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Team Canada Roster Announced

This afternoon Team Canada announced their 2011 World Cup roster on Facebook.

The first ever World Cup event, to be held in Toronto from December 1 to 4, is currently scheduled to include 12 other teams from nations that are assembling teams for the event: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden and the USA. DNN will be providing full live coverage of this historic event - stay tuned for more details as other teams around the world come together!

The roster is as follows:

Killson (Forest City Derby Girls)
Soul Rekker (Rideau Valley Roller Girls)
Brim Stone (Toronto Roller Derby)
Motorhead Molly (Tri-City Rollergirls)
...Rainbow Fight (709 Derby Girls)
Georgia W Tush (Montreal Roller Derby)
Smack Daddy (Montreal Roller Derby)
Lil Mama (Montreal Roller Derby)
Iron Wench (Montreal Roller Derby)
Bone Machine (Montreal Roller Derby)
Jess Bandit (Montreal Roller Derby)
TAZ (Red Deer Roller Derby Association)
Gunpowder Gertie (Red Deer Roller Derby Association)
Maiden Sane (Pile O' Bones Derby Club)
Hell 'on Keller (E-Ville Roller Derby)
Teeknee (Oil City Derby Girls)
Beretta Lynch (West Kootenay Women's Roller Derby)
Eight Mean Wheeler (Terminal City Roller Girls)
LuluDemon (Terminal City Roller Girls)
Windigo (Houston Roller Derby)


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Congrats ladies!

TAZ is also from Red Deer Roller Derby Association - she tore up tryouts, earning something like 95 of 100 possible points!

Beretta Lynch...

Thanks for posting this!

Lynch actually plays for West Kootenay Women's Roller Derby now.


She left E-Ville a couple of years ago.

CA-NA-DA! CA-NA-DA! CA-NA-DA! (<--Get used to this because it will be drowning out all other chants in the arena. Sorry in advance.)

Putting on the Fan Hat

Congratulations Ladies! Now crush all comers!

Thanks for the help!

Fixed and fixed (re: TAZ and Lynch)!


What's the eligibility here? Do you have to be from Canada originally, skate for a Canadian league, or can you be grandfathered in by parents, etc.?


I believe for all teams, to be eligible you have to hold a valid passport for that country.

Why isn't Sweden in the world

Why isn't Sweden in the world cup? It will be disappointing not to see Swede Hurt playing in the world cup.

Oops, I can't read sweden is in the world cup. Why isn't Crime City going to Eastern's, they beat London 300-43. Just kidding, I know they are wftda apprentice only now. Oh wait, that's London Rockin Rollers not London Rollergirls. Keeping up with all the derby teams is like trying to understand the rule book.

That Crime City bout was

That Crime City bout was against the London Rockin Rollers' Rising Stars rookie/B team, just to give it complete context.

Oh Canada

Windigo! Great Choice Team Canada!

Hometeams et al.

If you're super nerdy, here are all home/travel team affiliations as well (with links).



Derby Nerd delivers again!

Congratulations Team Canada!

On an awesome roster! One continent wrapped up.. 3 to go!


Congrats to Team Canada! But I can't believe they didn't take L'exi Cuter.

Agreed 100%

L'exi-Cuter is one of MNRG's most consistent go-to skaters, and she holds a Canadian passport, and they don't take her? Serious oversight there, Team Canada.

Did they watch any of her footage other than the loss to Windy at Brewhaha (the final of the four bouts she skated in over the weekend)?

Nice Line up


Windigo eats babies!!!

Congrats to the Team Canada roster, but a special congrats to Windigo! Houston Roller Derby is more than proud and will be cheering her on as she destroys everything in her path!!!!

Canada FTW

Congrats ladies. I have called games with most of these skaters and am excited to see what they can do as a team.

Another 20 who are alternates yet not listed

There are another 20 skaters who are designated as alternates to Team Canada that are not listed. Congrats to all who are in the Top 40 for Canada. :)

Large rosters and alternates

I'm confused at why the team rosters are so large and why there are so many alternates for these blood and thurnder games. For WFTDA games, teams are alotted up to 20 skaters on their charter and rarely to teams bring that many because of the cost and expenses of travel.


I talked to some of the Edmonton girls about this at Team Canada tryouts - Coach Pauly is their travel team coach - they said they suspected the large numbers were for a few reasons:

1) A country-wide 40 person "team" actually has a hope of pockets of people being able to practice together (7 in Montreal, 4 in Edmonton, 3 in Vancouver, etc), even if half of them won't actually suit up
2) Having a 40-person shortlist is setting a foundation for future years. Just like a league that invites skaters with potential to attend travel team practices to "ramp up" more quickly.

why all the suspense?

There's no '...' in the beginning of my name haha. While I enjoy the drumroll of suspense before people read my name, I don't want anyone to think it's a part of my name. <3