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WFTDA Releases Bracket for 2010 WFTDA Championships

UPDATE: Downloadable bracket in .PDF form via WFTDA.com. Mirror [PNG]

With the regional playoff season over, the Women's Flat Track Derby Association today released the results of a random drawing to determine the matchups for the 2010 WFTDA Championship Tournament, to be held the weekend of November 5-7 in Chicago, IL.

While the drawing was random, it was not completely without a predetermined structure; like the 2009 Nationals tournament, the winner of each of the four regions was guaranteed a first-round bye in which they'd face the winner of a matchup between a second-place finisher and a third-place finisher of two different regions.

Results of the drawing are as follows:

First Round

#2SC Texas vs. #3W Bay Area

#2NC Minnesota v. #3E Charm City

#2E Philly vs. #3NC Madison

#2W Oly vs #3SC Nashville


#1E Gotham vs winner of Texas / Bay Area

#1W Rocky Mountain vs winner of Minnesota / Charm City

#1SC Kansas City vs. winner of Philly / Madison

#1NC Windy City vs. winner of Oly / Nashville


Winner of [#1E Gotham vs winner of Texas / Bay Area] vs. Winner of [#1W Rocky Mountain vs winner of Minnesota / Charm City]

Winner of [#1SC Kansas City vs. winner of Philly / Madison] vs winner of [#1NC Windy City vs. winner of Oly / Nashville]


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Thank you, DNN.

Thank you, DNN.



The filled in fancy-pants Bracket is here...


(in case you missed the update at the top!)

Bracket Contest

Check out the bracket contest (complete with prizes) here:


Have fun!


<3 Dave. you nerd ;)

who did the programming on that?

Bracket Contest (Nerd)

I prefer "geek", thankyouverymuch.

The contest website and programming were created by yours truly.

My plan is to update the contest page during the tournament so people can see how they're doing. If the arena has wireless, I might be able to update it between bouts. Otherwise, it'll be nightly. :)

we'll help

I'm sure we can help you get connected onsite for the purposes of updating the bracket.

Bracket Updates

That's excellent news -- me and my little Netbook will come looking for you. Thanks!

I will be right!

Final championship score- Rocky Mountain 138 Oly rollers 97. so you can run and tell that homeboy!


You guys....CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!




Are you excited? CAN YOU TASTE IT!?!?!?!?


Oh boy. I can't concentrate on anything else for shit today.

How long before

we can post our sure-to-be-wrong fan breakdowns of the Championship bouts? DNN is probably going to wait until a few days before it actually happens to post theirs but what about for the rest of us?

Ain't nothin' stoppin' ya

Have at it ... and this thread seems like a fine place to do it.

OK, here are my predictions for the Championships

*** Opening Rounds ***
Texas vs Bay Area: Texas has had an up and down year. From what I saw the Texecutioners have not done well in 2010 vs Western leagues. They had a number of key players retire & for the first time in a while haven't finished first in their own region (which is the weakest of the four). Bay Area has been building momentum as this season has gone on and are looking mighty tough. So while it is great that Texas has made another trip in search of the Hydra, the closest they are going to get is this game. Bay Area wins.

Minnesota vs Charm City: Charm City... the first WFTDA team I paid attention to so they will always have a special place in my heart. However, Charm has not had the best season overall. Like Texas too many losses to the West, trouble staying out of the sin bin, collapsing at the wrong times, etc. However when they pull it together CC can play with anyone. Minnesota on the other hand is the team no one expected to be here and are everyone's Cinderella. After an amazing run thru the NC Regionals they are going to have the chance to play spoiler in the Championships. And I can't help but think they have at least one more great game in them. Plus I won a free shrit from MNRG (that came with more goodies) so I am picking them. *Pro Tip: Want me to side with your team? Send me free stuff! ;)

Philly vs Madison: I like Madison. I love the helmets, I love the name, I love their t-shirts. I just don't love them in this bout. Philly just is a stronger team and should take this one. Philly going away.

Oly vs Nashville: It happened. We saw Oly lose. We saw that a great team with drive and skill could stop the machine. But Oly isn't going to sit back and take it again. Nashville has a good season. They beat the teams they should have and hung tough in the games they did lose to. Plus you gotta love the Music City fans. But I don't think they have what it takes to kick brown while it's down. Oly for the win.

*** Quarterfinals ***

Gotham vs Bay Area: If one team could derail a Gotham vs Rocky Mountain semifinal for the ages it would be Bay Area. Except for the fact Gotham spanked the tar out of them at Hometown Throwdown. Yes, Bay area hung the closest with New York's finest but only for the first half & then Gotham didn't look back. I don't see this being any different. Gotham wins over a scrappy B.A.D team. However, if Bay Area fans pack the arena we all win here.

Rocky Mountain vs Minnesota: OK, Charm could be playing Rocky Mountain instead but I am still hoping I was right picking Minnesota. Either way is won't matter. Rocky Mountain is going to win this one hands down & easily. My love for MNRG is topped by my love of watching Deranged jam & her sister Psycho Babble block. Seriously, how cute is PB on the track when plays it up to the refs or the crowd? Awww...

Kansas City vs Philly: KC is known for a few things: great steaks, a thriving modern metroplis, historically losing football & baseball teams & this year add not bring home the Championship. Now don't get me wrong. KC is a really good team. They are a #1 seed after all. However Philly is just better and I don't see KC winning this one. It think it will be close but Philly wins by at least 20 in the end.

Windy City vs Oly: Alrighty now, WC & Oly are playing this weekend (Oct 17th) but none of us will get to see it. Get some internet at that rink already Oly! I mean the way Poison wheels are selling I am sure Atomatrix... err, Atom Wheels can sponor you for that. In any case, what happens this weekend shouldn't be taken as an indicator of what will happen in this game. Both teams are fine tuning for the first weekend in November, so them playing now is just another game. As far as them meeting at Uproar on the Lakeshore? This is going to be one heck of a bout. Oly wants the title again & Windy does too. Plus WC doesn't want to lose in front of the home crowd. But they are going too. It might be a back & forth bout but I don't feel that even Val working her voodoo skills on the mic are going to be enough to keep Oly from moving on.

*** Semi-Finals ***

Gotham vs Rocky Mountain: Seriously, how many people do I need to knock off to be able to magically see this in person? 10, 20, 50? I promise they will be all ones who deserve it. Heck, I will even outdo Dumptruck if someone will fly my up just for this game! I will even leave my camera at home. PLEASEEEE!!!!!!! >sigh< This is going to be a great bout. No, not great. It is going to be Epic! I swear if America One is broadcasting the Championships I will cry like a little kid who can't get the toy he wants. The two best teams right now playing for the right to go to the finals. How good is that?
Now to be serious about it. Gotham has an outstanding team. They have a great set of jammers. No, not just Bonnie Thunders & Suzy Hotrod. How about Paperschnitt, OMG WTF, Carmen Monoxide, Ana Bollocks, Fisti Cuffs, Donna Matrix, Beatrix Slaughter & Hyper Lynx. Yes, they play blocker & jammer as needed but Gotham is deep. Personally, I would keep an eye on Hyper Lynx and not just beacuse of the ears. This is one player who if you give her and inch, she will burn you for 4 quick points. Gotham never looks worried. Never seems tired. Never seems excited. It just business and each game is just another day at the office. This is one of the best trained, disiplined & fittest teams in the WFTDA (if not the best). They are a team of Terminators. However, so was Oly.

Rocky Mountain did what everyone hoped they could be didn't really think could happen. They beat the other team of Terminators and ended Oly's record unbeaten streak. Rocky trains hard, they make a mistake here or there. They show their emotions. They get tired. Did you see Deranged after her last jam against Oly? I didn't know if she was going to cry from knowing she just sealed the win, from exhustion or what. That moment IS the 5280 Fight Club. They just want it more than you. Add in Urrk'n Jerk'n and her freaky skating, Amanda Jamitinya, Pyscho Babble, She Who, Whipity Pow, Ecko & all the rest (Don't be mad but I couldn't put the whole roster on here) and I can't pick against them. I honestly don't want to pick against Gotham either and flipping a coin isn't the way to choose who wins. OK, I am picking the fans. They are the real winners here. Everyone who loves derby is the winner of this bout! (and Rocky on the last jam... I had to)

Philly vs Oly: I haven't talked a lot about the Liberty Belles. They are a solid solid team. Nothing but All-Stars thru & thru. BTW, Elle Viento I just wanted to say I loved your video games! (old 16-bit joke) From Elle to Persephone, Mo, Ivana, Teflon, Shenita, Gloria, etc there isn't one player I wouldn't want on my team if I could. They came is #2 in the East. They always play Gotham tough and you never ever discount them in a bout. IF they play a smart game, get lead jam a lot, take advantage of Oly's mistakes, maximize their powerjams & work the clock they can win this. But they have to hit all those points & have no mistakes to win. That's a tough call and I just don't think they can do that for 60 minutes. I think Oly will have a fire under them and in the end pull out the win. Oly goes on to the finals.

*** Third Place Bout ***

Gotham vs Philly: Not much to say here. Another classic bout between these two amazing teams. I think will be closer than the Eastern Regional finals but I feel the result will be the same. Gotham takes 3rd place.

*** Finals ***

Rocky Mountain vs Oly Rollers 2: Yes, some matchups are so great they need a number after them. We all saw the finals of the Western Region. I can't add anything that we haven't already talked about, thought about, seen it over & over again. IF both teams make it this far this will be edge of your seats viewing. Oly will want to avenge thier loss to Rocky. Rocky beat Oly once & knows they can do it again. This could be the most viewed boutcast in history. Heck, I have a bout I am supposed to be at that day & I might bag it to watch this. It will be thrilling, it will be close, it will kill your liverbut in the end though I think that RMRG won't be denied. Rocky Moutain claims the Hydra & the title of 2010 WFTDA Champions!

OK, I'm done. I probably will end up being wrong about a few of these bouts but that is the fun of picking brackets. Discuss, argue, send me free stuff to change my mind. Just have fun & enjoy the Championships.

Oly VS Rmrg final

I think your pretty dead on with your predictions Vicorp. right up till the end. its going to be a epic and stellar bout. but knowing how upset oly is and that they are doing 6 to 7 practices a week and maybe a 2 aday. And you know watching that bout they were not playing like oly at all! honestly. besides that just wait to see the final 14 for oly at nationals! oh its exciting... with blonde an bitchen, D bomb back on the track And we know they are forces that can do great damage. and a couple more that oly has added to the top 20 roster. your going to see more oly girls going to nationals then last year i believe they didnt even skate with a full 14 for gothem and texas last year now they have alternates going.. who knows whats going to happen but I agree it will be OLY VS RMRG

I got your prediction right here.

edit: embedded by yr frndly dnn edtr

That was awesome!

Just when I think you can't top yourselves you manage to somehow pull it off. No matter how wrong you were with your predictions, that was a great "Super Fans" video. The only thing missing was the big fake heart attack in the middle of it. We really need a WFTDA Fans Championship just so we can settle it between B.A.D. fans & the BNRF.


The fly buzzing around the table was the exclamation point.


That's some good $#!t... LOL! Is that a pickled zombie goat skull on the front of the table there?

be still my beating heart

I think I'm in love...

Cake?!? Charm City over Minnesota because of cake?

We'll make you some hot dish, lutefisk, and pronto pups if that'll help.


How about this: a girl I work with carries a Goon lunchbox to work every day. Will that help Minnesota at all?

I think rescinding the offer

I think rescinding the offer of lutefisk would help more.

Good point.

How about a Pearson's Nut Goodie?

(Maddening, you forgot to

(Maddening, you forgot to offer bars. They go over better than Lutefisk.)

We picked Nashville over Oly,

We picked Nashville over Oly, Windy City, Philly, & Gotham by a combined score of 5548 to 41. I think us not picking your team is a positive.

In seriousness, Oly and Rocky can take it, but I wouldn't count out Gotham. It being Suzy's last tournament with the team makes me think they'll be playing with some emotion.


goonguy wrote:

It being Suzy's last tournament with the team makes me think they'll be playing with some emotion.

Don't forget that it will be the last game for some key RMRG players as well.
Emotions will be high in the top three.

Derby Tipping Comp

My league is doing a derby tipping comp, and Vicorp, your predictions mirror mine.
The only difference is that I have penned Charm to defeat MNRG... but of course Charm will go down to Rocky, so it doesn't really matter who wins the Saturday bouts, because regardless, the final is going to be the same... Rocky V Oly or Gotham V Oly.

Still can't wait to see it.... and hope there are some upsets like we saw during regionals... gonna be an amazing weekend!! BRING IT ON!!!! <3


i'm so fricken, yeah i said fricken, excited for this and the first weekend of November is coming up so fast!!!

Just sayin

Holly Gohardly wrote:

i'm so fricken, yeah i said fricken, excited for this and the first weekend of November is coming up so fast!!!

Holly Gohardly....I love you!!!

Being there

I am so excited to be able to be there to see this play out.

that is all


I just have to stay with my girls the Nashville Rollergirls! They have been underestimated all season and they will kick a** no matter the out come! The Fans are awesome and the girls share a love and bond so deep that it brings respect to anyone who see it! Go Nashville! Ya'll are my girls no matter what!

Who wants it? Double D's want it..

edit: embedded by yr frndly dnn edtr

Drop them D's on it..

mouse wrote:

Who wants it? Double D's want it..

HELLZ YEAH! Love it. I have to admit I love that we have so many talented fan videos, its awesome.

Quad Predicts

1. Gotham
2. Oly
3. Rocky Mountain
4. Philly
5. Windy City
6. Charm City
7. Bay Area
8. Kansas City
9. Texas
10. Mad Rollin'
11. Minnesota
12. Nashville


Tank had us finishing tenth at NC Regionals and we ended up second, so your #11 pick should have us end up in third place. Hopefully Cincinnati's prognostication skills are still at the same level as they were two months ago.

That Rocky Mountain win is going to shock everyone, including ourselves!

One problem with this post...

quad.almighty wrote:

1. Gotham
2. Oly
3. Rocky Mountain
4. Philly
5. Windy City
6. Charm City
7. Bay Area
8. Kansas City
9. Texas
10. Mad Rollin'
11. Minnesota
12. Nashville

There's no placing past 4th in this tournament. Unless a team loses in semifinals they are "one and done." There's no consolation bouts to place teams 5th through 12th.

Hi-def for Uproar?

Anyone know if there will be a hi-def stream available for the Uproar bouts?

SD, but high bitrate

Hinckley Productions will be shooting the event with standard def gear, but we will be able to stream it at a very high bitrate (aiming for right around a megabit, depending which way the bits are blowing). It won't be any 1080p, but it'll be substantially more than Good-Enough Def(TM).

One week. Holy crap.

Thanks, Hurt!

Weekend long watch party at our place!!! ;)


Same - except here in Australia the finals will be on a Monday... so a bunch of us have taken the day off work. Derby *AND* chucking a sickie.... the perfect Monday.

Seven Days Left To Enter The Contest

Over 460 people have entered so far -- have you submitted your bracket yet?



High Definition

Are the nationals being offered in high definition like the western regionals were? It made a huge difference and I would PAY$$ for this option. Please tell me it is so.

See above

Hurt Reynolds wrote:

Hinckley Productions will be shooting the event with standard def gear, but we will be able to stream it at a very high bitrate (aiming for right around a megabit, depending which way the bits are blowing). It won't be any 1080p, but it'll be substantially more than Good-Enough Def(TM).

One week. Holy crap.

watching the games

Very pleased to see on the link for the Boutcast that Justin.tv will be carrying it. Since I have to work most of the weekend, I'll be able to watch the archived stuff when I get home.

4 more days!

Thank you DNN for bringing us such great Derby coverage! Really..what would we do without you! So excited! I'm in awe of so many of these teams but I'm going to have to cheer for BAD and RMRG the loudest!


just savoring those headlines for a while!!

Headlines are nice.