#32 Angel City Invades the Lone Star State

LOS ANGELES, CA — This weekend the ambitious Hollywood Scarlets, all-star team from WFTDA’s 32-ranked Angel City, travel 1,500 miles for their fifth and sixth WFTDA bouts in a hotbed of derby activity, Texas. This game nearly marks the one year anniversary of ACDG’s entrance in to the WFTDA and they’re celebrating big with back to back games against Houston Roller Derby’s Hard Knocks (ranked 24) and the Dallas Derby Devils (ranked 21.)

Making their grand spirit-fingered entrance in Utah last month as the Hollywood Scarlets, the camera-friendly team is taking a stab to establish themselves strongly in the center of the WFTDA rankings. The challenge will not be an easy one, starting against Houston Roller Derby’s Hard Knocks on Saturday evening at JOPA Inc.

2008 Western WFTDA tournament hosts Houston have just come off an exciting weekend at the ECE. Although they suffered pretty big defeats by #16 Boston and #13 Charm City over the weekend, they have no doubt skated away a much more experienced team. Houston already sports a lineup of quick jammers — notably the agile Death By Chocolate — and a strong defense, with the likes of Nawty Dread Knocks and the Prosecutor. Houston will be toting a noteworthy advantage, having played the weekend under the new WFTDA 3.0 rule set — Angel City has yet to play a ranked game under 3.0.

No red carpet and after party for these starlets after Houston, though. The LA team will have to get back to the hotel and rest up for the four hour drive the next morning to Dallas, whereupon they will challenge the Dallas Derby Devils’ finest. Dallas, who lost by one soul-crushing point to #18 Duke City last month, will surely be up to the task with jammers Anita Riot and Hot For Teacher stepping up to the line.

Angel City has been training hard for the back to back games. This trip is the penultimate challenge of their season, which finishes off with a rematch against #14 Rocky Mountain in LA next month. ACDG played RMRG as their first WFTDA game last July in Denver. Though the Scarlets lost 173-119, they could proudly hold their heads up with the likes of Gotham and Rose City as the only teams to break 100 points on Rocky’s mile-high turf in 2007. Most recently, Angel City got their first WFTDA win by defeating unranked Salt City 130-92 in April.

In Texas, the Scarlets jammer rotation is down Punky N’ Da Trunk (broken collar bone) and Go Go Gidget from the pack side. Led by Duchess Von Damn and Ja’ass Ismine, the lineup is still strong with the likes of Estro Jen and recent transfers Cherrylicious and Annie Afterparty who came from Charm City and TXRG (respectively) this year. The defensive line will also include heavy hitting Va Va Va Gina, Hard Cora and the notorious Diesel.

Whatever the outcome, the Scarlets will definitely be road-weary and deeply schooled in Texas derby by the end of the weekend.

Annie Afterparty 12 // Diesel // Estro Jen ru486 // Hard Cora 24/7 // Ja’ass Ismine 89 // Ms. D’fiant 3D // Va Va Va Gina VVV // Duchess Von Damn 10 // Cherrylicious NC-17 // Sugar N. Spikes 111 // Dia Blow 667 // Alotta Trouble // Vodka Toxic 80 proof

Anita Riot 138 // Ann R Key K80 // Ali Gorey 1891 // Heike DeSkirt 36-24-36 // Hot 4 Teacher A+ // Keltic Kamikaze 3 Jiggers // Kick Face Trace 1313 // Lickity Splittail 241 // Mercy 1 // Nitro Jen 8 // Rink Panther 210 // Scary Cherry Bang Bang 505 // The Shocker 21 // Strawberry Deathcake 2000

Becky Booty 866 // /Beth Threat 23 // Carmen Geddit 37 // Catazon 9 // Crasher 187 // Death By Chocolate 69 // Jekyll & Heidi 21 // Miss Lead 22 // Mistilla 16oz // Nawty Dread Knocks 422 // Panty Raider XXX // Savage Rose B-52 // The Prosecutor 35 // Wreck Hell Wench 1113