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2010 South Central Region Playoffs Preview

  • Texas comes into the tournament as the prohibitive favorite. They went all the way to the championship game of Nationals last year but lost to Oly. Photo: Axle Adams.
  • Kansas City team captain Hall Balls. Kansas City dropped from the second spot in the region this year and comes in as the 3 seed. Photo: Axle Adams.
  • Houston took third place in the tournament last year and reached Nationals, but this year has had significant roster turnover and has dropped to 7th in the region. Photo: Axle Adams.
  • 2 seed Atlanta has an impressive 11-3 record this year and has a pretty good shot at getting out of the tournament with a Championships invite, but will likely have to go through Kansas City (whom they edged out this year in May) if they want to reach the final. Photo: Axle Adams.
  • Tampa Bay jammer Wild Cherri in a 2009 bout against Madison. 6 seed played 4 seed Dallas four times this year, finally triumphing in a 3 point match in August. Photo: Joe Rollerfan

Quarterfinal: 4SC Dallas vs. 5SC Nashville
1pm Central, Friday, October 8

Last year, Dallas came within a last jam of a trip to Nationals before losing a dramatic third-place game to Houston. Early this year, it looked like the battle for third place in this year's South Central was likely to come down to a battle between Dallas, Atlanta and Nashville -- however, Atlanta has started to put some separation between themselves and these two teams, while Tampa Bay is creeping on them from behind. Both teams have had some disappointing results recently, and only one will get a chance to bounce back this weekend.

Dallas had an extremely active year with 19 games and a 12-7 record (including playing 5 games in two days at March's Clover Cup tourney). One of the major storylines of their season has been an ongoing and occasionally violent rivalry with Tampa Bay -- they've faced them 4 times this year, with a scuffle breaking out in an April meeting. Dallas won the first three meetings, but the most recent one in July saw Tampa Bay finally pull out a narrow win at 104-101. That game came too late to affect the seeding for this tournament, though. Notably, Dallas did get a win over Championships-bound Minnesota in late July, although it seems that Minnesota has significantly picked up their game since then.

Dallas has a pretty impressive variety of talent on their team, with a lanky and very effective positional pivot in Harazzis Mine, some extremely hard hitters in Keltic Kamikaze, The Shocker and Barooski, and a particularly dangerous combination of speed, strength and agility in jammer Miley Virus. Hot 4 Teacher, Anita Riot and Roxie La Roo are also very solid jammers for this team.

Nashville comes into this bout with something to prove. They kicked off their 2010 season with a 35-point win over tough Atlanta, and then went on to build a 6 game winning streak -- but the loss of some major players caused them to stall out about mid-year. Sexy Slaydie and Fully Addomatic were both significant losses and were sorely missed when Nashville went to ECE and struggled a bit in a narrow 31-point win over DC and then went on to lose to North Star by almost the same amount. Although they got post-ECE wins over Ft. Wayne and Tallahassee, they were solidly beaten when they played tournament-level competition. Providence knocked them out in a 171-82 rout in July and Steel City sent them home with a 182-69 defeat in August.

The winner here will almost certainly face Texas in the semifinal, and will almost certainly go from that game into the third-place bout. Last year, Nashville had the bad luck of pulling the 6 seed, meaning they had to face Texas in their first bout -- and that 207-23 rout by Texas included the only scoreless half in WFTDA tournament play history when Texas shut them out for a full 30 minutes in a 127-0 first half. Dallas has faced Texas more recently, with a similar result -- Texas smoked them 209-35 in August.

0 Harazzis Mine // 1 Mary Ate Ashley // 3 Keltic Kamikaze // 6 Hollywood Hit'cha // 7 Lucky Lou // 13 Brandi Danger // 15 Barooski // 21 The Shocker // 28 Miley Virus // 100 Hot 4 Teacher // 138 Anita Riot // 180 Roll'er Over // 210 Rink Panther // 241 Lickity Splittail // 530 Juicy J // 666 Weapon X // 717 Olive Illegal // 911 Mona Bruis'R // Jackie Lation // K9 Roxie La Roo

5 5 Scar Jeneral // 5FT3 Lady Fury // 10 Union Jack-U-Up // 11 Jennifer Smith // 13 LeeAnn Crimes // 13EE Susan // 15 E$$$ // 32 Jenny the Jet Rodriguez // 36DD Maulin Monroe // 99 Slammylou Harris // 141 Trisha Torment // 308 Britches N' Hose // 318 Four Leaf Roller // 529 Whip Lashes // 808 Jersey Jackhammer // 1080 Dramatic Pyrony // 1970 Slayla // 5280 Luscious Loosie // C4A Showstopper // M60 Ramb0 Samb0


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I object to the author's

I object to the author's claim that these bouts will take place under the auspices of Central Standard Time. They will, in fact, be conducted under sanction from Central DAYLIGHT Time. IT'S AN OUTRAGE I TELL YOU!!!


Please redirect your outrage to the official website for the event, which clearly purposely misled me in an attempt to undermine my journalistic credibility. Effing No Coast, I tell ya.

If i show up an hour late

If i show up an hour late now, does that make me more professional?


Correct? Yes. Pedantic? Absolutely.

Professional? Well, why would you want that?

Excellent point. I withdraw

Excellent point. I withdraw the allegation.

Besides, Norb, you're

Besides, Norb, you're announcing the first game of the tournament!

In that case i'm sure the

In that case i'm sure the incorrect time zone was intended to throw me off the scent.

Hey DNN...

Dear DNN,

Can Houston get a little smidgeon of love? ;)




We LOVE Houston. We totally don't get to hang out with you enough, and we're looking forward to it this weekend.

That said, I think Justice's analysis is fair -- this year has been a bumpy ride for the team, which has had losses to teams it defeated during last year's SC Regionals. Challenging road ahead, but as we've already seen, challenging roads create the possibility of big upsets!

A lesson from BAD

rebelann1974 wrote:

Dear DNN,

Can Houston get a little smidgeon of love? ;)



B.A.D. has learned that all you have to do is be total assholes, and people will start to love you! Even DNN!

took me a sec

er... what? Oh wait, I get it. LOL


Taxi Scab wrote:
rebelann1974 wrote:

Dear DNN,

Can Houston get a little smidgeon of love? ;)



B.A.D. has learned that all you have to do is be total assholes, and people will start to love you! Even DNN!

B.A.D. earned love from fans and DNN alike by more often than not playing excellent meat'n'potatoes derby (no bullshit schticks, just fast and agile jammers and super hard hitting blockers). The assholery is an incidental side effect we've all become accustomed to as it shows so signs of abating.

no dbc?

Those Houston ladies sure are hospitable. Why won't we see DBC on the track? I love watching her skate!

I like watching her skate,

I like watching her skate, AND she always makes me hungry for ice cream. That's a pretty lethal combination.

No dbc?

Miss Moxxxie wrote:

Those Houston ladies sure are hospitable. Why won't we see DBC on the track? I love watching her skate!

She left Houston's building last year. Missing derby soooooo much, anybody wana take a derby skater without a derby home in? I'll work hard, promise! Please?!
dbc/death by chocolate

Move to Seattle...

And we can talk ;)

I've made multiple offers

You terd. I love you. Move to Indy. You know you want to.

I second Seattle.

Do it! xxxooo

let's trade

we're losing windigo jones to the great state of texas next season, so it seems only fair that you should move to the bay area, dbc!!!



for real


Moxxxx, Where's Windigo going?! She did a kickass job this weekend!!
You know I loves the Bay!
And Merc, I think I may be hitting the Wild West Showdown in March, see your face then?
Marq, Love You!
You Beautiful ones sure know how to make a girl feel welcome!
:::happy dancing:::

how about Europe!?

how about Europe!?


We talked about this. You are moving to the bay area. We are the only team who can handle you. Trust me it will be the best decision you ever made!


Tampa <3's Houston!!

Sexy Slaydie hasn't played

Sexy Slaydie hasn't played with Nashville this season. She moved to NYC in December. She's badass, but Nashville still kicked ass in the early part of the season without her massive murderous hits.

question about nat seeding? and TX+KILLBOX=NASTY!

first hand experience, since i was with Dallas when we played down in Austin, that girl is a beast on that team.... i'm sure she is going to be an interesting end of the season change for Texas and for their road AT nationals... ;)

so is it official that the western seeded teams play the south central seeded teams at nationals? as in the 2nd seeded team for SC plays BAY and the 3rd seeded team will play Oly?

Is it on the website?


It's not official and public until it's on the website.

The seeding for Championships 1st round will be random

From the WFTDA site:

The seeding for the 2010 WFTDA Championship Tournament will be announced on Tuesday, October 12, at 12:00pm Pacific Time. A video of the drawing used to determine the seeding will be available at http://wftda.com/champs.

The winners of each playoff get a first-round bye at the Championship, while each second-place team will face a third-place team from another region. The Oct. 12 drawing will determine what the latter match-ups will be.

If my understanding is correct, there are only three possible brackets that can be randomly generated if Region X 2 seed plays Region Y 3 seed to face the Region Z 1 seed, as was the case in 2009.

Rest assured that we'll have a post up very very soon after the matchups are locked in.

Fuzzy Math

Justice Feelgood Marshall wrote:

If my understanding is correct, there are only three possible brackets that can be randomly generated if Region X 2 seed plays Region Y 3 seed to face the Region Z 1 seed, as was the case in 2009.

I count six possible because there are three possible regions for region Y and two possible in region Z:

East 3 plays NC 2 to play SC 1
East 3 plays NC 2 to play W 1
East 3 plays SC 2 to play NC 1
East 3 plays SC 2 to play W 1
East 3 plays W 2 to play NC 1
East 3 plays W 2 to play SC 1

(edit to clarify the whole first round stuff)

Oops, my focus is showing

You are totally correct on that point. What I was focusing on (but totally did not explain at all) is that there is one possible bracket that puts East & West top seeds on the same side of the bracket, and there are two possible brackets that puts East & West top seeds of opposite sides of the bracket.

Speaking only for myself, I think the latter two would lead to a more satisfying tournament.