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Roller Derby Marketing

Since Melicious wrote in a few months ago to ask if she could source leadjammer.com in her upcoming book Rollergirl:Totally True Tales From The Track, I have no problem shamelessly promoting her or the book (hey, where's my advance-special-media-review copy?? ;)). Tonight, at 8pm EST, you can catch Melicious (aka Melissa Joulwan) on a live webcast interview. She will be discussing the book and the business of running a roller derby league with Wayne Hurlbert of Wayne's Derby World (in addition to his derby blog, Wayne runs a marketing and public relations blog). Catch the interview by visiting the link above.


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Great interview!

Great interview! I highly recommend it, especially to league leaders who are interested in strengthening their league image. You can listen to the recording any time...just go to Wayne's Derby World and follow the link to his radio show.