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Western Regionals Capsule Recaps

  • De Ranged is focused on the track as Begeman goes in for a hit. Photo: Jules Doyle
  • Blonde an' Bitchin races to get by Valtron 3000. Photo: Jules Doyle
  • Frieda Beater and Scratcher in the Eye line up on the jam line. Photo: Jay Vollmar
  • Oly blockers Sassy and D-Bomb surround Duke City jammer Meep Meep. Photo: Jules Doyle
  • Rocky Mountain blockers RoboFlow and Anne Shank making a wall to hold back Tuscon jammer Luce Bandit. Photo: Jules Doyle

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Championship Bout: (1W) Oly 119, (8W) Rocky Mountain 64 -- In a very high-speed final, Olympia WA's Oly Rollers proved themselves best in the West by denying the hometown 8 seed Rocky Mountain a satisfactory end to their Cinderella story.

Oly took a 13-0 lead in the first two jams of the bout, though Rocky's Frida Beater took lead jammer and a quick 2-0 to get the hometown heroines on the board -- but Oly answered with a 1-0 of their own to make it 14-2 after four jams.

Rocky suffered a sudden unexpected setback in the fifth jam -- their new star De Ranged took lead jammer, but before any points could be scored, RMRG blocker Annia Lateher went down on injury. Though she was able to skate off under her own power, that jam went 0-0. The strength of the Oly jammers seemed to be a significant advantage for them, as larger, more powerful jammers like Atomatrix, Heffer and Tannibal Lector were able to block their own holes open in the pack while the smaller RMRG jammers like She Who Cannot Be Named and Whipity Pow had more trouble shrugging off hard hits. For the first half, Oly dominated the lead jammer battle. In the jammer position, only De Ranged's mix of speed and strength seemed particularly effective throughout the bout for RMRG.

After about 13 minutes, Oly held a small 21-9 lead, but it was a De Ranged powerjam that finally got Rocky Mountain on the board in a big way, as she rumbled for a 14-0 that put Rocky in the lead 23-21 about halfway through the opening 30.

Blonde n Bitchin', D Bomb and Tannibal Lector had De Ranged's number on her next turn with the star, though, and Oly took back the lead 25-23 on the back of a 4-0 turn from Atomatrix. Oly continued to increase their lead through the following few jams, but couldn't drop any big jams.

While Oly had cleaner jamming through the first half and was rarely stuck with the star in the box, Rocky Mountain was fairly effective at speeding up the pack to avoid big losses on those powerjams. Oly was only able to pick up about 4 or 5 points when they had unopposed opportunities, and they were often forced to call jams while unopposed because the RMRG blockers had complete control of the speed of the pack. That left the score at Oly 40, Rocky Mountain 23 with 5 minutes left in the half.

Rocky Mountain finally got a long-delayed lead jammer call for Whipity Pow in the half's second to last jam, and had a powerjam on top of it, but while it got some more points on the board for RMRG, the margin hadn't changed too much by the half. Oly was up 47-35 at the break.

Ten minutes into the second half, Oly had managed to increase that lead a little bit, particularly with the help of a 9-0 powerjam going to Heffer at the 25:00 mark. That placed the score at Oly 69, Rocky Mountain 46 with 19:24 left to play. However, it was right about here that Oly began to assert control over the bout. They dropped 28 unanswered points on Rocky Mountain over 7 jams before Rocky Mountain's De Ranged finally got the home team back on the board, but by that time Oly held a 101-48 lead with 11:30 left on the clock.

Apparently sensing the game was about to slip away, Rocky Mountain started handing the jam star to De Ranged over and over again, running her almost every other jam for the next series. Mostly on De Ranged's jamming, RMRG did narrow the margin slightly to 101-63, but Oly's Atomatrix continued to put on a clinic of her own, dropping a 11-0 with 5 minutes left to play that was the nail in the coffin. Oly was up 112-63 at that point, and there wouldn't be enough time for the hometown crew to close the gap.

Oly's first place finish gives them a bye in the first round of November's Nationals; they will draw the winner of Gotham / Detroit in the tournament's second round. Rocky Mountain will face down the South Central's third seed, Houston, in the first round.

See DNN's archived boutcast here.

3rd place: (2W) Denver 172, (4W) Rat City 94 - Denver quickly redeemed themselves after their heartbreaking controversial loss to rivals Rocky Mountain on Saturday, using their speed and pack control to consistently open up the margin on a penalty-prone Rat City.

The first half of this bout was easily the most penalty-laden of all the tournament's bouts, as both teams' penalty box filled up in the very first jam and Denver's jammer Heather Juska ended up jamming in the first three jams due to ending the first two penalized. Regardless, Denver had a lead in the end of the sequence, up 15-4 after five minutes, and they never let that lead go.

More penalties rained down for the subsequent 25 minutes, but they fell on Rat City much more often, garnering quite a bit of booing from the partisans in the stands. It seemed that Rat City had 2 blockers in the boxes for nearly the first 10 minutes of the bout, as the queue backed up and many Rat City blockers had to await their turns in the box. Denver's skill at drawing back-blocking penalties on Rat City jammers with last-second lateral movement from their blockers was a major part of that.

At halftime, Denver held a 81-43 lead, still doable for the Rat crew, but they could not close against a Denver team -- partially due to Denver's defense but also due to Rat City's propensity for consistently losing powerjam opportunities when unopposed Rat City jammers hit the box. Rat City was within striking distance at 109-85 with 12:33 to play, but Denver slammed the door on them at that point, dropping 48 unanswered points to make the margin an insurmountable 157-85 with 4:10 left on the clock.

Denver finished in 3rd place for the tournament and will face Kansas City in the first round of Nationals; Rat City misses the Nationals for the first time in their existence.

See DNN's archived boutcast here.

5th/6th Place: (5W) Bay Area 105, (6W) Duke City 103 -- Recap to come.

See DNN's archived boutcast here.

9th/10th Place: (9W) Tucson 185, (7W) Pikes Peak 91 -- Tucson opened up a significant lead in the first half of this one with jammers Sami Automatic and Luce Bandit leading the charge, and they also got a little bit of help from some questionably timed jam calls on the part of PPDD lead jammers -- more than a few times, PPDD held lead but waited too long to call it, allowing potential 4-0 jams to become ties. The Tucson lead hovered around 20 points for the first part of the half until they opened it up on a big 15-0 for Myna N Possession, making it 57-20 with ten minutes left in the half.

Pikes got something going at the very end of the period -- they faced a 73-32 deficit with five minutes to play, but two powerjams in a row went 9-0 for Pikes, and they ended with a 4-0 for Kamilla Bloodspilla to make it just a 19 point difference at 73-54.

Unfortunately for Pikes, the second half was practically all Tucson, and on top of that Pikes Peak jammers took a number of avoidable penalties, particularly big track cuts that left them boxed while Tucson blockers Deadlock Doe Holiday, Helen Wheels and Sunni Sideup blasted open holes for their own jammers. Tucson outscored Pikes in the second half 112-37, cruising in a much easier final 30 minutes.

Tucson finished in 9th place, keeping their original seeding; Pikes Peak was the only team to finish the weekend winless at 0-3, and landed in last place for the tournament.

See DNN's archived boutcast here.


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Im so proud of those Killer

Im so proud of those Killer Rocks in this Tournament and I suspect that they have another upset up their sleeves. Frida's girls are ROCKIN!!

The destroying the pack calls or lack there of is making me pull

my hair out by the roots.

Seriously. The refs all across this land need to get on the same page with this. Some are calling it correctly......some are not and some I don't think know how to call it. The inconsistencies are swinging games in certain teams' favor. If one team speeds up and runs away....essentially changing the established pack speed...it's called RUNAWAY PUSSY and the other team does not have to give chase or try to pick someone off. They can just skate at the speed the jam started out at and should not have to lose a blocker due to "destroying" the pack. The same goes for a team clumping up in the back and skating at a crawl at the beginning of a jam to make a trap.....if the other team starts skating at a normal clip....you can give a penalty to a skater in the back for not skating at all. Same goes for the front...you can give a penalty to the pivot or one of the blockers for speeding up the pack at a noticeable speed of 2x to 3x the pace it has been for the jam and the other team doesn't give chase....I mean it's pretty obvious when teams are genuinely "destroying the pack". Please! Have a meeting!

if i had hair..

i'd be right there with you.

consistency is key across all 4 tourneys to get an accurate showing of the best teams at nationals. hopefully things level off for the rest of the tourney!

I disagree

There is nothing in the rules that says pack speed must remain consistent throughout the jam.

What you seem to want could effectively eliminate a lot of the strategy for controlling pack speed. And make for a game that doesn't reward the smarter-playing team.

It is easier to slow the pack than it is to speed it up. If a skater wants to follow along with chasing skaters on the other team, it's generally her team's loss. If a team can catch a goat they're guaranteed not to get the OoP penalty for destroying the pack.

Correct. there is nothing in the rules

that says pack speed must remain constant throughout the jam. It is common to see packs change speed from jam to jam and throughout a jam. A lot of strategy is built around a team's ability to be able have "speed control", certainly. What I am saying is that throughout these tournaments I have seen a wide range of calls given for and against teams/players for "destroying the pack" and I don't think that these calls are being made consistently. I think what's given rise to the issue is when the most recent ruleset crafted language to address this because people would just slow down or stop skating to break the pack. The referees ARE making clarifications to this pre-play and are saying the "established pack speed" is what they will base their calls on. Anyhoo.....just pointing out something that I have noticed. (and of course the best way to make sure there won't be any calls made is to trap an opposing player ;))

Well I have some sympathy

Well I have some sympathy because at a fundamental level, I think that this is about the hardest part of the game to codify into a rules set. When you have the same girls and the same reffs all the time, you don't need every little detail "carved in stone." The refs talke to each other, the skaters get familiar with how they call penalties, and things work out okay. But for tournament and other interleague play, you really DO need to have as much as possible written down so that everybody is playing the same game. And the pack has a complicated definition and is fairly difficult to continually monitor as individuals weave in and out. Coming up with an exact determination of who is responsible, and even worse finding a way to write unambigious rules to make that determination is exceedingly difficult.

And the fact that since who can block and who can't is CRITICAL, "skating to the rules" so that one can take opposing blockers out of the blocking zone has become a major strategy.

Westerns Day 2 Predictions

Well I went 3-1 the first day so I'm not out any cashish. Hell, I came out ahead. AND those Rocks went 2-0 yesterday too. So yeah...nice day. I wish I would have been able to catch all of the bouts that happened Friday, but work and other commitments created a situation where I was only able to take a peek, during lunch break, when the Killer Rocks were just hammering away at the Tramps. Then I was able to catch some bout action after 8:30pm est. Not enuff Derby Tournament action for my tastes really. Oh well, on to Day 2's matchups. And Frida? That "dedication" really made my day! Thanks...

1- #35 the Tramps v #13 the Dukes

Yeah, a real Southwestern Showdown going on in this bout. Break out the green chilies and Margaritas! And from what I saw yesterday there's no way I'm picking against the Dukies. The ABQ have already beaten the Tramps once this year and for whatever reason Tuscon just seem lost. Not as lost as AZ mind you, but somewhat flat at any rate. Not to state the obvious but the Dukes just arent the same team that they were a year ago. They are still SOLID, just not really elite. They are however MORE than enuff to dismantle the Tramps. Now ya see ABQ...I picked you in this bout. And I would have to say that this ones the lock of the day. A LOCK. And I'm not just saying that cuz I still have a little of that enchanted NM blood in me. Its your day Dukies...its your day. Have a drink on me.

2- #26 the Pikes v #6 the BADasses

As much as I would love to see this be a close, competitive, exciting bout...I just dont think its gonna happen. I predict that the BAD skaters will run away in this one early and never look back. They may be somewhat gassed after last nights epic struggle against the Coffee City Rats but I would imagine that they still have enuff left to beat the Pikes today. The Badasses are now 1-5 in '09 but its an IMPRESSIVE 1-5. Thats right, there is such a thing as an "impressive" 1-5 record. I mean, when ya take on the elite, the Heavyweights, yer probably gonna get cracked in the head a few times. But that punishment eventually makes you stronger and tuffer. And the BAD Rollergirls have lost to MAJOR teams ( the Original Muthas, the Rosies, the Beans and the Rats x2). It'll all pay off next year BAD. You Rollergirls are gonna be MAJOR in '10. Ya heard it here.

3- #29 Angel Pretty v #13 the Rosies

What a day it must have been for the Angels. They got the mild upset in their first game and then ran headfirst into a Mile High Tank in their second game of the day.They were never a factor against Denver, but who was really betting against DEN in this game? Not the smart money. But as if the Angel Pretty skaters didnt already have a nice core of diehard fans, they definitely emerged with more fans when Friday was over. The Angels are so charismatic and cool. Who could ever root against them?? Not me. But having said all that I dont think that they'll stand much of a chance against the Roses really. The Rosies hung extremely tuff earlier this year against Oly and lost by a mere 6 points so I dont think that they're gonna have too much trouble with the LA squad. The Rosies have had quite a year thus far with impressive wins over such teams as the Rats, the Carols and the BADasses. NICE. Reeeaaal nice. Lay it out for the Portland Rollergirls...they wont disappoint.

4- #5 the Rats v #15 Holy Oly

And this is where I take a real chance. This is where I may get torched. I dont give a damn, I'm picking Holy Oly in this one. FTS has them ranked at #15. Really?! #15?! Hell no...not a chance. I could care less what the usually reliable algorithmic formulas say, Oly is a top 10 team at LEAST. IF the Coffee City skaters do beat Oly then it would be their most impressive victory of the year in my eyes. No doubt. If my hunch is right and Holy Oly is the winner tho, I cant really say that its THEIR most impressive win of the year. They DID beat the Mile Highs. Thats fairly impressive considering the year that Denver is having. Will the Rats rise up and make us all believers in them again? Lets see...Oly beat the Milers who beat the Rats so that works right?? Uhhhh...sorta kinda. Go with Oly. Since when have they lost in '09? Uhhh...they haven't.

5- #24 the Rocks v #5 the Mile Highs

I hate this I really do. I would imagine that a few people scanned right to this pick straight away. Is he really gonna pick the Rocks in this bout? Really? Is he that stupid?? Is he that much of a blind-in-the-eyes Fanboy that he would lay $$$ out on the RMRG squad against Denver? And this is why I never pick Naptown bouts. Because it just doesnt matter what my brain tells me, spitting out stats and percentages, cuz in my HEART I always believe that somehow, someway NRG is gonna find a way to win games that they should lose. I cant go picking games with that kinda emotionally overcharged mindset! Hell no. I could lose money. And I'm not in the habit of losing money. And then there's just the fact that Naptown are my Homegirls...even if I THINK that they're gonna lose a particular bout theres no way that I'm actually gonna write that. Or say it. Dont wanna jinx the Homesquad. Thats why I hate picking Beer City or Archies bouts. I DO pick 'em but it causes me some pain to ever pick against those 2 teams when I have to. Same deal for the Killer Rocks. I'm not laying a single dollar on this game. Nope. I believe in the Rockstars...I do. I mean, its not like they're gonna struggle with that thin air right? Is this the game that shows all the Rollerheads nationwide what the Rocks are really capable of? It could be. I know, I know. The smart money is on Denver. I get that, I really do. Just look at their record!! Who's gonna really bet against them in this bout? A silly assed Fanboy...thats who. Go get 'em Rockstars!

these are going to be some interesting games...

while i am pretty sure that biker dave made the correct picks on his predictions for the outcomes of these games, i'm just interested in seeing how these games pan out. i'm with him on hoping that rocky wins because after their performance last night, it is seen that they have some real fight in them and they're nothing to count out yet in their game against denver. even if they don't win, they're going to make things REAL difficult for denver. go RMRG go!

i wonder if having the addition of the sisters to oly will really make them have insight into how rat plays or if rat will be able to fluster the oly squad by knowing their weaknesses. i also wonder if oly really has the power to stand under pressure of tournament play when the competition gets tougher. oly, they're an incredibly talented squad and this game and the next will be a true indicator of whether or not they'll be tough enough to hang with the big dogs in nationals. i'm hoping that they get there because i want to see them take on texas. i think that'd be probably one of the most interesting matchups to date, considering the level of technical talent in both teams. not sure whether the brackets will allow for that matchup, but i really wanna see it!

Oly vs Rat

While the hype around Oly is focused on their skating ability (and yeah, they can skate really well), what people don't seem to talk about is the fact that Oly (being as new as they are) seem to be lacking basic derby knowledge as a league. Penalties and strategy are 2/3 of this game and I really wasn't convinced that Oly has yet to learn and demonstrate it on the track.
It will be interesting to see how the game unfolds. If Rat City can draw the penalties out of Oly (20 feet and back blocking), slow the pack down during these power plays in order to have a handful of 20 point jams while staying out of the box themselves.. then we'll see the upset.

right on...

i'm fully with you.

when two teams hit the track with excellent skating + defense, it really will boil down to who is in the box less.

Experienced Play

It will be most interesting to see Oly face the flawless team play of the East. Oly's skating abilities allow them to maintain great walls up front, and Sassy is deadly when playing in the back (even alone), but Philly played a flawless bout as a TEAM against Gotham, and I think Windy, Gotham and Philly could all shut down Oly. When you rely too much on the individual skills of each skater and don't play as a unit, that's when the penalties win. I feel the same about the current Rat roster. They play great defense, but is their play well-rounded enough to match up against the East? I don't think so.

Sheen of Invincibility

was knocked off Oly by Rat in spite of their loss. While Rat didn't have the guns to beat Oly, their troops played a very solid team blocking defense for much of the bout and contained Oly enough to not allow them to run up the score to the stratosphere. I also could potentially see the elite teams putting a bigger stranglehold on Oly.

I do give credit to Oly for demonstrating some good offensive and defense blocking in the back and front ends.

Final Thought

Lets not forget, we're 6 weeks out from Nationals. I can hardly wait to see what all of these teams bring to Philly after weeks to analyze what went right, and what went wrong in their showings at Regionals.

Word! - Team's where it's at!

It's really the derby aesthetic/ethic from the roots up.

Most leagues are a group of teams fielding a team playing other teams that have teamed together to support one another all team-like and shit. It's also important to note that we've been fortunate enough to have a team of boutcasters supported by a team of fans to bring us the teaming teams that is WFTDA. Not bad for 10 years in.


also relevant to Brad's post, there's a chance we'll get to see three such West vs. East/North Central (to lump styles together) match-ups in a single day (November 15th) - though I'm sure Detroit, Houston, and KCRW (with a month to get their games together) aren't going to make it easy or even possible.

....and so we wait.

The problem with using FTS to guage Oly...

FTS treats new teams differently. The algorythm isn't designed for team that comes from nowhere and dominates all of a sudden. So the teams they beat early on took massive nosedives in rankings. And they are still only mid-way up the rankings.

Dytes gets this team terribly wrong as well.

The only computed ranking system that gets Oly right is The All-Knowing DerbyTron.


two Colorado teams and two Washington teams

... filling out the semi-finals. Amazing!

Saturday night will be the first time ever DRD's Mile High Club will play against RMRG's 5280 Fight Club have played each other! How great that this is happening at home, at the tournament they're co-hosting!

I dare say that bout will be the best bout of the tourney. No offense, Championships.

First for Oly and Rat too

This will also be the first bout between the Cosa Nostra Donnas and the Rat City All Stars. There was a scheduled bout back in early 2009, but it didn't happen (Rose came up to Olympia instead). As a long time fan of both teams I'm torn, but am happy that at least one, if not both, will go to Nationals.

Many opposing teams have pointed out Oly's flaws in their short WFTDA career: the penalties, the stategy, the lack of experience. The common thread, of course, is that all these teams have ended up in the losing column. Six WFTDA bouts, six WFTDA wins. Its hard to argue with that.

As for predictions, I'm no Nostradamus, but I do know that the Cosas have something, call it drive, or spirit or heart that always pushes them to come out on top. Hard to define but impossible to deny, I think it will serve Oly well tonight.

Day 1 pics

Nice pics!

Love some of the expressions you captured! And, I love the shot of Whipity Pow clinging/jumping her way through the inside!

More Pics

I was too drunk and obnoxious to get good shots


RMRG Barnacle

Thats okay DG...since your an

Thats okay DG...since your an RMRG "Barnacle" we forgive ya 8) (like I've never been drunk and obnoxious)

Last set

pic request

i want to see pics of that hit Anya Heels put on one of the Oly jammers. Hooo boy! People that saw that game know what I'm talking about.

I wish

I wish I had gotten a photo of that hit. I think it was on Atomatrix. Anya beat her off the line & then clobbered her. That was when Anya jammed right?

RMRG Barnacle

More than one?

I thought Anya put more than one terrific hit on Atomatrix--but any pic will due.

Thank you RMRG & DRD!

Just want to send a huge thank you to RMRG and DRD for putting on an amazing tournament.
Every last game was something to behold. I am still in derby afterglow. What a region the West is!! Angel City is so proud and humbled to have been a part of it.
Congratulations everyone!

Solid fist, yo!

Derby on the Rocks was awesome! Kudos to both leagues on not just advancing to the big show in November, but for putting together an awesome and successful event!

See y'all in Philly!



RMRG and DRD loved having everyone in our city without air. We saw that some of you brought your own.

We are glad you all enjoyed the tourney and were kind enough to tell us as much. The feedback has been great.

Derby love,


Derby on the Rocks photos

Hi all,

So far I only have photos from day 1 uploaded to flickr, but the other 2 days will eventually be uploaded as well. They'll all land here:


day 2 and day 3 uploaded to flickr

More Pics!

Awesome! Thanks. Please repost your link when you add the other days. These are great :)

More Westerns photos

I have day 1 photos online and should have the other two days up soon. They'll all be in this Flickr collection:



Awesome, I'm trying to photoshop a better ending score for the bad game, and seeing if I can put boss hogg's head on some of the Rat players! ;)