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South Central Regionals Capsule Recaps

  • Ryder Down leans on Strawberry Cutthroat. Shank watches intently from behind. Photo: Phil Peterson
  • Bella Fire takes a shirt whip off Missle Toes and avoids a block by Freida Killigan as Pumpkin Pie keeps an eye on the action. Photo: Phil Peterson
  • Sexy Slaydie keeps her eye on Foxfire. Photo: Phil Peterson
  • Lil Cinner slides between Pink Koolaid and a falling West Texas blocker. Photo: Phil Peterson
  • Track Rat dodges a block from Miss Lead. Photo: Phil Peterson
  • Fully Addomatic pins the West Texas jammer and pivot to the inside line as her jammer, Maulin Monroe, takes a skirt whip off her. Photo: Brian Murphree
  • Juicy J lifts Wheelin' Justice off her skates at the apex. Ingersoll Rand holds the line. Photo: Brian Murphree
  • Crackerjack slows down jammer Slammylou Harris and her teammate, The Angie-Christ, looks to take a hit. Photo: Brian Murphree
  • Mistilla ducks under a block by Sylvia Bullet and reaches for Carmen Geddit, who is ready to give her a whip out of the pack. Photo: Brian Murphree
  • No Coast blocker ThickaThanAhSnicka gives a big whip to her jammer, Flash Gloria, to get her clear of the pack. Photo: Ziv Kruger

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Championship: (1SC) Texas 150, (2SC) Kansas City 73
-- Recap to come. See DNN's archived boutcast here.

3rd place: (3SC) Houston 113 vs. (4SC) Dallas 101 -- An intense battle for the final remaining slot from the South Central region to November's Nationals looked like it might end in a upset, as 4th seed Dallas held a small but apparently solid lead for the majority of the game's midpoint. In the end, though, Houston had just barely enough left in the tank to come back on Dallas and hang on for the critical win.

Though Houston took the lead first, Dallas took it over with about 14 minutes left in the first half at 25-24. Around this point in the game, though, penalties became an enormous issue for Houston, who seemed to start almost every jam with only 2 or 3 blockers. They fell into a 52-32 hole late in the first half, and were down by 19 at the break, 59-45.

Dallas' lead grew to 27 points early in the first half, and although Houston managed to hack a little bit off of it here and there, it was looking like Houston jammers were tiring and unable to go all out after tough passes through the pack. Even with the bout a 8-pointer at a 90-82 point difference, Dallas still seemed in control -- until a nightmare jam for Dallas saw their jammer Roxie La Roo hit the box twice in a row, leaving the floor open for Mistilla the Killa to drop a huge 14-0 followed by an 8-3 for Speed-O. Suddenly, Houston was in the lead again at 101-95 with about 7 minutes to go.

Dallas kept Houston at 101 for three more jams, and strung together tiny margins that eventually allowed Anita Riot to call a quick 2-0 that tied the bout at 101 with about three minutes to play. But yet again, it was a jammer penalty that swung the game -- Roxie La Roo's trip to the box gave Speed-O an unopposed minute to pick up 9 points and give Houston a 110-101 lead going into the last 90 seconds.

Mistilla's lead jam call on the subsequent jam looked like it was certain to lock up the game, as there was more time remaining on the jam clock than the period clock and all she had to do was run out the clock -- but after getting a single scoring pass and 3 points, she inexplicably called the jam as opponent Anita Riot was about to start her scoring pass. There were 4 seconds left on the clock at the moment and Dallas might have been able to call a lightning quick timeout for a final prayer, but time expired before the Dallas bench reacted, and Houston punched their ticket to Nationals in what was arguably the most exciting bout of the weekend.

See DNN's archived boutcast here.

5th/6th Place: (5SC) Atlanta 126, (6SC) Nashville 66 -- The final score didn't really reflect the nature of this oddly-paced bout. After Atlanta ruled the first 10 minutes and went up 24-0, Nashville battled their way right back into it and made the game extremely tight for the the majority -- until three huge jams in a row in the final 10 minutes made it a suddenly lopsided win for the home team.

The Tennessee team spent most of the first half whittling away the 24 points deficit and finally getting it down to single digits late with a little help from the Atlanta penalty box. Atlanta's Juju had to serve three jammer penalties in a row over the course of two jams, leaving Nashville with plenty of unopposed power jam time -- and by the end of the sequence, Nashville had pulled to within 3 points at 39-36, with about five minutes left in the half. A smattering of 0-0 jams defined the concluding sequence of that half, and Atlanta's lead stood at 11 points, 47-36, when the opening 30 were over.

Nashville kept the margin at single digits nearly from the first jam of the second half all the way to the 12 minute mark, where the score was 70-66 favoring Atlanta, but the bottom completely dropped out on them at that point. Atlanta dropped an unbelievable 56 unanswered points to close it out, and were able to hand the jam star to league founder Tanya Hyde to claim lead jammer and a few points in her final bout before retiring.

Atlanta ended the tournament in the same slot they were seeded, 5; likewise for 6 seed Nashville.

See DNN's archived boutcast here.

9th place /10th place: (10SC) Memphis 134, (8SC) West Texas 82 -- West Texas kept this one in reach almost all the way through, but although they made repeated runs at Memphis, they could not completely erase the lead. The opening three jam were all powerjams, but Memphis got the better of them -- 10-0 Memphis, 12-0 West Texas and then 15-0 Memphis. That left the score at 25-12 Memphis, with West Texas digging in to finally claw within 2 points at 31-29 with about 15 minutes to play. That was the first of Memphis' wake-up calls, and they opened up a 21 point lead from there, 58-37 with five minutes to play -- and closed the half on a 15-0 for standout jammer Lil Cinner to leave the score at 73-45.

West Texas came out of the break on fire, though -- helped out quite a bit by repeated jammer penalties on Memphis. The opening 4 jams went 13-0 to WTRD's Mulisha Maiden, 4-0 to WTRD's Scary Go Round, 3-0 to Memphis' Irene Business, and then 8-0 to WTRD's Slyder, putting West Texas within single digits at 76-70.

For the middle of the half, WTRD had the margin just one jam away but never could take the lead back. They got as close as 3 points at 84-81 with 11:55 left to play, but Memphis' defense simply slammed the door on them at that point, making the final sequence of the game bear very little relation to what had come before. West Texas only got 1 more point in the final 12 minutes while Memphis dropped 50.

Memphis went 1-2 on the weekend and finished in 9th place, an improvement on their 10 seed coming into the tournament; West Texas lost all three of their bouts and finish in last place.

See DNN's archived boutcast.


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Game MVPs

Is there a list of the game MVPs? I missed the awards ceremony and am curious.


Tournament MVP: Olivia Shootin John (TXRG)

MVPs Day 1:
West Texas vs. No Coast (WTRD = Lily Von Schmack; NC = Flash Gloria)
Memphis vs. Tampa (MRD = Brooken Bones; TBDD = Little A)
Texas vs. Nashville (TXRG = Bullet Tooth Tracy; NRG = Maulin Monroe)
Houston vs. No Coast (HRD = Nawty Dread Knocks; NC = Flash Gloria)
Kansas City vs. Tampa (KCRW = Princess Slay Ya; TBDD = Madame Battle Axe)
Dallas vs. Atlanta (DDD = Miley Virus; DSDG = Juju)

MVPs Day 2:
Nashville vs. West Texas (NRG = Rambo Sambo; WTRD= Wild Wookie)
Memphis vs. Atlanta (MRG = Lil Cinner; DSDG = whole team)
No Coast vs. Tampa (NC = Flash Gloria; TBDD = Six Gun Susie)
Texas vs. Dallas (TXRG = Bloody Mary; DDD = Lickety Splittail)
Houston vs. Kansas City (HRD = Death By Chocolate; KCRW = Jessika Rabid)

MVPs Day 3:
West Texas vs. Memphis (WTRD = Slyder, MRD = Lil Cinner)
Atlanta vs. Nashville (DSDG = Tanya Hyde, NRD = Sexy Slaydie)
Dallas vs. Houston (DDD = Keltic Kamikaze; HRD = Mistilla)
Kansas City vs. Texas (KCRW = Jessika Rabid; TXRG = Olivia Shootin John)

SC Afterparty victory

No Coast, led by Kelly Ripa-Niplov, Princess Lay Ya Flat and Glitter Dunn, used impressive endurance to secure a narrow afterparty victory over a very strong field of challengers. Not just endurance, but also agility; the afterparty location had no end of potentially dangerous dancing surfaces, including speakers that wobbled if you didn't distribute your weight properly and a tiny gap between the main stage and front risers ... a tiny gap that was JUST large enough for one leg to go through if you weren't careful. Oddly, as the night went on, it seemed more and more people became less and less careful.

Honorable mention goes to Kansas City's Annie Maul for her continued devotion to minimalist fashion, and to West Texas for managing to turn the afterparty's parking lot into its own after-after party for quite a while.

It is quite possible that Texas won the overall after-after party at their hotel, as we heard scattered reports that the Atlanta fuzz had to call in SWAT teams and helicopters to break it up. We might have a new factor to add to the complicated equation that determines afterparty victory: "amount of bail money needed afterwards."

After-party rankings???

There should be some. Might have to be a spin-off site. (I have heard various rumours that B.A.D. Girls are up there in the unofficial rankings.)

Maybe there could even be a live-boutcast....18 and up???

Did everyone make their flights? Hopefully.

Do we have to worry about DNN getting subpoenaed for information pertaining to anything posted here? (Guess I'll find out this evening....)

Sweet work and thanks to everyone who does what they do derbywise: the props list just counting wftda leagues is in the thousands - by my rusty calculations 79 official leagues with at least 50 women per league - which I think is an underestimate - comes out to 3950 athletes. This doesn't include refs (athletic too fo' sho'), derby-brothers, stats folks, dnn, duh-tuh-duh-tuhduh.... It's amazing to watch this community grow. One can only imagine the future of after-parties....

I am actually thinking about

I am actually thinking about constructing an 'official' afterparty traveling trophy out of old steel beer cans and awarding it each morning during tournaments. The winning team would get to proudly pose with the trophy all day, but then would have to relinquish it back to me at night so that i could properly re-award it the next day. Probably a bitch to get thru security, but i'm sorta used to that. I think i would call said trophy the "Burp Tomorrow," which is what i wanted my announcer name to be...except that during my first bout, no one would call me that, no matter how i pleaded.

My knees got bloodied and my liver destroyed

The Heavy Derby Parking Lot party was intense. I barely remember it, although I was told Justice and I wrestled all the way down the hilly driveway of the parking lot. Thanks to West Texas' SLyDer for the new addition to my wardrobe! Also, TONS of derby love to my ladies of No Coast. They ruled the after party and ALSO contributed to my wardrone. Thanks Champ!

Love & Derby,
Val Capone
Windy City Rollers-skater
No Coast & West Texas-super fan for life!


I can't believe I got an honorable mention! Amazing.

Now ladies, I want no more excuses about not-wearing-a-pretty-enough-bra come time to party in Philly. For realz.


It felt absolutely amazing to bring the after party win back home to Lincoln!!! We No Coasters were determined not to leave Hot-Lanta without it! Big thanks to the Atlanta girls for hosting, DNN for keeping all of our fans in the NE updated and to Val for announcing for us during the bouts and the afterparty memories. :-) Ya'll rock! Can't wait to host next year's SC tournie!!!

On behalf of all the NCDG,

Glitter Dunn

Favorite derby name ever

Kelly Ripa-Nipalov is still my favorite derby name. Don't know if No Coast will be at Rollin' on the River in Sioux City this year, but if they are, I expect good after party.

we may or may not have had

we may or may not have had officers knocking on our door early this morning..

I may or may not have had a

I may or may not have had a moment where I sat huddled in a dark (suddenly) quiet hotel room while the atlanta cops banged repeatedly on the door and shined their flashlights in the window, and I wondered, "wow, dude, you're a 35 year old man, and you're hiding, hoping the cops go away?"

Maybe. I might have been reading in bed.

Dee Botchery and May Hem...derby names or tourney weekend?

There were a lot of allegedly and may or may nots that came out of Atlanta this weekend but what happens on the road, stays on the road. ;)

may have's

Well from what we all can remember that is.

yes of course! we were too

yes of course! we were too


Great job hosting Atlanta!

the venue was cool, the welcome packet was fantastic, and the list of bouts on the lanyard was a great idea. kudos to the trophy designer.

thanks for all your hard work,


I couldn't agree more!

Atlanta did such a wonderful job hosting SC, Southern Fried Smackdown. I sincerely felt like family the entire time I was in ATL. Each and every one of you were beyond accommodating, including your awesome volunteers. The hospitality suite was fantastic(had football on Sunday and everything!), your venue was just perfect and the gift bags were such a WONDERFUL surprise to all of us sharing the announcer table. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Atlanta Rollergirls, you should be VERY proud of yourselves on AND off the track.

See some of ya'll in Philly!

Love & Derby,
Val Capone
Windy City Rollers-skater

Bella Fire Shirt-Whip Picture

Did anybody notice that the picture shows the shirt still stretched? It is milliseconds (micro- maybe) after Bella's hand has left the shirt. (Can I get a "...game of seconds." quote?)

These photos are awesome, but the raw physics of this photo blew my nerdly mind.

And that's why I picked it...... :)

As a physics nerd I too was blown away by the amazing timing of that photo, and am grateful at least one other person appreciated it.


Xena Paradox, Photo Editor
Derby News Network
-Derby photography is a game of microseconds.

what a weekend! thanks atlanta!

this weekend turned out to be awesome. atlanta did a great job of putting the tournament together. it ran super smoothly and everyone was so nice and hospitable. all the skaters from the various leagues participating were amazing, on and off the track. teams that were even down by 100+ points (my own included) never gave up and fought the good fight until the final jam, which made for even the more blowout games to be exciting. it's weekends like this that remind me of why i do love the derbs oh so much! :)


I'm finding my way around now.

Our Pleasure

It was certainly an honor to have some of the most amazing skaters and derby community members in our house this weekend. I'm still feeling warm and fuzzy from it all. Thank you all for helping make this past weekend amazing!!

Our Pleasure

SO fortunate to be a part of this! Thanks to ALL who came... we couldnt have done it without you! A big fat shout out to my girls from the DIRTY SOUTH... Some of the most hard working women I know, on AND off the track. You changed my life!
Thanks DNN for doin what you do!

so tired :)

Bestest Hostess

Thanks once again for allowing your home to serve as the DNN National Affairs Bureau for the event! You and the menagerie took terrific care of us, as always.

And we move from the toasty South...

to unpredictable Denver... so here's a forecast with some snow on it. Welcome to Colorado.


thanks ATL

ATL...awesome. all the atlanta rollergirls shared their great southern hospitality. the venue was perfect for the tournament and all the rollergirls who played provided wonderful sportwomanship and unrivaled excitement. and it was great to get the opportunity to personally thank Hurt and Justice for the great work they and their crew do to keep us all informed.....and to remind us that it ain't at all like being there!

South Central Regionals Photos

My images of Southern Fried Smackdown are in this flickr collection: http://www.flickr.com/photos/philpeterson/collections/72157622358435853/


Just curious about where the South Central championship bout recap is. All the rest are done except that one.

Y'all did a great job all 4 weekends. Thank you, DNN