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WFTDA Preview: #8 Boston @ #1 Gotham

NEW YORK, NY -- Five months after claiming the  2008 WFTDA National Championship, the Gotham Girls host their first match as Hydra-holders, taking on East Region rival Boston.

This bout will be covered live on DNN by Justice Feelgood Marshall and Bone Crawford -- coverage starts at 7pm Eastern on Saturday, March 28th.

New York City’s Gotham Girls (currently ranked #1 in the East Region by WFTDA, #1 nationally by DNN) have a tough act to follow in 2009 after winning the Nationals in convincing fashion. They won five of six tournament games by at least 40 points, the only exception being a 5-point nailbiter against Philadelphia at Eastern Regionals. GGRD’s current winning streak now stretches back 12 games, which is a WFTDA record -- they haven't lost since September 2007.

Most Gotham players from the championship roster are returning, but the team taking on Boston on Saturday will look slightly different without superstar jammer/blocker Cheapskate, who retired from Gotham after the season. Additionally, jammer Beatrix Slaughter is still recovering from an injury sustained during a local game last August and will probably re-join the All-Stars later in the season.  

But the jammers Boston should expect to face aren’t exactly chopped liver: All-Galactic jammers Bonnie Thunders (who led Gotham in scoring last season, averaging 43.8 points per game) and Suzy Hotrod (not far behind with 41.9 ppg) will get plenty of time with the starred helmet, and Fisti Cuffs and Brigitte Barhot will probably get some jams in as well.

To the chagrin of the rest of the region, Gotham's other household derby names will be on board in 2009 to push for a repeat, including the powerful hitting duo of Beyonsláy and Surly Temple. This bout also marks the interleague All-Star debut of sophomore Polly Gone, who really really likes to skate up to people and hit them.

The Boston Massacre All-Stars of the Boston Derby Dames (currently ranked #3 in the East Region by WFTDA, #8 nationally by DNN) suffered an 89-77 defeat at the hands of rising power Charm City last weekend, and things won't get much easier in their extremely aggressive 2009 WFTDA scheduling gauntlet.  After Gotham, Boston will be playing host to established powers Philadelphia, Western champion Texas, Rocky Mountain, Duke City, Detroit, and Pikes Peak, a sequence which should give the Massacre a very good idea of where they stand heading into East Regionals.

Boston and Gotham have never met in WFTDA play, but the Derby Dames certainly got Gotham’s attention by soundly defeating the then-GGRD local champion Bronx Gridlock last March, 116-49. They’ll be sending the same roster to NYC as faced off against Charm last weekend, including Shellby Shattered, one of the best front-of-the-pack defenders in the country. She gets experienced help behind her from Lois Carmen Dominator and Anna WrecksYa.

Also critical to Boston’s defensive line up is jammer/pivot Maura Buse, whose speed and footwork when blocking could be key to re-engaging lightning-fast jammers like Suzy and Bonnie. Massacre jammers Claire D. Way and Krushpuppy, who combined to provide over 50% of Boston's points in their four games at Easterns, will be leaned on for points for Boston, and Triple Deck-Her is likely to have her share of turns at the jammer line as well.

The WFTDA's East Region may well be the nation's toughest at the top, with high-ranked Carolina, Boston, Charm City, and Philadelphia all competing with Gotham for control. Gotham's All-Stars come out of the gate in 2009 looking to strengthen their grip on the region with this debut bout against Boston and a followup at Charm City in three weeks. Charm City's head-to-win against Boston provided an important datapoint for East Region poll voters, but if Boston can immediately bounce back against Gotham, poll voters will have a lot to consider.

Ana Bollocks 00 // Beyonsláy Top 40 // Bonnie Thunders 340 // Brigitte Barhot Swingin' 60s // Donna Matrix 2 // Fisti Cuffs 241 // Ginger Snap 80 // Hard Anya i4i // Hyper Lynx 404 // Kandy Kakes Perfect 10 // Polly Gone 222 // Surly Temple 99 // Suzy Hotrod 55 // Sweet Sherry Pie 201 // Barbara Ambush (alt) 1600 // Em Dash (alt) 8212

Anna Wrecks’ya 101 // Claire D. Way 1984// Etta Maims B52 // Harley Quinn 9669 // Harlot Fevah 99 // Kitty Twister 138 // Krush Puppy (843) // Lois Carmen Dominator 011// Maude Forbid 7:1 // Maura Buse 34B // Pina Collidah 77//  Triple Deck-Her 3D // Quick Sandy 24 // Shellby Shattered -0

Undercard: Suburbia vs. GGRD Wall Street Traitors

The evening of derby will also feature a 30-minute opening exhibition between Gotham's Wall Street Traitors, a compilation of local team skaters, versus one of the very newest teams in the WFTDA, the Suburban Brawl of Westchester, New York's Suburbia Roller Derby.

The Traitors roster includes eight '08 rookies and transfers who just completed their initial year of skating with Gotham, making this an interesting test of GGRD program strength.  Traitor veterans Aunti Christ, Greta Turbo, Raggedy Animal, and Stevie Kicks will lead the traditional Traitors chant of "Buy … Sell … KILL!"

Suburbia Roller Derby of Westchester, NY was founded in June 2007 by former CT Rollergirls' Slim Fast and Suffah Kate, and just recently attained membership in WFTDA. Suburbia's travel team, Suburban Brawl, has skated together for a year and has met early regional success, defeating competition from the Albany All-Stars, Sisters of Mayhem (Hackettstown, NJ, now known as North Jersey Roller Derby), Morristown Madams and Hudson Valley Horrors.

Last weekend, the Brawl logged a confidence building 179-22 drubbing of the Utica Clubbers of Central New York Roller Derby.  Suburbia is working on filling out its summer competition schedule, and thanks to their new WFTDA status, plus exposure from this weekend's Gotham experience, their dance card for the remainder of 2009 ought to fill up quickly.

Ani Dispanco 32 flavors // Aunti Christ 666 // Care Bear Scare 9 // Dainty Inferno 9th Circle // Greta Turbo 32 // Haulin' Cass 10-4 // Julietta Vendetta 1105 // Lucille Ballistic M-16 // Megahurtz 210 // Miss American Thighs 76 // Raggedy Animal 67 // Stevie Kicks edge of 17 // Dinah Party 24hrs

Domestic Violet 9.12 // IV Drop 14ga // Ann Sane 2012 // AWOL 30 foot tall // Black Star Heroine 60mg // El Pass-O 7 of 9 // Hard-Core Vette 1960 // Pony Girl 916 // Rita Wayward 86r // Shelby Bleedin' GT 500 // Smashing Pumpkin 1979 // Suffah Kate -0

Photo: Kerry McClain
Additional reporting: Ruby Khan, J. Knee Bones


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Boston Massacre Shelby Shattered Interview

Shelby Shattered From The Boston Derby Dames Boston Massacre Video Interview

Coming soon- Gotham Roller Girl MVP Jammer from the 2008 Campaign Bonnie Thunders Interview With Boston Massacre's Harlot Fevah. You won't want to miss it.

Can any team defeat the

Can any team defeat the Mighty Goths this year? Hey, anythings possible...but the reality is that the skaters of NYC seem too powerful, too deep, too rock solid. too multi-faceted. They COULD slip up but not this weekend. I've been pretty high on the Beans, even after their narrow defeat at the hands of Lovely Charm City, but pulling out a victory against the Goths seems unlikely. Even after the loss of Cheapskate NYC's 1-2 punch of Bonnie and Suzy is as good as any in Derby. I've come to believe that only Windy is capable of beating the Queens of the 5 Boroughs, although it wouldnt shock me if Philly got one over on them. At this point I really would be surprised if the Mighty Gothic Queens of the Big Bad Apple didnt finish the year as repeat WFTDA Champs. But hey-stranger things have happened. Some Witch Doctor could lay down a wicked voodoo curse on NYC. Or Beyonslay could accidentally crash into both Bonnie and Suzy at practice and all 3 could get layed out. Or we could all wake up in the morning and suddenly find that time had reversed itself and its actually 2001. Or the Beans could sneak into the Goths locker room and put metal wheels on all their skates. Or...ummmm...late Saturday nite we could all find out that the Queens are STILL absolutely freaking killer and they've taken yet another in a long string of victories. Yep, the latter seems most likely.

Sorry Bean City...ya know I still have yer back. But beating those NYC Rollergirls is a waaaaay tall order. Goths by 30.

No injuries, please.

Don't jinx them, Biker Dan!

Boston Massacre: The pantsless wonders of Massachusetts

Eh...jinxes are powerless

Eh...jinxes are powerless against a team that has been blessed with the Derby Goddesses mantle of protection. The Derby Goddess loves the Goths. I mean, just LOOK at 'em!

My $0.02

Give credit where credit is due, BDD DID defeat the Gridlock, the only blemish on the GGRD "perfect record" last year. That said, The cabbies were without star jammer Bonnie Thunders, and had ten skaters on their roster.

Prediction-UConn by 10, GGRD by 45, W$T by 30

The Original GGRDonald
Costa has my ticket!

Good Luck to everyone

I wish I could make this bout!!! Good luck to Boston and New York!

Holly Gohardly
Charm City Roller Girls


"This bout also marks the interleague All-Star debut of sophomore Polly Gone, who really really likes to skate up to people and hit them."
that made me laugh out loud in the office. Love it.

I'm gonna try and catch the liveblog - sounds like it'll be a stormer. What London Brawling wouldn't give to get our arses kicked by either of these teams...

Fox Sake
London Rollergirls
still dreamin'

Whatta totally CLASSIC

Whatta totally CLASSIC name...Fox Sake. I think that I'm just gonna say it over and over out loud throughout the day. Confused and strange looks be damned. Yeah...I do believe that my out-of-control Derby tee collection HAS to have a London Rollergirls limited edition FOX SAKE tee in it. Its an absolute MUST!
And I'm still waiting on my Amanda Jamitinya Dukies tee. Not to mention that Pussy Venom hoodie that STILL hasnt arrived in the mail. And whatever became of that Firecrotch ballcap that I thought I was getting?? Come on Fox...I need one of yer tee shirts! 8)

it's even better

... if you know her number is 04, and appears before her name on her uniforms.

That IS better!!! 8) London

That IS better!!! 8) London Rollergirls rule.


We think so. We just need to get a US team over to disabuse us of that notion ;)

- yeah yeah Fox change the record...

Dave, if you make it to our European tournament in July, I'll give you a shirt :D

someone say shirts

for those who cross the pond?

excellent. =D

Ms. D'fiant

All of the gotham girls are

All of the gotham girls are amazing...on and off the track! I am soo looking forward to the game this weekend...hopefully I don't take a 'slay ride, haha

Lois Carmen Dominator (LCD)
Boston Derby Dames

Denver vs. Boston

Rocky Mountain will be in Boston this season to play the Pantsless Wonders, not Denver.


Thanks for the catch, fixed.


Bout sold out, can't wait :)

I'm excited the season's starting again for us, and really looking forward to those post bout beers :D

And yes, no injuries please, the year is long wrought with much peril, no more jinxes are needed. Derby is dangerous enough as it is, thank you very much.

We do get our skates blessed annually though :)

Lynx likes to eat...

dude. Is that panda crack?

I think this bout is going to be a tough one for us, and awesome to watch. There are lots of Boston skaters to give us pause, literally and figuratively :-) The bout itself is sold out, so if you don't have tix, definitely catch the webcast! I am very much looking forward to the DNN debut of Bone Crawford.

Also - go Wall Street Traitors! Buy, Sell, KILL!!!!!

Ana Bollocks
Gotham Girls Roller Derby

It's my alter ego

Fat Panda

Playing for some challenge team one of these days :)

Lynx likes to eat...

It could be worse, Bullocks....

It could have been an pic of a horse's behind

The Original GGRDonald
no equine parts please

Can't wait for tonight!

Bollocks taking on the Pantsless Militia up front should make for some fun commentary. If only Fat Panda was going to be running wild in Suburbia - maybe at ECE...

Thanks for the plug - I'm really looking forward to it and expecting an exciting game!

OMG longest three minutes ever!

This is very exciting! Good luck, all y'all!

Great Game Boston!

Thanks for the fun on the track and the bumps and bruises...especially the lovely black and blue on my hip. I can thank LCD for that one!!!

It was wicked pissah!!

I agree with Bonnie. Thanks so much for coming down! I had tons of fun, especially getting knocked on my butt in that last jam! LOL!

"Never trust a big butt and a smile" -BelBivDevoe

Thank YOU

for having us Gotham! You guys are amazing!

For Reals...

You guys are killer! We learned a whole bunch and really appreciated the chance to get to play the best! Thanks for hosting us! <3


This was an awesome experience! I learned soooo much and really appreciate being part of your season. Thank you so much for hosting us! <3

Boston Massacre: The pantsless wonders of Massachusetts

Being a Boston fan watching

Being a Boston fan watching that bout, we couldn't help but love that hit! LOL! We got nuttin' but love for ya! We just thought it was impossible to get you off your feet... and it made that painful final score slightly bearable. :)


"Cunninghams... bred to spread derby love nationwide!!" tm


HKRG Mascot and sister of Shellby Shattered (www.bostonderbydames.com) and Black-n-Blue (www.hardknoxrollergirls.com)

Not that we don't love your carisma

But making the trip to NY crippled and all was worth it in the last jam....The whole game was great to experience, but your right, you can't trust a big butt and a smile....
HKRG a.k.a Hard Knox Roller Girls
Knoxville, TN
Sister of Shellby Shattered Boston Derby Dames and Sphere This HKRG Mascot

GGRD-BDD quick vid

A little video I found on the innerwebz to give a sense of the visual:


(It was a fast bout to jam ref!)


Johnny Zebra
WFTDA Certified (2)
Gotham Girls Roller Derby