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LA Outpaces Gotham on the Bank, 158-122

Adapted with permission from BankedTrackNews.com.

LOS ANGELES – The LA Derby Dolls Ri-Ettes took an early lead and and maintained it throughout the night to defeat New York's Gotham Girls Roller Derby 158-122.

While Gotham drew first blood with a 5-0 opening jam from Bonnie Thunders, they handed the Ri-Ettes a 10-0 power jam on the followup. After Gotham closed to within 1 at 10-9, LA, Gotham jammer Brazilian Nut ended up in the box, and LADD's Laguna Beyatch ran up 20 points to put the Ri-Ettes ahead 30-9.

This pattern repeated through the night; whenever Gotham would narrow the lead, their jammer would foul into the box, and LADD would pull off a high scoring power jam to widen the gap again.

At the end of the first quarter, LADD held a 51-27, 24 point lead; they maintained all but one point of that lead through the second quarter, with the halftime score 89-66 LADD.

That early 20 point power jam gave the Ri-Ettes a buffer that masked the back and forth points swap for the rest of the game. Gotham would usually only land one scoring pass per jam, while the Ri-Ettes would leverage their power jams better, sometimes with fortuitous circumstances where the Gotham box was maxed out with only two blockers on the track.

By the end of the third quarter, LADD's Ri-Ettes had extended their lead to 28 points, 124-96. 
Gotham eventually closed to within that magic 20 point differential, 133-113, but LA widened the gap with a 7-0 jam from Cris Affliction against Bonnie Thunders and a 2-2 pack.

LA moved it to 140-114 before Brazilian Nut tightened the gap again with an 8-0 power jam, narrowing LADD's lead to 18 points at 140-122. That was the last time Gotham was really in striking distance, though; in the 12th jam of the fourth quarter, Cris Affliction had a 10 point power jam that put LA further into the lead, 154-122.

With two jams left in the game, Bonnie Thunders was up against LADD's Chargin' Tina with a 3-3 pack; Chargy's 4-0 here was pretty much the final nail in the coffin, leaving LADD up 158-122 with less than 30 seconds left on the game clock.

The last jam was Gotham's Brazilian Nut against Cris Affliction. Brazilian Nut got out of the pack with 40 seconds remaining in the jam, but was removed from the jam after committing a back blocking major (under last jam rules, skaters committing majors are pulled out mid-jam as in WFTDA rules).

Cris Affliction rode out the jam until the game clock ended, avoiding contact that might send her to the penalty box and give Gotham another jam opportunity. The clock ran out there, leaving LADD with a 36-point win, 158-122.

Gotham's all-time record on the banked track is now 1-3 -- two losses to LADD, a loss against Rocky Mountain, and a victory over Windy City. LA moves to 2-1 on the year, having previously defeated San Diego and losing to Team Bionic.


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I think it's also worth

I think it's also worth noting that Suzy Hotrod did not play in the bout. Gotham was down a strong jammer. It was still a great bout and the jammers were impressive in their drive and 'never die' attitude. LA did a great job controlling the pack and taking full advantage of their power jams.

Curiously, Suzy was also not

Curiously, Suzy was also not a part of Gotham's prior loss to L.A. on the banked track, as that was during her short-lived flirtation with Philadelphia.

so confusing

So now Team Bionic are better than Ri-Ettes, who are better than Gotham Girls. But Bionic includes some Gotham Girls. So mathematically I think that means the non-Gotham part of Bionic are better than Bionic overall, and the non-Bionic part of Gotham are worse than Gotham overall. And Suzy Hotrod is her own grandmother? I'm so confused! :-)

Stop it

Stop hitting yourself in the head. You'll feel better and be less confused. Trying to figure out Team Bionic is a monumental waste of time, let it be what it is, a pickup team. Random players come and go as they please.