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Preview: Spring Roll 2010

FORT WAYNE, IN -- After a 2009 hiatus, one of the earliest annual tournaments -- Fort Wayne's 2007 and 2008 Fall Brawl -- comes back with a seasonal change and a name change. On Saturday, May 8th, the 2010 Spring Roll makes history by featuring a regional women's tournament on one track and a national men's tournament on the other.

5 WFTDA teams -- Detroit, Steel City (Pittsburgh), Naptown (Indianapolis), Fort Wayne and Bleeding Heartland (Bloomington) battle it out in an all-day modified single-elimination, five-game tournament on track 1, while 6 men's teams -- Dallas, Harm City (Baltimore), Twin Cities (Minneapolis / St. Paul), Puget Sound, St. Louis and Race City (Indianapolis) play a morning round-robin tournament to qualify for placement in three full-length games in the evening.

DNN presents all-day coverage from both tracks of the Spring Roll 2010 in conjunction with Fort Wayne Derby Girls. Join us at 8:00am Central for all the derby!

Women's Track

Detroit Derby Girls (Detroit, MI)

Officially ranked #2 in the WFTDA North Central Region and #13 nationally by DNN, Detroit comes into the tournament as the top seed and clear favorite. 3 of the other 4 teams have neither penetrated the top 10 for their WFTDA regions or DNN's national top 25, and the one who has done both -- Steel City -- has already lost in a head-to-head matchup vs Detroit, 189-144. That bout does stand as Detroit's only 2010 action, though.

The Detroit roster seems to retain a far amount of the talent from the 2009 run to Nationals, with Racer McChaseher, Sista Slit'chya, Cookie Rumble and Sarah Hipel leading a jammer attack behind a notorious hard-nosed Motor City pack. As the top seed, they get a first-round bye and will get the latest start of any team in either tournament, with their first bout against the winner of Naptown / Fort Wayne at 2:15pm. The winner of that bout proceeds to the championship at 8:15pm.

313 Black Eyed Skeez // 247 boo d. livers // 303 Bruisie Siouxxx // 333 Cookie Rumble // 22 Effin Money // 11 Elle Iminator // 6 Elle McFearsome // 46 Fatal Femme // 886 Formosa Fury // 8 Ghetto Barbie // 35 Jackie O. Noyoudidnt // 1821 Mexi-GO // 100 Polly Fester // 28 Racer McChaseHer // 3 Roxanna Hardplace // 989 Sarah Hipel // 5 Sista Slit'chya // 223 Spanish Ass'assin // 68 Summers Eve-L // 0 Vicious Vixen

Steel City Derby Demons (Pittsburgh, PA)

Steel City has been consistently winning games against lowly-ranked opponents for a long time, and their recent match against Detroit in March, while it was a solid 45 point loss, suggests that SCDD isn't too far from being able to challenge seriously with some Nationals-level teams. That loss against Detroit is the only blemish on a 3-1 year so far from Steel City. If the seeding holds as expected, they'll get a chance for revenge in the 8:15 championship bout.

The SCDD roster boasts a bunch of breakout stars -- particularly the very intimidating Athena and wickedly fast jammer Hurricane Heather -- alongside two notable transfers from older leagues -- Kat Von D'stroya (ex-Detroit) and Pinky (ex-Rocky Mountain).

25 Ally McKill // 7 Athena // b45h B.B. Basher // 82 Bonecrusher // 8 Cheeseburger // x0x0 Damage Dahl // 13 Diabla* // 50 Dresta Kill // 412 Girl Rolla Warfare // 2112 Helen Fire // 5 Hurricane Heather // 70 J-Bomb // 90 Kat Von D'stroya // NC17 Mel Practice // 007 Mission Impassable // 500 Pinky // 2p1s Shocker // 6 Snot Rocket Science // 58 The Crippler // 555 WhipSmart!

Naptown Roller Girls (Indianapolis, IN)

Naptown has been pretty busy and pretty successful thus far in 2010, putting together a 5-1 record -- but they still sit just outside the important top-10 in the North Central region, officially ranked #11 in the region by WFTDA. Their one loss was to #9 NC Grand Raggidy, so a strong showing here would be helpful in the hurt for a NC tourney invite. Last year, they defeated both Fort Wayne in a very narrow 78-70 final and also rolled over Bleeding Heartland 121-34; Steel City defeated them 104-44 very early in 2009.

777 4 Leaf Cleaver // 208 Amuse Bouch // 8 Ana Slays Ya // 218 Asian Sinsation // N3 Blue Messiah // 2 Cereal Killer // 7 Dora the Destroyer // 000 Ima Hurchu // 1847 Jane Ire // 5 Joan of Dark // 51 Joanie Gouge // 321 Katya Lookin // 76 Maiden America // 16 Noxious Donna // 69 Psychedelic Sandy // 9 Racer Xtacy // 317 Shadi Layne // 700 Slammy Faye // 6 Sweet C // 318 Willa Hoeflinch

Fort Wayne Derby Girls (Fort Wayne, IN)

Fort Wayne has recently pulled out of a lengthy winless streak that started in May 2009 with that close loss to Naptown and continued to January of this year with a loss to Grand Raggidy. Since then, they've been swamping opponents by increasingly large margins -- Hammer City by 75 points, Bleeding Heartland by 101, and Gem City by 215. They retain the services of a very fast jammer attack with Pushy Cat and R.I.P.tide as they kick off the women's side of the tournament with an attempt to get revenge on Naptown for last year's 78-70 loss.

DV8 Alotta Attitude // B52 Dodger L Bows // 6ft Enya Grave // 10 Go Go BeWare // 110 High Octane // 22 Jungle McLuvin // DOA Kiki U. Skullzin // 721 Kona Krusher // 105 Majestic // M80 Mayhem // 3 Minx // SK8 Miss Jane RedRum // 30 Pink Painther // 69 Pushy Cat // 4 R.I.P.tide // 999 Rosemary's Baby // 33 Ruby Killer // 8 Sugar Guns // 87 Sweet Avenger // 88 The Cutter

Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls (Bloomington, IN)

The BHRG crew started playing WFTDA-sanctioned action last year and hasn't had too much success, with their only win coming in a relatively close match against Hard Knox (Knoxville), 97-75 last July. Their other three bouts have been blowout losses, most recently a 149-48 to tourney hosts Fort Wayne just over a month ago in late March, so they'll need a truly heroic performance to take out Steel City in the first round game at 10am.

0 Anita Fingerbang // 4 Unicoroner // 5 Polly Hammer'Us // 17 Kaka Caliente // 22 Margles McNasty // 24 Boogie Tights // 27 Terror d'Bits // 99 Bombshell Shock // 100 Zero Dark // 247 Shock 'n Roll // 311 Scarlet Witch // 608 Kung Furious // 808 Pele's Melee // 1120 Vengeance Anya // 2009 Killer Kindness // 8008 Party Foul


8:15am: Naptown vs Fort Wayne
10:00am: Bleeding Heartland vs Steel City
2:15 p.m: Detroit vs winner Game 1
4:00 p.m: Loser Game 1 vs loser Game 2
8:15 p.m. Winner Game 2 vs Winner Game 3 (Championship)


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Not envious

I am not envious of the jammer that has to get through a Steel City pack that has both Athena AND Pinky.


Hi Blackie,

I actually retired from playing in a league. I'll be skating rec derby soon as we get some things up and running out here.
Of course if I ever move back to Denver, CO I would reconsider coming out of retirement for RMRG.
'til then



there's nothing we wouldn't love more;)

Ah well

Pinky 500 wrote:

Hi Blackie,

I actually retired from playing in a league. I'll be skating rec derby soon as we get some things up and running out here.

I know that you will be missed from any roster.
We've been trying to get a rec league started here in the ATL....space is always the issue. If you get something running, I'd love some suggestions/feedback.

Hope to see you skating again soon. :)

Sounds like a fun, but wondering...

With all of these men playing...who's going to ref?

Men Love Fort Wayne Derby Girls!

Before we kick off this madness, I’d like to officially say a huge THANK YOU to the Fort Wayne Derby Girls! Three years ago, at their Fall Brawl, FWDG hosted the first ever “Ref Jam,” which gave men from the region a chance to play this game we all love. Ref Jam was wildly successful and incredibly funny… “This is what happens when refs ref refs!”

That day, several men spackled together a rough confederation of derby wannabes that gelled into Midwest Men’s Roller Derby. If not for MMRD, I personally would not likely be playing derby today, and some of the teams in this year’s Spring Roll might not ever have had a chance to get off the ground.

There’s just no way to adequately communicate how much FWDG has done for men’s derby and how much it means to those of us in the Midwest who owe so much to their efforts. Their support of men’s derby has been second-to-none. And, I absolutely WILL speak on behalf of ALL MEN who play derby when I say that we are forever grateful for Fort Wayne Derby Girls’ encouragement and derby love. With undying respect, admiration and love, THANK YOU, Fort Wayne!

-Quad Almighty
Midwest Men’s Roller Derby, Co-Founder
Harm City Homicide, #7

p.s. Though MMRD is now strictly a challenge team, it is not defunct. We’re just on hiatus, waiting for the right opportunity to come along. We’re still Monsters at heart.


There are some seriously early games on that schedule. How long does adrenaline take to overcome grogginess?

Morning madness notwithstanding, I eagerly await scores & updates on this tourney. Good luck everyone.

Thank you

Bazooka Joe
Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Northampton, MA


Go get 'em!

Sorry, no Pinky

Pinky's not actually playing for Steel Hurtin' this year. Kat might, but isn't active right now.


I was on the roster before I decided to retire.


oh hai!

Yes I still do, but had to take some time off for school.
I'm skating with Team Legit this weekend and will rejoin the Hurtin on Tue!


How come all the scores for Spring Roll (and May 8th in general) are posted except for Naptown vs Detroit and Ft Wayne vs Bleeding Heartland?? Just curious.. I know them, but really wanna See them!! :)

Thank You Fort Wayne Derby Girls!

Thanks for a great weekend and for playing host to such an awesome mens event. I was honored to be a part of it and play alongside such amazing women's teams. Yay Roller Derby!

- Solo, Harm City Homicide

archived bouts

So do you know if they are going to put up archived video of the other men's bouts?

And thank you to everyone for making Spring Roll an amazing event for Men's Derby. And for all the Men's teams that brought their best, I was truly amazed at the level of athleticism and teamwork.

-Fort Wayne Derby Girls, I love you!

G. No-Evil
Puget Sound Outcast

Spring Roll archived bouts

I'll be getting all of the videos archived from Spring Roll and will be posted on the Spring Roll page soon. http://fwderbygirls.com/SpringRoll2010/

Ft. Wayne

Ft. Wayne knows how to put together a tournament. Both Fall Brawl and Spring Roll were two great tournaments to be a part of. Big thanks to Ft. Wayne and Justice for putting in the work so many skaters, fans and family could enjoy such a great weekend. The derby community is better after this weekend.

StL GateKeepers

Spring Roll archived bouts

I'll be getting all of the videos archived from Spring Roll and will be posted on the Spring Roll page.

Spring Roll

Just want to say thanks to all involved in Spring Roll. It was my daughters 8th birthday and nothing could have gone better than her 8th on the 8th. I never attended a sporting event that lasted that long in my life and yet I still wanted to tear myself in half to watch both sets of matches. Looking forward to checking out the videos. Thanks again!