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TGSS Day Two Recaps

With four quarter-finals happening simultaneously here in Adelaide, the derby action was flowing thick and fast. The eight highest-ranked teams after yesterday’s group stages all played at 10am, with the victors progressing to semi-finals at 4pm and the losers moving to consolation games at 2pm.


Pirate City vs Northern Brisbane Rollers

Northern Brisbane leapt out to an early lead in this game, gaining lead jammer status in each of the first seven jams and racking up 25 unanswered points. The first big score change of the night came in the thirteenth jam, when a Pirate City jammer landed in the box, giving Northern Brisbane an easy scoring run for 24 points, bringing them to a 73-24 lead.

The rest of the half saw Northern Brisbane picking up lead jammer status but being content to call off the jam after a single scoring pass. After a half-hour of derby that was strongly reminiscent of yesterday’s match between the two teams, the halftime score stood at 115-34 in Northern Brisbane’s favour.

Pirate City came out firing on all cylinders after the break, though. They picked up 14 lead jammer calls in the half, compared to Northern Brisbane’s 9; however, the Pirates weren’t able to translate this into points on the board. The usual pattern was for the Northern Brisbane jammer to break the pack immediately behind the Pirate City one, resulting in a string of 0-0 jams early in the second half.

The New Zealanders crawled their way back throughout the period but couldn’t successfully capitalise on the couple of power jams they were handed. In the end, the halftime point differential was too big to close and the final score stood at Northern Brisbane 180, Pirate City 103.

Pirate City’s Skate the Muss was the victim of a big hit late in the second half that left her slow to get up, prompting speculation about an injury. She attempted to call off the jam as she rose but, winded and holding her side, only touched her hip with a single hand. This seemed to cost her an illegal procedure penalty, handing Northern Brisbane a power jam. She was able to return to play at the conclusion of her penalty.

Sydney vs Sun State

The Sun State Roller Girls took an early lead in their quarter-final match against Sydney but, seemingly with the next game in mind, weren’t eager to run up the score.

After establishing a solid point differential, Sun State started gaining lead jammer status, then immediately calling off the jam to burn off the period clock in 30 second increments. Their slow, but steady, scoring gave them a 132-22 lead over Sydney’s Assassins.

The second half progressed slower, with lots of official time-outs. Sydney were able to put a few more points on the board in the second half, but it wasn’t enough to come back. At the final whistle, the score stood at Sun State 195, Sydney 54.

Adelaide vs Brisbane City

With just 13 points between the teams at half-time, the match-up between the home-town Adeladies and first-time TGSS participants Brisbane City was by far the closest of this round.

Both teams came out hard in this rematch, with lots of big hitting in the pack. Adelaide’s Elle Catraz managed to rack up a full four consecutive minutes in the penalty box in the first period as a result of challenging the initial call. Gardiner, Penergy and Iron Thighs stood out as jammers for Brisbane City; Blue Wrenegade turned heads with Adelaide’s jam star.

The Adelaide team were able to break away early in the second half, establishing a 153-74 lead with 19 minutes left to play, but Brisbane City managed to close the gap. It seemed that every time Adelaide opened up the point differential, their jammer would land in the penalty box and offer Brisbane City an opportunity to catch up -- and the visiting team definitely capitalised, but weren’t able to overtake the home side. The final score stood at Adelaide 173, Brisbane City 139.

Veteran Adelaide jammer Barrelhouse Bessy went down with an apparent knee injury halfway with about 15 minutes remaining to play and left the venue on a stretcher. We’ve not yet received an update on her condition but don’t expect her to return to play in the upcoming match.

Canberra vs Victoria

Canberra leapt out to an early lead in this game, picking up the first two lead jammer calls of the match and establishing a 13-0 lead over the defending champs after three minutes. Those thirteen points were just about the only ones Canberra could grab in the half, though: Victoria racked up 138 unanswered points over the next 25 minutes.

With 3.45 on the period clock, Team Australia MVP Shortstop took the star for Canberra against Swish Cariboom. Swish escaped the pack first but Shortstop nabbed lead jammer status; with the Victorian jammer already on her first scoring pass, Shortstop went for points of her own, picking up 2 to Swish’s 4 and adding to Canberra’s score for the first time since the second jam. A power jam to close out the half gave Victoria a 183-15 lead at halftime.

Canberra hit their stride a little more in the second half, scoring a few more points and holding Victoria to a few less, but the final score stood at Victoria 310, Canberra 53.

Quarter-finals wrap-up

The results of the quarter-finals have produced an exceptionally storied set of semi-final match-ups in the winner’s bracket, with both victor semi-finals taking place at 4pm.

On the feature track, Victoria will take on Adelaide. The teams last met way back in August 2009 at Skate of Origin 2, when Adelaide defeated Victoria in Melbourne by just two points in double-overtime. Adelaide are the only Australian team ever to defeat Victoria, but the Melbourne squad have dominated all local competition in the past three years.

At the same time, over on track three, Sun State will take on Northern Brisbane. The two teams have had a heated rivalry since Northern Brisbane split from Sun State back in 2008. Since then, the teams have met repeatedly in tournament play, with Sun State always taking out the win.

In the consolation rounds, Canberra will take on Brisbane City Rollers and Sydney Roller Derby will take on Pirate City, both at 2pm.


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Thanks Beck, this is the only

Thanks Beck, this is the only coverage i'm getting. It's so valuable! I swear, tomorrow looks like it's going to be one hell of finals day! How exciting!!!!