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Championships Opening Round: 2E Philly Bashes 3NC Naptown, 225-68

BROOMFIELD, CO -- In the last bout of the WFTDA Championships opening round, experience solidly won out over enthusiasm as 2E Philly controlled 3NC Naptown for the whole game. Philly only allowed Naptown to score in 5 first-half jams on their way to a 104-20 lead at the halftime break and cruised through the second for the biggest blowout of Day 1, 225-68.

The game's result meant that all 3 seeds were eliminated from the tournament on the first day, leaving only the champions and and runners-up from each region alive.

Philly drew first blood with a 1-0, followed by a strong 12-0 jam for Shenita Stretcher as Teflon Donna and Olivia Face worked over Naptown jammer Blue Messiah. Naptown got on the board in the third jam as Amooze Booche claimed lead and a 9-0 next; the teams traded wins to follow, putting the score at 17-11 with 23 minutes left in the first half.

Philly kept Naptown blanked for the next series of jams and consistently put up narrow-margin wins to slowly increase their lead. They took lead jammer 6 times in a row, winning them 3-0, 2-0, 3-0, 12-0, 1-0 and 2-0 to extend their lead to 40-11. Naptown called their first timeout there with 14:54 left in the first half.

Excellent one-on-one defense from Naptown blocker Asian Sinsation kept Goldy locked up for awhile on the next jam, but Philly's full pack was smothering Amooze Bouche and Goldy escaped for lead and big points -- that 14-0 win put Philly solidly in the driver's seat at 54-11.

Maiden America broke a streak of 8 lead jammer calls in a row for Philly, but waited far too long to call the jam -- Shenita Stretcher snuck in with a pretty apex jump to finish her first scoring pass before Maiden did, and then the error was compounded when Maiden kept trying long enough for Shenita to come back to start a second scoring pass. The jam went 8-3 for Philly even though Naptown had lead, and Naptown was in serious trouble at 66-14 with about 11 minutes in the half.

While Naptown kept it relatively close for the next 7 jams, Philly finished the half with back-to-back big jams -- 14-0 to Shenita and 15-0 to Gloria Grindem -- leaving Naptown in an enormous hole at 104-20.

Naptown got a little more offense going in the second half, but Philly put even more points on the board even though Philly seemed perfectly willing to use lead jammer status to run time off the clock. At the halfway point Philly was up 173-54, and went over 200 with about 6:30 left in the game at 202-60 before winning, 225-68.

Philly advances to take on the West champs Oly for the second year in a row; at last year's Championships, Oly held off a stiff challenge from Philly to win 106-81.


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A champs first?

This looks to me like the first time since 2006 that no lower ranked teams beat any higher ranked teams in round 1.

2007: Kansas City (4W) beat Gotham (1E) and Carolina (3E) beat Tucson (2W) and Texas (3W) beat Windy City (2E)
2008: Philly (3E) beat B.A.D. (2W)
2009: Boston (3E) beat Madison (2N) and Denver (3W) beat Kansas City (2S)
2010: Charm (3E) beat Minnesota (2N)

Not quite a first, since 2006's Dust Devil appears to have also had no upsets in the first round. In fact, unless I'm mistaken, the only upset that entire tournament was the Arizona vs Minnesota 3rd place bout.

But, definitely a first in the "modern era" of derby.

on 11-11-11, we get 2-2-2-2

As a fan of parity it tickles me to no end that day one of champs results in each region promoting their two best teams into the Great Eight.

Your region is SOOO much better than that other region? WHAT-EVER.