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North Central Regionals Capsule Recaps

  • Cincinnati vs. Arch Rival. Photo: Jason Bechtel.
  • Arch Rival's Eli Wallop tries to slow the Cincy jammer. Photo: Jason Bechtel.
  • Detroit vs. Burning River. Photo: Gil Leora.
  • Windy City vs. Minnesota. Photo: Gil Leora.
  • Cincinnati's Sadistic Sadie. Photo: Jeffrey Sevier.
  • Madison's Jewels of Denile and Detroit's Bruisie Sioux. Photo: Jon Kontio

Sunday Bouts | Saturday Bouts | Friday Bouts

Championship Bout: (1NC) Windy City 150, (3NC) Madison 56
-- Windy City's pack control was aces in the first half here, as they completely asserted their will on Madison's blockers -- Madison could not get on the board until Windy had scored 30, and by the time Windy cracked 50, the score was 56-3 after just 11 minutes.

Madison didn't really get anything going until there were about 13 minutes left in the bout. A 10 point jam on a star pass to Mouse with about 13 minutes to play gave the Madison fans a rare chance to cheer, as it increased Madison's score to 37 from 27 -- but at that point the score was out of hand at 113-37. Though Madison picked up their play in the final ten minutes -- even going so far as to call timeout with 2.6 seconds remaining to force a final jam -- there was no getting out of the halftime hole.

Windy City earns a bye at Nationals with their victory; Madison will battle Boston in the first round at Nationals.

See DNN's archived boutcast here.

Third Place Bout: (2NC) Detroit 126, (4NC) Cincinnati 62 -- The final score in this bout didn't fully reflect the closeness of the contest overall, as Detroit scored a single monster jam in the first half that was responsible for nearly half their lead. With the score a very manageable 32-11 favoring Detroit with 10 minutes left in the first half, Cincinnati gave up a 10-0 to Sarah Hipel and then an enormous 30 point jam where Sista Slitycha scored 10 and then passed the star to Racer McChaseher for an extra 20. Suddenly Detroit had more than doubled their score in two jams, and Cincy was looking up from a 73-18 hole at the halftime.

To their credit, through, Cincy played the second half tough and kept it almost perfectly even with Detroit in the second half, with Detroit taking 53 points to 44 for Cincinnati -- but the big two-jam, 40-0 blast from Detroit in the first half was really the deciding moment of the bout.

Detroit heads to November's Nationals for the second time in three years, where they will face Gotham in the first round.

See DNN's archived boutcast here.

9th/10th Place Bout: (6NC) Minnesota 91, (7NC) Grand Raggidy 75
-- Narrowly contested all the way through, the opening bout of Day 3 found Grand Raggidy with a small early lead, but Minnesota grabbed it back at 15-14 about halfway through the first half, and from then on had to work hard to keep Grand Raggidy from making good on a consistent comeback threat. Minnesota's lead was 20 points at 39-19 with nine minutes left in the first half, but that was the largest it got for the remainder of the bout. Grand Raggidy charged right back to make it 39-34 going into the half's final jam, where Sweet Justice gave Minnesota some halftime momentum with a 7-2 run that left MN up 46-34 at the break.

GRRG pulled to within 74-72 with about eight minutes left in the game, but just when it looked like they were poised to finally snatch the lead back, Minnesota's Psycho Novia took advantage of a very spread out pack and powerjam to go 10-0 and give Minnesota a 84-72 advantage with about five minutes left. Grand Raggidy had multiple shots in the last few jams for a comeback, but had to call jams early with no margin until the last jam, where a LJ call for Minnesota's Harmony Killerbruise plus a box trip for Grand Raggidy jammer Viva La Boom iced the victory for Minnesota.

Both teams finished three slots lower than their seeding -- Minnesota in 9th and Grand Raggidy in 10th.

See DNN's archived boutcast here.

5th/6th Place Bout: (8NC) North Star 85, (6NC) Arch Rival 43
-- Things here started very low scoring, as only 10 points were scored in the first ten minutes, all to North Star. Arch Rival didn't get on the board till about 15 minutes were off the clock in an 8-0 to South City Shiner -- and that was pretty much their entire offensive production for the half. Arch Rival jammers weren't getting much help in the pack, but their defensive work kept them within comeback range. North Star was only up by 36-8 with 4 minutes to play in the half -- but by halftime it was 51-8 favoring North Star.

While Arch Rival improved their game in the second half and seemed like they could be a few big jams away for most of it, North Star never allowed them to close to any closer than 66-32 with about 11 minutes to play, and the small-margin jams consistently piled up in favor of North Star, ending the bout at 85-43.

North Star improved on their 8th place seeding by finishing 5th for the weekend, while Arch Rival placed 6th.

See DNN's archived boutcast here.


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Detroit vs. Burning River Recap

I thought there was a Detroit bout on Friday.

I know we are Detroit fans, but we deserve at least a little recap.

Detroit BOMAYE!!!


I remember the old days where people waited at least 12 hours before complaining about the lack of a recap. It's coming, I just have to study the boutcast from that game because even derby journalists have to take breaks -- after 6 hours of derby in a row, the human body and brain begin to demand some variance in stimulus ... for example, the search for and acquisition of food.

Fabulous Recaps and Previews Justice

considering the very short time spans they've appeared in prior to and after the bouts, the journalism has been of a very high quality-they're much appreciated.

You're doing great

People are just anxious but I can totally identify with people breathing down your neck for stuff. Keep this in mind, you do a great job. If you didn't, people wouldn't hound you as much.

The only way to see it all is by being here!


Not Consolation Bouts

These bouts are Placement Bouts, every bout now has meaning and determines your place in the tournament.

Can't really agree with that sentiment

The WFTDA was more concerned with getting every team 3 games than actually properly putting together the games to accurately reflect the final placements in the tournaments. I'm not saying I disagree with that, but it's just fact. Brewcity beat North Star in the first round but North Star is going to finish higher than Brewcity as they are in the 5th/6th game today and Brewcity finished 7th. If these games were really for proper placement, there would be no way for North Star to finish above Brewcity.

I hope WFTDA voters don't just plug these placements into next quarter's rankings (not that next quarter's rankings matter) because they won't be accurate.


thebigchuckbowski wrote:

The WFTDA was more concerned with getting every team 3 games than actually properly putting together the games to accurately reflect the final placements in the tournaments. I'm not saying I disagree with that, but it's just fact. Brewcity beat North Star in the first round but North Star is going to finish higher than Brewcity as they are in the 5th/6th game today and Brewcity finished 7th. If these games were really for proper placement, there would be no way for North Star to finish above Brewcity.

I hope WFTDA voters don't just plug these placements into next quarter's rankings (not that next quarter's rankings matter) because they won't be accurate.

North Star (8th seeded) went on to win two bouts against higher seeded teams after that one (6th seeded Minnesota and 5th seeded Arch Rival). So uh yeah, I'd say that's reasonably appropriate. The way these brackets are designed, the loser of the North Star/Brew City bout was supposed to be an almost guaranteed loser to the presumably better 6th seed, and go on to compete for 9th or 10th place. That didn't prove to be the case.

That said, this type of seeding format works better when the rankings that seed them are fairly accurate. It would appear that in a case or two here, that wasn't quite so. I'm sure you could probably cherry-pick a tournament format that might have come out "better" with these seedings after the fact, but even that would probably be difficult to accomplish.

In a perfect world, the skaters would be making a living off of skating derby. Everyone would have a full-time practice center that they get paid for practicing at. Leagues would be bidding for the best coaches available. There'd be a budget cap so that the Yankees, I mean Gotham Girls, WCR, Oly and TXRG don't grab EVERYONE who's good.

There's be time enough to spread the bouts out over more days, so that nobody has to play more than once per day, and huge crowds would be drawn instead of it being mostly skaters, volunteers and superfans. The host league's team could be guaranteed to play in "prime time" at least once in the tournament, with plenty of time to let their fans know it's time to be there. Though that wouldn't really matter, because with the sport being on TV, fans would be interested in EVERY team, not just the home team.

Hurt would have the original hat (and Trans Am) used in "Smokey 'n' the Bandit," Justice would have his derby skirts tailored by Bob Mackie, Gnosis could outsource development on the site to Tata, and after my niece wins her Olympic gold medal for figure skating and hangs up the ice skates for derby speed skates, I'd give her a pony. No, two ponies. With a puppy. A puppy that could ride the second cutest pony right beside her.

However, it's sadly not a perfect world. So sometimes ranked teams won't have faced off against each other during their interleague seasons, and as a result voters might get a few seedings not quite right. And WFTDA will give as many teams opportunities for tournament play as can be reasonably done. And then interesting things will happen. Some of it may not always please everyone.

I'm kinda thinking Western Regionals might be the most interesting tournament of the first four. It's not too hard to guess why.

Cherry pick?

It already exists. You don't have to look far to see how a loser's bracket should be set up. This format was created purely to give each team 3 games. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, just that the final placing should be taken with a grain of salt. Brewcity beat the 8 seed who beat the 5 and 6 seeds. Shouldn't brewcity have an argument for 5th place?


Even standard double elimination brackets can result in ambiguous rankings. It's a result of the inability to create a a well ordered set, because the better team doesn't always win. The simplest case is where team A beats team B, but then later loses and then meets team B again in the losers bracket and then loses. When you say "If these games were really for proper placement, there would be no way for North Star to finish above Brewcity," that's not true unless you create a system that forcibly make the bout an auto lose for the team that already lost, and that's just not fair.

That said, I'm not saying that there aren't reasons to consider other tournament options, I'm just pointing out that there is no perfect bracket. There are arguments for better ones and the discussion that is occurring on here is hopefully good feedback for those that decide how to do this next year.

You're right

North Star could finish above Brewcity but the current bracket doesn't give Brewcity a chance to prove themselves in other games without upsetting Madison in the second round. There are definitely ways to make a 10-team tournament with less ambiguous final placings without every team playing each other.

I think the regions should go to 8 teams. It would make a lot more sense.

What I remember

when I was part of WFTDA, is that last year people were upset to play more than one game at a tournament and go home unranked for the tourney. (This was very meaningful to those teams when rankings were national, and not regional). There was a solid rank for those that advanced to Nationals, but nothing solid for anyone else who played. The current tourney structure reflects the member leagues' desire to come out with a tourney rank, after they've played 2 or 3 games, if they're not the tourney winners. I just don't remember WFTDA putting out a press release that said their mission this tourney season was to give every league competing 3 games, or making Chuckbowski their new spokesperson...

As to WFTDA voters, I think it's wrong to assume that they don't think about their votes carefully, or that the 4th quarter ranks are meaningless to the hundreds of women who gave everything they have and left their hearts on the track this fall, that didn't get a shot at Nationals. Let's please remember that WFTDA is almost no one's paid job, and the hard working WFTDA reps do the best they can while we're completely inventing a sport from scratch, with no budgets or wealthy owners. Jeez.


I didn't mean to imply what you think I did. I know people take their votes seriously but I figured people may not realize that the final placements should really be thought about and I mean the rankings are essentially meaningless because they don't decide anything. Only the 2nd quarter rankings do.

When I complained about the tournament structure before regionals started, one of the answers I kept getting was that they wanted to give every team at least three games. Again, I understand that and I'm not criticizing it. I'm just saying that the final placing shouldn't be taken as gospel because the tournament wasn't set up to get the correct final placement. That's just fact which is proven by the brewcity/north star example.

Agreed. Brewcity's only loss

Agreed. Brewcity's only loss was to 2nd place Madison; North Star's loss was to BrewCity. Any placement structure that has Brewcity under North Star needs to be tinkered with for next year.


"Consolation Bout" sounds better than "Losers Bracket."

"Madison upsets Detroit"?

Upsets? Seriously?

Derbytron has Madison ranked higher. Flat Track Stats has Madison ranked higher. What's the reasoning behind Madison getting disrespected so much on DNN?

the WFTDA rankings

...have madison lower than detroit. hence the upset.

Not really an upset

An upset in sports is when a much lower ranked team beats a much higher ranked team. When 2/5 rankings systems that exist have a team ranked higher than the other, the game can't be an upset. It's impossible. Especially when the 3 other systems have them ranked so close. A 3 seed beating a 2 seed? Happens probably 40% of the time in sports. If Burning River beat Detroit, that would be an upset.

Actually, it is an upset.

Plain and simple, an upset is when the favored team loses. There is no defined gap in standings that needs to exist for one to occur. Based on your logic of including unofficial rankings, then you can debate whether or not the Madison / Detroit game was an upset until you're blue in the face, but to say DNN is disrespectful to report the game as it happened from the perspective of the WFTDA rankings is pretty goofy.

Not goofy

Saying a higher ranked team losing to a lower ranked team is always an upset is completely ridiculous. Closely ranked teams beat each other ALL THE TIME. Saying a game is an upset implies that the better team lost, plain and simple. Maybe the better team won. Maybe the rankings were wrong.

Yet, every time it happens,

Yet, every time it happens, it is an upset. Funny how definitions define things so we know what they mean.


up⋅set –verb (used with object) to defeat or overthrow an opponent that is considered more formidable, as in war, politics, or sports.

for⋅mi⋅da⋅ble –adjective
1. causing fear, apprehension, or dread: a formidable opponent.
2. of discouraging or awesome strength, size, difficulty, etc.; intimidating: a formidable problem.
3. arousing feelings of awe or admiration because of grandeur, strength, etc.
4. of great strength; forceful; powerful: formidable opposition to the proposal.

Madison beating Detroit was not an upset. 2/5 rankings systems thought Madison was going to win. I thought Madison was going to win. I'm sure many other people thought Madison would win. They were closely matched teams. An upset is when people are surprised it happens or when the better team loses. Detroit can't be more "formidable" if half the people think Detroit will win and half think Madison will win.

Have you ever heard anyone say a 9 seed beating an 8 seed in the NCAA tournament is an upset? No. Because it's not. It probably happens 50% of the time. How is something that happens half the time an upset? The games where teams are separated by 1 seed are generally considered toss-ups. Find me one article that says any 8/9 matchup ever was an upset and I'll stop talking about it. Even 7/10 matchups aren't considered upsets 99% of the time when the 10 seed wins.

I would like you to note that

I would like you to note that this article is discussing a game between the number 8 and 9 seeds for the most recent NCAA tournament. I quote:

"Should the Vols pull out an upset, they would likely face top seed Pittsburgh, who plays East Tennessee State in the first round."


Have a blessed day!


I cannot believe that this thread has devolved into quibbling over dictionary definitions. That's just sad.


Since when is 2/5 half, or a majority? That's less than half of the existing ranks systems.

Why all the devolution in these threads - can't we just congratulate Madison for continuing to improve their game, and Detroit for playing hard? It was damned exciting, why so concerned about who predicted what before the game? When did DNN become a prediction or etymological pissing contest?

'cuz we all have our pet theories about ranking.

...and few are willing to give up the joy of picking at a scab.

But I'll join you, Mercy. Madison made a lot of fans in Minnesota on Saturday night; that win took guts. Detroit and Madison had never played one another before under WFTDA sanction, but by the end of the first half, I thought we'd be seeing Detroit work it out in the end. Madison's control of the pack - mixed with Jewels' dedicated jamming - took care of it all.

I did get a shiver up on press row with Jewels hit the box at the end of the 2nd half; it was two or three cumulative Madison jammer penalties that led to Minnesota defeating the DDs last October. The timing was all wrong for Detroit's comeback, though.

-Garrison Killer
(proud owner of a brand-new Dairyland Dolls t-shirt)

High five!

MercyLess wrote:

Why all the devolution in these threads - can't we just congratulate Madison for continuing to improve their game, and Detroit for playing hard? It was damned exciting, why so concerned about who predicted what before the game?

That game was awesome!
High fives all around. In a circle!

Both teams totally earned their invite to Philly this weekend!

Viva la roller derby!


Thanks to Justice and all the

Thanks to Justice and all the journalists that write the recaps. You all do an amazing job and are more than fast when it comes to writing them and getting them posted.....

(The impatient readers need to chillax.)

this tournament

This action has been amazing! Congrats to Madison for breaking through and getting their shot at Nationals. Thanks to DNN for the coverage, the video and audio for this tournament have been phenomenal.

Archived boutcasts?

I told everybody at work this week that I'd be re-arranging my living space because younger bro is coming to live with me next month, and had to prepare the space. But, through it all I managed to keep the laptop with the extra monitor going so I could keep track of the Derby Awsome-ness of the BOA.
Many, many thanks to DNN and to the staffs of both Wicked East and BOA for providing the excellent coverage of both.
Unfortunately, NEXT weekend when my home team (Go KC Roller Warriors!) plays in the Smackdown, I have to work every time they could be playing.
Do we have any advance word on the video feed that Atlanta will provide? Besides the text boutcast, will it be possible to view an archived video feed that I can watch when I get home?

99% sure

that all of the next 3 tourney's games will be shot and produced by DNN on Justin.tv, which guarantees an archived video, as long as the feed holds up through the games. Minn. has a contract with B2, if I remember right, which made the DNN/ Justin thing unpossible...

Perhaps archives...

AFAIK, the only bout that's archived from last weekend is the final Gotham vs Philly bout. The rest appear to be gone, as far as I could tell. The boxes in the boutcasts go to the live feed, and I don't recall finding any of the other bouts archived on the Justin.tv page.

When the boutcast pages get set up, they link to the live stream. An archived stream has a different URL/embed code. Assuming it gets archived, of course. If the pages for the boutcasts don't get the embed codes updated to the archived stream (if there is one), it will either show a one second video of the channel logo or whatever the last "show" we aired was.

Justin.tv DOES archive...

But the bouts are cut into different segments - it seems to be 8 per bout.

See http://www.justin.tv/derbynewsnetwork/old for a list of what's available.

direct link

this takes you directly to the clips without having to click another link.


good things afoot for video archives

We've been in touch with Justin.tv pretty steadily over the past few months about what we like about their service (#1: it. just. works.) and what needs we have, and they're making noises to suggest that future development is going to address some of our wishlist items pretty quickly. In particular, they're working on a pretty big overhaul to their archiving functionality which *should* make it quite a bit easier for us to embed specific archives in specific articles.

can't wait can't wait can't wait

I've got to say, too, that Justin.tv just loves the shit out of derby and they seem really excited any time we bring it to them. They definitely carry the DNN Seal of Approval.

Proud of North Star

I have to write about how proud I am of the North Star Super Novas. after joining WFTDA only 9 months ago. They made Regionals in their first year. to add to that They placed 3 places higher than they were seeded going in. I feel that thanks are in order for Naptown, Omaha, No Coast, and Sioux Falls. these are the leagues that gave North Star the opportunity to play before they got in to WFTDA. it is fantastic to read about north star and see their progress. I have only one complaint, my wifes skater name is not Pogue Machine, her name is POGUE MAHONE, it is Galic for "kiss my a**". I do understand that you could not know all the skater names, since there has never really been much written about them. hopefully that will change.

Thanks to MNRG & TC Terrors

I also want to say thank you to the MN RollerGirls and our local men's team, the TC Terrors, for scrimmaging with us in preparation for the Brawl! It's always so much fun to play against both of these teams.


-Mickey Dismantle
North Star Supernovas

Thank YOU!

Believe me, it's an honor and a privilege to be able to share the same tracks with both the North Stars, and Minnesota! It's no exaggeration to say that the Terrors would not be here without the support of both leagues.

Yes ... about the names ...

Big congrats to all winners and all skaters who played at regionals - big KUDOS!

As for the name announcements - I usually get all kinds of stuff when announcers who are unfamiliar with my name (or it's Army reference) try to pronounce it at bouts. But at Easter Regionals, "Hoo-ha Girl" was a first. Uhh ... thanks for the laugh? (not).

It's Hooah!Girl (who-uh but said in a very aggressive, affirmative nature)

HOOAH! in Army speak, means just about everything - but mostly it means, Roger, acknowledged!

I knew nothing about North

I knew nothing about North Star going into the tournament, but watching them play was one of the surprise pleasures of the weekend. They were a blast to watch, and Tin Lizzy is a force of nature and my new favorite non-WCR skater.

Pogue Mahone

My new favorite derby name. What would Derby be without a good Pogues (or Irish) reference?

When I first logged in to DNN and was racking my brain for a name to protect my real world occupation as a no-good shiftless layabout, I settled on "Bottle of Smoke" because I just happened to be listening to that Pogues song.

I always figured Pogue Mahone would be a good slogan to print on a skater's arse.



On the announcers yahoo group

On the announcers yahoo group last week, we had all decided that going out and checking the correct pronunciations of skater names, numbers, etc., beforehand fell within the scope of our duties, so we all said we were gonna go over the names/numbers with the captains before each bout. That proved to be a little more easily said than done, given the general level of frantic pre-bout activity during a ten-team tournament, but, still, our failure to pursue said info with iron-clad regularity was a bit of a collective failure on our part for which i apologize.

The problem stems from the fact that, to the eyes of a casual observer, many names/numbers don't appear to need clarification because one imagines that one already completely grasps the correct way to pronounce them. For instance, there was a skater for Arch Rivals with the number "520," which one might reasonably imagine could be pronounced "five hundred twenty" or "five-twenty" but it is, in fact, correctly pronounced "five-two-oh," underscoring the need for the announcers to get this info beforehand ((in point of fact, i now know that the team hailing from St. Louis would like to be called either "Arch Rival Roller Girls" or "The Arch Rivals," but never "Arch Rival." See what i mean?)). I know what "Pogue Mahoen" means simply because there used to be a bar in town called "Pogue Mahoen's," otherwise i'd probably have been baffled too. It was not always easy for the announcers to hear each other speaking while up on the platform, so if said offense happened during the ARRG/NSRD bout i was working, i did not hear it and could not correct it, but i apologize anyway because there were a few names that got goofed up this weekend and we as a group had made it a point to avoid that very thing, thus do we bear the onus of shame and eat the bread of affliction.

What *i* would like, in my perfect world, would be for teams to supply announcers with a list of phonetic pronunciations for any name/number whose pronunciation is not blatantly obvious, before the bout starts ((at least in tournaments)). Maybe that's just the pipe dream of a lazy announcer, i'm not sure...but, yes, by hook or by crook, we should be getting the names correct. Then again, if your wife's name WAS "Pogue Machine," she could enter the track to the song "Pogo Machine" by the Registrators...

Funny you mention this

Funny you mention this because we have done just that! Spelled out our names with phonetic pronunciation for our announcers. Mainly because we use our real last names as opposed to our derby names... =)

Juska (Jooooose -KA) or (Juuuuice - KA)
Denver Roller Dolls
Mile High Club

Holy Shit, Technology FTW!

Thanks so much for being here DNN. I would just be miserable without you. Can't wait for South Centrals...

oh here's a novel idea

lets discuss uniforms.

when teams get new unis, they gel. madison was wicked excited to ditch the gingham so they upset detroit.

detroit are my heros for a couple reasons, most recently their star pass, 30pt jam.

Brew City wins Sunday night

Brew City wins Sunday night afterparty; Announcers lay claim to victory on Saturday. Friday data conflicting. In other news, Hendrix takes home victory in the "All Along The Watchtower" bracket but i still maintain my assertion that JHE bassist Noel Redding's "Little Miss Strange" was in fact the highlight of the otherwise highly overrated "Electric Ladyland" album.

Are you Experienced?

I'd say it's a tie between "Crosstown Traffic" and "Little Miss Strange" for highlight of "Electric Ladyland" This one will have to go into overtime as there are no ties in derby.

Been looking for little miss strange for many years now. Anyone seen her?



"Well I'm standing next to a mountain"

Voodoo Child (last song) really rocked on that album. Noel's voice kinda grated on me from my vague memory; maybe I'll recheck the song.

The real payoff from Jimi is the live material imo when he's playing within a power trio setup---Band of Gypsys, Berkeley, Isle of Wright, etc.

Not necessarily stoned, but

Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful.

Friday night claim

Friday night probably belongs to Arch Rival, who were taking up residence in one wing of the bar. I argue that the TC Terrors also could lay claim to it, but it wasn't our tournament. ;)

I'd just like to take time

I'd just like to take time here to send myself to the box for spelling "Brewcity" as "Brewcity," "BrewCity" and "Brew City" over the course of a single day's postings. Ecch. Then again, "Brewcity," which i believe to be the correct configuration, is also the configuration that strikes me as least correct-looking. Oh well, i guess a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of etc. etc. etc.


Rev Norb...BREWCITY to be exact. ;) We won't hold it against you.

Annoucers claiming to win the Saturday afterparty? Clearly the real winners were those who were in the Happy Hour bout on Saturday as they didn't have to play on Sunday and were able to sleep off their hangovers to do it again Sunday...shot gunning tall boys.

Thank you MINNESOTA!! We had a great time and your hospitality was greatly appreciated! Congrats to everyone in the tourney.


B, double E, double r, U - N

xoxo Mallett

Val said at least twice that

Val said at least twice that the announcers won Saturday. I don't make the news, i just report it.

Announcers were 3/3 this weekend

The announcers were ALWAYS the last ones standing! As I stated the BCB took home the honorable mention for ruling the dance floor and almost winning the leg contest being held by the gay men's rugby team at one of the two after party locations. Not to mention bringing along a KEG and BEER BOTTLE mascot costume. At one point even I was dancing on stage while dressed like a keg.

Bottom line, announcers were ALWAYS the last ones standing on all three nights, but Brew City Bruisers will forever win the after party in my heart!

And I have to give a special MVB(CB) to Becky the Butcher for facilitating the after party in the wee hours of Sunday morning with more PBR than the front porch of the Garden Inn has ever seen! It's because of Becky's generosity that Reverend Killjoy and myself were up until about 6AM Monday morning or so.

Keep in mind I hopped in the car bound for Chicago and promptly passed out at about 830 Monday morning!

Southern Fried Smackdown, here I come!

Love & Derby,
Val Capone

Killjoy was there?

LOVE him!!!! A sweet-faced boy just waiting to be ravaged (btw, I certainly hope you got to hear his karaoke!) and converted to a Brad Example!!!

If the bars are closed, the

If the bars are closed, the state you're in doesn't even SELL beer on Sunday, and you bring ALL the beer to the afterparty, i think ya kind of win it, hands down. The math supports the BCBs; i relinquish my claim to any portion of the Sunday afterparty championship.

The Saturday afterparty victory, however, is held by the announcers with an iron grip! Any time three of your number are drunkenly downloading youtube clips from "The Sound of Music" at 7 AM because they want to sing "The Lonely Goatherd" and can't remember the words, you KNOW you have brought home the gold.

I'd pay good money to hear

I'd pay good money to hear them try to do the harmonies around 2 minutes in :)

I hope one of the YouTube clips they downloaded was the Craig Ferguson puppet version.

I dunno, Val

While you're one of the raddest people I had the pleasure to meet this weekend, I'm gonna have to go with Mallett and agree that BCB won, at the very least, the Vagine Regime party. And I have pictoral proof of said hot leggedness and keg/beer bottle debauchery. I wasn't sure how the bar full of (huge) gay rugby players was gonna handle all the derby girls, but I think we have may have scared a few of them and made some new fans in the process.

Congratulations and Salutations!

CONGRATULATIONS to Windy City, Madison and Detroit! I am so excited that the NC region is going to be sending such a formidable group to represent in Philly. Now go win us a National Championship, ladies!

To Arch Rival, Windy City and Detroit: It was a real pleasure doing business with you. Let's do it again sometime. ;)

North Star deserves an awful lot of respect for overcoming an incomprehensibly difficult start to their weekend. Talk about heart and guts. Well done, North Star.

Thanks, as well, to North Star for opening up their HOLE on Sunday morning, so that those of us not skating this weekend could get in a little scrimmaging. The HOLE is the Fight Club of Roller Derby! Loved it.

Dr. Vroom, Prof. Murder, Rev. Riot and company did a great job this weekend. Probably the best and most efficient officiating I've seen at a WFTDA tournament.

THANK YOUs and ginormous KUDOS to the MINNESOTA ROLLERGIRLS for putting on an incredible and efficient tourney at the best venue in derby--period. Honestly, we expected a lot from MNRG and they delivered big time. (Special SHOUT OUT to Demora Liza, Cincy's wrangler this weekend. Everyone enjoyed the trophy. It was delicious. You're the best.)

Finally, thank you to the Cincinnati Rollergirls and all of the people associated with the organization. I love you all. I can't say enough about how proud I am of this league and what an incredible honor it is to be a part of this family. You are my life and my love, CRG.

Can I keep this quote?

quad.almighty wrote:

The HOLE is the Fight Club of Roller Derby!

I have GOT to remember that one!

Detriot 30-pt. jam

Is there any video footage out there of Detroit's 30-pt. jam over Cincinnati? I missed it and would LOVE to see it, but don't want to buy the DVD of the whole bout just to watch 1 jam. =( Youtube, anybody?

Detroit vs. Madison @ Detroit!!!???

Is it true? Derby this weekend? Oh dear burnt-to-the-crisp DNN volunteers do I have to be there to watch? If the answer is no can you find some way to break it to me easy?

(Ditto for the Rose City/Chicago match-up on the...16th right?...later this month.)

is true.

And I don't think we can manage Madison @ Detroit, but we haven't given up hope on stitching together some kind of Rose City @ Windy City.

But first, more sleep.

Detroit is PISSED.

It's halftime in Detroit and multiple sources report a score of Detroit 151, Madison 8. That is, shall we say, unexpected. More detail as it comes in...

Detroit update #2

Detroit 180, Madison 34 with 20 minutes left in second half.

Is it a full Madison roster?

Is it a full Madison roster?

Detroit update #3

Detroit 223, Madison 50 with 8:30 left in second half.

Detroit 275 Madison 76 FINAL


Reports say that Madison was "missing some girls" but that's the extent of the detail. I'm trying to hunt down the game rosters, might have something up tomorrow.

Missing some girls?

Its still a 200 point margin. Not saying that certain players dont make a big difference, but 200 points? Thats alotta points.

speaking of motown

any news regarding attendance? They always draw strong anyway (I LOVE their venue) but I was wondering if they experienced any bump in ticket sales from Whip It opening last week. We (in The Chi) have high hopes for a healthy bump in attendance for our bout next weekend vs Rose City.

Detroit was cheesed, won big

Here is Madison's roster for their game at Detroit on October 10: Allie Gator, Charlie Hustle, Dolly Pardon Me, Dutch Oven, Jewels of Denile, Juke Boxx, Major Kusaknocky (who also played in the earlier Team Unicorn game vs. the Motor City Disassembly Line), Mouse, Stank Girl, Tango de Muerte.

Detroit led 59-0 after 7 jams, led 99-8 after 20 minutes of play, and 151-8 at the half. The Detroit gals were definitely cheesed after losing to Madison in the North Central toruney, and they were firing on all cylinders this evening. Detroit also won the 2nd half 124-68.

Detroit's Sista Slit'chya scored 90 points in the game, 58 of those in the first half. She scored 12 grand slams, and had a 22-0 jam. Sarah Hipel also had a 23-0 jam for Detroit.

I'll have a full game recap in a day or two, watch for it.

Rusty Wheeler

10 skater roster

If I'm counting right, that's only 10, which could matter, for sure.

8 of whom skated the NC bout

I'm looking forward to seeing the Detroit roster for a better comparison to the NC bout, but since the game is over I feel comfortable writing, there was very little chance that Madison was going to pull a win on this one coming in with a little over half their regionals roster and playing a team they played so closely at the Brawl. On the flipside those 2 alternates just got more experienced. Hopefully the afterparty curtailed any loss of morale.

My other thought is that as teams develop regionally and nationally over the next year roster changes are going to have less of an impact. Team depth development seems to be the next level as leagues move away from the individuals-on-a-team dynamic to the functional unit with alternative configurations dynamic [it's like Voltron can turn into Optimus Prime, and then change to Blaster (that slick AM/FM cassette deck) for the after party] . The WFTDA parameters on rosters are, I believe, 20 names per team, 14 players, and 6 changes per year (I can't find that last number in the ruleset so right now it is hearsay). We saw Philly developing their team against Charm (a pretty dramatic example of team development) and I am sure there are other teams deepening their rosters (not to mention the pool from which the roster is pulled) with girls from the league, derby brats, and transfers.

Thinking about this just makes me realize all the more what an amazing game roller derby is where the dynamics of league, team, and play all come together in an amazingly difficult sport. Where else, except in imaginary games like Quidditch or Tron do athletes have to be agile enough, quick enough, and intelligent enough to chase and defend a moving goal for, at the least, an hour?

See ya'll in Philly!

Thank you Madison

It was nice to play you ladies outside of regionals! Good luck at nationals.


Minor correction...

Mr. Olivia Shootin John wrote:

The WFTDA parameters on rosters are, I believe, 20 names per team, 14 players, and 6 changes per year (I can't find that last number in the ruleset so right now it is hearsay).

Four changes per year. Chartered travel team rosters are submitted quarterly. That number wouldn't be in the rules set, as it's a rule only WFTDA leagues follow. You'd find it in the bylaws, which your wife could probably snag a copy of from her WFTDA rep. I dunno if she could show the likes of you, though. It's top-secret lady-business.


Not really

Quarterly rosters were done away with a while ago. I don't know what replaced them, but I know they were gone by the time the Brawl of America happened.

Team Rosters

Hmmm, that's too bad. One of the things I want to see from derby, which other professional sports do, is an accurate running roster of which players are skating and which are not due to injury. Certainly there are challenges involved in keeping this straight, especially since derby is not yet self sustaining, but as a fan it's definitely something I want to see.

6 Charters a year

Starting 2010 we are allowed to submit 6 charters anytime in the season.

Madison vs Detroit

Detroit only skated 13 vs Madison last night, 11 of which I believe were in the previous bout at North Central Regionals. There were some differences in both lineups, but it was a 199 point margin. Vengeance, is believed to have played a part. The attendance was close to 900, (that's the Detroit Fire Marshall's limit for the Masonic Temple where we bout). It was a very spirited crowd, and that too, may have been a factor.

With a 50+ to 0 lead in the first 8 minutes of play through about 7 jams, the crowd was in for the long haul, truly until the very end.

Vengeance as a team strategy.

Here's hoping for Gotham that Detroit has forgotten about the Heartland Havoc game from '07 AND Oly just might want to try to get on Detroits good side, jest sayin'.

199 is a big margin, but

199 is a big margin, but Madison only skated 8, 6 of whom were at Regionals.

They sure had more than 8 skating Donnie

I'd know, I was working the bout. I did scorekeeping, and I set up all the penalty tracking sheets based on their ~3/4 full roster. So yes, the Madison bench was light, but not that light...and DDG was missing 4 from their North Central Regional roster, and had one regular member back in the lineup who didn't bout against Madison at regionals.

You're right

You're right - I meant to say 8 skated at regionals. You didn't mention how many the DDs were skating with in your original post. I thought it was noteworthy, but maybe not ;)

See you at Nationals!!


It's hard to tell. Capacity is 900 and we've been pretty consistently selling out for a couple of seasons. I did talk to quite a few people who were first timers- and were brought by the publicity. It's been awhile since I explained the game that many times in a row.

Thanks Detroit

Thank you Detroit for being really wonderful hosts this weekend. Your venue, hospitality, crowd, and after party were all great! Plus, you played an truly awesome game. The DD's will be rooting for you in November!

Just to clear up the roster questions...we played with 10 last night: The skaters who played in the Regionals Bout that were not playing last night were: Darling Nikki, Mauly Tov, Mack the Knife, Back Doris, Mustang, and Chop Suzzy. The rest of the team was there, and we had two additional skaters: Dutch Oven in her return to the DD's and Major Kusaknocky in her debut. Do with that information what you will.

Bottom line...they all fought hard in a tough bout last night and I was proud to be on the bench if I couldn't be out there skating. See you in Philly, DNN!

Right back at you Madison

That was one of the most entertaining bouts the Masonic has ever seen. In reality, the play was top notch, in spirit, effort, and quality from start to finish. The score doesn't tell how hard a battle it really was. It was the finest performance overall I've seen from DDG. The Madison ladies fought hard until the very last whisltle blast.

Thanks for bring it from whistle to whistle, and best of luck at nationals ladies!

Darryl B. Payne

I've never been to the

I've never been to the Masonic Temple myself, but the Rock Historian in me knows that that's where the MC5 ((among countless others, including Jimi Hendrix)) used to play, and i think i have that Sonic's Rendezvous Band CD that was recorded there in '78...so i'm imagining it must be pretty frickin' sweet.