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Tournament Recap: The Great Southern Slam

Round Robin Stages | Quarterfinals | Semis and Finals

QUARTERFINALS - Saturday evening

QUARTERFINAL 1 - Adelaide v Geelong/Ballarat

The first fifteen minutes of this game were close, with Adelaide holding a slim margin over the combined Geelong/Ballarat team, but the Adeladies opened up their lead halfway through the period and the Maulrats were unable to recover. A 14-point romp by Adelaide jammer Barrelhouse Bessy over a boxed Ruby E Raze was followed up with a 9-0 run for Kissy Suzuki, leaving the score at Adelaide 50, Geelong/Ballarat 19 with 14 minutes on the clock. The score continued to open up and at half-time stood at 81 points for the Adeladies to Geelong/Ballarat's 29. The Maulrats were able to close the gap as the game progressed, adding 42 points in the final fifteen minutes of the match but the final score stood at Adelaide 152, Geelong/Ballarat 102.

Key jammers for the Maulrats were the fast and agile Nine Lives Isis, along with Apocalypse Nerd and veteran player Ruby E Raze; Adelaide relied heavily on Barrelhouse Bessy, Kissy Suzuki, Raw Dog and new talent Kit Cat Krunch, with formidable blocker Vaderella holding down the front of the pack throughout.

QUARTERFINAL 2 - Sun State v Northen Brisbane

The Sun State Rollergirls All-Stars and the Northern Brisbane Brawl Stars share a city and first met in interleague play in November, 2009; Sun State emerged with the win, 166 points to 126. This game was considerably less even. NBR held a slight lead in the first two jams but Sun State romped all over them from then on, displaying iron control of the pack to hold their rivals to just 18 points by half-time - and only two of those scored in the final fifteen minutes of the period.

The pace only picked up in the second half, with Sun State putting up 111 points to Northern Brisbane's 10. Sun State relied on twin sisters Rose Ruin and Cookie Cutter at the jam line, along with veteran Annabelle Lecter and crowd-pleasing new recruit Chop Chop - her supporters' "chop-chop-chop" chant with accompanying arm gestures are rapidly becoming an Australian derby meme. Belle de Brawl was a force to be reckoned with in the Northern Brisbane pack, and Dead Meat and Sweet Enemy distinguished themselves at the jam line. The final score was Sun State 184, Northern Brisbane 28.

QUARTERFINAL 3 - Victoria v Sydney

Victoria suffered a blow early in this game, losing formidable blocker and team captain Berzerker to a knee injury early in the first half, but they nevertheless spectacular beating on the Sydney team with a final score of 234 to 19. Victoria dominated the pack from the outset, holding Sydney to a mere five points in the first half while they racked up 117 - exactly half of their total points for the game, although their opposition put up a stronger fight in the second period. A power jam for Sydney's Captain Ratz over a sin-binned Denim Destructor let her put Sydney's first points of the half on the board, but the team was unable to capitalise on a second power jam immediately afterwards, leaving the score at Victoria 186, Sydney 14.

Captain Ratz put up nearly half of Sydney's total points, with the rest filled in by Trippy Longstockings and Haterade. Victoria's Kitty Decapitate dominated the scoring in the first period but skated less in the second, as she, Mandytory Punishment and Skate Bush were rested in favour of some different jammer lineups in Denim Destructor, Punani Tsunami and Hidden Magenta. The final score was 234 points for Victoria, 19 for Sydney.

QUARTERFINAL 4 - Pirate City v Perth

The Kiwis led throughout this quarter-final, setting up a 25 point lead in the first ten minutes of the match and extending it from there. The half-time score stood at Pirate City 110, Perth 23. At the final whistle, Pirate City had 207 points to Perth's 51, guaranteeing them a slot in Sunday's semi-finals.

Pirate City Rollers relied heavily on former speed skater Fia Fasi Oe - her name is Samoan for "Do you want a hiding?" - and Spar Kill to bring home the win against Perth Roller Derby. The Auckland jammers demonstrated a physical style of play that seemed unfamiliar to the Perth team; Fia ping-ponged off blocker after blocker in her passes through the pack, while long-term Pirate Skate the Muss made a habit of nailing her opponent into the infield right off the jam line. The smaller Perth team relied on the agility and speed of jammers Hot Wheels, Posh Slice and Dirty KO to provide one of the closer games of the quarter-finals.


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phew what a weekend

Big thanks to everyone who came down to radelaide, skated, reffed, cheered or tuned into DNN
It was a mega derby love fest - the energy generated could have powered the city for a year
Many many thanks to Hurt, Dumptruck, Ivanna, Peyote and Bloody Mary for sharing their wisdom and bringing Aus Nz derby into peoples homes.

mwah mwah to everyone who made this happen it feels like a dream with so much more to come

Watch out world your southern derby sisters and brothers are knocking on your door

Vader xx


Awesome write up!

Big love to all the usual suspects...ADRD for putting on the most ambitious tournament of all time and making it such a wonderful experience for everyone there...our US derby family for making such a long trip to be part of Oz derby history...all the leagues who skated their hearts out and yelled their heads off in the crowd...BEST TIME EVER!!!!.......Oh and being National/Oceania Champs ain't so bad either ;)

Kitty DeCapitate

On hidings

It's been brought to my attention that even translated into 'glorious Commonwealth English' (thanks DNN!), Fia Fasi Oe's name may make no sense to those who don't speak Colonial. So for the Yanks and others who think zee is a letter, a 'hiding' is a 'beating'. "Do you want one?" is a rhetorical question, especially when Pirate City Rollers are around.

Man, I had so much fun in at the Slam. Let's do it again sometime, huh?