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Team USA Announces 28-Skater Roster

  • Tracy Akers, Denver Roller Dolls. Akers was a key blocker on the notorious Denver defense that surprised their way to a 3rd place finish at the 2009 WFTDA Nationals. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • Amanda Jamitinya, Rocky Mountain. A longtime veteran who started her career with Albuquerque, NM's Duke City Derby, AJ transferred to Rocky Mountain in 2010 and ended up being pivotal in RMRG's 1-point championship win over Oly that year. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • Atomatrix, Oly Rollers. A speed skating champion and the owner of Atom Wheels, Atomatrix was the heart of Oly's sudden rise from obscurity to prominence in 2009, winning the DNN Readers' Choice for Most Valuable Player and leading the team to what became the longest undefeated streak in WFTDA history at 22 games. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • Bonnie Thunders, Gotham. One of the -- if not the most -- nimble-footed jammers in the sport, Bonnie is well known for her ability to find a way through a defensive wall with or without any offensive help. She won the DNN Readers' Choice for Jammer of the Year in 2010. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • Claire D. Way, Boston. A longtime vet and dedicated jammer, Claire's known for balletic movements to spin safely out of hits and avoid nearly certain takeouts. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • DeRanged, Rocky Mountain. After starting her derby career with Pikes Peak, DeRanged blossomed into one of the most recognizable faces in the sport when she joined RMRG in 2009 and helped get them into a WFTDA championship tournament that same year. DeRanged is also a force on the banked track, recently playing for Team Legit in their victory in the Battle on the Bank tournament. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • Donna Matrix, Gotham. While Donna doesn't take the jammer star for the Gotham all-stars, she's been one of the most quietly effective and experienced blockers on a team known for completely snuffing out their opponent's offensive production. Photo credit: Scott Gaertner
  • Fisti Cuffs, Gotham. Fisti's experience goes all the way back to the earliest days of modern derby as a player on one of the earliest teams, Tucson; in 2007 she transferred to Gotham and has long been plying her trade as a jammer destroyer in the back of the pack. Photo credit: Jules Doyle
  • Frida Beater, Rocky Mountain. The small but mighty Frida has been with RMRG for over 5 years. She was at the center of possibly the most dramatic jam in modern derby history when she pulled down a 9-0 jam with no time left on the clock to get Rocky Mountain past Oly by a point in the finale of the 2010 WFTDA championship. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • Suzy Hotrod, Gotham. The other half of Gotham's vicious one-two jammer punch with Bonnie Thunders, Suzy has been with Gotham since their very first game. She was voted Best Double Threat in the DNN 2010 Readers' Poll. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • Joy Collision, Charm City. While she originally made her name as one of the sport's fastest jammers, Joy has expanded her game in the last few years to also become one of the sport's most brutalizing blockers, with incredible speed control and lateral movement. She took 2nd place to Suzy in the 2010 Readers' Poll for Best Double Threat. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • Juke Boxx, Minnesota. Fleet-flooted Juke Boxx blew onto the derby scene for Madison in 2009 and finished in 2nd place for that year's DNN's Readers' Choice Rookie of the Year. She's since transferred to Minnesota, where she continues to be a major force with the star. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • Heather Juska, Denver. Like Juke Boxx, jammer Juska made a huge impact on the derby scene in her rookie year of 2009 and was one of the primary reasons Denver was able to reach and win the 3rd place game of that year's WFTDA championship tournament. She took 3rd place herself behind Juke Boxx in DNN's Rookie of the Year polling. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • Little A, Tampa Bay. Though Little A hasn't made as much of a national impact as some other names on the list due to Tampa Bay never having gone deep in the postseason, she's long been a major part of the TBDD jammer rotation, with an excellent combination of speed, sharp cuts and old-fashioned dogged toughness. Photo credit: Christopher M Weeks
  • Medusa, Minnesota. After starting her derby career with cross-town team North Star, Medusa transferred to Minnesota in 2011 and has been a big part of the reason that Minnesota has opened up a 7-1 season this year. Photo credit: Greg Mellang
  • Psychobabble, Rocky Mountain. Along with sister DeRanged, Psycho helped Rocky Mountain go from also-ran West league to WFTDA champions in just 15 months. Psycho won Most Valuable Blocker in DNN's 2010 poll. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • Sassy, Oly. Sassy is a dedicated blocker for Oly and is one of the best positional blockers in the sport, taking 3rd place in the 2010 DNN Reader's Poll for Most Valuable Blocker. Photo credit: Masonite Burn
  • Shenita Stretcher, Philly. With strength, speed and the ability to stop on a dime, Shenita is one of the toughest jammers to take down in the sport and has agility that belies her size; like most other skaters on the team, she can also easily transition into a blocker role. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • Sexy Slaydie, Gotham. A recent transfer to Gotham from Nashville, the immensely intimidating Slaydie towers over most of the players in an average pack and is able to lay absolutely devastating hits.
  • Smarty Pants, Texas. A longtime banked track skater and coach, Smarty Pants recently jumped over to the flat track to play with Texas and has quickly -- and effectively -- applied her versatility to the modern game. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • Snot Rocket Science, Steel City. Primarily used as a jammer, SRS has built a reputation among Steel City opponents for being one of the sport's standouts on effective jammer-on-jammer defense, very unlikely to lose a lock on an opponent in a one-on-one situation. Photo credit: Gil Leora
  • SoulFearic Acid, Rose City. Acid's speed and agility -- combined with Rose City's strength at traps in powerjam situations -- make Acid one of Rose City's biggest threats to suddenly drop a huge lopsided jam. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • Tannibal Lector, Oly. Along with Team USA teammates Atomatrix and Sassy, Tannibal forms the core of the Oly team. Though an excellent jammer in her own right, her ability to nearly instantly stop upon forcing an opponent out of bounds literally revolutionized derby defense, as she was one of the first to illustrate how effectively blockers could control jammers using the cutting track rules. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • Teflon Donna, Philly. Ice-cool Teflon Donna is a very longtime veteran of the sport, starting with Carolina back in 2004 before going up to Philly in 2007. She was part of an extremely dramatic moment in the 2009 Eastern Region championship, winning a full-length last jam to propel Philly past powerhouse Gotham. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • Urrk'n Jerk'n as Booty Blockya, Rocky Mountain. Like Amanda Jamitinya, Urrk'n was a 2010 transfer to Rocky Mountain that got them to the finish line just one point ahead of Oly. She instantly made her mark with a stunning jam at that year's Western Regionals, immortalized in a YouTube clip that became one of the sport's iconic highlights. Photo credit: Jules Doyle
  • Varla Vendetta, Windy City. WCR's longtime veteran is one of the smallest players on the team but shines with effective lateral defensive play and is a nightmare to stop with the jammer star, using her size to her advantage to give opponents very little legal area to contact. Photo credit: Joe Rollerfan
  • V Diva, Dutchland. As the only member of the team whose league hasn't participated in a WFTDA regional or national tournament, V Diva is the least known quantity to most derby observers but will certainly get a high-profile coming-out party come December.
  • White Flight, Rose City. White Flight matches a running-back frame to a sprinter's speed, making her a very difficult jammer to slow down -- bouncing off or missing entirely is a common outcome from attempted blocks. Photo credit: Masonite Burn

UPDATE 8/6/2011: Tournament organizer Black Dahlia clarifies that the competitive roster will be 20 skaters, not 28: "The U.S. has a roster of 20 for the actual Cup, just like all the other teams. But there is going to be a U.S. vs. U.S. game on Thursday night to kick off the weekend, and in order to make two teams of 14, they are picking eight extra players who will be taking part in that bout only, not in the Cup. The 28 who were announced represent the total. Rosters are due on September 1st, so the actual Cup team will be set then."

On Thursday night, the managers of Team USA announced the 28 skaters that will make up the all-star team that will represent the U.S. in the first ever Roller Derby World Cup. The event, to be held in Toronto from December 1 to 4, is currently scheduled to include 12 other teams from nations that are assembling teams for the event: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland and Sweden.

As coaches and selectors Buster Cheatin' and Bonnie D. Stroir alluded to in interviews during the tryout process, a glance at the roster shows that versatility was a key factor in selections; the overwhelming majority of the 28 skaters are well-known as standout jammers on their teams but are fully capable of devastatingly effective play in the pack. Nearly half (12, to be exact) have played on a WFTDA-championship-winning team (2008's Gotham, 2009's Oly or 2010's Rocky Mountain); 20 of the 28 have played in a WFTDA championship tournament.

Amanda Jamitinya (Rocky Mountain)
Atomatrix (Oly)
Bonnie Thunders (Gotham)
Claire D. Way (Boston)
DeRanged (Rocky Mountain)
Donna Matrix (Gotham)
Fisti Cuffs (Gotham)
Frida Beater (Rocky Mountain)
Joy Collision (Charm City)
Juke Boxx (Minnesota)
Juska (Denver)
Little A (Tampa Bay)
Medusa (Minnesota)
Psycho Babble (Rocky Mountain)
Sassy (Oly)
Sexy Slaydie (Gotham)
Shenita Stretcher (Philly)
Smarty Pants (Texas)
Snot Rocket Science (Steel City)
Soulfearic Acid (Rose City)
Suzy Hotrod (Gotham)
Tannibal Lector (Oly)
Teflon Donna (Philly)
Tracy Akers (Denver)
Urkin Jerkin (Rocky Mountain)
V Diva (Dutchland)
Varla Vendetta (Windy City)
White Flight (Rose City)

Six alternates have also been announced: Jamsterella of Fort Myers, Stella Italiana of Oly / Des Moines, Racer McChaseher of Detroit, Addy Rawl from Queen City, Wildberry Punch from Madison and Carmen Getsome from Rat City.

For more background on the individual skaters, check out the photo gallery above; for a detailed backstory on the genesis of the World Cup and the tryout process for this year's Team USA, check out our April piece on the event, or see DNN's archived video from the final tryout.

DNN will be providing full live coverage of this historic event - stay tuned for more details as other teams around the world come together!


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dream team

That's gotta be tough to choose just 20 (or 28 or 33) from so much great talent. Congratulations to all the skaters selected. This is truly a "dream team."

I'll I have to say is

SICK!!!! and what a terrifying team!

No Kidding

Lady J wrote:

SICK!!!! and what a terrifying team!

That is going to be a very scary team for anyone to go up against. But you can bet every other team is going to be fighting tooth and nail just to be on the same track as this amazing collection of talent.

USA team

What a great representation for our USA and WFTDA! Congrats to all the chosen. Just skate safely!


This is great! I can't wait to see how this plays out!

However, can I submit a correction? V-Diva plays for Lehigh Valley Roller Girls, not Dutchland. :)

Dutchland is correct...

Diva recently transferred to Dutchland. :) Congrats, girl!!!

Yep It's Dutchland

and we are excited to have her ! congrats to all who made it !!!!!

Oh, wow!

Must be really recent! Thanks for the update. :) She kicks ass!


That's what I get looking at this list of names. The Boston Massacre is so proud of our teammate Claire D. Way!


Wow! This is great! Will this be aired on national TV? (as it should be!)

Live on DNN

While a terrestrial broadcast deal may or may not be forthcoming, we'll stream live video for the entire event right here on DNN. No paywall! Free archives! Stay tuned!

Team Canada

Is going to be in tough against these superstars. But they will be defending home turf...

This is going to be fun!

Speaking of which....

Has the Team Canada roster been announced yet?

Team Canada

is supposedly announcing their roster today:



Congratulations, Team USA!


Super lame. I mean really WTF!!!!!??? Who are these people? Never heard of them..... ;^) USA USA KILL KILL KILL!!!!!!!

So if we were to categorize these skaters...

How many were former speed skaters?
How many are equal blocker / jammers?
How many could kick our asses? Yeah, I know the answer to that one...
This is going to be an awesome tournament to watch.

Speed skaters

Undertaker wrote:

How many were former speedskaters

I'm totally geeked out about this, but Juska (Denver), Frida Beater (RMRG) and De Ranged (RMRG) all used to speed skate together back as teenagers. They were 3 of a 4-person relay team. Teammates again!

A little dsappointed.....

Impressive list of great skaters, no doubts there. I wish I were able to skate and try out with such a talented group! I gotta say, I'm pretty disappointed to see that Carmen Getsome didn't make the list.

Carmen Getsome...

... just accepted a slot as one of the alternates. We've updated the article to add her.


Easily the stuff that both dreams (and derby nightmares!) are made of!


What a fantastic roster! I would love to attend this, but Pppppuhlease someone answer Ms Pixie Bruiser, would the revolution be televised?!

I also wanted to especially thank the DNNnnns, for giving the blurbs of info sports-card style, I wouldn't mind a pack of those with some dusty gum any day! Hmmmm…(you have my email, just let me know when they're printed)!

Oh yes.

Fear not; we'll be streaming the World Cup in its entirety.

(this would be your cue to contribute)

Seems like a lot of jammers.

Seems like a lot of jammers.

Isn't that a good thing, though?

I mean, provided they are mostly strong blockers as well... Feasibly they could have a different jammer almost every jam, and that's hard for the other team, since each jammer's skating style is going to differ. Feel free to correct me if I am totally off base! :)

Seems like a lot of awesome, you mean

I think if you look at most teams you'll find that their very best jammer is one of the team's best blockers as well, and the team usually has to carefully balance lineups to play that super-awesome skater in a way that maximizes her usefulness.

Now, if you so happened to have 14 of these super-awesome skaters on your team, it sure would make balancing lineups a hell of a lot easier.

Can't Overstate

It can't be overstated, how important it is to train your jammers how to block and your blockers how to jam.

A lot of jammers

Yes but a majority of those Jammers also happen to be amazing blockers and or pivots ie Bonnie, Suzie, Tef and on and on


They're okay...


awesomeness.. no doubt... but there is nothing to get psyched about this line-up... it is by the names the best (all star) team there could be... but for the tournament it means: BORING!
I imagine Team USA playing Ireland (no offense Bob!) this might be the first bout with a 4 digit score in history. So honestly it will not be too amazing to see them play except for the the USA vs USA game...
A final vs Canada or England will be okay...
I look forward to games like England/Canada/Australia and the third row Germany/Scotland/Sweden + all the unknowns in the equasion...

But most of all... it will be the most international meeting of RD enthusiasts ever! See you there!

Dream Team

That's how it was in basketball for the longest time too, and there's nothing wrong with that. Why disrespect the world by not sending USA's best? They caught up eventually in basketball, it's likely to happen in roller derby too, and being exposed to the best players in the world will help that, even if it may be lopsided at first.

Too true.

Took almost 100 years for ice hockey to be anything but a Canada/USA/Russia show, but people stuck with it and now the field is much larger (women's hockey is about to reach that tipping point, don't give up you non-Swedish gals!)

Speaking of Canada, they're going to have something to say about how this tournament goes down. I look forward to them making the USA work for it!

Tuba Player in the Parade of PAIN!

That is what everyone else is going to be after playing team USA.
I got hurt just reading the roster.

team USA "rocks"

WOW, Rollapalooza's of FT__sounds GREAT! We love all you guys. Papa Doc & I are with you for the long haul. Remember__you can achive everything that is possible. Good Luck & roll on to VICTORY!!!

19 of the 28 have played in a WFTDA championship tournament.

I counted 20 not 19....

So excited to see the next level of derby!!

Recounted, you're right.

Math is hard. Updated the article.

Dust Devil 1

we were geeking out and trying to figure out how many played at dust devil 1.

Donna Matrix with Gotham
Fisti Cuffs with Tucson
Frida Beater with Rocky
Suzy Hotrod with Gotham
Teflon Donna with Carolina
Varla Vendetta with Windy City

AJ with Duke City?
Not totally sure if Frida was on Rocky at that time. Feb 2006.


was not at Dust Devil 1, she joined RMRG shortly thereafter.


What an awesome Roster! Looking forward to the competitions!

Dust Devil 1

We were watching some Dust Devil 1 footage yesterday after the Detroit bout, so funny you mention it! But, no I hadn't started skating yet so no I wasn't skating with Duke City at that tourney.

So excited and honored to play with Team USA though!!!!!

Wait what?!?

Dust Devil 1 footage? Such a creature exists? Who where how can I see it?

Oh yes...

...it does. It has been filed away since I received it in late 2006. Perhaps we can strike a deal....

I'd love to watch this. I

I'd love to watch this. I remember watching Dust Devil 2 with wide-eyed excitement. It would be nice to see how far we've come in just a few years.

dust devil 1 footage

I know Tucson still has legal rights to this footage in some way, I don't know the details, but Maybe they've been sitting on this investment of theirs for reasons? Regardless I think they'd be pretty annoyed if the footage got spread all around, not to mention that it's probably illegal.

Time for a fresh DVD release?

Well, this conversation suggests that there's some significant interest, so hopefully TRD can be persuaded to run another batch for sale. I soak in enough derby footage that I rarely feel the need to seek more out, but I'd for sure as hell buy a set of DD1 DVDs!

Anyone know the schedule (tentative)

Can anyone post on what the tentative schedule is going to look like daily? Trying to figure out flights and my "tour" day.

I know Thursday is the US exhibition.

Friday? Times?

Saturday? Semi-Finals? Times?

Sunday? Finals? Times?





TOO many egos on one team never a good thing .some dont deserve to be on the team . wonder if so many newyork players is the result of newyork coaches being in charge of the team....The fact that teflon made the team is a joke in its self she sucks and is only a stand out in philly because that league is weak they showed that in their june event losing by 237 I believe ,futher more teflon is HIGHLY OVERRATED and is a joke JUST WATCH HER at any bout . the team should be made up of the top 3 teams cause those are the best girls to choose from...usa will not win because other countries are not taken serious.Usa believe they will just show up and win ....ill be watch it close....thats all for now .........THE TRUTH TELLER

A gentle reminder

On DNN, we encourage vigorous, thoughtful, and above all *courteous* conversation and debate. Posts like this fail at least one if not two of those qualifications. If you've got opinions, we welcome them, but namecalling is totally unwelcome and further incidents will be deleted.

If you've got something to say, that's fine, but find a polite way to say it. Surely you can come up with something more specific than "sucks"?

Let me just say

Watch the video on this page, then truth-tell me that Tef is overrated.


cute... its nice to have a crush

i have to laugh. that was a strong philly team back then.thats when philly use to hit people. Now it seem that PRG has turnned into a derby track team thats more concern with racing people then hitting people. your video proves nothing except Mo-pain did all the work and tef just came in on the last jam with a wing and a prayer. Since You like posting videos post the one of them this year at there june event that they hosted. I know you wont post that but maybe I should so that You can see what iam talking about.Bottom line tef is overrated and i doubt she the best jammer in her league. whos that other chick...Yeah shenita...shenita is better and Mo is better. but all of them cant get through agianst gotham . thanks for having me waste 5 mins on this gnosis just to prove a point.a little advice for you sick to being clark kent because your not superman coming to tefs rescue

At last, an excuse to bust this out

put it back in your closet

If this is the best you could come up with then your as corny as you look.Loser

Could you work on your spelling and grammar, please? For me?

realtalk wrote:

If this is the best you could come up with then your as corny as you look.Loser

"If this is the best you could come up with, then you're as corny as you look. Loser."

Troll time's over.

We asked nicely, and in a little more detail offline, but you're obviously not interested in abiding by the site's code of conduct so we've pulled the plug on your account.

Folks, in the future, please don't feed 'em. It's not even funny, it's just tedious.

Go one step further....

and delete her/his comments. This was so mean! Anyone who plays and watches derby knows the real deal about Tef :)

Dear Mr. "Expert"

IYO, who exactly should be playing in Tef's place?

There are amazing girls playing for teams other than the top three in the nation, it's only fair to give them all a chance. And I cannot wait until this talented group of women prove you wrong :)


It seems like someone is bitter that they didn't make the team!

Thanks for giving me something to laugh at this Friday morning!

Oooh, oooh oooh, do me next!

Say something mean about me, I love insult comics!


BArf wrote:

Say something mean about me, I love insult comics!

your ponytail is gross

ARE You Kidding

IN the video gnosis...mo pain did most of the work Philly dont look the same ...so whatever child hood crush you may be having for tef gnosis its sweet but it wont help philly against my gotham girls...why did the mighty tef do this year when she played that very same team and didnt do a thing .show the video of her jamming THIS year agianst gotham. Do you have the tape of that one or should I post it so you can see the destruction of the philly girls. They use to be tough hard hits now they seem to wanna race everyone and they dont hit a soul anymore.


I know this probably goes against DNN's standards of play...but have to say, dude you are a class one JACKASS!
I'd love to see you strap on some skates and go head to head with Tef or Texas or anyone else you've been ignorantly bashing! Wouldn't stand a chance cause only cowards bitch and moan annonymously on the interweb!


Iam so happy i can ruffle some feathers. Its great to get all the attention I love it keep it coming .A few words can draw out a boat load upset people. This is why this sport get zero attention.what impact does this sport have??.I watch it for fun I call it like i see it. I played the sport it was a waste of time so I retired . The fact that they believe Iam a dude is so funny.Ill sit back with my beer and continue to laugh at everyone that that gets all huffy over my opinion. Ill continue to call as I see it like or not .truth telling is not bashing .If you dont like my comments thats your problem Ill sleep very soundly tonight. xoxoxo

Good, Bad, and Ugly

realtalk wrote:

The fact that they believe Iam a dude is so funny.Ill sit back with my beer and continue to laugh at everyone that that gets all huffy over my opinion.

You bring a tear to the eyes of third wave feminists. The intent behind said tear is up for debate, but bully for you on the reaction regardless.

Dear Realtalk

You derby analysis is as thoughtful and enlightening as your grammar. Please give us more.

your welcome

thank you..you need a class in insulting people ....lol wasting my time

master class

i dont need any classes nitz. you are not a good troll. YOU should take a lesson from the middle-schoolers over at 4chan...themz som trols

I got you to

waste time replying to me though... Saving us all from anymore more biting analysis.

Yeah, really that's some

Yeah, really that's some amateur trolling. At least enable spell check.

my opinion:

Teflon Donna is a champion athlete and the Philly Roller Girls are uninterested in your bad-itude.

What? No biting analysis of Team Scotland? Or Team Canada?

I wonder if finances could be a factor in the high number of East Coast players that tried out; maybe they can get to Toronto a lot easier than West Coast players or those unbeknownst to DNN-land ass kickers in Whereeversville, KS or something.

I'd be curious - what players in the final roster didn't get any of the first cut "buys" or whatever? Who paid their way all the way through final tryouts and flights to get to them and DID make it? Its not like basketball in that way; the players are all self-financed and wow, that would be tough to swing that with my day job - and my day job has a lot more flexibility than most. I mean, I'm not going to get fired for reading DNN, anyway.

Kilt 'em? She damned near... Regional breakdown of Team USA.

ivanna_s_pankin wrote:

I wonder if finances could be a factor in the high number of East Coast players that tried out; maybe they can get to Toronto a lot easier than West Coast players or those unbeknownst to DNN-land ass kickers in Whereeversville, KS or something.

Actually there's more skaters (one more) from the West region on the team. There's twelve West skaters, eleven East, four North Central, and two South skaters.

Other things to factor in are weather and passports. Folks in Toronto don't plug in their cars because they care about the environment, they do it to keep the engine block from freezing at night. It gets a bit cold and snowy up there in December. Even colder and snowier than it is in August.

Skaters from the northeast, PNW and Minnesota are a bit more likely to have a passport, a passport card, or an EID. Skaters in my league to get on either travel team are REQUIRED to have one of those. Teams who've already played Montreal or London already have some kind of passport (I suggest the card if you're just going to Canada/Mexico).

For many Americans, Canada may as well be a foreign country! *~[;-{P>

SCS Employee Handbook

ivanna_s_pankin wrote:

... my day job has a lot more flexibility than most. I mean, I'm not going to get fired for reading DNN, anyway.

SCS employees should get fired for *not* reading DNN, amirite?


Congrats to all!

Teflon Donna

Having played against her on multiple occasions, Teflon Donna is one hell of a badass--A hard to stop jammer and a crazy effective blocker. She absolutely deserves to be a representative of America on it's best roller derby team.

Team USA 20 Skater Roster?

Did I miss this somewhere? It says above that the official roster of 20 should have been set on September 1st. I can't seem to find it anywhere.