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Argentina, Brazil Announce World Cup Rosters

Hot on the heels of yesterday's roster announcement from Team Australia, two other teams from the Southern Hemisphere today announced their 2011 World Cup roller derby lineups. In both cases, the teams include a handful of veteran skaters who are passport-holding citizens, but who currently reside in other countries and skate for more established leagues.

Team Argentina

Arson Tina (Gotham Girls Roller Derby)
Barbie Turik (Argentina)
Chargin' Tina (Los Angeles Derby Dolls)
Crazy Legs (Queen City Roller Girls)
Disturbio Santo (Argentina)
Ini (Argentina)
MAKIavelica (Argentina)
Minx X Vixen (Argentina)
MissVik (Argentina)
Nina Brava (Argentina)
Psycho Thrasher (Argentina)
Sargentina (Windy City Rollers)
Sun of the Beach (Argentina)
Turbonegra (Argentina)
Vale (Argentina)
White Rabbit (Argentina)
Rosie the Ribhitter (Houston Roller Derby)

Team Brazil

Brazilian Nut #16 - (Gotham Girls Roller Derby)
Brazilian Bombshell #26 - (South Bay Derby Mizfits)
Matadora #777 - (Stuttgart Valley Roller Girlz)
Lobster #7 - (Capital City Derby Dolls)
Barberry #13 - (Sugar Loathe Derby Girls)
Moshzilla Firefox #tr00 - (Sugar Loathe Derby Girls)
Dana Bebitched #1204 - (Sugar Loathe Derby Girls)
She-Tara #87 - (Sugar Loathe Derby Girls)
Lola Nolimits #100 - (Sugar Loathe Derby Girls)
Blockaway Bitch #69 - (Sugar Loathe Derby Girls)
Sugar Slum Fairy #72 - (Sugar Loathe Derby Girls)
Hell Yaz #21 - (Sugar Loathe Derby Girls)
Kaia Pilsen #107 - (Gray City Rebels)
Jewel Jitsu #1000do - (Gray City Rebels)
Yada Yada Lara #181 - (Gray City Rebels)
Peryl Streep #1949 - (Gray City Rebels)
Mariah Bearings #5 - (Ladies of Hell Town)
Debbie Hatcher #9 - (Ladies of Hell Town)
Mojo'n Jet #33 - (Ladies of Hell Town)
Kozmic Killa #83 - (Ladies of Hell Town)

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Team Argentina names

Arson Tina, Chargin' Tina and Sargentina... I don't envy the announcers for those games!

No sweat

The announcers can just say "Tina" and let the spectators sort it out. ;)


They might have to - even if you tried to remove the common element Tina, you'd still be left with the need for a quick ear to tell "Charge" and "Sarge" apart. In the heat of the moment poor Arson might become "Arse" :p

p.s. I love the national pride in all of them, though.


"Tina Cubed".


close to my little designer heart

No "Brazilian Whacks"?

That one seems obvious.


I'm shocked they've resisted the temptation to work "martini" into any of them.

be grateful

there is no guarani or another aboriginal languageĀ“s names in this argentine team :P