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#1 Gotham Slams #8 Boston, 188-44

NEW YORK, NY -- 2008 WFTDA champs Gotham demonstrated that they hadn't lost any steps during a five-month hiatus, comprehensively outplaying #8 Boston to go up by 80 points at halftime on their way to a overwhelming 188-44 win in their 2009 debut.

Read the archived play-by-play from DNN's Justice Feelgood Marshall and Bone Crawford.

Gotham took control from the opening jam, with jammer Bonnie Thunders racking a double grand slam for a 10-0 while a pack of Beyonslay, Donna Matrix, Kandy Kakes and Brigitte Barhot refused Boston jammer Claire D. Way her opening pass.

Boston was able to keep it reasonable for the following five jams, relatively low-scoring affairs that found Boston shutting Gotham out on four of five and jammer Krushpuppy twice able to grab 3-0 scores. The score stood at 16-7 about 8 minutes deep into the bout, but as is so often the case in Gotham bouts, the girls from NYC busted out with demoralizing high-scoring frames that quickly put the game all but out of reach.

The first salvo came from Gotham jammer Brigitte Barhot, following blocking from Ana Bollocks, Donna Matrix, Surly Temple and Kandy Kakes for a big 15-0 over Claire D. Way, who'd be particularly hampered all night against the Gotham defense. On the followup, speed demon Suzy Hotrod took advantage of excellent speed control from her blockers to run up a 20-0, with a couple of passes made easy by Gotham's ability to force frontmost Boston blockers to float out of play. After those two jams, a 16-7 lead had become a 51-7 lead in the space of about four minutes.

Though there were some bright points for Boston in the remainder of the half, notably some memorable individual work for Boston blocker Harley Quinn managing to resist the juking temptations of Suzy Hotrod to bottle her up on multiple occasions and dogged work from jammer Krushpuppy, the score continued to explode upwards for Gotham while inching forward for Boston. Gotham broke 100 points on the final jam of the first half on a Bonnie Thunders 9-0, and the score at the break was an all-but-insurmountable 103 Gotham, 23 Boston.

The second half would hold little joy for comeback fans. Boston got to 39 points (at 115-39) with 21:32 left to play, but then the Gotham defense all but ended their production. In the final 21 minutes, Boston only had one more scoring jam, a 5-0 for Krushpuppy at about the 7 minute mark.

But by that time Gotham had long since pushed the margin past 100 points. There wasn't much slowing for the Gotham offense, with more triple- and quadruple-pass scoring from mainstays Bonnie Thunders and Suzy Hotrod, and even rookie Polly Gone and dedicated blocker Beyonslay got a turn each with the jam star (though neither one scored points, they both managed to deny the opposing jammers points of their own.)

In the final tally, Gotham's Bonnie Thunders (67 points) and Suzy Hotrod (65 points) kept their reps as two of the fastest scoring threats in derby, while Fisti Cuffs (30 points) and Brigitte Barhot (26 points) ably assisted.

For Boston, the most effective jammer was Krushpuppy with 22 points, while Triple Deck-Her stepped up impressively in the second half with 16 points and Maura Buse and Claire D. Way were marginalized with 3 points each.

Both teams are in action again on April 18: Boston hosts #3 Philly, while Gotham heads down to Baltimore to take on #9 Charm City, 6-0 on their 2009 thus far.

Undercard: Wall St. Traitors vs. Suburbia

In a much more closely contested 30-minute undercard bout, new WFTDA league Suburbia Roller Derby (Westchester County, NY) battled Gotham B team Wall Street Traitors down to the last two minutes, but fell just short, losing 54-38. Suburbia held a 9-2 lead after three jams, but a huge WST power jam for Luna Impact racked up a 17-0 win for the home team that gave them just enough breathing room to last the rest of the game.

Suburbia was down 38-21 with about 9 minutes on the clock, but launched a fierce comeback in the final minutes, getting five lead jam calls in a row and going 4-0, 4-0, 3-3, 4-0 and 2-0 to pull within just three points at 41-38 with 2:15 remaining. But Suburbia ran out of magic just a tad too early, as WST's Luna Impact took lead jammer and Suburbia jammer Black Star Heroine had a critical stumble just after breaking pack on her opening pass and was then boxed trying to get through again.

Standout blockers for Suburbia included Suffah Kate, Domestic Violet and IV Drop, while Wall Street's Raggedy Animal and Care Bear Scare (the latter of whom had an excellent front-of-pack blocking turn during Suburbia's late-bout run that turned a potential 4-0 for Suburbia into a 3-3 tie) were critical in the pack for the home team.

Additional reporting: Hewlett Smackard
Photos: Asa Frye


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Reposted quick vid

One minute of the action here:



Johnny Zebra
Referee, WFTDA Certified (2)
Gotham Girls Roller Derby

Great article - but it's

Great article - but it's Domestic Violet for Suburbia (not Gratuitous)
AWESOME game to watch!


Sorry to both Violets. Fixed. Hope I didn't screw that up in the boutcast.


late news flash

Apparently, MVPs for GGRD/Boston were voted on, but lost in the hubbub of track-clearing.

GGRD MVP = Sweet Sherry Pie
BDD MVP = Shellby Shattered

Yay for non-jammer MVPs!

an honor....

Oh whoa! Thanks Gotham! What a serious honor! Congrats to Sweet Sherry Pie too...who definately knocked me on my ass more than a few times! :)

Congrats Sis

HKRG a.k.a Hard Knox Roller Girls
Knoxville, TN
Sister of Shellby Shattered Boston Derby Dames and Sphere This HKRG Mascot

more bout photos

here's a link to a set of photos i took at the bout if anyone's interested.



-Mary that Motha OH GOD!
Dutchland Derby Rollers

um, no thanks

nobody's interested in your pictures, filthy.

ha--april fools!
great shots. as usual.

A few Boston Derby Dame Interviews

Conie Rotten Of The Derby Dame Wicked Pissahs

Dragomir Pisimov- Mascot For The Boston Derby Dame Cosmonaughties

Note to moderator- If these don't fit in here feel free to delete the post. I thought they were worthy of passing along.


Keep 'em coming!

This is exactly the place.