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WFTDA Updates Minimum Skill Requirements

Women's Flat Track Derby AssociationOn July 16, the Women's Flat Track Derby Association released an updated version of WFTDA Rules Appendix A, the Minimum Skill Requirements document.  "There were some significant additions to the WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements," says WFTDA Training Committee Chair The Crippler, "along with some minor rewording and clarification."  

WFTDA league skaters must demonstrate these skills before they're allowed to bout, and most other leagues also use them as a safety guideline.

Key changes in the new version:
  • Combined speed and endurance into a single requirement (1.4.1)
  • Added recovery time specifications to each of the falls (2 or 3 seconds, depending on the fall)
  • Added the four point fall to the test (2.5)
  • Added two specific stops to the stopping requirement: T-stop and snowplow stop (1.5)
  • Added a specific lateral movement requirement (
  • Added a height specification to the hopping requirement (3.3.1)
  • Added hip whips as a requirement (4.1.3)
  • Added a 40 question multiple choice rules test (section 6)
You can download the revised Minimum Skills Requirement from the WFTDA website.


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Hooray for mandatory rules

Hooray for mandatory rules tests!

Boo for my performance on the test

I just took the 40-question test and embarrassingly missed 7 (all questions where I was uncertain of the answer). But it showed where I need to brush up on the rules!