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West Region Playoffs Preview

  • Oly and Rocky Mountain players go down in a pileup in last year's Western Regionals championship bout. Oly won that game 119-64, but Rocky Mountain came closer in a 121-101 match this year. Photo: Axle Adams.
  • Duke City jammer Meep Meep leads Sacred City's Daddy Girl out of a turn. Duke got a solid win over Sacred at February's Wild West Showdown, 126-55. Photo: Axle Adams.
  • Jammers Jalepeno Business (left) and Rhea DeRange (right) are likely to be big factors when their teams meet in the first quarterfinal. Rose City and Rat City have played twice already this year, with Rose City winning the first match and Rat City the second. Photo: Masonite Burn.
  • Oly solidly stopped Denver in a semifinal match at last year's Nationals in Philadelphia, 178-91. Photo: Axle Adams.
  • Rat City's Primp Daddy receives a star pass in a Hometown Throwdown bout against Bay Area. Bay Area won this game by 1 point, 108-107. Photo: Axle Adams.
  • Jet City has seemed like an up-and-coming force for some time but will have their work cut out for them if seeding holds and they play Rocky Mountain in the Friday night quarterfinals. Photo: Axle Adams.
  • Longtime Tucson vet Polly Graf. In February 2006. Tucson hosted the Dust Devil, the first modern derby tournament, and went on to host the first WFTDA Western Regionals in February 2007. Photo: Axle Adams.

Opening Round: #7W Jet City vs. #10W Sacred City
12:00 PM, Friday October 1

Tournament hosts Sacred City will try to hang an early upset on a tough-to-figure Jet City team in the noon bout. Jet City (Everett, WA) is a relatively new league, having had their first WFTDA bouts in the summer of 2009. This year they turned some heads at tournaments by falling just short of Duke City at the Wild West Showdown 149-135 and also traveling far out of region to solidly defeat Arch Rival 162-108 at the Midwest Brewhaha; however, later results for both of those teams make them look a little less dangerous than they'd seemed at the time. Arch Rival finished tenth of 10 teams at the recent North Central playoffs, while Duke City has recently lost this year to non-tournament-qualifier Pikes Peak.

JCRG is 4-2 over the course of 2010, but their only taste of top-level competition has been a July bout against Oly, where Oly waltzed 225-83. It's impossible to tell what Jet City may have learned from that loss, though, as they haven't played publicly since.

The Sacramento team's 3-3 season has been dotted primarily with narrow wins followed by blowout losses. They had one big win over developing Central Coast in February, along with close ones over Angel City (20 points) and Pikes Peak (22 points). Like Jet City, Sacred City also took a loss to Duke City at the Wild West Showdown, although Duke had a less stressful time with them in a 126-55 final. Sacred City was also handled by two teams on a 2010 comeback trail -- Bay Area (121 points in April) and, most recently, Minnesota (145 points in August).

On paper, the results against shared opponent Duke City on the same weekend would seem to make Jet City a solid bet this weekend, but those games were over half a year ago. The outcome of this one may simply come down to which team applies the lessons of their recent blowout losses more effectively.

0 Jude O'Chopp // 1 Cia WoodnwannaBia // 6 Beelzababe // 8 Connie Torturous // 11 Ivana Hercha // 12 Nasty Nikki Nightstick // 17 Indy Pendant // 21 Snack Size // 25 Angelica Della Morte // 32 Ally Kazaam // 34 Mortica Militia // 40 Teeny Bopper // 44 Precious N. Metal // 52 Miss us Unshine // 61 Molly Python // 69 Trixxie's Trash'n Em // 76 Bess B. Ware // 77 Retro Bution / 80 Fuzz-kill // 86 Sierra Fist

1 Neill n Weep // 8 Aly Sylum // 14 Chica Loca // 15 Cash Money // 16 Slingshot // 22 Slapjack // 23 Scarlet Reign // 24 Attila the Honey // 29 Spiller // 44 Four Closer // 53 Daddy's Girl // 67 Rose Villain // 74 Shadow Soldier // 82 Jenergizer Bunny // 323 Buck U Up // 713 Sherlock Home Slice // 777 Foxy Knoxy // 789 Malevolent // 2010 Judy Jettison // 5150 La Locahontas


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Narrowest loss to Oly

>they'll be up against either Rose City (who came within just 6 points of Oly in February, giving them their closest bout of their title reign)

Actually, Denver suffered a 2pt loss to Oly in April 2009, 168-170.

Yes, but

Arguably, that wasn't during Oly's "title reign," since it happened before the tournament season.


No arguing, birthday boy!

I hesitated over that but I figured I'd respond mores to their record: their reign of victories since joining wftda..

Don't forget Punchin' Judy!

Punchin' Judy is another Rat alum skating for Oly. Useless fun fact: as far as I can remember the Cosa Nostra Donnas have only lost twice in their history, once to Rat's B all star team Reign of Terror and once to Rat home team Derby Liberation Front, both in 2008. Punchin' Judy was on both of those teams.

I apologize in advance

I hate being that guy, but I have to... =P

It's the "Rain of Terror". ;)

One other prehistoric Oly loss

70-25 against Rose City's Axles of Annihilation, 7/21/07, in a 30- or 40-minute undercard. Rose City's Wheels of Justice dropped Rocky Mountain 111-74 in the main event that night.

I swear to god we're gonna make that stuff searchable during the "off season."

Cart before the horse

The Cosa Nostra Donnas (Oly's WFTDA team) was formed sometime after that bout. I'm not sure what the name of that 2007 team was, or if it was simply known by the league name Oly Rollers. Sorry about the spelling, way back when Shovey Chase told me about the team I thought she said it was going to be "Reign", my mistake.

Photo number one

is cracking me up.

Photo number one ditto

That moment was one of my favorite Regionals moments. Tannibal Lector took out three Rockies and all four landed hard and stayed down as the jam ended. A RMRG player helped Tannibal up, then Tannibal helped up on of the Rockies. That plus the couples skate team intros to that bout really showed that sportwomanship and respect should place above rivalry.

Urrk'n Jerk'n

Isn't she another skater that just recently transferred to Rocky Mountain? Does anyone know from where?

re: urrk'n jerk'n

she's a transfer from fort collins.


Since Tank's "tank" in the North Central regionals, I have not seen any predictions (not picking on you Tank, I couldn't have done better)...Surely, one of you West Coast fans have the brackets figured out.

You Want Predictions?

from the brilliant minds of Derby Deeds Done Dirt Cheap I submit episode #23


Well, after going perfect on the winning side of Easterns I was tempted to lay it all out for Westerns. However after listening to the podcast, I can't find a single thing I disagree with. Plus the fact that after Rat v Rose I'll be very far into the DNN Drinking Game (mainly because I can't pick a winner there). So if you want a great breakdown of Westerns pay attention to the podcast and get ready for the best Regional of the Year.

/watching in HD!!!


omgomgomgomgomg WESTERNS!!!

Issue #7 of HELLARAD is making it's way to Sacramento tonight!



As a big Juska fan, I am really looking forward to watching the Denver bouts. I LOVE YOU DNN - for helping us Aussie's be a part of the action from the other end of the world! <3

Brisbane City Rollers.

More RMRG Transfers

You missed Urrk'n Jerk'n (from FoCo) and Barbie Boop (from DRD) in your list of recent RMRG transfers.

Go Fight Club! Wish I could be there!