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Angel City squeezes OC Roller Girls 161-69

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – In the OC Roller Girls' final sanctioned bout as a member of WFTDA on March 7, Angel City Derby Girls' Hollywood Scarlets squeezed the juice out of OCRG's Orange Crushers, 161-69.

The Orange Crushers, after making some serious tactical improvements to their game over the last year, hoped for a better outcome than they had at last year's “Get Lucky” event when they were defeated 125-47 by the ACDG Block Steady Crew.

With a number of transplants including Cherrylicious from Charm City, Fighty from the LA Derby Dolls and Nutcase from cross county Prison City, ACDG has benefitted recently from cross fertilization of serious competition that works well with their existing top skaters.

For their part, OCRG has also seen massive improvement. They have some excellent components in their team, but they haven't found the consistency in strategically applying their players that ACDG has been developing.

PITA and Fighty line up to jam1st Half

The OC Roller Girls Orange Crushers started out on the offense as OC's B-Train took lead jammer in the first jam, but with Fighty closing in on her fast, she had to call the jam after pulling a point. 1-0, Crushers.

It was the last time the Crushers would lead the Scarlets.

In the 4th jam, the OCRG’s B-Train was knocked around like a rag doll, first by Va Va Va Gina to the inside, then a pummeling hit by ACDG’s Estro Jen into the skate hockey rink’s wall. While Felony Friendly got rocketed out of the pack with a huge whip from VVV Gina, B-Train was stuck in the pack and was finally knocked down again by Duchess Von Damn while Felony scored another grand slam.

OCRG’s Brik Wall finally stopped Felony’s progress after catching another 2 on the third pass, and she called it, settling for a 12-0 jam and a score of 4-24, ACDG. B-Train sat out the rest of the game with a shoulder injury.

Nutcase got out without getting lead jammer in the 5th jam, with OCRG’s Ice Cube imprisoned within the pack. After her second grand slam, OC's Wrecky knocked her down hard and out of bounds. She was holding a hand on her hip and painfully skate-limping before calling off the jam. 34-4, ACDG.

Loco Mafiosa - a little bloodied, but not beaten

ACDG was literally leaving a trail of blood on the track as knees were taken in the 6th jam after OC’s Loca Mafiosa took a hard hit and was sprawled on the track. She got up to enthusiastic applause and was helped to the bench and a TO was called to clean the track.

In the 9th jam, the Crushers had their best scoring pass so far. Kina Wahine had 2-3 pack favoring OC and got out with lead jammer, rewarding OC with a 7-3 jam. 12-45, ACDG.

By the 14th jam, ACDG had run up a 15-63 lead, but OC was still fighting to narrow the gap. In the 15th, Wild Bella started with a Power Jam while ACDG’s pack was depleted with a filled penalty box. Bella got out with lead jammer while OC slowed the pack. OC's Dirty Deborah Harry swatted Diesel to the infield clearing a path for Bella’s grand slam. Harry was sent to the box as Fighty came back and Bella called off the jam after her second pass with an 8-0 jam. 23-63 ACDG.

The Scarlets continued to expand their domination over the OCRG Orange Crushers in the last jam of the half, as Fighty started out with another ACDG Power Jam. Fighty finally broke through Wrecky and Taboo’s OC wall and Wrecky blasted in front of her to pull her back. ACDG slammed on the pack brakes, putting Wrecky out of play and into the box. Fighty got lead and chalked up another 8. The half ends at 26-84, ACDG. The Scarlets earned a +58 differential for the half.

2nd Half

The Crushers came back in the second half with renewed defense urgency. While jammers Fighty and Ice Cube were both knocked down and out of bounds at the same time, the Crushers’ Rowdy Piper helped Fighty set the game's distance record, blowing her into the third spectator row to get tangled in a mass pileup of people and chairs. Called for injury, OC got a 4-0 jam. 30-84 ACDG.

Most of the Crushers defense efforts were focused on big hits that, while momentarily spectacular, failed to hold the Scarlets jammers or defense in check. A solid Johnny Crash on Cherrylicious or Estro Jen would hamper them, but they'd bounce back up while the OC blockers still had that post "I knocked the crap out of her" glow.

By the third jam, ACDG passed the triple digit mark with OC at 37, a 16-11 gain for the half.

Loca Mafiosa and Wrecky teamed up and formed a blockade against Felony, while OC's Heather ran through the pack as lead jammer and chalked up a grand slam. Wrecky earned a trip to the box in the process, reducing the OC pack . With a denuded defense, the Crushers still profited, with Heather churning out a 12-8 jam, bringing the score to 49-108.

Amid a Scarlet pack, OC's jammer takes a tumbleWithin the first 4 jams of the 2nd half, the Crushers were holding their own with a 23-24 gain. Nutcase threw all hopes for a close half out the window with a 4 pass, 16 point jam, widening the Scarlets’ lead to 49-124.

It was the last really huge score jump in the half, as the Crushers tightened their defense just enough to allow the Scarlets a 50 percent scoring advantage. From jams 6-11, OCRG was only able to make a modest 11 point gain against ACDG’s 23, as ACDG led 60-147.

As the defense heated up for both teams, the next 5 jams saw both teams crawl up the points ladder, 10-9 ACDG, for a total of 69-157 in the 15th jam. After both jammers went to the box in the 16th jam, the Scarlets’ Estro Jen took lead jammer with the Crushers’ Kina Wahine close behind.  While the jammers encountered little resistance on the initial pass through the pack, Estro breezed through on the scoring pass while Wahine was stuck behind the ACDG blockers in the middle of the pack. Estro called it for 4, giving the ACDG Hollywood Scarlets a 161-69 victory with a +26 differential for the half.

The top scoring jammer in the game was Cherrylicious with 39 points, with a points per jam average of 5.57 and differential of +15 followed by Felony Friendly, with 35 points, 5.83 ppj and +21; Estro Jen with 33 points, 4.71 ppj and +27; and Wild Bella with 30 points, 3 ppj, and a –1 differential.

Other jammers who scored more than 10 points were Nutcase with 26 points, 6.5 ppg and +22; and Fighty with 24 points, 2.67 ppj and a –5; Heather with 16 points, 4 ppj and –1; and Kina Wahine with 15 points, 2.14 and a –16 differential.

Citing an effort to benefit ratio incompatible with the league's needs, OC Roller Girls resigned their WFTDA membership earlier this month.  Founded in 2005 with 30 member leagues, WFTDA's membership has grown rapidly and now stands at 77 leagues.  OCRG is the first league to resign membership.

Additional reporting:  Hurt Reynolds

Photos:  Charlie Chu


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Who doesnt LOVE Pretty Angel Pretty??

Who? I tell ya WHO?? Pretty Angel Pretty is such a cool team. And ya gotta love Va Va Va Gina (GREAT name...classic). With such adorable Rollergirls as Diesel, Venis Envy (still? right?), Estro Jen, and Punk in Da Trunk (still hurt??)among many others, you have here what may be the prettiest Derby team EVER. Just sayin'...8)

Been a fan of this team for a while and its always nice to see them doing well. Is Venis still on this team? Anyone know? I havent seen a recent roster so I'm kinda wondering.

how we miss her

Unfortunately, Venis Envy doesn't play with Angel City anymore.

We miss her every day.

And Cherry...

Let us not overlook Charm City expat Cherrylicious. She skated her last bout for Charm City in February 2008, and, judging by how often they ask if she's coming back, the fans certainly miss her.


whooo cherry!! congrats on

whooo cherry!! congrats on top scorer! MISS THAT GIRL LIKE WHOAH.

rebel yellow
atlanta rollergirls
charm city expat


O man do we heart the OC!

These girls play with so much heart and always manage to support charities while they do it. This game specifically was to help the unemployed.

classy and thoroughly awesome, it's always a treat to play in the OC.

OC quitting the WFTDA? Wow!

OC quitting the WFTDA? Wow! When they came down to Tucson back in November of '07, their application was pending. So, they haven't been in very long.

Without knowing any details, I am kind of happy to read this. I never understood, and still don't, what the WFTDA does for leagues that the leagues cant do for themselves on their own.

Is there somewhere where one can go to read more about the OC resigning their WFTDA membership?

P. S....if any of the OC Rollergirls is reading this, I still have my orange beads! :)

AxZxRxDx's FoMo (Fan of the Month) April '08
AxZxRxDx's Best Fan for Season 5
TRD's "Creepy Bret"
...I'm equally proud of all three of those titles!

Let me try to explain

AZRD FoMo aka Bret wrote:

Without knowing any details, I am kind of happy to read this. I never understood, and still don't, what the WFTDA does for leagues that the leagues cant do for themselves on their own.

I've worked for a WFTDA league and a WFTDA-hopeful league. I'm speaking just for myself here, but I think I'd know a bit about both situations.

If you're talking about being WFTDA vs being non-WFTDA and skating WFTDA rules, there's the obvious benefit of having input into the rules you're skating.

While any league could come up their own rules, it won't amount to much in the way of interleague bouting, and the interleague bouts they DO have will be fraught with rules negotiations and/or one league or the other skating by rules they aren't familiar with.

Beyond the standardized rules, there's a measuring stick factor. It's easier to choose suitable opponents within WFTDA. You can see where they're ranked, and see how they did against known quantities. Non-WFTDA leagues, even if they have lots of interleague bouts, do more of their bouts against other unknown quantities.

Beyond that there's additional consequences for interleague wins and losses beyond fans and skaters being happy or disappointed. You can move up or down in the rankings (multiple rankings systems, even). DNN's power rankings are the first ranking system that even covers non-WFTDA leagues. I think OSDA just goes by standings, and those only cover OSDA leagues.

Additionally, there's tournaments, which the official rankings produce the seedings for. I can only imagine the onerous task of seeding a non-WFTDA (and non-OSDA) tournament that isn't a round-robin.

Top it all off with a perception of relevance. Yes, I think that non-WFTDA leagues matter. But given all that's above, I generally know less about non-WFTDA leagues than I do about WFTDA leagues. Most folks are less inclined to care about a league they don't know much about.

-Barely even speaking for myself...
Grand Poobah
Roc City Roller Derby

Well Poobah, these are all

Well Poobah, these are all great points. I'm not going to go so far as to say you talked me into it, but you've given me something to think about.

AxZxRxDx's FoMo (Fan of the Month) April '08
AxZxRxDx's Best Fan for Season 5
TRD's "Creepy Bret"
...I'm equally proud of all three of those titles!

God bless the WFTDA for

God bless the WFTDA for existing in the first place and making interleague games not only possible but commonplace, but I also have to say that it cannibalizes its own. It takes the hardest working girls from every league and requires them to work harder and harder for less rewards until they inevitably burn out and are rendered useless to both their home leagues and to the WFTDA. Not to mention membership dues, which are not steep but may be to a small league.
Tournaments make it all worthwhile, but if you're not ranked highly enough to qualify I can see how it might not be worth the effort.
WFTDA's great. I loved being a part of it when I was, would like to be involved someday in the future. But it could stand to ease up on the bullshit busywork, and maybe take care of lower-ranked leagues better.

Gotta Agree

...with Dahmer here. It can seem a little less rewarding to lower ranked leagues. Having been a member of a league that is WFTDA and now being in a league that is not, I can tell you: I sorely miss the level of sportsmanship and organization I have come to take for granted when dealing with interleague issues. That is not to imply that non-WFTDA leagues lack this organization- but, as was posted by someone else here- it does tend to be a yardstick! I think when the new regions get in full effect, you my see an improvement in the benefits to newer leagues. At least, that's my hope.

Squadistic since 2005


Thanks for the write up Busta...was waiting for it! Miss my Angels, but always excited to hear of a great win! Sounds like the OC gals, as per usual, were great hosts. I wish them well in the new direction they are heading.

Bette Noir
Derby Expatriate
London Rollergirls


Funny that two of this week's reviews on DNN mention Tucson transplants. I see Bella rocking it in CA, and Fisti and Anya in NYC! I'm doing my best to convince at least one more former Tramp to skate in the Midwest... Good times!
Eli Wallop, #520
Arch Rival Roller Girls