WFTDA Preview: #6 Charm City @ #8 Carolina

RALEIGH, NC — Baltimore’s Charm City Roller Girls try to take down their first Nationals-level opponent this Saturday evening as they travel down to Raleigh’s famed Dorton Arena to do battle with the Carolina Rollergirls.

This bout will be covered live on Derby News Network by Frenzy Lohan and Slack Kerowhack. Coverage begins on Saturday, May 16 at 5pm Eastern. This weekend’s DNN coverage is sponsored by Black Eyed Susan Skate Shop. We come to you!

Charm City is currently officially ranked #3 in the WFTDA’s East Region and #6 nationally by DNN. They’re the busiest and winningest WFTDA team in 2009, having followed a jam-packed schedule that has seen them go 7-1 since February — their only loss in that stretch having been to 2008 WFTDA champs and current #1 in the nation Gotham.

While Carolina has historically also been a very active team, they’ve only got 2 bouts in 2009. In January they put a 191-34 whipping on a shorthanded Naptown (Indianapolis), but more recently, in April, they were offensively shut down by Philly, only able to score 10 first-half points in the course of a 85-46 loss.

Charm City will be coming into this bout down one of their most recognizable personalities, with tireless jammer Flo Shizzle — famous for her ability to become a fan favorite even on the road — not available for this trip. Also not joining the crew is the speedy Bambi’s Revenge, diligently focusing on preparations for imminent marital bliss.

However, they’ve still got plenty of danger on a roster that stars forces of nature Joy Collision and Dolly Rocket, powerful double-threats Lady Quebeaum and Pistol Whip, pivoting specialist Holly Go Hardly, serious hitters in Penaltyna and Mistress May Eye, and a quickly blossoming A jammer in first-year rookie Just Carol. This also marks a return to interleague play for original CCRG member Cindy Lop-Her, back in all-star yellow and black for the first time since March 2007.

Carolina’s jammer attack will likely be spearheaded by the wickedly fast Holly Wanna Crackya along with the very strong and multi-talented DVS, while fan favorite Princess America has been spending more time as a blocker in recent outings but is still a threat with the jam star. In the recent bout against Philly, Ms. Anthrope the Mordant and pivot Kelly Clocks ‘Em stood out as particularly effective elements in a Carolina pack that will also feature a very experienced troublemaker in the form of longtime veteran Kitty Crowbar.

For the Baltimore girls, this is a particularly memorable matchup as it’s a rematch of Charm City’s first-ever WFTDA bout — way back in January 2007, Carolina visited Charm City to introduce them to high-level interleague play with a 140-72 loss. Slightly less than half the current Charm City team played in that bout — Joy Collision, Lady Quebeaum, Mistress May Eye, Rosie the Rioter, Cindy Lop-Her and Pistol Whip.

DNN has Carolina nationally ranked at #8, and In the official WFTDA Eastern Region rankings, Carolina sits at #4 — just below Charm City and just above Boston. This gives this bout significant ramifications for Eastern Regional tournament seeding. A Carolina win would give them a good case for a #3 seed, a big help in a tough region that also includes Gotham and Philly. If Carolina loses, though, they’ll still get a head-to-head chance to defend their #4 spot, as they meet Boston next month at the East Coast Extravaganza.

A bonus B-team bout will follow the main event, as Charm City’s Female Trouble takes on the Carolina Bootleggers.

Coach Ballbricker 13 // Dolly Rocket 6 // Joy Collision 747 // Holly Go Hardly 415 // Reckless Ndangerment 116 // Just Carol 16 // Lady Quebeaum 34 // Minnie Piledriver 125psi // Mistress May Eye 10 // Penaltyna 7 // Rosie the Rioter 100% // Cindy Lop-Her 911 // Pistol Whip .44

Bianca O’Blivion 83 // Kelly Clocks’em 212 // Daisy Rage 66 // DVS 131 // Elka Meano 454 // Holly Wanna Crackya 999 // Kitty Crowbar 110 // Deviled Legs 8 // Lucy Lastkiss 5 // Ms. Anthrope the Mordant 17 // Pink Slip 224 // Princess America 1492 // Roxxxy Slide 1.618 // Trudy Struction 22oz