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Team England 2011 World Cup Roster

  • Image: Team England
  • Dee-Mise (Rainy City Rollergirls). Photo: Rainy City Rollergirls
  • el VISIOUS (Hellfire Harlots). Photo: Hellfire Harlots
  • Feral Fairy (Rainy City Rollergirls). Photo: freddiefraggles
  • Fox Sake (London Rollergirls). Photo: Rija 3.0
  • Frightning Bolt (London Rollergirls)
  • Grievous Bodily Charm (London Rollergirls). Photo: Matthew Lloyd/ Getty Images
  • Hustle Her (Central City Rollergirls). Photo: CatzWiskas
  • Jack Attack (London Rockin' Rollers). Photo: sailornelly
  • Juicy Lucy (Auld Reekie Rollergirls). Photo: Thomas Mathieson
  • Kamikaze Kitten (London Rollergirls). Photo: Over The Rope
  • Metallikat (London Rollergirls). Photo: sjnewton
  • Missy Rascal (Rainy City Rollergirls). Photo: punkmarko
  • Ninjette, jamming left in black (London Rollergirls) Photo: London Rollergirls
  • Raw Heidi, blocking right in red (London Rollergirls). Photo: sjnewton
  • Rogue Runner (Leicester Dolly Rockit Rollers). Photo: Paul Needham
  • Shaolynn Scarlett (London Rollergirls). Photo: sjnewton
  • Stefanie Mainey, blocking right in pink (London Rollergirls). Photo: Danny 'Jay Pegg' Bourne
  • The Mighty Mighty Bash (London Rockin’ Rollers). Photo: London Rockin’ Rollers
  • Vagablonde (London Rollergirls). Photo: RKS Images
  • Violet Attack, pivot in olive (Birmingham Blitz Dames). Photo: philoko

In the wake of the recent North American team announcements, we thought we'd share the rosters of all competing World Cup teams. Today we begin with Team England. Read an interview with Head Coach Ballistic Whistle on DerbyLife.com.

Dee-Mise (Rainy City Rollergirls)
el VISIOUS (Hellfire Harlots)
Feral Fairy (Rainy City Rollergirls)
Fox Sake (London Rollergirls)
Frightning Bolt (London Rollergirls)
Grievous Bodily Charm (London Rollergirls)
Hustle Her (Central City Rollergirls)
Jack Attack (London Rockin’ Rollers)
Juicy Lucy (Auld Reekie Rollergirls)
Kamikaze Kitten (London Rollergirls)
Metallikat (London Rollergirls)
Missy Rascal (Rainy City Rollergirls)
Ninjette (London Rollergirls)
Raw Heidi (London Rollergirls)
Rogue Runner (Dolly Rockit Rollers)
Shaolynn Scarlett (London Rollergirls)
Stefanie Mainey (London Rollergirls)
The Mighty Mighty Bash (London Rockin’ Rollers)
Vagablonde (London Rollergirls)
Violet Attack (Birmingham Blitz Dames)


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So exciting!!

I can't wait to see Team England play in Toronto!

Congrats to everyone who made the roster!!

Not as long as you think

You won't have to wait as long as you might think. A really good portion of team England will be playing at Easterns in Baltimore.


Congrats ladies! It was great to meet so many of you in August!

Anyone know where I can get a good deal on UGG boots?

Any suggestions?

Ah, spambots. The fun of

Ah, spambots. The fun of running a web site just never ends. I'm thinking of changing our filter a bit. Thoughts? http://www.derbynewsnetwork.com/2012/01/captcha_alternatives