WFTDA Preview: #11 Boston vs. Montreal

Montreal gets pumped before their bout with Atlanta at ECE. Photo: Craig Lammes.MANCHESTER, NH — This Saturday afternoon, Montreal Roller Derby continues to seek their elusive first WFTDA-sanctioned win — but they’ll be taking on their highest-ranked opponent yet in the attempt, as the Boston Massacre, ranked #5 in a tough WFTDA Eastern Region and an unofficial #11 in the nation, plays its final bout before heading to the Eastern Regionals tournament on September 11.

Boston has had more disappointments than successes this year, leading to a 5-7 record, but scattered amongst those 12 bouts are some of the most memorable moments of 2009 derby. Back in March, they lost a close one to #7 Charm City 89-77 just as both teams were getting their busy seasons started; in June, they hosted #2 Texas during a three-game weekend trip for the Austin girls and played them tough, finally succumbing 118-84.

Two of the tougher losses were tough not for the point spread, but for the history: in June, they lost by just one point (82-81) to the Carolina team that booted them out of 2008 Eastern Regionals, and then most recently, in August, they lost 108-84 to the Detroit team that ended Boston’s run at the 2007 Eastern Regionals.

On the up side for Boston, they’ve had significantly more success against teams from the West than they have from the East. They had a high-profile win in Las Vegas at this year’s Rollercon, having little trouble with Bay Area 129-58, and also sent visitors Duke City and Rocky Mountain back West with 48 and 38 point losses, respectively.

Montreal’s all-stars, the New Skids On the Block, made a big garish splash at the East Coast Extravaganza event in June with both their style and their play. On Saturday, they staged an epic second-half comeback on Atlanta, but couldn’t get fully out of a penalty hole they’d dug for themselves and lost 139-116. On Sunday, they did manage to come back on Ohio, but couldn’t hold on in the last jam and lost 102-98. Unfortunately for Montreal, those close games are sandwiched by two blowout losses in their other WFTDA bouts — 170-70 to Providence and 184-75 to Harrisburg.

Montreal enters this bout without the blinding speed of Iron Wench, who impressed many at ECE, and also without jammer / blocker Beater Pan-Tease. Wrath Poutine, Bone Machine and Heartless Bitch also are out for this one, but the Montreal core remains strong with stalwart jammers Georgia W. Tush and Izzy Skellington, pivot Boxcar Bethy, and pack elements Jess Bandit, Trash N Smash, Smack Daddy and Romeo bringing it.

For Boston, skating 13, there will be no Maura Buse, Quick Sandy, Sugar Hits or Triple Deck-Her, but that opens up slots for Mrs. Dash and Kitty Twister to get some extra time on a Massacre roster. With usual jammers Hits and Deck-Her out, Mrs. Dash may join Krushpuppy and Claire D. Way in the jammer rotation.

The bout is closed to the public and will take place at 1pm; in an evening bout, hosting league New Hampshire Roller Derby takes on the Garden State Rollergirls in state-on-state action.

Photo: Craig Lammes

Anna Wrecks’ya 101 // Claire D. Way 1984 // Etta Maims B52 // Harley Quinn 9669 // Harlot Fevah 99 // Kitty Twister 138 // Krush Puppy (843) // Lois Carmen Dominator 011// Maude Forbid 7:1 // Mrs. Dash 360 // Pina Collidah 77 // Pussy Venom 28 // Shellby Shattered -0

Boxcar Bethy (A) Local 210 // Ewan Wotarmy 7734 // Georgia W Tush 40oz //  Izzy Skellington 18-2 // Jess Bandit (C) 8 // L’il Mama 1/2pint  // Lyn-Dah Kicks 75 // No Holds Bard 2×4 // Smack Daddy 3x // Trash N Smash 1.18 // Romeo 222 // Beals on Wheels // Rae Volver 38