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Preview: Great Southern Slam

  • We're taking this advice VERY seriously.

The Great Southern Slam takes place at the Adelaide Showgrounds on June 12 and 13, 2010. It's the Asia Pacific region's first derby tournament and is on track to be the largest derby event anywhere, ever. Fifteen teams of skaters will compete in round-robin mini-pools to establish seeding, with eight teams progressing into a single elimination tournament on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

DNN's live coverage of this historic tournament begins at 10am Adelaide time on Saturday June 12 (8:30pm Eastern, 5:30pm Pacific on Friday, June 11 in the States.). Live coverage of The Great Southern Slam is presented by Riedell Skates and Fast Girl Skates, and is also made possible by generous support from DNN viewers like you!

The Slam is designed to be an inclusive experience; with the exception of safety-based minimum skill standards (based on the WFTDA Minimum Skills Assessment), no requirements were levied on teams wishing to participate. Any league wishing to field a competitive team could do so. As a result, the experience levels within the tournament range from the four-year-old Pirate City Rollers to teams which have not played even a single home bout. With Geelong and Ballarat, and Western Australia and Wellington uniting in combined teams, as well as Team Pot Luck, sixteen leagues are represented in the competitive section of the Slam.

In addition, pick-up and themed challenge games are open to any skater who has passed their league's minimum skills and registered with the Great Southern Slam. Skaters from twenty leagues around Australia and New Zealand will be participating in the various events at the tournament.

Tournament structure follows the precedent set by Roll Britannia in seeking to establish seeding amongst a group of teams with widely disparate skill levels and little previous play. This also had the advantage of guaranteeing all participating teams a minimum of two games. Bouts will be played under the WFTDA ruleset dated December 1, 2009, with the exception that games within the round-robin mini-pools will consist of two 20-minute periods.

Each mini-pool of three teams contains an 'established team', which typically has a moderate amount of interleague experience and between two and four seasons of home play behind them,an 'intermediate team' - likely to have played one or two home seasons, and little if any interleague experience - and a 'new team'. It's these third teams which have the greatest variability and can be expected to throw up some surprises - some of the newest leagues represented at TGSS haven't played a single public game and the Slam is their first opportunity to show what they can do.

The winners of each of the five pools get an automatic pass into the quarter-finals; they'll be joined by three runner-up teams, selected based on point differentials in their preliminary rounds. The pools have been set up to ensure that leagues who have previously competed against each other will not meet in the preliminary rounds of the tournament, with a view to ensuring a new variety of interleague play.


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wow. this is amazing and

wow. this is amazing and exciting. Derby will conquer the world.

Time Zones

Unless I'm mistaken, to convert to EST times, subtract 13.5 hours... that''s -1.5 hours and then change AM to PM.

So, action begins locally Saturday at 10AM (Friday 8:30PM EST) and runs until a last bout scheduled start time of 9PM (Saturday 7:30 AM EST). Then resumes Sunday at 11AM (Saturday 9:30 PM EST) and ends with the finals scheduled for 6:30 PM (Sunday 5 AM EST).

I'm posting this so others can check that I didn't make any mistakes. Totally missed a couple bouts from Roll Britannia because of errors in late night calculation attempts.

Also, if you're logged in and

Also, if you're logged in and you've set your time zone in your account, the event page (once we set it up) will do time conversions for you. Set your time zone by clicking "account" near the upper right, then the Edit tab.

Beck Wise Rules!

Excellent preview, especially given the scope of this event! Thanks for painting a picture for all of us up North, I love going into this weekend knowing more about the history of the teams. GO BERSERKER! Can't wait to see her skate again :)

Beck Wise Rules!

Indeed she does MercyLess! As a vetran SRDL skater recently transferred to CRDL, keep your eyes open for her at GSS :) her skating may impress you even more than her writing!

I shouldn't admit this but I

I shouldn't admit this but I have no idea what any of those acronyms stand for.

Good Luck, Great Southern Slam Teams!

Wow! From a single town in Texas, to 20 some leagues in Tucson, to a Derby devoted news site, to 3 years of National Tournaments, to intercontinental bouts, to European tourneys and now to Australian Tourneys!! In just under a decade, our little community has come a long long way. Pretty honored to be able to do this with all ya'll! Wow. Just Wow!

So freakin' excited!!

Such a good preview write-up! Can't wait for this weekend!! BRING IT ON!!

Blow Up Betty xx
Adelaide Roller Derby

Great preview!!

LRG alumni represent!

Go Kitty and Belle...everyone else, watch out for these two powerhouses!

so excited for Kitty and Belle!

can't wait to see them line up against each other! we'll all be watching that game in London...

Feeling the derby lurrrvee

WOW... what a day, I just spent about 12 hours laying track, setting up seating, merch stands & greeting skaters from all over the WORLD. I'm completely knackered, have 2 more days to go and completely LOVING IT!!!!

Huge thank you's to all who've made this dream possible XXX

Holga Von Lomo (Adelaide Roller Derby)

Just had an IM from Hurt

Chris: dude.
Chris: I'm in Australia!



Wish I could be there!

Go Sydney! So excited to see the league grow so much since I last dropped by for practice like 2 yrs ago while on vacation.

I hope this inspires some leagues to sprout in Southeast Asia :) 3hr flights ain't too bad. I'll skate for the Bali team :D

It COULD be happening already? Probably not?

Hyper Lynx wrote:

Go Sydney! So excited to see the league grow so much since I last dropped by for practice like 2 yrs ago while on vacation.

I hope this inspires some leagues to sprout in Southeast Asia :) 3hr flights ain't too bad. I'll skate for the Bali team :D

One roller derby group on Yahoo just had an application from a woman in Beijing. Assuming it's not an attempt at spamming the group, there is some hope. Though honestly, I'd expect Japan or Korea first. It really depends on how soon (or if) "Whip It!" gets a horribly bad translation and gets pirated over there.

Thing to keep in mind about Japan. Japan seems to be both insular and intensely interested in things American. Its people tend to study our language, but focus more on the vocabulary than the actual usage (or so I've read). Hence the T-shirts with bizarre English messages on them and that site engrish.com. My hunch is that Japan would put their own distinct twist on modern derby, rather than do it exactly the way we have. Shonen Knife, The 5-6-7-8s and the Gito-Gito Hustlers are very reminiscent of some American alternative/rockabilly/punk music, but decidedly not just "Japanese musicians playing American music."

Roller Games ran for a few years in Japan back in the 1970s. By the 80s and 90s they had their own unique version of the sport that had teams alternating between offense and defense. Jammers wearing motorcycle helmets. There's videos of it on YouTube, I have a DVD of a game between them and an American team. Weird stuff.

If you note the surprising sudden explosion of leagues in France, Mexico and South America, it makes a whole lot more sense when you look at the back of the "Whip It!" case. The film is both dubbed and subtitled in French (for Quebec) and Spanish (for roughly 47 million Americans?). We can hypothesize that it was put out in regional formats for the U.K. and Ireland, so France got the movie as well as the translation was already done. Likewise with Mexico and South America.

With Japan, Korea, China et al, that's a whole bunch trickier. American expats who are bilingual tell some amusing stories about pirated U.S. movies they buy and read the foreign subtitles for. There's a web page or two with some hilarious examples of garbled translations. Were the big names in "Whip It!" big enough in Asia to interest Asian audiences in the film? I don't know.

All that said, I'd love to see an authorized subtitling or dubbing of the film in those languages. Or even just Japanese if Chinese would simply lead to piracy? It's tough to say if it would pay off for them. Perhaps if the movie turns out to have staying power? Tough to say.

We can hope for the best.

Whip it has already been

Whip it has already been released in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and plenty of other countries. This sort of information isn't that hard to look up: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1172233/releaseinfo

Release dates

third rail wrote:

Whip it has already been released in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and plenty of other countries. This sort of information isn't that hard to look up: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1172233/releaseinfo

Those are movie screen release dates. Tough to say which countries it's come out on DVD in. Or how it did in the cinemas there.

Whip It pirating

My parents are in Burma and have already sent me a pirated copy of Whip It. Not sure which version it is, but the covers are in English and... some scripty language that doesn't look like Thai. Since I have my legally purchased US copy I haven't stuck it in the DVD player - just got it yesterday - but now I'm curious and will have to check it out.