exciting final of a great tournament for the teams of the Lowlands. Legendary bout over here.

Most Valuable Double Threat: Curly Håår (Crime City Rollers)

Great Jammer, passes the pack like it didn't exist.
As a blocker, she's quite effective with a great fairness. Hardly gets any penalties.

Most Valuable Jammer (Womens): Nina Ninja (DCRG)

Very tough call here. I don't feel that any choice here would be a bad one. Nina brings real excitement to the Jammer line every time she dons the star. From the revving up, to her explosive power, to her breakaway speed. She is a crowd favorite and always puts up a fight.

Most Valuable Blocker (Womens): SOLEDAD (DCRG)

Once again the nod could go towards several amazing blockers. Demanda Riot whom I saw further up the list is a great choice, most of the Iron Mountain girls, however I don't think anyone, anywhere who has seen Soledad play, or faced her on the track can ever forget her. Soledad is intensity, every thing she does is hard. Solie is one of those blockers that makes our job as announcers easy, she gives us plenty to talk about.

Most Improved team (Women's): Gent Go-Go Roller Girls

Originally ranked last at the Track Queens: Battle Royale tournament, they soon proved to be the suprise of the weekend! Ending up at 6th place, putting Ghent (& Belgium) on the roller derby map!

Best Double-Threat (Women's): Stefanie Mainey (London)

Mainey has proven to be one of LRG's most precious assets over the years. Whether she's a blocker/pivot or jammer, she remains a key factor in London's game. She's a strong & insightful skater who's able to lead the pack, whilst holding the opposing jammer behind her. Her sense of control and agility is remarkable to say the least!

Bout of the Year (Men's) : S D R D v Toulouse Quad Guards

Final score of the first Men’s European Roller Derby Championships: 256-254, achieved on a last-second "4 points space" jam!
That was so thrilling!
Need to have European Derby promoted, because it deserves!

We agree with you...

Which is why it was one of the five DNN nominations above.

Rookie of the Year (Women's): Sandrine Rangeon aka Francy Pants

"For the purposes of this poll, a "rookie" is a skater who played her first sanctioned all-star game for a tournament-level team at some point after playoffs in 2011"

Rangeon did not begin playing Sanctioned all-star play until 2012 with Montreal, followed by her well-documented performance in Denver.

Definitely a rookie

According to her interview on wftda.com, she only played 3 months in California (non WFTDA) and 4 months in Montreal before playing with Denver: http://wftda.com/featured-skater/francey-pants
So she's most definitely a rookie!

Bout of the Year (Men's): Mass Maelstrom vs NYSE (Mohawk Cup)

The team that would not quit. I'm not saying it was a close game, but damn if Maelstrom didn't show the world their determination and pure heart in that game.

Best Announcer: Muckety Muck

Best announcer in the game right now is Muckety. He deserves the award.

Best Double Threat - Phoenix Bunz - Ohio Roller Girls

It took me a minute to nominate her bc I couldn't figure out which was more appropriate: breakout player, jammer, or double threat. Girl is a beast. She cleans house in the pack and on the jammer line. Anyone who's ever played against her knows what a colossal headache it is. MVP of Brewhaha and North Central Playoffs.

One of our rookies once exclaimed in sheer, genuine terror: "She's like a champion fight dog, she clamps on and just...doesn't let...go...". Derbybot 2000, FTW.

Derbybot 3000. 3000,

Derbybot 3000. 3000, Chainsaw.
The only proof I have that she is human is that I was at her wedding and saw her get a tiny bit emotional.

Derbybot 3000 is slated for

Derbybot 3000 is slated for release March 9, 2013...

Most valuable volunteers and roller derby tailgaters:

The Derby Brothers

Need a sport court put down and picked up in record time?!?! Need those that know the dimensions of a WFTDA track with their eyes closed and can lay it right every time?!?!? Want the coldest beer at the venue? Need your blood wiped off the track?...In 2004 a crack commando unit was sent to a mental institution by a military court for crimes they didn't commit, or at least don’t remember committing. These men and women promptly escaped from a maximum security nut house to the Roller Derby underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as beer swillin’ derby fanatics and soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, if it has anything to do with WFTDA Roller Derby, if you need coolers full of cold beer and booze, if you need bacon wrapped anything, and if you can find them, then maybe you can hire,THE DERBY BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

best blocker: olivia face, philly

also, breakout skater should probably be sandrine rangeon.

Rookie of the Year- Stitches from Arch Rival Roller Girls

This girl is good enough to be in discussion as a top 10 blocker. If you haven't had the pleasure to watch her you've missed a real treat.

Not a Rookie

I will however nominate her for best blocker. This was her second year with the travel team.


She played on the travel team before regionals the year before? I was certain she didn't. Man I'm silly. I even asked people I trusted.


She played with us all year in 2011 and then in 2012.

Two full seasons.


There are some certain roller girls that I won't name that were certain this was her first year. Boo on us. She is probably my favorite player on your team. Oh who am I kidding I love all you guys! I totally want my nomination to be for best blocker now and we will add in my votes to yours.

Oliva Shootin John MVP Jammer

If you take a look at OJ's Big 5 stats in the Rinxter repo she is consistently one of the best jammers in every tournament she participates in (interleague games as well). She routinely scores in or near the hundred points per game range, and has been one of the most consistent players in our sport for many years.

She is on the cover of the new rules for Pete's Sake!

Indirectly related, OJ is an incredibly driven and bright athlete. Her unquestionable, yet somewhat quiet, determination has helped to catapult our team and those around her into leaps and bounds of improvement.

Rookie of the Year: Slambda Phage, Gotham

Here is a true rookie who made Gotham all stars in her first year of skating.

She comes from a hockey background and I am excited to see what she does in the future once playing the sport longer!


January 2012: never played in a bout
Nov 2012: key backup with Claire for Bonnie/Suzy to win regionals and champs
Dec 2012: skates ass off in Australia to beat derby dolls three times at RDX.
Dec 2012: wins Gotham's local ROY award

you wish you had such a rookie year. look out world.

I've been following

Phage's growth all year with interest and when I met her in Sydney before the RDX Gotham/LADD bouts she confessed she'd never been on the banked track before. She rocked it and now I can totally vouch for her awesomeness. Gotham are so lucky to have found this gem.

She's the rookie you wish for!

Played against her this fall and she is really a force to be reckoned with!

Most Valuable Jammer (Men's): Debaucherous Prime, Gatekeepers

Prime is a fantastic jammer for the Gatekeepers. He gets the shit kicked out of him and keeps going. Awesome footwork and speed from that dude!

Most Valuable Blocker: May Require Stitches, Arch Rival

Stitches is the shit. She is a killer blocker and plays an important role on our team. She makes everyone better that skates with her. This was her second year playing roller derby and she is amazing and pulls off the craziest shit. She has been playing hockey for a big portion of her young life (she is 21.) She is a jock to the max and we love it when she blocks a jammer and then flips her pony tail afterwards.

Those who have watched her play know that she is a top level blocker that could compete with the best skaters out there.

Most Valuable Blocker-Athena (Steel City)

Seriously have you been on the receiving end of one of her blocks to the gut...shes agile, a crazy hard hitter, AND the self appointed Mayor of Roller Derby

100% agree. She is

100% agree. She is relentless in her play and will swallow you back up, over and over and over again.

Most Valuable Blocker (Women): Shark Week, Boston

Shark Week had a great season as a Massacre rookie in 2011, and as she continues to get stronger and smarter, she is quickly developing into a downright terrifying blocker. She's relentless in pursuit and can cut through the pack like, well, a shark, delivering crushing hits JUST when an opposing jammer thinks she's going to clear the pack. She is returning as a captain of the Massacre for good reason.

Best Regular Season Event: Midwest Brewhaha

This is an awesome event hosted by Brew City.

More and more competition every year!!!

I must admit I was boggled

I must admit I was boggled this wasn't in the original list of nominations. Especially with the new venue last year!

Most Valuable Jammer (Womens): Madame Scurrie (NHRD)

Scurrie was a huge contributing factor as to why NHRD moved from #26E to #12E in one season, and she has some of the best jammer talent of any jammers I've skated with over the past 6 years. <3 !

Best Announcer: Danny Mac

From listening to his regular season work with Naptown and tournament play, he brings a great deal of intelligence and insight to the viewers with a fine broadcasting voice. Another underrated talent.

Most Improved Team (Womens): Wasatch

If you've had the chance to meet the women of Midnight Terror (Wasatch Travel Team), you've met some of the best, hard working, dedicated and loveable players in the game. They're sweethearts off the track and completely fierce on it. They knew the odds, and they pushed to break them this last season. GO WASATCH!

On the list

Obviously DNN agreed, because we're already on their list of nominations :)

Best Rivalry: Angel v Wasatch

An AWESOMELY intense game earlier in the season putting Wasatch on top, and then coming back together again at Regionals for Angel to take the win in the last few minutes. This is a rivalry I can't wait to see continue into the 2013 season.

These are locked in

Both this rivalry and Wasatch as most improved are already locked in to the final voting, as they were DNN nominations.

Gratifying to know you agree with us, though.

V diva for breakout player of the year

this is one I think she can win

Best Regular-Season Event: The Great Southern Slam

Far be it from me to say that bigger is always better, but it IS the biggest derby event on the planet ...

Real reasons:
- Brings together teams from all over Oz and NZ (and Japan, Malaysia, etc -- please come next time!)
- Massively competitive, massively fun
- Plays out incredible rivalries, yet
- Has incredible rift-healing properties

Also, the bacon and egg rolls at the Adelaide Showgrounds are the stuff dreams are made of.


Triple post!


I second this nomination, amazing weekend of Derby.


I second this nomination, amazing weekend of Derby.

Oh Yes!

There's nothing like TGSS! And it is awesome!

Hell Yeah!!

Fantastic weekend of derby with five tracks, tournament of 16 teams, many more leagues in match-up bouts and challenge bouts to make it the biggest derby event in the Southern Hemisphere!!
Big love to Adelaide Roller Derby League for holding this awesome event for the second time to bring together so many derby sisters and brothers from around Australia, New Zealand and across the region.

In 2010 this was the largest

In 2010 this was the largest event in derby history. In 2012 it was doubly so. There's nothing more important to the development of Australasian roller derby than this national tournament and DNN were right there - every tournament bout live to a worldwide audience. Thankyou <3

Best Double Threat (women's)- Ivanna Shankabitch Boston

Amazing year. Shank the Tank was dependable in every game and rocked it at Easterns as both blocker and jammer.

No 'best derby writer' noms yet?


Best Jammer - Women's Soulfearic Acid, Rose City

She showed her value to the team not only on the track, but in how Rose did without her, Whitey and Eagle. Definitely worthy of a nom!

Best Blocker (women's) - Mel Mangles, Rose City

One of the smartest players and hardest workers in the sport. And super amazing blocker to boot.

And thus my second vote for

And thus my second vote for 'most lovely skater ever'. Crashed on my couch for two nights in Australia, then proceeded to get excited that I was visiting, seek me out in a giant room of Westerns skaters etc and take me out for sushi :)

The Chuck Norris of roller derby

'Nuff said.

Best Rivalry (women's) - Oly vs Rose

Very few rivalries more emotional than this one, or as competitive. Anytime they play, it's a must-see bout.

Best Regular Season Event (women's) - Wild West Showdown

Always some awesome action!

Most Valuable Jammer (Women's)- Lil Paine (Boston)

Lil Paine stepped it up this year and has been our most reliable and consistent jammer. She's such a hard worker and leads by example as coach of the Massacre! Who else incorporates burpees into after party dances??

can not forget

you can not forget antidote from philly for breakout .the games I saw her skate in that leave it all out on the track that do or die attitude.moving on up as a real fan favorite. you have to love that

Best Announcer - Inspector Muffin

You know that guy who you hear on the feed or in the venue and go "Who is this guy? He's really good." That's Inspector Muffin. He's new on the scene, but knows the game better than just about anyone and does an unbelievable amount of research. Not to mention that he's kind of a human Rinxter, keeping all his on stats in real-time while announcing the game!

Hell. Yes.

Inspector knows his shit and he is a genuinely awesome guy. He is clear and concise when announcing and has an awesome sense of humor, to boot.

Best of all...

you can actually understand what he's saying from the audience!

Rookie of the Year (Women's) - Whamsday Addams (Oly)

We often talk about Jr. Derby being the future of the sport. With Whamsday, the future is here. She's a great example of someone who is fresh out of the Jrs but ready for the big dance. Her talent makes it look so effortless! You're going to hear a lot about her in the future.

My work computer sucks and

My work computer sucks and double posted this so... let's put the votes on this post instead of the other. Sorry for being 'that guy.'

Rookie of the Year (Women's) - Whamsday Addams (Oly)

We often talk about Jr. Derby being the future of the sport. With Whamsday, the future is here. She's a great example of someone who is fresh out of the Jrs but ready for the big dance. Her talent makes it look so effortless! You're going to hear a lot about her in the future.

Best Venue - US Cellular Arena (Milwaukee, WI)

Site of the 2012 Brew Ha Ha, it's got arena seating, AND room for 2 tracks. Definitely one of my favorite places to have played this year.

Best Double-Threat (Women's)- Smarty Pants (TXRG)

I don't consider her a "breakout" because she has been a strong, consistent performer for TX and Team USA for YEARS but she is very clearly an important part of the beauty that is the entirely underrated Texacutioners and is often handed the star in times of need. Her team clearly trusts her to get the job done and she is fantastic to watch and learn from.

Most Valuable Blocker (Women's) - Fisti Cuffs (Gotham)

When Cuffs is on the floor, you can see AND hear her leadership instantly. She is the floor general in any pack she leads. She is consistent, precise, technical and a MASTER at pack definition. She also demonstrates the Gotham classiness that makes them a respected leader in the sport and among derby community.

Most Improved Team (Women's): New Hampshire Roller Derby

An influx of experienced skaters combined with solid coaching and a lot of hard work has brought NHRD from the low 20s in Eastern rankings at the beginning of 2012 to knocking on the door of the top 10. They made a splash at ECDX and had the biggest WFTDA ranking jump of the year, I believe--well deserved.


The stats are:
1) Jumped from 26E to 12E in three quarters.
2) Finished off the season with an 84 point win over 11E.



New Hampshire is a hungry team and will be a team to watch in 2013.

Best Double-Threat (Women's)- Teflon Donna (Philly)

For years, Tef has been a strong athlete and respected member of the derby verse. She excels in ANY position on the track and is an idol for derby girls across the globe!

Most Valuable Blocker (Men's)- Cory Pain (Puget Sound Outcast)

Cory is absolutely a jammer's worst nightmare and one of the Outcast's top performers and leaders on the track. He is a strong champion for the sport among men AND women, especially in the super-saturated Pacific Northwest region where he supports the sport at every level!

Best Announcer: Vince Hannity

OK Vince, call off your goons!



Breakout Player of the Year (Women's)- OnDa Sligh (Oly)

I'm pretty sure she actually does NOT qualify for Rookie as she skated in sanctioned bouts for Slaughter County previously, but her skill is absolutely worth awarding! We are all excited to see her have an opportunity to shine on the international circuit in her new role as one of Oly's amazingly talented jammers.

Bout of the Year (Men's) - Mass Maelstrom vs. Race City @MVC

Semi final game at the Mohawk Valley Cup with the winner likely getting the chance to make it to MRDA Champs (Mass won and made it to Champs for the first time)

Most Valuable Blocker (Women's)- Annie Maul (Kansas City)

After losing so many strong performers in 2012, KansAss was still able to have a great showing at champs in no small part to Annie Maul's strength in the pack. She clearly has the leadership and trust of her teammates and seems to also have some sort of ESP with her jammers that allows her to miraculously open the right hole, in the right place, at the right time, all while holding the opposing jammer at the same time. Annie Maul is a legend!


ANNIE FRIGGIN' MAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most Valuable Jammer: Harmony Killerbruise, Minnesota

This woman has been one of the mainstays of Minnesota's jammer rotation for several years. Harmony shows up to WORK, both at practice and on bout day. She watches all the footage, runs all the stairs, and lifts all the kettle bells necessary to be confident, capable and collected on bout day (aside from the occasional outburst of "WHAT THE CRAP??" in her charming Minnesota accent). At practice she is innovative and patient, and we all appreciate her calm competence. Going into Championships, she held one of the highest average points per jam, averaging 6 points per jam at the North Central Region Playoffs in Niagara. She has been instrumental in bringing MNRG from #9 in the Region in 2009 to holding at #2 in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Dedicated, adaptable, and hard-working skaters like Harmony are what make modern roller derby succeed.
p.s. I just want to add that I'm so pleased Smarty Pants has already been nominated. I got to watch her lead her blockers in one of the awesomest power jam kills EVER at Champs and she did it BACKWARDS and I can't wait for Texas to come to Minnesota in March!!! Phew. Just had to share that.

All that aaaaand...

at NC Regionals she had a skate malfuntion that required her to leave the track. BUT she used her toe stops to get to her pivot (D Rough) to pass the star before exiting the track. Now THAT is one hell of a jammer! I'd upvote this nomination a million times if I could.

The smartest jammer in roller derby?

Harmony is also possibly the smartest jammer in roller derby. She's not the kind of jammer who slams into the pack and just goes crazy. She's not overly flashy. She sizes up a pack, figures out the best path to get through based on her own strengths, and is deliberate in how she attacks the defense. She thinks ahead and takes specific angles to pull blockers to specific spots and open up her own holes. Also, she knows when to call it off and when not to. She's been known to choose to let the opposition score in order to better the pack situation. She'll match points with another jammer to get her blockers out of the penalty box and leave her team in a better pack situation for the next jam. —Little things like that that don't show up on a stats sheet but ultimately help win a bout.

Aside from her jammer smarts, she also has a fantastic stride and probably the best juke move in all of derby. She's almost impossible to block 1-on-1.

Most Valuable Jammer: Master Blaster, Berlin Bombshells

If you've played against her, you know why. I am fairly sure that she actually becomes two-dimensional when she slides past you and your partner. I am less sure how those two dimensions apply so much force to blockers' hips.

thumb up

Saw her skate this fall in the USA four or five times. She is a superstar. Prototype jammer of the future.

Bout of the Year (Women's): Sacred City vs Angel City (Westerns)


Do I need to say more?


Which will lead me to my nomination...

acdg vs sacred - best rivalry

agreed - such nail biters every time the teams play!

acdg vs sacred - best rivalry

agreed - such nail biters every time the teams play!

years off my life

This game was complete intensity. 100% all out for 60 minutes.


This bout gave me ALL the feels at Westerns.

Best Rivalry (Women's): Sacred/ACDG

6 Point game on Cinco De Mayo won by ACDG. 1 point game at Regionals won by Sacred.

Both games were intense. Cinco De Mayo was back and forth all the first half with a rally at the end.

The Regionals bout was considered over for Sacred 4 minutes before the final whistle.


For years, since 2008, Scared and Angel have been knocking each other off in extremely close games. First, to see who would go to regionals and now that both teams are solidly in the regional tournament ... no more regional tournaments! Oh well, things change. It's the most entertaining California rivalry ... EVER!

Runs deep

This rivalry goes back and both teams step up their game immensely when they face each other.


Every team needs a rival and who better than ACDG. They are a great bunch of women and they enjoy the rivalry as much as we do!!

Most Improved Team (Women's): New Hampshire Roller Derby

Most Improved Team (Women's): New Hampshire Roller Derby

An influx of experienced skaters combined with solid coaching and a lot of hard work has brought NHRD from the low 20s in Eastern rankings at the beginning of 2012 to knocking on the door of the top 10. They made a splash at ECDX and had the biggest WFTDA ranking jump of the year, I believe--





What ...

is there an echo in here? :P

Don't vote this thread

New Hampshire has already been nominated. Vote the thread before this one.

Best Announcer: The Rev Al Mighty

I was hoping just to one up and didn't seem him here! HOW?!! One of the best voices out there, great knowledge of the game and knows how to get the audience into the game if he's on house or on broadcast! Also i mean, he has Goggles! Of course i had to nom him!

Rookie of the Year Mr Furieux Tolouse Quad Guards

Has received plenty of votes for best jammer (rightfully so), but I think he deserves a best Rookie nomination as well. For those who saw him at MERDC, you all know how good he is! At that time he had only been skating 11 months!!! A true rookie, and like his team mates, a fantastic, humble guy off the track!

Damn straight on Mr. Furieux!

King Crazy wrote:

Has received plenty of votes for best jammer (rightfully so), but I think he deserves a best Rookie nomination as well. For those who saw him at MERDC, you all know how good he is! At that time he had only been skating 11 months!!! A true rookie, and like his team mates, a fantastic, humble guy off the track!

Skating for 11 months, then he did this.

Skating or playing?

Has he been skating for only 11 months, or playing roller derby for 11 months? To be more specific, 11 months ago was the first time he put on skates, or the first time he put on skates to play roller derby?

Most Valuable Blocker (Women's): Diamond Rough, Minnesota

Every time this woman straps on skates and hits the track she's a game changer. She is focused, explosive, strong, and inspiring.

Oh shut up I was going to

Oh shut up I was going to nominate Diamond Rough next!! Good call Ms. Jigs.

Best Rivalry: Everyone vs Oly

Sorry, I couldn't resist. It is hard to argue that there was a more universally disliked team in 2012.

Smarty Pants is awesome, but...

How can she be nominated for breakout player of the year when she finished 2nd in rookie of the year last year? How much more ass could she have possibly kicked this year when she was already kicking all kinds of ass at a national level last year?

well then....

Just vote for her in 'Double Threat' category and ignore the breakout nomination.... she's damn awesome on the track (agree it is weird re last year but hey that was last year....) ;D

Most Valuable Blocker (Women's): Bork Bork Bork (Windy City)

I can't think of anyone she wasn't knocked down at least once.

Most Valuable Blocker (Women's): Belle RIGHT Hooks (Bay Area)

Best. Ever.

Best Double-Threat (Women's); Nock Nock (Bay Area)

Watching Nock Nock in either a jamming or blocking situation is awe-inspiring. She embodies powerful derby.

Queen of the toe stop run and

Queen of the toe stop run and always looks calm, collected, and like she's having the time of her life no matter what's happening on the track. :)

Outside apex jumps. That's

Outside apex jumps. That's all I have to say.


This is already a DNN nomination.

Most Valuable Jammer - Iron Wench (Montreal)

I can't believe she hadn't been nominated yet.

Most Valuable Blocker - Lil' Mama (Montreal)

Voted Eastern Regionals MVP Blocker. Enough said.

Double threat - lil mama mtlrd

Not only is she an amazing blocker but she can plow thru a pack as a powerful and awesome jammer!

Double Threat- DVS (Carolina)

agile. smart. grounded. determined.

[Small But Mighty] [Kristie Yamagotcha] (Bay Area)

Kristie is probably the smallest blocker on Bay Area's travel team, not flashy, almost unassuming. But she's very strong, and very difficult to move off the block when she's blocking. And she's displays very good judgment when switching from defense to offense and back to defense, and is effective at both. I wouldn't say she's a better blocker than belle RIGHT hooks, but Kristie had the highest plus/minus of any BAD travel team blocker for the 2012 season. Numbers don't reflect everything, but they should draw your attention to the skater. Kristie will surprise you, just as she has surprised us.

Breakout Skater of the Year: Kristi Yamagotcha (Bay Area)

I'm gonna piggyback on Southbay's comment here and actually nominate Kristi for what I think he meant to nominate her for. For all the reasons stated above, plus like, a godzillion others.


Best Referee

How is it that every year, the greatest volunteers of this sport are overlooked?

It's time to step up & love those who get no love.....To show respect to the true unsung heroes or roller derby......

How can we not give props to people like

Sugar Daddy
Tripp n Dale
Prof Murder
3 day Bender
Rue N'Forcer
and so many others whom without, there would be no tournaments, no game....

Step up DNN....cmon....

For shame FeelGood.....for shame

Ro$ Vegas for best NSO (Tri-City)


I vote for Umpire Strikes Back for best ref. Although, there is also, Wernher Von Bombed, Amelie Ju-on
Apothecarrie, apple smacks, Apron, Captain Lidocaine Jane, Danger-Prone Daphne, Dirty Larry, DisciplinErin
Edelvice, Five-O Jo, Janey Slayne, Komrad Iron, Mad Cowgirl, MANI-AX, REO Bleedwagon, Rink Floyd, Spike, Barcode, Book 'Em Dando, Connie Cussion, Em Power, Gal Jazeera, Henry Slay, October Revolution, Package Handler, and Professor Harm

Thanks MN Zeebs teams!

Best Jammer....

Hurrican Heather....Domination on the Steel City Roster....

Best Double Threat......Teflon Donna...

C'mon People....Really....Built like a blocker with a Jammer Style.... AAs the gread BBD once said"That girl is poison".

Most Improved Team (Women's): Terminal City Rollergirls

TCRG made the biggest ever jump in a single quarter in rankings since the WFTDA has been keeping track! Starting at 23 West (Q4/2011), they vaulted 7 spots to 16W in the first quarter of 2012. Kept going from there and landed just outside tournament-land at #12 in the West.

From #23 to #12 in one

From #23 to #12 in one season? Amazing!

From #26 to #12 - New Hampshire Roller Derby

Although this stat is impressive, and any team that jumps 7 spots in one quarter deserves all the recognition in the world, the fact that 7 spots was the single largest jump by a team in one quarter since WFTDA has been tracking isn't true. New Hampshire Roller Derby jumped 9 spots in Q2 of 2012, when they went from #24 in the East (Q3/2012) to #15 in the East (Q2/2012). Overall, they jumped from #26E to #12E in one season, jumping 14 spots in 2012. They are nominated above for Most Improved Team of 2012.

Best Double Threat Mens: Twinkle Toes from Your Mom

Had the pleasure of going up against Your Mom. Twinkle Toes is a pretty unstoppable jammer and an impassable blocker. Double threat all the way.

Best Announcer

Miz Spydr of The Oly Rollers and Puget Sound Outcast.

Best Double Threat, Women: Suzy Hotrod, Gotham.

What is wrong with you people? Or is it hiding upthread...

Most Valuable Blocker (Women's): Mercy (Rose City Rollers)

I just need one photo to back up this nomination.

Best Blocker (Women's) OMG WTF Gotham

I really think OMG is truly one of the best in the game today. She has stealth magic, is an amazing point blocker, and has the track awareness of a panther on the hunt. She always seems to know where the opposing jammer is and relays that info to her team members quickly and effectively.

Best Blocker (Women's) OMG WTF Gotham

oh ya, no doubt OMG is top ten

Rookie Of The Year: Murderyn Monroe -Bay Area

Murderyn Monroe has played consistently strong and smart during her first season as a Bay Area All Star. She has shown not only that she's 100% dedicated to the derby and to her incredibly awesome team, but that she can think and transition quickly on the track, is a brick wall of a blocker and that she has a heart of pure Black and Gold!

Best Supah Fan!!!! Anthony David Sacco!!!!

All over NE,,,,,,,No Derby connections other than being a fan,,,,,with giant signs......

Breakout Player of the Year (Women's) - Rosie The Wrecker(Tulsa)

Rosie made a splash last year with her blocking skills at the WFTDA SC Region Playoffs for Green Country and continued her track dominance with the Tulsa Derby League this year. She plays with a grit and determination that only exists in the Sooner State. It doesn't matter what rules or what city, she skates fast and hits hard. That's why she gets my vote.

Very exciting to watch Rosie

Very exciting to watch Rosie skate always determined, always at her best and always learning and getting better.

Rosie the wrecker..

im one of Rosies new teammates and i have seen her push and push and push herself theres no doubt she absolutely loves this sport and was made for it! if someone ever thought they werent crazy about derby watching her play or playing with her will change your way of thinking... shes a perfect derby chick to look up to and to watch out for .. <3 Crazy : )

Rosie The Wrecker

Can't say enough about Rosie. She's my secret derby crush. :) She skates like she was born for derby (which she was) and watching her play is NEVER disappointing. The past couple of years have finally made the derby world take notice. It's about time.

Break out player of the year- Rosie the Wrecker-tulsa ok

Rosie was my team captain and taught me sooooo much!!! This is her passion and u can see it when she skates!! She was always very attentive to her teammates and would help u with anything even if she was sick or hurt or maybe a little pissed off, whatever the case maybe, she was there every practice, every bout, and every derby function!! VOTE FOR ROSIE!!!!!!! I love u girl!!!!!

Rosie all the way!

Rosie is an amazing person inside and out! She has more heart in this sport than anyone I have personally met!

Most Improved Team (Women's): Killamazoo

According to Flat Track Stats Killamazoo improved the most this year. Killamazoo added 157.6 points to their rating and advanced 55 places. Followed closely by New Hampshire with 150.7 points added and advancing 44 places. Killamazoo currently sits at 43rd in the world, while New Hampshire is at 62nd.

Yeah, I'm a stat nerd.

Most Valuable Blocker (Women's): Sexy SlayDIE

big hits = Slaydie

ok, now let's vote this up

Most Valuable Blocker (Women's): Sexy SlayDIE Gotham

sorry, forgot to include team

Shadow Slaydie

Shadowed Atomatrix on the track and nearly broke Onda Sligh in two with a block in the championship bout.

Breakout Player of the Year:

Rosie the Wrecker.

Why? Because she's fu**ing amazing. That is all.

Kind of disappointed.

Going through all these nominations and not seeing many if anyone over 40 votes. Very surprising.

MVP Jammer (women's) - Sweet Mary Pain (Rocky Mountain)

So quick and agile and helped keep RMRG on the derby map this year.

Bonnie Thunders - NOT a Breakout Player?

Too bad the definition for the Breakout Player category includes "have not been nominated elsewhere"; it does include "stepped up their game significantly in 2012" which Bonnie Thunders sure did this year. "Has any other player ever scored more points than the opposing team in EVERY WFTDA Tournament bout (both Regionals and Championships)? I doubt it.

MVP Jammer (women's): SHORTSTOP of Canberra Roller Derby League

You might not have heard of Shortstop yet because she's Australian but she has more than deserved a nomination for Most Valuable Jammer in 2012. A year ago, at the World Cup Shortstop received the MVP award for Australia and this was more than deserved.

Shorty has gone from strength to strength and is almost unstoppable as a jammer. Shortstop was picked to play on Gotham in a recent Australian tour of banked track bouts between Gotham and LADD. If you've never heard of her I suggest some research: https://www.facebook.com/ShortStop.6?fref=ts

Absolutely! Very deserved MVP Jammer nomination

Totally agree - having watched ShortStop play at TGSS 2010, World Cup, TGSS 2012 and more recently at Rollercon Down Under - it is not just her amazing skill and uncanny speed around the track but also resilience, endurance and never say die attitude that makes for a solid MVP Jammer nomination... and I'll add in that she's a really nice genuine person too ;)


You wont find a harder jammer or a nicer person than Shortstop.

I think she may be related to the Roadrunner as she's lightning quick & gravity doesn't seem to appy to her!!

Best Announcer: Dashing Donnie Deablo

Recent Implant in DC area and has already coined many terms for DC Rollergirls and other leagues in the area. Ninanites, Vicious Cyborg, Juggernauts and other creative crowd pumping terms have been heard from this madmans mouth. He can sure keep the interest of a crowd. Everytime I step on a track and he's there I'm excited to hear what he's gonna say.

Most Valuable Blocker: Athena

Nevermind. Just found her above. Please vote above for ATHENA. One of the best blockers I have ever seen.

Most Valuable Pivot/Blocker: Ally McKill

Steel City Roller Derby

Breakout Player of the Year: Leannibal Lecter

Steel City Roller Derby

Hurricane Heather's sis and definitely someone to watch. Going to be a double-threat nom for her next year.

Best Double-Threat: 'snot rocket science

Steel City Roller Derby

Best Double-Threat: Hard Times

Steel City Roller Derby

Best Rivalry: Steel City v Charm

Always amazing to watch when these two teams play against one another.

Breakout Player: Rogue Runner (London)

R.R. deserves mention here.
So impressive and reliable this tournament season and at World Cup.
She might even qualify as a rookie? Always seemed to be consistently saving LRG's bacon on the jammer line at regional playoffs.

Most Valuable Jammer: Heather Juska (Denver Roller Dolls)

I thought she was by far her teams best jammer. She was consistently lead jammer when on the track all regionals and nationals. Rangeon might have broke the record, but Denver's best jammer is Juska, hands down. She was who I was most impressed with at Besterns, and she kept it up at nationals until Denver fell to a supior Gotham team. I have heard this was her last year playing. If this is true she will be missed!

Best Rivalry: Scarlene vs Atomatrix

There's an amazing thread on facebook between the two of them. It is incredibly entertaining and fascinating.


Do you have the link to the thread?

lets not.

lets not.

Oh come on let's see it :)

Oh come on let's see it :)

Breakout Player: Lunch Lady (Tampa Tantrums)

Lunch is so stealthy that most miss her as she slides through the pack to assist her jammer or make a hit. She can play any position and will probably be up for best double threat next year. She eats, sleeps, and breathes roller derby. There are few that know as much about the sport as her. She is not just an amazing player but one of the nicest person in derby.

Most Valuable Jammer (Women's): Pocket Ninja (LSDG)

Intense work ethic! Speed and Quickness in a compact package!

Most Valuable Blocker (Women's): S'FYA (LSDG)

Explosive power on the track. She will get her jammer thru the pack, and she will put the opposing team's jammer on her backside. Quick, Agile, and Strong!


I was fortunate enough to have this most amazing skater join us at Roller Derby VB for a couple of Resort City Roller Doll practices (along with her awesome fam) and you speak the truth! She has such great track awareness and quick response I get a little chill even now thinking of wearing a star against her! Good Derby all the way to her core and absolutely one to keep your eye on.
Barbie Loves Her Some S'Fya!

Best Announcer: Kent the Politician (LSDG)

Kent is the Dean of Roller Derby Announcers in northeast Ohio. He has done work for the Little Steel Derby Girls, the NorthEast Roller Girls (NEO), and the Burning River Roller Girls in Cleveland.


He also regularly travels to Chicago to announce for the Outfit, and makes trips to their away bouts. He really knows derby and makes a point to know the skaters too.

Most valuable jammer -Killbox txrd

She was on fire at champs!

Best Announcer: The Big Kahuna (S2D2)

BK, is the voice of Australian Roller Derby. He leads the Australian derby pod cast, "Viva la Derby" and uses his sweet dulcet tones to seduce the crowds into his obsession with all things derby.

This man talks derby for hours on end - look at how long some of those podcasts are if you don't believe me! Yet you wont want to miss a moment as he weaves his web of words. If you're lucky BK will announce at your next bout. He gets around... in a good way ;)